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hi can you share some andreil/renison/foxes hc's about them studying? midterms are coming for me and i need motivation from the foxes ;-;;; thanks!!!

good luck for midterms!

  • allison studies best at her desk in the suite, and has to lock her phone in her drawer so she can’t be distracted by it. she takes renee out for ice cream as a treat for them (mostly allison tbh) once she’s got through what she needs to for the day
  • renee is the kinda girl who would have a studyblr if she had time for it. her notes are SO. GODDAMN. PRETTY. and she has little checklists and stuff for everything? that she actually uses? the whole time too, she doesn’t get halfway through the give up? fucking amazing. anyway she studies in their suite too, mostly so she’s ready at all times for allison’s study break sweets. also it means they can coordinate their makeouts for maximum study effectiveness
  • dan is like. the Queen of studying. she makes those notes and exercises her bitch. she goes to the library quite a bit but also quite likes hanging out in the foxhole court lounge when it’s empty (wymack sometimes sticks his head out and makes her coffee the way she likes, because they know each other pretty well after all these years). she isn’t the world’s best student but she smashes those tests into submission because no one is gonna stand in her way including a bad grade
  • matt is pretty chill about studying. he keeps up with his coursework really well during the term, so it’s just a matter of rereading and making study notes and answering practice questions to make sure he’ll be able to do okay. he knows that he’s going pro so he figures out exactly what he needs to do to pass and makes sure he can do exactly that and no more. dan bans him from the girl’s room beforehand, but she can’t ban him from the court so sometimes he shows up to annoy her there
  • aaron goes to the library and studies like the straight a student he is. he knows his shit already but he does get stressed enough over it all that he probably can’t sleep. katelyn is no help because she’s the same, but at least aaron has company while he’s awake at 3am squinting at a page of text. they crash in katelyn’s room once they’re done and sleep like the dead for hours
  • neil is a notoriously shitty student, so unsurprisingly he’s a disaster just before midterms or finals. he pretends to be really chill but he is Panicking. he’s terrible as asking for help, but he does so when andrew reminds him that he needs to pass or he’ll get kicked off the team (with his typical tact, ofc). that reminder also means he studies without breaks for hours, so andrew takes it on himself to distract him long enough to eat and probably kiss a little bit
  • andrew? study? yeah right lmfao. anything he hasn’t absorbed from the lecturers or his tutors talking he doesn’t know because he’s never done a reading in his life. his test papers are a mixture of perfectly answered questions and blank spaces. his eidetic memory isn’t common knowledge so most of the foxes assume he goes somewhere else to study. jokes on them he’s up on the roof sending neil one-to-three-word texts and smoking
  • kevin is such a nerd that he probably secretly likes studying. he goes over a lot of readings and delights in getting good grades. his highlighter is his best friend. he probably studies sat in the court because it’s combining his two true loves - history and exy. wymack probably makes him coffee too, but neither of them talk about it
  • nicky just. represses the fact that he needs to study until like a few days before, and then he spends every spare minute obsessively trying to learn everything for the course while crying. once he’s finished he sleeps for twenty-four hours. no one knows how he’s passing. no one knows how he’s still alive. not even him

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"icantbelieve-someoneactually" thought that Regulus was a "true hero". Lmfao. Yeah right. He didn't really do a goddamn thing except make it harder to take down Voldy. That's one of my biggest issues with the stupid HP fandom. They'll demonize Snape and all of his actions and won't even acknowledge all of the good he did. And yet, they're just beside themselves when it comes to Regulus Black - who has that 1 sort of good deed but was still a shit person.

I agree. I mean, it’s admirable that Regulus left the Death Eaters, especially since he was only 18. He was trying to help take down Voldemort by destroying the horcrux but like you said, he ultimately made the task more difficult. I understand why people praise Regulus, however to say he was more of a hero than Snape, who spent the rest of his life after Lily died acting as a double agent and protecting Harry, is ridiculous.

What bothered me even more about “icantbelieve -someoneactually” ’s post is how they blatantly lied. They said James only used a few harmless spells and Snape retaliated with Sectumsepra. I don’t know if they purposefully didn’t include some information about Snape’s Worst Memory so James wouldn’t seem like as much of a bully or if they just didn’t read the book. Either way, folks, do your research before getting into arguments.

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It's absolutely hilarious we are at the point that our own minds would think a random guy in Nashville would walk into a studio with Taylor (a paranoid suitcase music carrier) would tell him hey! I don't know you but openly listen to what I'm doing and talk about it! Yeah effing right LMFAO you have to sign an NDA around Taylor's new music. She would never have some random dude talk about it. Enough w/ being highly gullible people.

HAHAHAHA ME!!! Did you see my tags? I was like lmao this is baseless but we’re just gonna post it anyway because at least it’s new content.

This Game (sezakis' cover)
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This Game (sezakis' cover)

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