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Birthdays and Brownies

Summary: It’s Virgil’s birthday and everyone is a tad busy.

Warnings: none that I can think of. There’s mention of fire?

Virgil wrestled with his keys.

Of course. Just one more thing that seemed to be going wrong for him. Just one more fucking sign the universe hated him and—

Wait. He was trying to open the front door with the key to the back. Great. It was a wonder he could get food in his mouth seeing how useless he was at basic tasks like using the right key.

The door opened, allowing Virgil to step inside an empty house.

Of course. The others were busy, and it was bound to happen. It was the middle of December, meaning that exams and the like were going on and the others would be rushing around, trying to get everything done.

Logan would be in the library, studying for his physics exam.

Roman would be in the theater, prepping for his end-of-semester, worth-a-big-percent-of-his-grade project to write and direct a play.

Patton would be at his internship at the daycare, trying to care for the children.

Virgil shouldn’t have expected anything different. Still, it would’ve been nice if anyone had said anything about his birthday.

He wasn’t asking for a lot. He knew the others were busy. He just wanted a text. Dinner, maybe. A gift if he was lucky.

But the others were busy. Sometimes things like birthdays just had to be put on the back burner.

Virgil supposed this would be easier to digest if it went along with chocolate cake instead of a microwave dinner.

Besides, Virgil was busy too. At the thought, he looked over his to-do list and realized that everything was checked off. In anticipation—actual, legitimate, foolish anticipation—Virgil had worked really hard today in order to get done early. Now he almost wished he hadn’t.

He tried to distract himself. Nothing was on TV. He had watched through his favorite shows on Netflix. Tumblr was feeling particularly sad tonight. His journal, left abandoned for a few weeks, just made him feel guilty.

He settled on baking. Brownies, he decided. It was a good time of year for something warm.

It was the sort of task that demanded attention and focus and Virgil needed that right now.

After a quick assessment, a trip to the store was deemed necessary. No eggs. Roman must have used the last ones for breakfast this morning. It was nice of him to cook everyone breakfast. Virgil wasn’t particularly fond of eggs, but it was a nice thought. Roman even remembered to give him applesauce instead of bacon. Bacon was gross with a weird texture and Virgil refused to eat it.

The memory made Virgil smile, even if it was only a little. Nobody said anything about what day it was, during breakfast. It made him a little disappointed, but surely, it was just morning forgetfulness? Virgil knew how useless they all were in the early hours, especially during exam time. He guessed they all were really busy? Or their phones all died? Or they just didn’t care and they picked him to room with them because he was quiet and it made rent cheaper?

A quiet, “Sir, that’ll be 69 cents,” broke him out of his spiraling pitiful thoughts.

“Oh, sure, here you go. Thanks.”

On his way home, he stopped at the flower shop too. The apartment really needed some color. He chose roses. Hell if they were overrated, they were Virgil’s favorite. He chose red and pink, which he felt Roman and Patton would enjoy. He threw in some white ones for Logan, too.

He noted the cars in the driveway and he felt his heart speed up. They could at least hang out for a few hours.

He unlocked the door, which much more success this time, to be met by the typical sounds of life in the apartment.

The kitchen was empty and so Virgil decided he would start on the brownies. It would be a nice treat to celebrate with.

Patton came down the stairs first in pajamas. “Oh, there you are. We were wondering where you went.”


“Yeah, you’re usually home sooner. Whatcha making?”

“Oh, brownies. I thought—”

“Brownies?! Those sound amazing Virgil! You really are the best. Hey, I’m pretty tired so I think I’m going to hit the hay. Goodnight, kiddo.”

“Hardly a kiddo, Patton. I’m the only one living here who can buy beer.”

Patton shot Virgil an amused look. “Haha, hold it over our heads that you’re 21, pal.”


“Well, wish I could have seen more of you today, but the semester will be over soon, right? Goodnight, Virge.”

“Goodnight, Pat.”

The exhausted man—though he looked more like a sleepy kid in his cartoon pajamas—slumped up the stairs.

As the brownies continued to bake, both Logan and Roman also came downstairs to say goodnight.

Virgil placed a candle in the center of the brownie and thought for a moment. The flame flickered bright against the pitch black of the room.

What did he wish for?

I just want to hang out with my best friends, I guess. A whole day.

Virgil supposed that counted. It was getting late. 11:56. He paused for just a second, and let it sink in that it was his 22nd birthday. He was another year older, and so much has improved.

He smiled. The clock turned midnight.

And just like that, it was another day.

Virgil blew the candle out, and watched as the room grew dark again.

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Irreplaceable [m]

Originally posted by kihyuon

Summary: When my bff called me and told me Kihyun had just left her for another girl she tasked me with finding out who this other woman was. I never expected him to say that it was me.

Warnings: spanking, mild daddykink, cum play, angst, swearing, quasi-cheating?, violence

Word Count: 13,808 (most of which turned out to be smut lol)

I had just gotten in the car and was about to drive home from a little late evening practice time when the leader of my girl group called me. “Ha-Have you talked to Kihyun tonight?” she asked, her voice desperate and shaking.

“Not since this morning. Why? What’s wrong?”

“He…h-he broke up with me!” she squeaked out and then she lapsed into a bout of so-intense-it’s-almost-comical wailing.

