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hey can i ask for some HC if u're not too busy :) [jungkook being a producer and his lovely boyfriend is a dance teacher. jungkook gets too caught up in work producing for a high end singer and over the months, has broken promises on dinner dates with jimin, and leaving him alone at home. one day he gets a call that said jimin's in a coma at the hospital because their house was intruded by a group of burglars and jimin was beaten up by them.] angst but a happy ending pls :))

+ “you should make a dance for a idol group.” Jungkook says from Jimins lap as his Husband reads a novel. “You’ll do a amazing job, I’m sure of it.”

+ Jimin smiles as his hand thread through Jungkook’s locks.

+ “I like working with the kids though. They’re cute and playful. Idols would be stressful.” Jimin says making eye contact with his Husband laying on his lap, “at least you say they’re stressful.”

+ “They are fine, companies suck.” Jungkook says turning so he is laying on his side, nose digging into Jimin’s stomach. “But the pay out is good when the song I made makes number one.”

+ “That’s cause you make good music.” Jimin says with a soft chuckle, his tummy is very ticklish and Jungkook keeps rubbing his nose on him.

+ Jungkook kisses Jimin’s stomach before laying on his back again, head resting on Jimin’s thigh. “Let’s go on a date on Thursday.” Jungkook says closing his eyes. “I wanna go on a date.”

+ “ok.” Jimin smiles lightly pinching Jungkook’s nose. “Where are we going?” “Let’s go to that new Thai restaurant. I hear it’s very good.” “Ok, let’s go.” “Awesome, let make a-”

+ Jungkook hears his phone ringing and they both look at the Samsung on the coffee table in front of them. Jungkook groans in annoyance but shifts to answer it. “Yeah Yoongi Hyung?” Jimin giggles then returns to his book as he goes back to running his fingers through Jungkook’s hair.

+ “Seriously!?” Jungkook says suddenly shooting into the sitting position. Jimin looks at his Husband in small shock before curiosity takes over. “Ok, ok, I’ll start right away, bye.” Jungkook swirls around, eyes glowing as a huge smile is on his face. Jimin smiles in return, their quite time is over, “Hyung! You know BTS?” “Jungkook who doesn’t know BTS?” “Hyung! They want me to help produce a single with them!”

+ Jimin smiles grows as he finds himself bouncing with Jungkook. “Oh my God, babe thats amazing!” “I know!” Jungkook leans forward and pull Jimin into a sweet yet passionate kiss before just pecking the males face making Jimin laugh. “Im going to head to the studio and start working cause if it is BTS then it has to be perfect!”

+ Jimin nods in understanding. Once Jungkook gets motivated to work there is no stopping him. It sucks a little because that means Jimin will sleep alone tonight but the joy on Jungkook’s face is warm enough to let him sleep.

+ “ok, be safe ok.” Jimin says grasping Jungkook’s hand, “and make sure you get it done before Thursday.”

+ “No way am I missing out date Hyung!” Jungkook kisses Jimin once more before running around the house to head out.

+ Jimin barely saw Jungkook the rest of the week, and when he did he was dropping off food for his Husband so he can eat. Jungkook chatters excitedly about the song and the members making Jimin smile.

+ Jungkook really loved his job and gets sucked in. Jimin doesn’t mind, but it hurts when Jungkook forgets about everything else.

+ Jimin sent his 10th message asking when Jungkook wanted to eat at the new Thai restaurant. Jungkook never responded and Jimin gave up when it reach 8:30 pm that Thursday night.

+ “Hyung I’m so so-” “it’s ok, did they like the song?” “They loved it so much they want me to produce more songs for their album!” “That’s amazing!” “I know! But I can’t believe I- on Monday for sure we are going on a date! For sure Hyung!”

+ Jimin frowns as Monday rolls right on through with no Jungkook in sight.

+ Jungkook looks like a kick puppy that Tuesday night holding Jimin’s favorite flowers and Jimin laughs at him. But then few days past and Jungkook doesn’t leave to studio at all.

+ Jungkook was bobbing his head to some music as he reaches to down his 3rd energy drink that night. This track is almost done! Jungkook can already see the nods from the BTS boys as they hear it. It’s just their style.

+ Jungkook pulls off his head phones for a moment so he can roll his chair over to the candy stash on his mini fridge when his phone starts to ring.

