yeah okay im not the best writer

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1 my name is piper! my friendos call me pip though 2 intERGALACTIC 3 periwinkle 4 it's pretty idk 5 nah i kinda doubt myself a lot 6 hell yeah im a dork 7 mark for sure! 8 at least ten times 9 nah 10 meh it's okay 11 sherlock, obviously 12 supernatural 13 i follow you because you're a great writer and i appreciate your talent? sounds cheesy but it's true! (youtubers please and thank you)

my talent is professional bullshitting to a large audience is2g-






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wowie it’s Tyler

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Felix mannn

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ha Merk

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Etannnn c:

okay yeah tadashi x reader x hiro fic but what about

tadashi x reader x hiro fic where tadashi and hiro are actually fraternal twins and are fighting viciously over reader?

//i always get the best ideas when im in a writers block ugh//