I didn’t believe it. I’m not saying I couldn’t believe it, I’m saying I literally did not believe it.

You see, she and Kihyun had “broken up” at least a half dozen times before but they weren’t real breakups. They were like mini relationship vacations. They’d last one day, three days, maybe one week tops. He always went back to her. He always did and he always would. I had found that out myself the hard way.

After his previous breakup with Kyung Mi, Kihyun had called me and asked me to meet up to talk. He was in a bad state, really upset, so of course I said yes. We went out drinking and after we talked things out for a while he relaxed and we just started having fun. We went back to my place, started making out, one thing led to another, and we ended up having sex.

It was the happiest night of my entire life. I had always secretly loved Kihyun despite him being taken since the day I met him. Sure, I felt guilty about my feelings but I didn’t think that his girlfriend treated him right. She sometimes did petty things that made him suffer and then I’d long to steal him away from her. 

I never acted on that impulse until that night, though, because she was my friend and she was also my Leader. There are some lines you just don’t cross.

Plus there was the fact that Kyung Mi had been with Kihyun for over a year before I met him so I didn’t really know the full extent of their relationship or what was really between them. 

I thought there must be some reason he put up with her, some kind of super bond, or something. I didn’t know what really made relationships tick – not the ones that really lasted for a long time – so who was I to judge? I only knew that he loved her and it hurt me to see it when I so desperately wanted that love for myself.

That was a feeling I had learned to suppress over two years of knowing him, so getting to be with him that night felt like a dream come true. 

I thought Kihyun was happy that night, too. He seemed happy. He said things to me that made me think that he cared for me as more than a friend, but then the next morning things changed.

I’d thought they might change a little, but I hadn’t expected how drastic it would really be.  When I woke up he was perched on the edge of my bed, looking all haggard and mopey and guilty. He even cried a little, saying that we had made a huge mistake and telling me in detail what a terrible person he was.

He said that he was still in love with Kyung Mi and he regretted what we did. 

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A Gift (Kihyun x Reader)

Admin: Candi
“Can I get a dom!Kihyun smut with riding where Kihyun is super needy, vocal, rough, and desperate but while 100% in control – anon”
Fandom: Monsta X
Member/reader: Kihyun x Reader
Genre/warning(s): smut, toys, spanking, slight language,
Words: 3.3k
Authors note: I went to a sex shop few days ago and I got inspired lmao. Also, we’re very sorry we haven’t been active, this week has been busy for the both of us!

Gif is not mine, Kihqun owns the gif.

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Ok since the whole tumblr is obsessed with Yuri!!! on Ice

I decided to give some advices especially to the artists who draw russian characters to make it less cringy for myself. I’m sure somebody might have already done something like this but I still want to bring up some points.

- to all shippers out there: russians wear wedding rings on the RIGHT HAND, not on the left;

- we also don’t have a tradition of the engagement rings;

- please, please, PLEASE don’t try to write/use russian phrases unless you actually know the language or can ask someone who knows it. Non-speakers won’t get them, latin transliteration is ugly as fuck, not to mention that the translator will 99.9% get it wrong somewhere. Use english, really;

- the same goes to writing in russian: please don’t do it unless you know how to. Redrawing russian printed letters looks weird at best. Russian cursive is a bitch but at least it’s a beautiful bitch;

- russians don’t celebrate Christmas on the December 25th. Orthodox Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January and it’s not as global as western Christmas. It’s more of a religious tradition. But New Year celebration in Russia is HUGE. So if you want to draw a winter thematic art, new year theme would suit better;

- (also we don’t have Halloween);

- according to the rules of transliteration it’s ‘Viktor’. Not ‘Victor’;

- when drawing scenes of russian character with people they’re close to, use their short name forms. Especially with lovers. (So yeah use ‘Vitya’ and ‘Yura’ it’s really nice);

- there are more forms of russian names: some are tender, some are playful, some are cute, some even are weird. If you want to know a specific form just ask someone who’s native. But common short forms work almost always;

- there’s a difference between ‘nickname’ and 'short form of a name’. Russian names are very inclusive - all short forms of our name are also used as our name. Not in the official documents obviously but everywhere else. Like friends would never call each other by their full form names unless it’s a joke or 'their thing’;

- but things are different when it comes to a social hierarchy: for example a mentor can (and in most cases will) call their student by common short form of their name but student has to call their mentor by their full form and also add their 'otchestvo’ (father’s name, not the same as a second name), unless there is little or no age difference between them;

- this is more like a subjective opinion from me but being called by a full name by a close person (family/friend/lover) is somewhat mentally tiring for a russian. I mean it’s not like short form is an optional nickname that is used in specific situations by specific people. It’s a name that russian person hears for the most time. Being called by an 'official’ form all the time is quite exhausting. But maybe it’s just me;

- also this is totally off-topic but Yuri freaking out because there is another Yuuri with a name that is similar to his is so ridiculous. I mean russian names are common. Just while my school times I’ve met about 6 girls whose name was also 'Tatyana’. We didn’t shout at each other in the toilet.

Ok I think that’s it for now. Though I might have forgot something. Hm.
Somebody will probably disagree with me or will think that’s not important but I don’t care. It was worth a try.