+ “Hello?” “Hello, are you the Husband of Park Jimin ssi?” Jungkook eyes widen at the sound of the ladies voice “Yeah, yeah I’m Park Jungkook. Is something wrong?”

+ “There was a reported break in at your apartment an hour ago and your husband is hurt.” “Hurt!?” Jungkook shoots up from his chair, eyes large already filling with tears “How bad? Is he ok? Can I speak with him!?” “Mr. Park… your husband is in surgery.”

+ Jungkook broke some traffic laws driving to the hospital as he keeps wiping at his eyes as fear takes over him.

+ “Your husband is stable.” The doctor says standing with Jungkook in front of Jimin’s hospital room. “But damage to his brain was very severe and we had to induce him into a medical coma.”

+ Jungkook mouth drys up, “c-coma? When will he wake up?” The doctor shook his head softly “we can assume anywhere between a couple weeks to even a couple years.”

+ Jungkook holds back a sob long enough to get into the hospital room and to wait for the nurses to be done with her check up. Jungkook cries into Jimin’s hand that was brused as random tubes kept Jimin alive.

+ The police said the break in happen at 2am and Jimin called the police once he hear the noise. But once Jimin notice they were trying to take off with Jungkook’s laptop (the laptop that holds some of Jungkook’s unpublished tracks on it) Jimin tried to stop them and got jumped by the group.

+ Jungkook would trash his whole studio if it meant Jimin would wake up.

+ Yoongi took over producing with BTS while Jungkook visted the hospital everyday to be beside Jimin. Jungkook couldn’t handle the though of Jimin waking up alone like he has every night for the past few weeks.

+ Jimin’s brother has been stopping by with cloths and food so Jungkook can function, but Jungkook was a bigger wreck. Good new is that the people who broke in were caught a month later. But Jimin was still in his coma.

+ Jungkook prayed every night begging to some God to bring his Husband back to him. He swore he’d be the best husband. He won’t over work himself, he’ll be home every night, he won’t forget any dates and won’t leave Jimin alone.

+ Jungkook woke up one morning nine months later with a hand softly brushing through his hair. Jungkook sob when he saw Jimin’s tired eyes and soft smile as he kept petting his Husband.

+ Jungkook moves them to a new apartment and true to his word he comes home every night to hug Jimin to sleep, swearing he’ll never let go.

Two Heads Are NOT Better Than One

[Context: a friend and I are playing a pair of identical twins in a Pathfinder game, with all the expected nonsense. Everyone in the party is a kineticist of varying elements. Twin #1 is water/ice, and Twin #2 is fire. We are currently being trained by a more experienced kineticist, who is throwing things at us.]

DM: Ok Kadara (Twin #1), that was a really good shot and she was impressed.

Kadena (Twin #2): I run over and high five him!

DM: All right, now she’s firing back. You see a wave of earth coming at you both. Roll reflex.

Twins: Oh shit! *both roll nat 20s* Hell yeah!

DM: …..Wow. You both make shields out of your elements (fire and water), and it’s so perfect you even manage to merge them together into a solid wall of steam. It’s amazing.

Twins: Yeah! Ok, we’re gonna go back to messing with each other now.

Kadara (Twin #1): I want to make ice to make my brother slip. *rolls nat 1*

Kadena (Twin #2): Ha! i’ll roll to dodge! *also rolls nat 1* CRAP.

DM: Kadena (Twin #2) you go flat on your ass, Kadara (Twin #1) you face plant. Good job, boys.

Moral of the story: the dice approve of twin shenanigans.

