yeah real talk real talk

Angela Merkel just said she’ll offer Donald Trump cooperation, on the basis that he respects people’s dignity no matter the place of birth, colour of their skin, beliefs, their sex, sexuality or their political convictions.

So….I guess germany and the us just broke up?


Old post in drafts. i JUST KEPT GOING WITH MORE SKetches

More Ageswap AU Mob Psycho 100 - captions on pics

Omg this is it. When the Katsudon Decided to Take Charge~
Talk dirty, Yuuri. He looks so damn possessive here~
Fuck…I need the one with English subs like ASAP.

A piece of my soul dies every time Nicky Hemmick is treated like shit or dismissed

This kid I went to high school with is a real piece of work

Fetuses aren’t kids, women should always have the right to choose whether or not to terminate their pregnancy, and the man who goes on trial this month for raping a young girl (13/14 years old?) definitely shouldn’t be your ideal candidate if you care about kids yourself you fucking moron

And you better hope trumps healthcare plan includes increased cheap access to birth control methods of you really want abortion rates to stay at a minimum


‘The Amethyst connection is hilarious. It was not intentional but Steven Universe is a great show and Amethyst could be like my sister, so… so lets leave it at that, maybe I was cosplaying her!’  *laughs* - Cherry (x)

So today on “how embarrassing can my life get? ” During class my college’s biggest dudebro borrowed my phone to finish his homework, and when he opened safari this is what he found.


So much sexual tension that they can’t even handle it.

Meet The Artist


To be honest, I really kinda didn’t want to post this, because of how similar it is to me…I’m super low self esteem about myself and how I look because I am on the chubby side….But I pushed it aside and did it anyways, because it’s fair…some people did ask for it and here it is…..So yeah I also got super lazy to actually draw and color the item’s in my bag so yeah…Enjoy it uhh yeah

i can’t believe shadowhunters did the thing where they actually skipped the pointless jealousy over a crazy ex and went straight to the actually problem and its all in a m/m relationship what is even this show

Casillas the goalkeeper would have his back to him [Beckham] and, from ten yards or so away, he would hit him with the ball on the back of legs. But gently. Casillas would look around to see who it had been. Beckham looked away, continued solemnly with his training routine, playing the innocent. Then he caught Casillas’s eye and laughed. Casillas shook his head, pretended to look annoyed.
—  John Carlin, observing Beckham at Real Madrid’s training ground