Yeah, of course all of the above aren’t obligations but if you actually took them into consideration it would be really nice.

P.S. I also wrote one more piece of info.

Meeting the gang (Patrick Hockstetter imagine)

Originally posted by hedgiemuffins

► Summary: The reader will see herself hanging with the Bowers gang because of her best friend Cathy without knowing that it will unleash a wicked game between her and one of the members of the gang.

► Pair: Patrick Hockstetter x reader

► Warnings: Bad language, Patrick being… Patrick (Not that much tho…yet)

Author’s notes: So I grew SUCH a crush on Owen Teague when I went to see “IT” for the first time and he plays the character I find the most interesting of the story so I though that besides of reading some Patrick imagines it could be cool if I started writing them as well. Hope you like it


Feel free to contact me HERE or send me a message with anything you need!

Constructive criticism is always welcome.

The worst part of Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays?
Having to stay at school for a few more hour after the end of the classes.
The best part of those same days?
You loved the meetings of the cinema club.

Your best friend Cathy was the one who convinced you to join the aforementioned club when the scholar year started. She had been part of it since last year and was pretty sure you would like being part of it so you decided to give it a try.

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Heronchild Headcanons

Listen I’m all for heronchild as a romance and everything, but can we take a moment to consider heronchild’s friendship? They are parabatai, after all:

• Matthew definitely, 100% uses James as a pillow 99.9% of the time (look at this post).

• James trusts Matthew and only Matthew when it comes to getting a haircut. He won’t even let his mom do it.


• Sometimes when James is too exhausted and starts falling asleep, he starts to turn into a shadow. Matthew, usually sitting next to him on the couch, puts a hand on his wrist or his shoulder to ground him back. He’s the only one who manages to do that.

• When Matthew reads De Profundis for the first time, James sits down with him and reads over his shoulder. His presence is the only thing that keeps Matthew from breaking down completely.

• When James starts to see Grace, and to withdraw from his family, Will goes to Matthew first to ask him what’s going on. Matthew says: “He’s just a little bit lost right now. Don’t worry, Mr. Herondale. I’ve found him before, I’ll find him now.”

• [CANON] Matthew is the only one who can see James as a shadow!!!

• They fight for then most stupid things. “James have you seen my copy of The Importance of Being Earnest?” “No.” “What do you mean no?” “Precisely that. I haven’t seen it.” “Fuck you, Herondale.” “Whatever.”

• James will never let Matthew live the whole “I look like I have a lot of friends just ‘cause I can’t have the one person I want to be friends with” thing down. Matthew walks out of the room every time he tells the story.

• Sometimes James stays with Matthew in Henry’s basement, and he falls asleep with his head on Matthew’s lap as his parabatai and Henry discuss some new invention.

• James always has cold feet. Always. Matthew carries a pair of extra socks in the pocket of his pants whenever they go out (and has to keep drawing heating runes on James’s ankles).

• They would take several bullets for each other, that’s for sure.

• They are very, very rarely seen without the other. Like Jem and Will, but worse.

• “James?” “Hmm?” “I’m in love with you.” “Nice.” *a moment* “James?” “Yeah?” “If we weren’t parabatai and this weren’t the nineteenth century, would you marry me?” *pats head* “Sure, Matthew.”

• After one month of being friends, James can recite three excerpts from The Picture of Dorian Gray, all of The Ballad of Reading Gaol and the first two acts of An Ideal Husband from memory. He has never read any of those works.

• Matthew is so proud the first time he hears James muttering a few verses to himself he actually cries.

Imagine moving to La Push and becoming good friends with the pack.

I feel like I’ve said aisle soo many times sorry about that I couldn’t figure out another way to word it lol. This was meant to be a small imagine but i got a bit carried away, and I’m half asleep so i apologise if it gets a bit muddled in places. :)

(Y/N- Your name)

Part 2 (Reader x Paul lahote)

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First Words

I had no where to put this so I’ll just put it on this blog until my AOx3 works. ignore my trash writing i havent written fanfiction in months. Inspired by @axolotlnerd. A soulmate AU. 

You kept it hidden, those few words etched into your skin by fate.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?”

You found when girls liked to flaunt them they would end up just getting used, because what guy wouldn’t use those few magic words to get into a girls pants? Those words are all they really want to hear. It was so easy. And yet so hard.

You couldn’t count on all your fingers and toes the amount of times someone had run into you and said those words, “I’m so sorry, are you okay?”. It’s just the polite thing to say.

              And each time your heart would swell, full of love and hope, and then, each time, you would say the wrong thing. The words that weren’t written somewhere on that gorgeous blonde, or that nerdy kid, or the repair man from down the hall. The words that fate decided made you unloveable.

              Around you all of your friends had said the right words, and their other half would lift up a sleeve or pant leg, wide eyed, smiling. It was so easy for all of them because they all had such unique things written on their bodies.

When all of your friends got married and settled down you finally accepted that the first words your soulmate were supposed to speak to you were too common. It was unfair to yourself to get hopeful every time someone apologized to you. So you shut them out. They were just words.

It was supposed to be hot today, hotter than it normally was in California. But you were stubborn and pulled your black cardigan over your cursed forearm anyways, covering those six words. You looked at yourself in the mirror one last time before braving the heat outside.