Through the Lens V

Camila groaned when her phone dinged, feeling around her bed until her hand came in contact with it, she unlocked the phone and frowned at the message from Lauren.  ‘Have you had breakfast yet?’'No, I just woke up.’'Go out to the balcony.’ Camila could already feel her head thumping with a hang over and the thought of getting up and facing the sun was terrifying so she slipped her sun glasses on and headed out to the balcony.  “Wow, you look rough.” Lauren laughed from the balcony beside Camila’s making her glare from behind her glasses. “If you got me out of bed just to insult me…” “No, I got you breakfast. Well, lunch but whatever.” Lauren held up the McDonalds bag. “Something greasy for the lady.” Camila leant over the railing and took the brown bag from Lauren, smiling thankfully at her. “Thank you.” “How’s your head?” “Sore, really sore. Thank you for breakfast.” “It’s fine, I knew you would’ve been hungover.” “Why aren’t you?” “Oh, I am. I think I’m just used to it now.” Lauren shrugged, smiling over at Camila. “Listen, I’m thinking about going for a walk later, probably in about a half hour, do you wanna come? I get it if you don’t feel up to it.” “Yeah, no. I’ll come.” Camila agreed. “Where are you going?” “I want to take you somewhere. It’s a surprise, though, so don’t ask.” “Well, can’t we go now?” “Uh,” Lauren glanced down at her watch and nodded. “Sure, are you sure you’re up for it, though?” “Yeah, the hang over isn’t all that bad.” “Ok, bring money with you, though. You could potentially need it.” “I don’t know if I like this but ok. Give me ten minutes to quickly jump in for a shower, my hair will dry in ten minutes of being out here anyway.” “Ok, I’ll be down in the lobby waiting.” Lauren smiled, turning to head inside but stopped and turned back to look at Camila. “Sleepily hung over is a good look on you.” “Fuck you, Florida.” Camila scoffed, smiling as she walked into her room.  “'Mila. She the goddamn drapes.” Ally groaned from the bed, using her arm to shield her eyes.  “Sorry, Lauren just…” “I could honestly not give any less fucks right now, my head is killing me and I feel like I’m going to throw up every time I breathe.” “Moody.” Camila huffed, grabbing a change of clothes and heading in to take a shower. Once Camila was showered and changed she headed downstairs to the lobby where Lauren was waiting, completely absorbed by the book in her hand. “Hey,” Lauren lifted her head and smiled, her eyes running over Camila’s make-upless face and wet, messy hair that was pulled up into a bun. “You look great.” “Oh, fuck off.” Camila chuckled, walking towards the door.  Lauren scrambled to her feet, rushing to keep up with Camila. “Seriously, you look nice, homeless but nice.” Camila chuckled, rolling her eyes. “How far away is this place?” “Uh, about a five minute walk. You have to promise when we get there you wont just shut me down, ok?” “I’m getting more and more scared about this the more you tell me about it.” Camila laughed nervously. “Don’t be, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.” Lauren assured, calming running her arm up Camila’s shoulder. Camila smiled, squeezing Lauren’s hand that was on her shoulder. They walked for another couple of minutes until Lauren stopped them.  Camila looked up to the shop they were outside and her stomach dropped. “Lauren…” “I know you’re scared but I promise you it doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as you thinks it does. I’ll be there to hold your hand if you need me.” “I don’t know if I can.” Camila murmured, looking through the tattoo shop window. “Ok, that’s fine. But how about we go in and at least get the tattoo priced? We can go to the beach right after if you want.” Camila nodded nervously, following Lauren into the shop. “Hey, girls, how can I help you?” One of the assistants asked, smiling at Camila and Lauren. “Uh, we were wondering if we could price a tattoo, please.” “Sure, what’re you looking to get?” The girl asked, smiling flirtatiously at Lauren. Camila narrowed her eyes, looking from the girl to Lauren but Lauren didn’t seem to notice at all, she was actually staring over at Camila. “Show her.” Camila nodded, pulling out her phone and looking for the picture. “Uh, just this.” “Wow, thats cool. Did you design it yourself?” “The anchor was the tattoo my grandpa had but I added the flowers.” “Cool, do you want it in color?” The girl asked, chew quite obnoxiously on her gum. “Yeah.” “And where’d you want it?” “Just here.” Camila pointed to her forearm making the girl in front of her nod.  “Ok, that should be around one fifty.” “Ok,” “Do you want to book it now? It should take about two hours and we have a slot open for it now.” “Um,” Camila hummed, looking up at Lauren who smiled calmly down at her. “Can you give her a few minutes to think about it?” “Sure.” The girl smiled, leaning against the counter and fluttering her eyelashes at Lauren. “Is there anything I can do for you…” The girl trailed off expectantly, wanting Lauren to tell her her name. “No thanks, I’m good.” Lauren answered obliviously, turning to Camila and effectively shutting down the conversation with the assistant. “You’re thinking about it.” “She was flirting with you.” Camila pointed out, ignoring what Lauren had just said. “What? Nah, she was being nice.” Lauren shrugged, “What’s stopping you?” “How could you not see it?” “What?” Lauren frowned. “Her, she was practically eye fucking you.” “Camila,” Lauren sighed, “I don’t care if she was flirting with me. Now, don’t feel pressured but I know you can handle this.” “Why don’t you care?” “Because she’s- I’m just not interested. Now please stop with that and think about if you want to do this. You want to, I know you do, you were talking about it so passionately before.” “I’m just- I’m scared.” “I know, I was too but it was worth it.” “And you think it will look good.” “For sure.” Lauren nodded, grinning over at Camila. “Just like you I think tattoos are hot.” “She has tattoos.” Camila nodded over to the assistant making Lauren chuckle.  “Careful, New York, or you might look a little jealous.” “I’m not jealous, I’m just trying to hook you up.” “Yeah, ok.” Lauren scoffed playfully. “I want to do it.” “Yeah?” “You’ll be here?” “Yeah, of course. I even brought a lolly to give you a sugar rush.” Lauren reached into her back pocket and pulled out a cherry lolly, grinning happily and Camila couldn’t help but compare her to a puppy who had just preferment a new trick. “It helps to have sugar in your system.” Camila nodded, accepting the lolly. “Thank you.” “Mm. Now go.” Lauren lightly nudged Camila towards the desk. “You want to book it?” The girl asked. “Yeah.” “Ok, just send the picture to this email address and we will get it printed off.” The girl jotted down the address and Camila sent the picture. “Ok, you’re over here.” Camila was lead over to the seat in the far left, Lauren following the duo. “You can hang over here if you like.” The girl smiled at Lauren. “Nah, I’m good here.” Lauren smiled politely, sitting down on the seat beside the tattoo seat. “Ok, we will just get the stencil drawn and we can get started.” The tall, broad shouldered man with tattoos down his neck smiled, stalking off to make the stencil. “It’s ok.” Lauren assured, placing her hand over Camila’s that was trembling slightly. “How badly does it hurt? Be honest.” “It does hurt, I’m not going to lie about that but after a while it’s just a niggle, it goes some what numb.” Lauren assured, running her thumb over Camila’s knuckles. “If you feel overwhelmed they’ll stop to let you catch your breath.” “Ok, are you ready to go?” The artist said, taping the original image to the side of the chair before lightly taking ahold of Camila’s arm and resting it on the stand. “Ok, so just right here, right?” “Yes, sir.” “Please, call me Alex.” “I’m Camila and this it Lauren.” The man quickly glanced at Lauren and smiled as he pressed the stencil into Camila’s skin and covering it with water. He pressed down a little harder before peeling back the stencil. “Ok, how does that look?” Camila smile and nodded. “Yeah, that looks great.” Camila glanced over at Lauren who nodded enthusiastically. “It looks amazing.” “Ok, you ready to start then?” Alex asked, covering the stencil with Vaseline and picking up his tattoo give, pressing down experimentally on the peddle making the gun buzz into action. Camila looked unsurely down at the gun before looking back at Lauren. “It’s ok.” Lauren smiled calmly, holding Camila’s hand with one hand and running her fingertips down the girls arm with the other. Camila nodded, taking in a calming breath and nodded at the man. “I’m ready.” “How long have you two been together?” Alex asked as he began the tattoo, making Camila clench her jaw in pain but it ultimately wasn’t as sore as she thought it would’ve been.  “We aren’t together, we’re just friends. We only met a few days ago, actually.” Lauren explained since Camila was to busy trying not to scream to answer.  “Huh, you guys just seem very… Couply.” “Nah, friends. Though, I think she’s in love with me.” Lauren teased.  “Ah, ok.” Alex played along.  “Fuck you.” Camila hissed through gritted teeth.  “Definitely love.” Alex agreed, grinning over at Lauren.  “Mhm. She’s embarrassed though, won’t admit it.” Lauren shrugged, trying to move her hand from Camila but Camila just squeezed harder, her eyes jumping to look at Lauren. “I’m not going anywhere, I’m just going to unwrap the lolly, you look really pale.” Alex stopped and looked up at Camila with a concerned look on his face. “You good?” “Yeah, I’m fine.” Camila assured, letting go of Lauren’s hand.  