yeah peasants

bananacreamphi  asked:

If fishmob gets true loves kiss will he turn into regular mobu?

why would he tho? I mean its not like hes cursed or anything, hes just himself. hes just fishmob. he is who he is and wouldnt his true love love him as he is anyway

peasant: “yeah moriarty is definitely dead lmao”


this week on things that happened in orchestra rehearsal

- trumpet section: “how the fuck do you say dvorak?? my tongue gets tied it’s like dorvarak or djorvark”

- “It’s not delivery–it’s dvorak!”

- bassoon player: “a little something to take the edge off” *knocks back reed water from a shot glass*

- *oboe gives the A*
*entire back row sings it horribly out of tune to throw off the violins*

- *guttural screaming from the back row*
someone across the room: “FLAT!”

- the first clarinet trying his hardest to play the opening of rhapsody in blue but sounding like that rubber chicken vine

- I don’t think the tuba played an entire note in the whole rehearsal the poor bean looked sad

- conductor: “can we play that section a little more…happy, please!”
horn section: “yeah we have offbeats we’re never happy playing them sorry”

- “what piece are we playing??”
“The one by the soup dude.”
“….von suppe?? Poet and Peasant?”
“yeah soup dude”

- *clarinet cracks note*

What every Sokkla Fanfic should have lol.
  • *Azula & Sokka meeting under good terms (he just finished training, working or whatever idk)*
  • Azula: *scary look* Hey snow peasant.
  • Sokka: Yeah.
  • Azula: Don't think I find you interesting because you're good challenger and trying to out smart me.
  • Sokka: Ok.
  • Azula: *look away* And don't think that just because you're nice to me that I will treat you any different from how I treat everyone else.
  • Sokka: Ok. *walks past her to pick up stuff*
  • Azula: And just because I think you're good looking doesn't mean I find you handsome or anything.
  • Sokka: Oh yeah. So how about dinner next Tuesday?
  • Azula: Meet up at 7?
  • Sokka: Sure, I have to go now. I'll see you next week Azula! *Walks away waving his hand*
  • Azula: Yeah see you next wee- wait what?

Dear fallen angel of love,

Friends?! What the hell kind of upside down universe do you live in? Heeeello? We’re Shadows! And as if anyone could seriously be friends with a worthless whimp like him, anyway!

And yet, you push that little pest on and on in his attempts to grow stronger.

Well, duh, of course I am! Somebody’s gotta remind him to keep things exciting, or I’m gonna die in here of boredom! Can’t have that, can we??

Of course we can’t have that. I still need that little rat to pet my ego. How else am I going to make myself feel superior to you all, as I should!? As worthless as you all are, he is just as worthless. As long as I keep that fact on his mind, he will need to keep the vermin close to find some semblance of worth. Hah.

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Hi, hello! 2013 is about to end and I would just like to thank everyone for the wonderful year. To be honest, I never really expected to gain that much followers or to form really close bonds with some of you–and yet, you all proved me wrong, so thank youthank you so much. As such, before the year finally ends, I would like to give special thanks to all the people I’m following and I present to you my blogroll follow forever (more like 90% because I can’t find the others asdfghjkl) Apologies because I have absolutely no idea how to make a graphic /creys Nevertheless, I would also like to give extra special thanks to all of my followers for putting up with my nonsensical whims and obsessions w/ Aomine’s ganguro dick. ♥ 

bolded are my close homodachis; italicized are peasants 

lots of love,


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Becoming a knight in the first place was the only thing I’ve ever done that’s been worthwhile. It’s my only achievement- one that I’ve worked towards since I was seven. Everything after that hasn’t been nearly as extraordinary.