Downtown LA was not your favorite place to live but this is where you were needed. Everyone and their mother owned a computer and your skills of technical hardware came in very handy. Especially with the big YouTube companies where you were under a very strict contract with them since a lot of their partners were growing into internet stars. The hours were long and you couldn’t stand most of your clients but it paid the bills and then some.

You made it a routine that the only way to deal with the youtubers was the biggest cup of coffee you could find. Luckily you had found this little hole in the wall café near the Polaris studio, a studio that frequently needed your special touch.

There was a small line today, not too bad. You ordered and then stood by the counter, oblivious to the world around you, focused on your phone.

              Your thumb lazily pushed the screen showing you useless information after useless information. Your phone buzzed making your eyes glance at the top of the screen. It was your friend, she was getting married. Of course. Another wedding.

You went back to scrolling, stopping at a cute dog pictu-

              Hot coffee spilled down your arm, dripping on to your leg, and into your shoe burning everything it touched. You gasped, jumping back in shock.

“I’m so sorry, are you okay?” A man looked at you wide eyed in complete horror of what he had just done.

And everything inside you snapped. Those six words again. Meanwhile another one of your friends was getting married. How was this fair? Why were you stuck with those damn words carved into your body? Why?

“Oh, just fuck off, dude.” You groaned, rolling your eyes. You angrily grabbed some napkins off the counter and started walking away, trying not to scream. It wasn’t his fault, you told yourself. He didn’t know what he was saying, he was just trying to apologize, but for fucks sake, not now.

“Wait!” He yelled after you, “What did you just say?” Did he really need you to repeat it? Did he want to piss you off?

You turned around, ready for him to confront you. You just needed to take a breath.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be so rude, I’m just am not having a good day. I don’t want to fight.” You said calmly. By now there were a few other customers watching, seeing if you would make a scene.

“No, what did you say?” He walked over to you, almost excitedly. He didn’t seem mad. You furrowed your brows confused. “What did you say, please?” He was smiling now, his stubbly cheeks almost showing his dimples. He was standing close to you, maybe a bit too close.

“I- I said just fuck off, dude. I’m sorry.” You answered quietly. You looked around at the people still watching you hoping that if he was about to knock you out that maybe someone would help, even if you did start this all.

“You know,” he gave a small laugh, looking down at you. “I never thought that someone’s first words to me would be ‘oh, just fuck off, dude.’ But you proved me wrong.” He lifted his worn out Rush tee shirt exposing his fit torso and carved right on his ribs were those exact words.

              “So you’ve been walking around with ‘Oh, just fuck off, dude’ on your chest since you hit puberty?” You asked, sitting across from the man in a park not far from the coffee shop. “I am so sorry.” You couldn’t help but laugh. You were a nice person, or at least that what everyone said, who would have thought that the first words you’d say to your soulmate were so rude?

“Oh yeah,” He took another drink of his new coffee, one that the café offered him for free, congratulating him on finding his true love. “My parents were super pissed off saying I deserved better.”

You frowned, realizing your fate with his parents was already sealed.

“Don’t take that the wrong way.” He noticed your expression drastically change with what he said. “I actually found it very fitting. I mean my job is an internet show about playing games and making dick jokes. Half of my vocabulary is swear words when I work, really, it’s fine. If anything it made finding you really easy. I can’t imagine being stuck with something like, I dunno, I had this one friend is high school who’s first word was just ‘Hello”. That must have sucked.” You watched him talk, so comfortable with everything. He talked like he had known you for years already.

“You mean kind of like ‘I’m so sorry, are you okay?’” You smiled.

“Oh, yeah, kind of like that. Sorry, I didn’t mean-“ He ran a hand through his curly, brown hair.

“It was a joke.” You leaned over touching his other hand in a comforting gesture. At least what you tried to make a comforting gesture. He looked down at his hand and then back at you, his face turning pink.

“I, uh, I don’t know how this works, really. I mean I don’t even know your name yet. I honestly didn’t think I was ever going to find you, like fuck, after thirty years I just assumed my foul mouth princess was all the way in China.”

“(Y/N) (L/N).” You put your hand back in your lap. “We can start by you calling me (Y/N)”.

“Dan Avidan. Well, actually it’s Leigh but Daniel is my middle name so everyone just calls me Dan.” He laughed. He had a cute laugh, contagious, it made you smile.

“Well Leigh Daniel Avidan, it’s nice to finally meet you.”

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Being cheesy was not your specialty. No matter how many times you tried to whip out the whole ‘romantic girlfriend cooks dinner and bakes cookies’ kind of thing, you failed miserably. And because you weren’t very good at it, you took that as a sign to not do it at all. Harry didn’t mind, of course, because he didn’t need romantic, candlelit dinners to be happy. He just needed you. Although, he had to admit: A candlelit dinner with you did sound nice. But he knew that you weren’t used to affection and the whole romance thing, so he never pushed it. (Even though he really, really wanted you to amp up the romance sometimes.) Now, you never had a second thought about sweet gestures because it wasn’t your thing - it was Harry’s thing! He was the one bringing you a bouquet of flowers every now and again, he was the one who woke you up with breakfast in bed, he was the one who- come to think about it, he was the one who did pretty much everything. And you couldn’t lie… the guilt was starting to creep up on you. You loved Harry more than anything in the world, and you definitely didn’t want him thinking that you couldn’t care less about your guys’ relationship… Maybe you could give the romance thing a shot. 

