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hey can i ask for some HC if u're not too busy :) [jungkook being a producer and his lovely boyfriend is a dance teacher. jungkook gets too caught up in work producing for a high end singer and over the months, has broken promises on dinner dates with jimin, and leaving him alone at home. one day he gets a call that said jimin's in a coma at the hospital because their house was intruded by a group of burglars and jimin was beaten up by them.] angst but a happy ending pls :))

+ “you should make a dance for a idol group.” Jungkook says from Jimins lap as his Husband reads a novel. “You’ll do a amazing job, I’m sure of it.”

+ Jimin smiles as his hand thread through Jungkook’s locks.

+ “I like working with the kids though. They’re cute and playful. Idols would be stressful.” Jimin says making eye contact with his Husband laying on his lap, “at least you say they’re stressful.”

+ “They are fine, companies suck.” Jungkook says turning so he is laying on his side, nose digging into Jimin’s stomach. “But the pay out is good when the song I made makes number one.”

+ “That’s cause you make good music.” Jimin says with a soft chuckle, his tummy is very ticklish and Jungkook keeps rubbing his nose on him.

+ Jungkook kisses Jimin’s stomach before laying on his back again, head resting on Jimin’s thigh. “Let’s go on a date on Thursday.” Jungkook says closing his eyes. “I wanna go on a date.”

+ “ok.” Jimin smiles lightly pinching Jungkook’s nose. “Where are we going?” “Let’s go to that new Thai restaurant. I hear it’s very good.” “Ok, let’s go.” “Awesome, let make a-”

+ Jungkook hears his phone ringing and they both look at the Samsung on the coffee table in front of them. Jungkook groans in annoyance but shifts to answer it. “Yeah Yoongi Hyung?” Jimin giggles then returns to his book as he goes back to running his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.

+ “Seriously!?” Jungkook says suddenly shooting into the sitting position. Jimin looks at his Husband in small shock before curiosity takes over. “Ok, ok, I’ll start right away, bye.” Jungkook swirls around, eyes glowing as a huge smile is on his face. Jimin smiles in return, their quite time is over, “Hyung! You know BTS?” “Jungkook who doesn’t know BTS?” “Hyung! They want me to help produce a single with them!”

+ Jimin smiles grows as he finds himself bouncing with Jungkook. “Oh my God, babe thats amazing!” “I know!” Jungkook leans forward and pull Jimin into a sweet yet passionate kiss before just pecking the males face making Jimin laugh. “Im going to head to the studio and start working cause if it is BTS then it has to be perfect!”

+ Jimin nods in understanding. Once Jungkook gets motivated to work there is no stopping him. It sucks a little because that means Jimin will sleep alone tonight but the joy on Jungkook’s face is warm enough to let him sleep.

+ “ok, be safe ok.” Jimin says grasping Jungkook’s hand, “and make sure you get it done before Thursday.”

+ “No way am I missing out date Hyung!” Jungkook kisses Jimin once more before running around the house to head out.

+ Jimin barely saw Jungkook the rest of the week, and when he did he was dropping off food for his Husband so he can eat. Jungkook chatters excitedly about the song and the members making Jimin smile.

+ Jungkook really loved his job and gets sucked in. Jimin doesn’t mind, but it hurts when Jungkook forgets about everything else.

+ Jimin sent his 10th message asking when Jungkook wanted to eat at the new Thai restaurant. Jungkook never responded and Jimin gave up when it reach 8:30 pm that Thursday night.

+ “Hyung I’m so so-” “it’s ok, did they like the song?” “They loved it so much they want me to produce more songs for their album!” “That’s amazing!” “I know! But I can’t believe I- on Monday for sure we are going on a date! For sure Hyung!”

+ Jimin frowns as Monday rolls right on through with no Jungkook in sight.

+ Jungkook looks like a kick puppy that Tuesday night holding Jimin’s favorite flowers and Jimin laughs at him. But then few days past and Jungkook doesn’t leave to studio at all.

+ Jungkook was bobbing his head to some music as he reaches to down his 3rd energy drink that night. This track is almost done! Jungkook can already see the nods from the BTS boys as they hear it. It’s just their style.

+ Jungkook pulls off his head phones for a moment so he can roll his chair over to the candy stash on his mini fridge when his phone starts to ring.

+ “Hello?” “Hello, are you the Husband of Park Jimin ssi?” Jungkook eyes widen at the sound of the ladies voice “Yeah, yeah I’m Park Jungkook. Is something wrong?”

+ “There was a reported break in at your apartment an hour ago and your husband is hurt.” “Hurt!?” Jungkook shoots up from his chair, eyes large already filling with tears “How bad? Is he ok? Can I speak with him!?” “Mr. Park… your husband is in surgery.”

+ Jungkook broke some traffic laws driving to the hospital as he keeps wiping at his eyes as fear takes over him.

+ “Your husband is stable.” The doctor says standing with Jungkook in front of Jimin’s hospital room. “But damage to his brain was very severe and we had to induce him into a medical coma.”

+ Jungkook mouth drys up, “c-coma? When will he wake up?” The doctor shook his head softly “we can assume anywhere between a couple weeks to even a couple years.”

+ Jungkook holds back a sob long enough to get into the hospital room and to wait for the nurses to be done with her check up. Jungkook cries into Jimin’s hand that was brused as random tubes kept Jimin alive.

+ The police said the break in happen at 2am and Jimin called the police once he hear the noise. But once Jimin notice they were trying to take off with Jungkook’s laptop (the laptop that holds some of Jungkook’s unpublished tracks on it) Jimin tried to stop them and got jumped by the group.

+ Jungkook would trash his whole studio if it meant Jimin would wake up.

+ Yoongi took over producing with BTS while Jungkook visted the hospital everyday to be beside Jimin. Jungkook couldn’t handle the though of Jimin waking up alone like he has every night for the past few weeks.

+ Jimin’s brother has been stopping by with cloths and food so Jungkook can function, but Jungkook was a bigger wreck. Good new is that the people who broke in were caught a month later. But Jimin was still in his coma.

+ Jungkook prayed every night begging to some God to bring his Husband back to him. He swore he’d be the best husband. He won’t over work himself, he’ll be home every night, he won’t forget any dates and won’t leave Jimin alone.

+ Jungkook woke up one morning nine months later with a hand softly brushing through his hair. Jungkook sob when he saw Jimin’s tired eyes and soft smile as he kept petting his Husband.

+ Jungkook moves them to a new apartment and true to his word he comes home every night to hug Jimin to sleep, swearing he’ll never let go.