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If Ichigo and fake-Zangetsu were locked in a room...

As requested by bleachfan-hitsuhina-rangin. :)

What if Ichigo got a chance to talk to the manifestation of his Quincy powers? How might that conversation go?

Fake-Zangetsu: Hello, Ichigo.

Ichigo: Old man!

Ichigo: A-are we in my soul world?

Ichigo: Has it turned into a tiny room??

Ichigo: Oh man I must be more depressed than I thought!

Fake-Zangetsu: We are not in your soul world.

Fake-Zangetsu: We are in…well, it does not matter.

Fake-Zangetsu: The important thing is that we get the opportunity to talk.

Ichigo: Again?  We just talked!

Fake-Zangetsu: …for like three panels. That is hardly a conversation.

Ichigo: Pretty long for me, actually.

Fake-Zangetsu: Look, I just need you to know how I sorry I am for suppressing your powers. And trying to prevent you from becoming a shinigami. And lying to you for so long.

Ichigo: Hey, man. I don’t hold it against you.

Fake-Zangetsu: …shouldn’t you though?

Ichigo: You thought that if I became a shinigami, you’d have to kill me. You didn’t want that, so you made some mistakes.

Ichigo: You also protected me a bunch of times! Like in that fight with Kenpachi, when you used Quincy power to stop my bleeding!


Ichigo: How did I not realize that that was weird, anyway?

Fake-Zangetsu: So far as you knew at that time, your zanpakuto was magic and could do anything.

Fake-Zangetsu: If I had told you that it played polka music, you probably would have believed me.

Ichigo: Yeah, sounds about right.

Ichigo: But anyway, the point is - you may have suppressed my power some, but you also guided me and taught me and helped me. I’m grateful.

Fake-Zangetsu: But if I had not suppressed your powers, you could have mowed down all of your enemies with ease.

Ichigo: Well sure.

Ichigo: But think about how bad that would have made everybody feel! 

Ichigo: So bad!

Fake-Zangetsu: They were your enemies, Ichigo.

Ichigo: Most of whom are now my friends!

Fake-Zangetsu: Well that is true.

Ichigo: What about your feelings, though? Do you have any - reservations about killing the man that your appearance is based on?

Fake-Zangetsu: Yhwach, you mean?

Fake-Zangetsu: The part of me that is Quincy does feel some reservations about killing the Quincy king, it is true. 

Fake-Zangetsu: But I care more about protecting you.

Fake-Zangetsu: I am ready to do what is necessary.

Ichigo: Hey, I want you to know I understand.

Ichigo: I’ve had to beat up a guy who looks exactly like me a bunch of times, and it’s a little stressful.

Ichigo: Why does my zanpakuto look exactly like me, anyway?

Fake-Zangetsu: It is a mystery.

Ichigo: Anyway, I’m excited to get to use my Quincy powers!

Ichigo: Finally honor my mom’s side of the family!

Ichigo: Plus more powers. Always rad.

Fake-Zangetsu: It will not be a walk in the park, though, Ichigo. It will not be fun.

Fake-Zangetsu: Yhwach is a dangerous opponent. More dangerous than Aizen, because that is how plot works.  

Fake-Zangetsu: You must be prepared for whatever happens.

Ichigo: I am.

Ichigo: I mean, I lost my powers in the Aizen fight.

Ichigo: So if Tite Kubo’s gonna raise the stakes, then I’m probably going to die, right?


Fake-Zangetsu: It is possible.

Ichigo: I mean…it’s not like I haven’t died before. And even if it’s permanent this time, well - I can’t let everyone down.

Ichigo: I need to protect them.

Fake-Zangetsu: You’ve grown so much, Ichigo.

Fake-Zangetsu: I remember the day when you ran in terror from Urahara Kisuke, who wasn’t even trying to kill you much.

Fake-Zangetsu: Just - ran. In terror.

Fake-Zangetsu: It was actually a little funny.


Ichigo: We were having a moment, dude.

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Headcanon; Ichiruki already happened when they were training together but we won't know it until the end of the war


That will be interesting. Imagine the reaction of the people when they find out.

Isshin: Well, son. Since the whole war is over. I think it’s time that you think more about your future (*winks at him*).

Ichigo: The hell you talking about, old man?

Isshin: Oh, you know. Getting a girl… creating a home … maybe starting a family and getting my grandki-

Yuzu: Dad! You’re going too fast!!!

Karin: (*smiling*) well well, after all of this, I think it’s highly time for our brother to go. I’ve been prepared for this years ago ever since we first saw her

Ichigo: Hah? What are you guys talking about?

Rukia: (*enters scene*) Ichigo, I’m not sure which one we should take, the one with the pool or the one with a large backyard? Others recommended me that the pool will be cool but I kinda like this house with a larger backyard. I can raise a whole lot of bunnies there. ..

Ichigo: Well, I guess the one with the backyard. I have a bad feeling about the pool. (*thinks* I’m sure those girls will sneak in there to use it and have fun)

Rukia: Hmmm…

Yuzu: Ummm… What is that about?

Rukia: Oh? Ah, that’s our new house in Soul Society.

Everyone: …

Everyone: !!!

Everyone: EHHHHH!?