“So, I was thinking…” You trailed off, keeping your eyes on the road as you drove down the highway. “You know how, uh, I said I was going to study for my exam tonight?” 

“You mean the one that you’re sitting in two days?” Harry turned to look at you, raising his eyebrow. 

“Yeah. That one. Um, I kind of-” 

“Did you need me to help write out the cue cards for you again? I can use those really nice pens that I bought for you last month!” He pointed out, nodding to himself. He loved buying stationary for you because your face would light up every time he whipped out a new set of coloured pens. 

“Oh, that’d actually be pretty useful because cue cards help me memorize things… But, I was thinking that-” 

“How does pizza sound tonight? I know you usually crave greasy things when you’re studying. I would suggest getting a hearty salad instead, but it seems that pizza grease helps keep those gears in your brain continue to grind away…” You let out a small sigh, slowing down at the red light. Harry was never going to let you say what you wanted to say. “How about we-”

“Harry, I’m going to need you to shut up for a second.” You interrupted, blindly reaching over and patting his face gently. “What I’m trying to say is, um…” Gosh, this was much harder than you expected. “I was going to put studying aside for tonight, cos I planned a, uh, like a… like a candlelit dinner, movies and snuggling kind of night for us.” You coughed, feeling your face beginning to burn up. The fact that you received silence in response made you want to burst into a ball of flames. 

“…Wha’?” Your grip tightened on the steering wheel when you got that as an answer, making you chew on your bottom lip nervously as you thought about what you could say to pretend like you didn’t just offer him a night of snuggling and romance. 

“I mean… it’s- no, it’s dumb. It was a bad idea. My bad. What were you saying about cue cards again?” You glanced at Harry just in time to see a wide smile spreading on his face in response to your flustered reaction. 

You planned a night of romance for us? You?” 

“Is that so hard to believe?” You pouted, your brows knitting together. “I just.. y’know, I feel bad because you’re always doing romantic things for me, and I barely do anything so it makes me feel like a shitty girlfriend, and I remembered when you were talking about how romantic candlelit dinners were, so obviously I-” 

“Y/N, it’s alright! Calm down, love.” Harry snorted, reaching over to squeeze your knee. “No, I really appreciate it. In fact, I’m relieved you’re taking a break from studying to spend some time with me! I was almost convinced that that history textbook was your boyfriend instead of me.” He joked, keeping his eyes on you as a smile played on his lips. He thought it was pretty adorable you had planned this out for the two of you, and he could see how nervous you were about it. 

“Okay, good. Cos we’ve got a long night of loving ahead of us.” You stepped on the gas pedal, determined to get home quickly so you could start making dinner. (More like reheating dinner. Y/F/N cooked everything for you, bless her. But you’d never tell Harry that.) 

“A long night of loving, eh? Will I be loving you against the wall or from the back?” 

“Not like- not like that!” 


gifs aren’t mine!
'Outlander': Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan on that season 3 finale
That's a wrap! Commence the tears. Sunday's episode of Outlander marked the season ender to the Starz drama — and…

That’s a wrap! Commence the tears.

Sunday’s episode of Outlander marked the season ender to the Starz drama — and boy, was it a wet and wild one! I talked to Sam Heughan (Jamie) and Caitriona Bale (Claire) one last time about shooting the season 3 finale, and how they managed to do those underwater scenes without drowning.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Let’s start with those underwater scenes. How did you shoot those? Did you have to hold your breath forever?
CAITRIONA BALFE: We had this really cool water tank at the back of the Cape Town Studios in South Africa. Sam and I had done some underwater scuba training so we could stay underwater, and they would just come and feed us oxygen every 30, 40 seconds.

SAM HEUGHAN: She was very good at that. She was like a mermaid. She has done scuba diving before. I’ve never done it.

BALFE: It was fun. Things like that are always really exciting, and to sort of learn something new … It was quite cool until Sam rammed my face into a big chunk of wood.

Oh wait, that’s where he put that cut on your nose? When you were underwater?
BALFE: No, when he captured me and brings me up to that big lump of wood that we float on, that’s when he did it.

HEUGHAN: Clothes are very difficult to swim in, especially while you have someone that’s covered in dresses, and also not swimming.

BALFE: I also had weights around my skirt.

HEUGHAN: It is pretty tough.

How much time did you spend in that tank?
BALFE: It was one day.

HEUGHAN: It was our last day in South Africa, and a really amazing way to end. It was freezing in the morning, and then the sun came out.

BALFE: We had a nice heated paddling pool at the side. So when we would get out between setups and stuff, we were in a paddling pool and they furnished it with some rubber ducks and beers.

HEUGHAN: Yeah, I actually still have a rubber duck.

How were those scenes executed on the deck during the storm?
BALFE: They had these water cannons, I think each of them held a couple gallons of water.

HEUGHAN: Plus there was a side cannon. It was like a ton of water that dropped on us. And there are two wind machines with V-8 engines.

