yeah pokemon and stuff i guess

So hey because I got a new blog now after having several issues with my old one, I need new people to follow. If your blog consists of any of the following stuff, give me a follow or like this blog and I’ll check your blog out! Nice one.

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- nerdy shit.
- carmilla in general I guess
- video games (particularly final fantasy 15, kingdom hearts, pokemon and loz. Always good shit.)
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- ummm yeah more gay shit.

Yeah cheers thanks a lot. ✌️


Tbh, I had May and Soledad ready for like at least one year and only needed to finish Harley…

But here is our dazzling coordinators quartet in semi-realistic portraits !


I’ve been seeing these Croquis sketchbooks here and there, with different stuff like pokemon on the cover. (I think there was also a Natsume Yuujinchou one?)

I finally decided to get one and try it out (because I like practical merch xD)

So yeah I’ve got to admit, it’s pretty but useless for drawing. The sheets are too thin for my taste (thinner than regular printing paper I think.) I guess I’ll stick to my regular A4 sketchbook in the future and this one can be used for silly doodles. Maybe. xD

Thank you @harvestlight and @torterrahugger for the asks. :D The colors corresponded to the senpai’s cravats on the cover. Drawing in this book proved to be more challenging than I thought but as promised I’m posing the results. :”D

Hi there!

I’ve hit over 400+ followers Thank you very much, appreciate it a ton! This is probably the most I’ve ever had! 

I don’t make much text posts on this blog asides from like, commission stuff,

Though, I would like to know, what would you guys like to see more of? 

Most of this blog is for self indulgence stuff that being UTAU/VOCALOID, pokemon gijinkas ect, ect, is there anything anyone would like to see though?

 Maybe certain characters? New series to get into maybe? Just wanted some feedback I guess. 

Anyway. Thanks again, I probably wouldn’t post as much as I do without followers and you guys sticking around.

anonymous asked:

Now that's interesting. Pikachus that have tempers then, huh? That's good when paired up with loyalty, I guess. How the heck can they handle weaponry without opposable thumbs though?

It’s one of those weird pokemon things. I remember watching the cartoon, and I could swear that various pokemon pull off stuff like that.

But, yeah, the pikachus also listen to Lumina because she’s the one who patched most of them up. In this AU, Vanille is brilliant at many things, but as a pokemon physician, Lumina is probably the best there is. Lumina and her Blissey are both great at treating pokemon. Together, they have an almost perfect record.

Vanille has a tendency to collect strays and other unappreciated pokemon. A lot of them end up working in the lab or helping out in other ways. Even if it’s something as simple as making deliveries and the like, she tries to find a job for all of them because the pokemon tend to feel better if they feel like they’re needed.

I’m torn between lightly starving myself to prep for a lower budget life as a self-catered student at uni, or just going all out and eating everything before I leave (monday)

btw, I don’t think I made too much hullabaloo, but did you know? I’m going to university! School doesn’t start for a bit- I’m an international kid, so I get there slightly early and move in first. but yeah, moving to england. studying publishing


im not really really new to tumblr but this is my new blog that i made for multifandom etc purposes. so yeah starting a new blog is kinda hard??? for me anyway so i need blogs to follow !! you know the drill … reblog or like this post if you post the following: 

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so yeah basically multifandom in general also cause i’m planning on reading/watching some stuff like:

  • bleach
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it’d really appreciate it if you’d spread the word mostly because i suck at blog hunting and this would help me a lot. so yeah reblog/like and i’ll check out your blog, thanks a bunch !

Yeah I guess I'm making one of these

I really need more of these things on my dash,,, so if you want, like/reblog if you post

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- also neurodivergent/queer safe space blogs would be nice!!!!!

EDIT: I know I said I don’t really want any shippy Gravity Falls blogs but if you post a lot of mabifica I will follow you in a heartbeat tbh
for those who want to avoid Pokemon spoilers

be careful on the internet for the next month ‘cause there’s gonna be a TON of info flying around.

data miners have been ripping through the demo data, and Game Freak tried to remove any spoilery data - for example, any Pokemon in the game that aren’t available in the demo had their regular models removed and their stats replaced with Pikachu’s stats. unfortunately they left some important stuff behind, apparently including every Pokemon’s shiny model.

i won’t be posting any of this stuff but make sure your blacklist’s up to snuff

EDIT: oh right i guess i can pretty much give up on using Tumblr mobile for a month *tsu shrug emoticon*

OLD ART ALERT holy shit

Lorenzo, Parsley, and Olivia (Peppers)

These Grovyle’s are part of Fresh’s family (hey remember PMDE? YEAH HERES SOME NPC I NEVER GOT TO INTRODUCE)

I guess I’ll use them as OC’s and whatever now! Maybe even let people ask them stuff. I think i’m going to draw Parsley and Olivia more now because i miss them so much