Isshin: Y-You mean…y-you guys are  … !?

Karin: Dang! Our brother unexpectedly moves fast!

Yuzu: What!? Since when!?

Rukia: (*clueless*) Eh? Has Ichigo not told you anything. . ?

Ichigo: (*looking away with his tsundere attitude*) … I was going to tell them…

Rukia: (*realizing then grins*) What’s this? Are you acting shy?

Ichigo: Hell no! I … I-I want to surprise them! 

Rukia: (*grinning*) Yeah right …

Ichigo: Believe me!!!

Meanwhile, Ichigo’s family are panicking in the background. Isshin is crying at his wife’s portrait that their boy has grown into a man. Yuzu squealing in happiness. Karin was quickly spreading the news on the phone with a sly smile.

Feel free to add their friend’s reaction ^w^

Bleach 680 Analysis (Part I): Ichigo as Deathberry, AKA Shinigami Ichigo

It’s a funny thing. When I was on my way home, I was thinking about Bleach and wondered what chapter 680 will be like. I already have doubt that the title for the chapter will be “Deathberry”, not only because that we know it’s a fake rumor, but also because it is too fast. There is always some sort of countdown (especially on chapters like these) before we get the “Death and Strawberry” or “Deathberry” title. So I guessed that the chapter will be “The End 2″. And lols, I literally squealed when I saw the  chapter title. I didn’t expect to be right xD

Phew, and I’m quite glad the reunion was hold back a bit. I got some time to prepare my heart.

Now onto the real thing, you know when I first saw this page?

My first thoughts are: His quincy powers is gone, his visored/hollow powers is gone. Him being a full-bringer was long done and gone since it was stolen from him too. 

Do you know what that means? The only power left in him is Shinigami powers. After all those mixed hybrid of powers… in the end, he was left with Shinigami powers!

And you know the story behind the title “Bleach” right? Kubo Tite thought it is fitting because it is shinigamis that “purifies” everything. Bleach means “to whiten” or “cleanse”. IN SHORT, now that his quincy and hollow powers are gone, his soul is turned to pure white. And that “pure white” left within him is his shinigami powers!

Ichigo is now a full-blooded shinigami. He is no longer mixed!

Why would this matter? Hey! It’s his hollow and quincy powers that made him OP in the first place, right?

Well, yeah. Hollow Ichigo is definitely powerful and Quincy Ichigo is the one responsible for maintaining his powers and regenerating him too. Not to mention, both are his “Zangetsu”, right? Technically, that means that Yhwach had taken Zangetsu away from him (no wonder he is devastated). If we think about it, “Zangetsu” being taken away should mean that he lost his Zanpakuto - and losing Zanpakuto means that he also lost his shinigami powers.

All in all, that means that he lost all his powers, right?

Well, no.

As Rukia had said…

His “shinigami” powers is rooted deep within him. It’s not something that anybody can take. His quincy, full-bring, and hollow powers may be taken from him, but never his shinigami powers. Even when he used Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō , his core shinigami powers still remained there. His shinigami powers was something that cannot be taken away from him by anyone.

“Old man” Zangetsu represents his “quincy” powers and “Hichigo” represent his “hollow” powers. But both of them are not representing his “shinigami” powers (although they both represent his Zanpakuto). Not to mention, aren’t these two powers quite contrasts the shinigamis? As much as “quincy” and “hollows” are opposite of each other (to the point they reject each other), the “shinigami” neutralizes the two as they are The Balancers (so that there is coexistence). But the thing is, both (two extremes) are also enemies of the shinigamis. 

Do you see where I’m getting at? No?

Quincy!Zangetsu already admitted it himself. He was surpressing his shinigami powers (due to his nature as a quincy). 

Yup that’s right.

I want to point out that maybe - just maybe - his two OP powers that made him strong and what he is now, is ironically what was holding him back! His shinigami powers is not fully manifested yet and it is now the right time for him to show it. It will be his “shinigami” powers that’ll end Yhwach.

The Thousand Year Blood War is about the battle between Quincy and Shinigamis. Now, Ichigo will fight Yhwach, not as a mix of Quincy and Hollow, but as a full-fledge shinigami from the human side.

In the end, the conclusion will be decided as a ShinigamiVSQuincy battle.

With Ichigo being full-shinigami instead of a mix breed of every faction.

Note: I separated it into two posts because I want to make one post that focus solely on Ichigo at least. After all, the next part is pretty much going to turn slightly crazier. Not to mention, I’ll be mentioning Rukia in Part II and that might ruffle some shippers :P

PS: Besides, someone did ask me of Ichigo analysis (though this one is more of an analysis on his powers instead of character, but I hope it’s enough Dx). 

Does it look like I care?

“I hate Ichihime, honestly that ship sinks itself.”
“No one will understand how much I hate Ichihime, so gross.”
“Ichihime yeah right, Ichigo obviously belongs with his “waifu”, plus that slut is so useless.“

Very, your opinion matters.

Lol, I know they just love to rant on how they hate the ship bitterly. No joke, and I swear anti-IH should be the #2 ship that is so "popular” in Bleach. Sarcasm sprinkled over your obvious dislike.

Don’t like it?


Okay then.

So what?