BALFE: It was quite intense. We took about three days to film that. There’s so much water and  everything. When we were actually in it, none of us could hear a thing. We were sort of supposed to shout at each other and do lines and …

HEUGHAN: We couldn’t see anything.

BALFE: And you can barely breathe. But it was a really cool and extravagant setup. It was very ambitious. I think we were all just really excited to be able to do something that was on such a large scale.

HEUGHAN: And then we did a bit of Star Trek acting as well.

What do you mean by Star Trek acting?
BALFE: Well, when the gimbal is not working, you have to gimbal yourself.

When you were floating in the eye of the hurricane, were you trying to channel Rose and Jack from Titanic?
BALFE: No, we didn’t. I think that’s just a bit of a two-people-floating-0n water coincidence.

HEUGHAN: As I side thing, we did discuss that and how Jack could have gotten on that [piece of wood]. He could have.

BALFE: Are you now on the Jack-Rose conspiracy thing?

HEUGHAN: I’m sorry. She could have moved over.

I agree. Let’s move on. Caitriona, you were back in the batsuit for the finale. Will this be the last time we see you in it?
BALFE: As hard wearing as that batsuit was, I think the final shipwreck might have been the nail in the coffin for it.

Sam, when John Grey got you out of that jam, there was a part of me that expected you to shake his hand or even embrace him because he saved you yet again. But you dashed out. Why?

HEUGHAN: They have a a great relationship there, and there is unfinished business, but at this moment Jamie is going to go find Claire. That’s his priority.

Now that Geillis is dead, let’s review the body count that Claire has racked up since the pilot.
BALFE: Just call her Claire Myra Hindley! [Myra Hindley and Ian Brady perpetrated the infamous Moors murders back in the ’60s]. Hmm, how many? There was two in season 1. One in season 2 …

HEUGHAN: Who’s that?

BALFE: The Comte.

HEUGHAN: There is also Dougal.

BALFE: Oh yes! Two in season 2, and two in season 3!

HEUGHAN: And Diana Gabaldon says she’s not a killer.

BALFE: So I think we are on six. But we really don’t know. There might have been a few people who crossed her at the hospital. A few people at the school gates she didn’t like, who might have judged her. There is a whole series we could do on the side.

Sam, that dude in the cave looked twice your size.

HEUGHAN: Oh, he was. They cut a lot of the fight, actually. He’s a wonderful actor and absolutely enormous. That was the idea. He was this real strong power against Jamie. It was a very difficult fight to shoot, actually. Gary Steele created this fake cave. They built this in the studio. It was so lifelike, but the floor was very uneven and jagged. It was quite painful to be thrown around, but an amazing set nonetheless.

Caitriona, you had to come pretty close to Lotte Verbeek’s neck to make it look like you sliced her, correct? Did you have to do several takes?

BALFE: I may not be known as the least clumsiest person on set, but we definitely made sure we erred on the side of caution. It was really wonderful to have Lotte back in the show. I enjoyed working with her, and she brings such a cool edge to Geillis. It was a lot of fun. One of my favorite lines is when they are out in the garden and Geillis goes, “Of all the gin joints in all the world.”

What beach were you on at the very end? Was that in South Africa?

BALFE: Yeah. That was last June. It was part of a protected nature reserve. It’s about 45 minutes outside Cape Town. It was beautiful.

So what was the final scene you shot for season 3?

BALFE: It was the tank, the underwater stuff.

Was there a wrap party that night, or did you all go your separate ways?

HEUGHAN: I think you can see in Caitriona’s Instagram that we were in this paddling pool with South African beers and inflatable ducks. That was it.

BALFE: We had some beers, and there was a wrap party that night, but neither of us lasted that long because we were exhausted. The South African crew showed us up, they partied hard.

Making Out With Day6

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This is purely what I think, this doesn’t reflect the members whatsoever. Don’t take this to heart. I may have gotten carried away. This is PG-16 lmao. This was requested by @clumclumsos! (Also requested making out with TD, History, UNIQ and 24k so those are next. Thank you! Without further ado, enjoy!

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Soulmates (continuation of 4x08)


So this is just a quick little fic I’ve written about how I think a yousana conversation would’ve been today after Sana read those text (aka the cutest texts ever)

It’s really short and not really good but I hope you like it :)


“So, who’s that?”

She had been so focused on watching Noora and William leaving the party together so they could talk that she hadn’t heard Yousef approaching her. She turned around and looked at him

“Um, that’s Noora’s ex-boyfriend” she explained

Yousef nodded with an unimpressed expression.

“It’s okay if you’re jealous” she said


“I mean, he’s her one true love and so on, no one will judge you for being jealous”

She tried so hard not to laugh at his confused look

“But why would I be jealous?” he asked

“Because you have a thing with her” she said shrugging

“I, what?” he widened his eyes in surprise “No, no, no. We don’t have a thing”

“Well, you seemed really into her when I saw you kissing at SYNG”

“You…you…?” he stuttered

“Saw you? Yeah I did” she said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world

“No, no, no.” he said shaking his head more to himself than to her “That’s not…we didn’t…Noora and me…”

“Yousef, breathe” she said

“I can’t believe this is happening, I can’t believe I screwed up like this” he muttered

“I’m not following you” she frowned “Look it’s okay, you like Noora and well she’ll probably get back with William but you’ll get over here”

“I won’t get over her because I’ve never been under her” he blurted out

“Wow, that’s too much information” she said biting her lip

“No, no, that came out totally wrong” he took his snapback off and brushed his hair with his fingers before putting it back on “Let’s start again”

Sana just looked at him waiting for him to talk

“Okay…Sana, Noora and me, we’re not…we never were…I mean she’s not…but you are…and me. I told her and she told you but you told her…and…”

“Yousef you’re not making any sense”

“I know it’s just…this is really difficult for me to say…Sana I think that you…that you and me…”

“That we’re soulmates?” she finished raising her eyebrows at him with a smug smile

“What?” he said blinking way to fast.

