yeah right that's gonna happen

I really need to stop doing so much Molly and stop having so much unprotected sex!! Yeah right! Like thats gonna happen
  • SM: Tao, you and Sehun have got to tone things down. Not more late night dates. No more dates at all, actually.
  • Tao: haha yeah right like that's gonna happen. I have a romantic getaway planned for lunar new year with Sehun and that is so on.
  • SM: We'll give Candy to Taeyeon.
  • Tao: ...I hate you.
  • [Later]
  • Fan: Hey, Tao, can you write "please date well" for my friend?
  • Tao: Dating? Who even dates. No one dates. I don't date. I don't date and get to kiss the cute boyfriend I totally don't have because no one at SM dates and dating is for losers
  • Fan: No, but Tao... it's for my friend...
  • Tao: Friend, yes. That's all Sehun and I are. Just friends. Friendship is a beautiful thing. SM is all about friendship and not about dating. SM wants everyone to break up with their lovers. I'll write "break up well".
  • Fan: Tao this is for my friend in Canada, please...
  • Tao: Oh don't get me started on Canadians. You think they're handsome and leaderly and great role models but they are a pit. A pit!!
  • Tao: Oh, this is for your FRIEND! Why didn't you say so?

Hey guys! I’m so sorry for the radio silence. The wifi up at the Cottage crashed for the last few days we were there, and then my life was consumed by a certain thing that left very little time for anything other than popping in and liking the odd post. 

But now…I would like to make an announcement. 

After writing and applying and crossing my fingers, I have received verification that I have officially been accepted to a certain university’s School of Library and Information Sciences so that I may begin working on getting my Masters!

I am officially a graduate student! I’m going to be a Librarian! 

I’m thrilled and excited and nervous – about money, about all the ins and outs of the technology I will have to learn, about how well I’ll be able to balance my classes with my writing, how I will adjust going back to life as a student, how everything that lies ahead for me is still very much unknown… 

But I am also certain. This is the first step on the right path for me. In my heart, this feels right. 

This is a passion of mine, one that goes hand in hand with my writing, and one that will challenge and support and open my world in amazing ways.

And no matter how nervous I get thinking about all the work ahead, all the ins-and-outs…that feeling of rightness doesn’t abate. This is what is good for me. This is needed, and this is wanted. 

Wish me luck, guys. This is gonna be a hell of ride =)