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Mermaid Melody Aesthetic - Princess Noel

{dedicated to Annekehappy birthday~!}

For the ruler of the Arctic Ocean, separated from her younger sister at birth. 
For the gentle and determined mermaid who sacrificed herself 
so that others might live. 

i’m gonna be like the cool kids && make a forever starter call. basically if you like this you’re saying it’s totally 100% a-okay for me to randomly tag you in starters so we can interact more. && YEAH I THOUGHT IT WAS A COOL IDEA SO YEAH MHM. okay bye. 

(I’d like to give credit to Sebastian Stan for making this face. What a special Romanian butterfly.)

Hey guys! I’ve met some pretty cool people and I’ve followed some awesome blogs, so I just wanted to do a little thing for the new year! I’m going to hate alphabetizing this. But here we go!

Mutuals. Favorites.

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I definitely missed people and I’m following a TON of great blogs, so here is my blogroll. (The word blogroll looks super weird. idk.)


And on that delicious note, HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE, love you all and all that pizzaz. 

I’m apparently in a mood, so I’m just gonna keep going.

I watched the show when it started, I’ve been watching faithfully every week. If Captain Swan had never become a thing, if Hook had never been introduced as he is, and the show had continued the way it was in season one, I would STILL WATCH IT … I wouldn’t be in the fandom, I wouldn’t really have any ship that was tethering me, but I LOVED THE SHOW IN SEASON ONE AND I WILL CONTINUE TO LOVE THE SHOW NO MATTER WHAT.  I loved the show even before I was part of the fandom and I STILL enjoy season one, I’m not one of those “I can’t watch this season cuz Hook’s not in it’ … I love the show for what it IS.  I always have.

If there had been no Killian and Emma had ended up with someone else, I’d still be watching the show, but I wouldn’t be in the fandom, I wouldn’t have a ship … it’d just be a show I enjoy watching as a casual viewer, going along with where the story goes, cuz I LIKE THE STORY.  *gasp*

The thing is though, that they DID write Captain Swan. They DID make Killian Emma’s PERFECT MATCH.  They DID give me a tether to the fandom with these two.  But Captain Swan didn’t MAKE me fall in love with the show, I was already IN love with it.  And with its perfectly flawed and beautiful main character.  Captain Swan just GAVE ME the story I had been hoping, from the PILOT, that Emma Swan would have.

But I didn’t start out watching the show for Captain Swan, and CS isn’t the ONLY thing I like about it.  I love Snowing and Henry and Regina at times can be very amusing.  I LIKE OQ in all its soap opera angst.  I love Zelena and I love Cora. I loved how season one set up the world for us, and then the subsequent seasons expanded on it, made it grow, made it more than just a “story of the week” kinda show.  I really loved the Frozen arc cuz I liked seeing Anna and Elsa brought to life, Once-style.  I LOVED 4B and the Queens of Darkness, it’s probably my favorite arc to date. I like seeing the new twists on all the old fairytales.  I watch episodes that feature characters who maybe aren’t my favorite, BECAUSE I STILL LOVE THE STORY THEY’RE TELLING.

I love everything about this show, and to hear people automatically assume that all I care about is a SHIP makes me mad and offends me.  I LOVE Captain Swan, they are the lights of my life – but I guarantee you I could have a very detailed, serious discussion about this show and all the amazing stuff it does without bringing up a single, solitary ship.

gratuitous first-night-in-a-new-room selfie

more room pictures to come probably

in the meantime i’m going to watch some it crowd and then SLEEP A LOT bc i got up at like 7am and packed a lot and unpacked a lot and it was raining almost the whole time and just UGH

but hey at least i’m moved in and i only have like 2 sandwich bags of useless crap to unpack so WOO