Sana tried to hold the laugh but she couldn’t manage to do it and burst out laughing.

“Sana?” Yousef asked still trying to understand what was happening

“Noora let me read your texts” she said biting her lip

“No she didn’t” he said panicking

“Yup, she did”

“I…I…I just…” he tried to speak but he was too flustered to even say a word.

He felt his cheeks blushing, his heart pounding fast on his chest, if there were a record for most embarrassing moment this would be the number one followed by the one time she had caught him dancing in her living room.

You just…like me” she said smiling

“I can’t believe she showed you those texts” he said shaking his head

“And I can’t believe you asked her for advice” she chuckled

“Yeah…I did…and now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to find a nice rock I can crawl under” he said turning around to leave

“Wait” she said grabbing his arm to stop him

He faced her again but he closed his eyes too embarrassed to look at her

“Yousef, look at me” she said

He opened his eyes and looked at hers

“Are you looking into my eyes now?” she said quoting him from that afternoon they spent together

“I am” he said in a low voice

“What was I going to say?” she joked

He squinted his eyes at her and she laughed

“Oh, yes I remember now…I was going to say that I like you too Yousef”

“Yeah?” he asked with a goofy smile

She just grinned and nodded

“That’s cool” he said

“That’s cool” she repeated

They would’ve kept talking to each other but they were soon pulled into the improvised dance floor by their friends.

Anyway, they would have a lot of time to talk in the following days, but in that moment, the important things had been said and that was all that mattered.


This is it

Hope you’ve liked it

Thanks for reading


Prompt: “Fic where Bones and reader are stranded on a freezing planet and have to use body heat to keep warm ;) Fluff ensues” - Anon

Word Count: 1,306

Author’s Note:  Long time no see… again. I polished off another piece and I really hope you all liked it, I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I finally found my pacing for it.  Also, the lovely @fandomheadrush drew something to go along with this piece, which I hope you all like as well! Thanks so much, Ree <3

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I Want Your Love In Ink Black

This little thing is based on the Ereri Tattoo AU by Lena that @aurieackerman reposted with permission on tumblr. Thank you for posting it Aurie, I’m in love with that art mmm (~1.5k words)

[Read it on Ao3]

“Hey, babe.”

Little time left before closing hour and it was then that tattooist Levi registered that voice behind him, it had sounded off right after the door bell of Levi’s tattoo shop had stilled eeriely; two words that were enough to dip the room in a sultry resonance.

Levi turned around and met with mischievous emeralds glinting at him hotly. Eren, his gorgeously perfect boyfriend, was smirking at him, teeth dug down on his bottom lip in a oh so sexy way.

He raised a brow at him, his return of a smirk being that of a little tug upward at the corner of his mouth. “You want a new tattoo?”

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Give You Hell (5/5)

Pairing: Reddie (Main), Stenbrough (Side), Benverly (Side)

Previous Chapters: One, Two, Three, Four

Summary: When Richie Tozier moves into the apartment across from Eddie’s, they nearly start a war. Richie keeps Eddie up at night and Eddie keeps Richie up in the morning. If only they got to know each other, they’d realize they’re actually not that different.

Note: Thank you all so much for your love and support! <3

Inspired by the song Give you Hell by the All-American Rejects

Taglist: @princesschelliebelle, @lolrichie, @breakmyreddieheart, @reddie-to-go, @richietoaster, @i-believe-in, @imakittehkatt, @beepbeeprichiellc, @reddieismygazebo, @donvex, @basic-internet-trash, @aristosachaiov, @bitchardtozier, @richiestoziiers, @officiallyreddie, @ihavesympathyforthedevil, @birdie-greenthumb, @the–sun–and–the–moon, @zoinkstoto, @megelizabethvh, @eternitynurarms, @burymestanding, @finnwqlfhard, @80srichie, @doctor-lobster, @drunkrichietozier, @1picklepup2, @onesmallgeese, @tapetayloe, @exxervescence, @reddieforanything, @phantomkayyy, @allison0609, @jem-carstairs-is-perfection

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anonymous asked:

Can you maybe write a short fic about Virgil feeling all warm and fuzzy over Pattons card so he makes something for Patton in return but gets all anxious and just leaves it for him and Patton is like "!!!!!!!!"

(Thank you so much for the prompt!!! :D)

After Patton had given Virgil the little card, Virgil hadn’t thanked him. And that left him with a guilty feeling that nearly drowned out the warm feeling in his gut he got every time he looked at the little drawing. As scribbly and childish the little drawing was, it still made Virgil filled some kind of happy feeling he couldn’t explain. Saying thanks was never his strong suit and frankly, he felt at a loss.

