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Fandoms at this moment
  • SvTFOE: *screaming into pillow for July 15th* IMGONNAFUCKINDIE
  • Kingdom Hearts: aaaaAAAAAIEEEEEEEEEE *screams alongside with Star fans*
  • Adventure Time: we're still here! For now...
  • Steven Universe: *sobbing into a pillow from last month or doing memes*
  • Invader Zim: >:)
  • Wizard101: *dabbing to Emperya nusic while sobbing as well*
  • Pirate101: it's been...84 years
  • Winx Club: *rising from the dead* WE STILL HERE
  • Gravity Falls: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ we still here don't worry
  • Homostuck: *'patiently' waiting for Hiveswap*
  • Samurai Jack: *on the floor, tears swelling in their eyes* where'
  • Eddsworld: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but bassboosted
  • Persona: *dabbing to 'Last Surprise'*
  • Villainous: We await >:3
  • Sorry if I got some incorrect ^^; I'm not particularly active in some of these communities but I see posts about 'em here and there!
"I'm Bored!"

…and after the 50th time my little cousin said that at today’s family get-together, I went to the car and got the dice.  Three small children between the ages of 6 and 10 got to play (a very loose, impromptu, anything-goes version of) D&D for the first time ever.  I titled it, “Save the Princess.”

My niece played a wizard, while the bored cousin played a fighter, who gradually evolved into the equivalent of a rogue/eldritch knight, and the other cousin played a cleric. These are the ensuing things my young players said.

DM: You are all staying at an inn tonight.  It’s like a hotel.
Wizard: Is there a pool?!
DM: … why not.
Wizard: I’ll get my bathing suit!

DM: The man who was reading the book in the lobby last night comes up to you guys.
NPC-Druid: I’m going to get to the dragon first, turn into a bear, and kill him! 
Fighter: There’s going to be bear traps!
DM: Roll to persuade him there’s going to be traps.
NPC rolls a 3, and the Fighter rolls a 7.
DM: The guy with the book starts crying and goes back to his room.

DM: A pony is 20 dollars, a horse is 50 dollars, and an invisible horse is 70 dollars.
Wizard: Ooooo! Let’s buy a pony!
Cleric: YEAH!
Wizard: It’s white with polka dots, okay!
Cleric: YEAH!


Fighter: I want to put a bottomless hole under the wolf! (rolls too low).
DM: You put a hole next to the wolf.
Cleric: I want to put the wolf to sleep. (rolls high enough).
DM: Alright, he’s asleep now.
Wizard: I’m going to push the wolf into the bottomless hole. 


Wizard: I want to cast a spell to put bugs in his shirt… Is the dragon wearing a shirt?

The saddest part about the campaign was that the dragon didn’t get one hit off on the players.  The wizard, however: poisoned it, burned it, summoned a rock that fell on its head, summoned a swarm of insects that got in its scales and bit it a lot, and the fighter made it incapable of breathing fire.  This is how the dice fell, and this is how the dragon died.

//Sweetie is ready for the prom!! Penny won’t participate this year because she’s an antisocial asshole but this sweet lady will totally be there with her date!!

King Khepri providing for his hive.

When a Pony gets Sassy
  • *Pony doing his homework in the kitchen when Steve and Soda walk in.*
  • Steve: "Writing in your diary there Pony?"
  • Pony: "Yeah, actually I just wrote you a poem, wanna here it?
  • Roses are red, vilots are blue, I have 5 fingers, the middle ones for you."
  • *Flips Steve off*
  • Steve: "Idiot"
  • *Soda cracking up in the back round.*
  • Pony: "Of corse I talk like an idiot, how else could you understand me?"
  • *Soda dies from laughter and falls to the ground.*
  • *Steve leaps over table to kill Pony who runs for his life while laughing.*

This has been hanging out on my computer for who knows how long so I thought I’d post it. I’ve been thinking about streaming while I paint. I wonder if anyone would be interested in watching?

burmashaving  asked:

What's Flick's pegasus dad's mark of? Can't see it in the sketch, unlike his unicorn dad's skull one. Also does Pegasus Dad cast magic by waving his wings around dramatically, based on how TSU pegasi conduct magic through their wings?

Pegasus dad has lightning, unicorn dad has a pony skull.

Also yeah! Pegasus dad doesn’t have the same kind of detailed magical abilities that unicorns do, but he has much more control of his wings as like… a magical antenna than your average pegasus. Most pegasi have to fly/move around a lot to magically manipulate weather, pegasus dad has it down to a few wing movements while standing. He can even do some non-weather related environmental and elemental spells!

In their tag team duo, unicorn dad does the fiddly bits like curses and necromancy, and pegasus dad BRINGS THE PAIN

solarshine5  asked:

I don't know if an ask is the right place to say this, but I'm going to say this anyway because it doesn't let me send messages. I'm a big fan of what you do, and I love your art! I especially love seeing those stunning drawings of Celestia and Luna in those comics you make! I hope that more people will see your content in the future, and I want to thank you for always makingy day with your art. 😄

Aaww!!! Thank you so so so much!

It means so much to hear that! I’m glad someone likes them! *digihuggles*

I definitely needed that boost~