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We all got the same problems. Guilt. Regret. 

so anyway

  • children should be taught the biological facts of how sex works
  • children should be taught the proper names for their own body parts
  • children should be taught that some people have different body parts and learn the proper names for them
  • children should be taught how to properly care for their personal hygiene according to their ability levels
  • children should be taught that no-one (including adults) should ever touch them in a way that makes them uncomfortable (no matter the context)
  • children should be taught what’s going to happen to them during puberty long before it happens

keeping the biological facts of sex a secret from children is not helpful. telling children their “private parts” have no names and are shameful is not helpful. telling children they’re “not old enough” to understand basic facts about their bodies is not helpful.

teaching children their bodies are shameful is actively harmful. teaching children that sex is something inherently shameful and “adult” which should be kept secret is actively harmful.

children are not stupid. if you keep something a secret from them, they will internalize your behavior. even if they do not recognize it on a conscious level, they will internalize the fact that you treat anything to do with nudity, genitalia, and pubescence with shame, and they will internalize the fact that you are purposefully keeping them in the dark about it.

you should not wait until your ten-year-old early bloomer kid is crying in the bathroom because they’re bleeding into their underwear and think they’re dying before you explain to them what puberty is. you should not wait until your kid is sexually assaulted by a boy at school because they don’t understand what consists of a sexual touch before you teach them about consent. you should sure as hell not wait until your kid sexually assaults another child before you teach them that some people have different body parts than others and this is why that is and this is why we don’t touch or ask to touch those parts except in specific circumstances when we are mature enough.

(you think that last one sounds unlikely? go online. look up parenting stories about how many kids decided to pull their sibling’s pants down or sneak up on them while they were changing one day because they didn’t understand why their sibling looked different and wanted to investigate. or hell, look up the trauma stories of people who did that themselves as kids and were shamed and screamed at by parents for reasons they didn’t understand until they got older. or read stories from victims of COCSA who were traumatized for life by things other kids did to them without understanding the ramifications of their actions.)

indoctrinating children into the sex-shame and body-shame culture at such a young age is actively harmful to their development and puts them at risk for sexual assault, both by adults and other children, inherently because of their naivete, lack of education, and curiosity about a “taboo” subject.

and i don’t fucking understand why this is considered such a “controversial opinion.”


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics

I’ve seen a lot of talk about Fenris and Anders being more similar than either of them realize, except for their political stances. But you know what, the more I think about their characterization the more I find myself realizing and appreciating their differences–particularly, in the one thing that’s supposedly their main similarity: being runaways and rebelling against oppression.

Anders is practically a born rebel. He was a rebel long before Justice, long before he was even an adult. More than a decade before the story of da2 starts he was just a frightened 12 year old who was dragged to the Circle in chains, and he responded to this by swimming across a lake and evading Templars for months. And he showed the devil’s persistence as he got older, escaping over and over even in the face of repeated failure. Not even being thrown into solitary for a year stopped him from escaping again once he got the chance. Not only does Anders seem uniquely suited to rebellion, he seems uncrushable, and practically incapable of sitting down and shutting up in the long term, even if it was save him a lot of anguish.

Fenris… is about the opposite. While we don’t know much about his early life, I highly doubt Danarius would have selected a rebellious slave to be his bodyguard (since, you know, a rebellious slave in this position might kill him). Leto almost definitely yearned for freedom for himself, but he was (according to World of Thedas) quiet and unassuming for the most part. He gained freedom for his family via the least rebellious route imaginable, on Danarius’s own terms. And the memory loss only enhanced that. For years, he thought of nothing but following orders. When he escape, it wasn’t even intentional on his part, and he was ready to go back to slaughtering on Danarius’s command in a heartbeat after months of freedom. Freedom was practically forced upon him. 

And I think this causes a bit of a disconnect in audience perception. He’s so angry when Hawke meets him, so certain of himself and his principles, so firm in his independence… or is he?

If you romance Anders, he says “You’re the best thing in my life, but there are things more important than my life.” And he means it. Anders, for all his emotional dependency on Hawke, has goals outside of Hawke and will make decisions (aka chantryboom and being a part the whole mage underground) in spite of them, even in a romance.

If you romance Fenris, he says, “Nothing could be worse than living without you.” On the friendship path before the final battle, he will say you are the only friend he has ever had. These lines sound… worrying to my ears. They don’t sound like the lines of an independent person with goals outside of Hawke. 

In fact, Fenris’s independence and resistance–after more than six years of freedom–crumbles in an instant if you tell him you won’t help him fight Danarius. He could fight, he could decide he’d rather die than be a slave again. Instead, he just bows his head and follows. 

But this is not to rag on Fenris, or call him weak. He’s had to go through a whole journey to achieve the ability to be angry, and to fight back. It’s a pretty damn good plot, and it means he has a different kind of strength to grow your own wings like that instead of starting out with them. But my point is the contrast.

Anders lives and breathes freedom and independence; Fenris barely made it to this point. Anders rebels; Fenris survives. They both have a whole set of differences in character that run deeper than their political beliefs, and honestly this post just is talking about ONE of those differences.


loverboy lance, the aerial dancer

Angela Merkel just said she’ll offer Donald Trump cooperation, on the basis that he respects people’s dignity no matter the place of birth, colour of their skin, beliefs, their sex, sexuality or their political convictions.

So….I guess germany and the us just broke up?

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Are you friends with @NormalHoroscopes aka The Caretaker because I love your blog and I love theirs and aaah that would be perfect!

I have a great amount of affection and admiration for the Caretaker. There is not a single better source of advice screamed at you by a caring skeleton anywhere on the Internet.

Dirty Talk
  • Lance: heyy~ Keith, i'm feelin' a bit, ya know, horn horn~'
  • Keith: horn horn? really?
  • Lance: could you rub my coc-
  • Keith: woah! Lance, the only thing I'll be rubbing is my dogs head because he's a good boy.
  • Lance: *groans* but Kei-
  • Keith: no buts, now instead of opening your legs, go open the holy bible.
  • Lance: keeeeeeeeeeeeeittttttt-
  • Keith: may whatever god be with you *leaves the room*

Do you know that moment? When your craved ship becomes canon? And you’re waiting for the next season to see if you get more sweet sweet content of them? That fear of not being 100% sure of whether you’re going to see them kiss again or not? Constantly checking the twitter accounts of the show makers to hear LEGIT any news about them? Bitch me too

omg i just remembered:

yesterday, the guy who sits behind me in math class was like “oh hey i found your youtube channel last night” and !!! wow !!! my heart was pounding super fast and i replied, “man, i have no idea what you’re talking about.” and he was like “really?? i was pretty sure that it was you because the voice sounds exactly the same. and the names are pretty similar too.” and i just awkwardly laughed and thank god my math teacher was like “time for example 1!!” and we had to move on

but now that i’m thinking about it, i’m silently praying that no one finds me irl ohhhhh my god alrighty alrighty


‘The Amethyst connection is hilarious. It was not intentional but Steven Universe is a great show and Amethyst could be like my sister, so… so lets leave it at that, maybe I was cosplaying her!’  *laughs* - Cherry (x)

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have you played a game called butterfly soup?? whatdo u think abt it ?

I ACTUALLY ended up playing it almost all afternoon which is p much the reason why i didn’t stream today WOOPS
as for thoughts it was alright the dialog and pacing felt a bit off to me but its a rlly funny and cute game and i enjoyed it a lot