So he casually went to Roman’s room, where he‘d admittedly never been to before. Upon his arrival, Roman jerked up in shock, his eyes roaming over Virgil in surprise.

“What are you doing here?” he snapped. 

Virgil shifted nervously. “Thomas needs an idea.”

“An ide- Why doesn’t he ask me himself?”

“He asked me to ask you.”

Roman huffed and sat back down, crossing his legs. “Fine. An idea for what?”

“Someone made him this nice card and he wants to know what to do in return.”

Roman frowned. “Well… he could… make one in return-”

“Too unoriginal.” 

“Let me finish!” Roman said impatiently. “Or, he could make a wooden banner. You know, one of those things with the block coloured letters? Or Thomas could carve letters into it and paint them. That would be neat.”

Virgil frowned, thinking it over. It wasn’t a bad idea, really. “Hey, yeah… I can- I mean, Thomas’ll love it.”

Roman frowned. “Yeah, whatever. Now leave my room. You’re making my flowers wilt.” Virgil took a glance at Roman’s little garden by the window and sighed. “I’m serious!”

Virgil glared. “I’m going!” He snapped and then returned to his room, where he tore down one of his wooden shelves. He took a little screwdriver and undid the two pieces until he was left with one flat board. He took the screwdriver and carved the words, “Thanks, Patton. Ur awesome.” into it. 

A few hours later, he snuck back into Roman’s room when he was helping Thomas with ideas for a video and grabbed Roman’s craft supplies. He mentally swore to return then and then rushed back to his room. 

He cut out little flowers and glued them over the plain dark brown board. He painted the letters with blue, pink, green, and black (he couldn’t resist), paint. Then he arranged the top with some glitter. 

When he was finished, he took a step back and looked at it. It was really… pathetic and stupid. He grabbed the thing, ready to fling it across the room when Roman popped up out of nowhere. 

“Ah-ha!” he shouted. “I knew someone stole my craft supplies!”

Virgil flinched and tried to kick them under the couch, along with his failed project. Roman rushed over before he could do so, snatching the board from Virgil. 

“This is what you were working on?” he asked. He didn’t sound too judgmental, so Virgil sighed and nodded. 

“Yeah. It looks terrible and stupid-”

“Patton will love it,” Roman interrupted. “Just next time, let me know you want my supplies instead of stealing. Idiot.” Roman handed the board back to Virgil and grabbed his supplies. He glanced over Virgil once more. “He’ll love it,” he said again, voice softer, then left. 

Virgil worked himself up the rest of the day, practicing how he’d give it to Patton. He imagined everything from shoving it under his door to just flinging it at him at any random moment and taking off.

Finally, he decided on just facing up and giving it to him. He went to Patton’s room, knocking on the door first. Patton opened it with a smile. 

“Hey, kiddo! What brings you here?”

“Something for your room,” Virgil mumbled and shoved the board at Patton. 

Patton looked over it with wide eyes, his mouth parted in a smile that was slowly getting bigger. 

“I love it!” he exclaimed and flung his arms around Virgil. He stiffened then relaxed. The warm feeling was back, but this time, magnified to a wonderful extent. 

Send me a word, sentence, or short paragraph and one of the sanders sides characters (or HP character), and I’ll write you a little fic!

harry potter follow train?

I haven’t seen much follow trains in this fandom so maybe I should start one :) It would be really nice to meet a lot of fellas w/ the same interest and maybe make some new friends, too (or you know, silently appreciate each other’s posts).

So yeah, if you post a lot of HP (even multi-fandom or not)

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having to battle many prisoners in order to survive must be tough, and every single night you have those nightmares, and in those nightmares there would be one hand, then two, then three. its to the point where you lose count on all those beings that you have fought in the arena. reaching out to you. you will never be able to go back and undo what you have done, and even though they have lost those battles against you, they know only one place they can reach you and hurt you, not physically, but mentally. and those are in your dreams turning them into NIGHTMARES 


hell yeah, im not one that does sad, little stories but hey, one can try riiiight ?? lol im actually proud on how this one turned out .3.

i just got out of work and im tired. 

although i highly doubt Kuro would have a nice fluffy pillow and some blankets

pffft ill treat him like a prince, baby. 


There For You

The sunlight is beaming through the curtains of their hotel room and Jo rolls over onto her stomach, squinting at the rays of sunshine. She rubs her eyes, stretching out in the comfortable king size bed. She still feels sore and she could swear that he bruised her hip the way he had pressed her down into the mattress last night.

After a night like that Shawn would usually reach out for her to cuddle and kiss her all over but this morning the place next to her in bed was empty, comforter tossed to the side.

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Xeno - Epilogue

Plot: The best part about being an assistant in a lab was watching all new inventions come to life, although sometimes some of them fail, leaving them away in a storage room, never to be bothered with; free for the taking.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader | Jeon Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Fluff, angst, Futuristic au!

Notes: OMG THIS TOOK WAY LONGER TO WRITE THAN IT SHOULD LITERALLY I HAD NO INSPIRATION TO WRITE THIS. But today I do, I decided to just write it down for you to get rid of the MBB sadness. 2k Words

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