Lauren picked up the lolly that Camila had put on the chair and unwrapped it, holding it up to Camila’s lips. “Did you go to your high school prom?” Lauren asked, trying to keep Camila’s mind off the tattoo. Camila frowned, taking the lolly into her mouth and nodded. “Yeah. Did you?” “Nah. Who did you go with?” “This girl.” “Did you guys stay together after or?” “Nah, I was just an experiment. She slept with half of the school behind my back so we split up, on prom night, actually.” “Ouch.” Alex murmured.  “Was she stupid?” “Nah, just straight.” Camila chuckled, shrugging the shoulder of the arm that wasn’t pinned down.  “Well, she’s an idiot. I bet she’s kicking herself. Probably sits at home watching you on youtube.” Camila just smiled, not wanting to talk about it in front of Alex.  “Why didn’t you go?” “My anxiety was flaring up a lot back then, I wasn’t on anything for it so.” Lauren shrugged, digging out her phone out of her pocket and pointing it at Camila. “Smile, I’m sure everyone would love to know what you’re up to.” Camila turned towards the camera and Lauren leant back enough to get Alex in who grinned happily at the camera.  'Guess where we’re at?✌️ @Camila_cabello & Alex the cool tattoo dude ☺️’ Lauren hit post and within half a minute the first comment popped up which made Lauren look at the photo again.  'Omg they are holding hands!!’ Lauren chuckled when she looked back at the photo and you could just see their hands at the bottom of the photo.   “They’re all freaking out.” Lauren chuckled, resting her elbow on the chair and probing her chin on her fist.  “Why?” “I took that picture and you can see our hands.” “It’s crazy how much they ship us, I was looking at all the stuff while Ally was in the shower last night.” “Mm, they draw and write and edit all this stuff, it’s pretty cool.” Camila just nodded, closing her eyes and leaning her head back against the chair. Lauren calmly ran her thumb over Camila’s knuckles, her eyes training over Camila’s face. The way her jawline looked that much more prominent as she clenched her teeth together to try and deal with the pain. Her eyes squeezed closed and her nose crinkled as she bit down on her bottom lip. She was completely void of make up, dark tints under her eyes from lack of sleep and her cheeks and nose tinted pink from sunburn but still the only word running through Lauren’s mind right now was 'beautiful’ and that just didn’t even seem to do her justice. “What?"  Lauren moved her eyes from Camila’s sunburn nose and focused on her eyes, shaking her head lightly. "Nothing.” “I know, I don’t have any make up on…” “You look great.” Lauren cut in before Camila could bring herself down in any way. “I was just- You have sunburn on your cheeks and over the bridge of your nose, you should probably put some aloe vera oil on that to stop it from peeling.” Camila chuckled and nodded. “Ok, I’ll do that.” Lauren nodded and glanced around the shop, her eyes landing on the assistant who was already staring over at her.  Lauren ignored her, turning to look back at Camila who glanced between the assistant and Lauren. “Why don’t you go over?” “Don’t want to.” Lauren shrugged. “Why do you want me to go over?” “Like it said, I’m just trying to hook you up.” “And like I said, I’m not interested.” “She’s a player anyway.” Alex said, glancing up at Lauren and Camila. “Nice enough girl but she doesn’t call girls back. We’ve lost a few clients because of her, she’s been warned about flirting with the clients.” Lauren lifted her eyebrows at Camila as if to say 'told you so’. It took a little over two and a half hours for Alex to finish and wrap Camila’s arm in clingfilm. “Just put this cream on it for the next three days, it will start to scab over but that’s normal, don’t pick it. Leave this wrap on for three hours then take it off and wash the tattoo with warm water and dab it dry.” Camila nodded along with what the guy was saying before paying and leaving with Lauren.  “It looks so good.” Lauren gushed, holding on to Camila’s forearm and looking down at the tattoo. “I’m really proud of you.” Camila smiling, looking down at her arm before looking up at Lauren. “It didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would’ve done.” Lauren just nodded, her eyes remaining on the tattoo. “It’s really freaking good.” “I wouldn’t have done it if you hadn’t taken me.” Camila said, making Lauren take her eyes away from The tattoo for the first time since they left the shop. “Thanks.” “I was being completely selfish, I mean, you were hot already but with a tattoo?” Lauren whistled, arching her eyebrows playfully at Camila.  Camila lightly hit Lauren on the arm and roll her eyes.  “Hey, like you said, tattoos are hot.” “Where are we going now?” “Anywhere you want to.” Lauren shrugged, reluctantly dropping Camila’s arm. “We can go get some ice cream.” “An ice cream date. How original.” “Hey, I just took you on a tattoo date, it doesn’t get more original than that.” “So this was a date?” Camila grinned cheekily over at Lauren who looked a little startled.  “I- uh, no.” “So it wasn’t a date?” “I guess not.” Lauren murmured with a light shrug. “Why? Did you want it to be a date?” “Yeah. And it would have been the nicest first date I’ve ever been on.” “Well,” Lauren said, pointing over to the ice cream store. “How about we finish it off with an ice cream then head back to the hotel?” “Sure. Ally said everyone will be hanging out at the hotel bar tonight, you up for that?” “Yeah, of course.” Lauren agreed, holding the door open for Camila. “What do you want?” “Don’t worry, I can get it."  "You just forked out money for a tattoo, I can buy you an ice cream. What do you want?” “Bubblegum.” Lauren nodded, “Why don’t you go get a table and I’ll be right over.” Lauren smiled at Camila before making her way over and ordering their ice cream. "There is people over there staring at you.“ Lauren said as she slid into the booth, placing Camila’s tub of ice cream in front of her. Camila glanced up, smiling at the girl and guy who was looking over at them before looking back at Lauren. "What did you get?” “Strawberry shortcake.” Lauren took a spoonful of the ice cream, humming in pleasure when the taste hits her tongue. “Wanna try?” “What’s it taste like?” Camila asked, looking into Lauren’s tub. “A strawberry shortcake.” “I’ve never had one.” “You’re missing out.” Lauren took some ice cream onto her spoon and held it up to Camila’s lips. “Try some, it tastes great.” Lauren grinned, tapping the tip of Camila’s nose with the spoon, effectively smearing ice cream on her nose.  Camila narrowed her eyes at Lauren but accepted the ice cream she was offering, licking her lips as the older girl pulled the spoon away. “Mm, that does taste good.” Lauren hummed, unconsciously reaching over and whipping the ice cream from Camila’s nose with her thumb before bringing her thumb between her lips and sucking the ice cream off. “We will have to get you a proper strawberry shortcake. They are honestly one of the greatest things every to be invented.” Camila nodded, her eyes following the movement of Lauren’s lips. “We’ll do that sometime before this week is over.” “Ok,” Lauren nodded, her eyes trailing down to Camila’s forearm. She found it crazy just how much more attractive Camila was with just a relatively small amount of ink pierced into her skin. Lauren jumped when Camila waved her hand in front of her eyes. “Mm?” “You were staring.” “Sorry, I just really like it.” “I can’t wait to see it once it’s healed."  "You will have to send me a picture.” Lauren said, playing with her spoon.  “I will.” Camila agreed, “I think I’m going to go back and have a nap before dinner tonight. By the time Ally stopped talking last night it was six in the morning.” Lauren laughed, taking a spoonful of her ice cream. “What was she talking about?” “Liam, if I remember correctly. He’s dreamy according to Ally,” Camila waved her spoon around dismissively. “She would talk, then shut up for a while and then just repeat the things she said before. I was so closed to murdering her, you have no idea.” “Well, if I would’ve known I wouldn’t have woken you up this morning.” “I’m glad you did,” Camila assured, smiling over at Lauren. “I’ve had a fun, if painful, day.” Lauren chuckled and nodded, reaching one hand out to trail her fingers across the cling film wrapped around Camila’s arm. “Do you know how beautiful you are?” “I know, I really like it, too.” Camila said, seemingly unaware that Lauren wasn’t looked down at the tattoo anymore but was still absentmindedly tracing her finger over it.  “Not the tattoo. You.” Camila’s eyes lifted from her tattoo to Lauren’s eyes, smiling at the sudden compliment from the older girl. “I feel like all you do is compliment me and make me feel good about myself but I never do the same to you but I do think you’re beautiful, even though that word doesn’t seen to do you justice.” Camila mouth opened and closed a few times as she brain tripped over itself to try and think of something to say in reply to that.  “You look like a fish.” Lauren teased, grinning as she took a spoonful of her ice cream.  “Thank you is the only think I can think to say to that.” Lauren just shrugged lazily, sliding her empty ice cream tub away with her free hand. “You wanna go back for that nap now?” “Are you joining me? You still look tired.” “Yeah, ok. I will probably just watch TV while you sleep.” “No no, you are going to try and sleep because staying up for long with minimal sleep is dangerous.” Camila insisted, taking ahold of Lauren’s hand as she stood up. “Ok, I’ll try.” Lauren agreed, allowing Camila to drag her out of the ice cream shop.  Both girls walked back to the hotel, their conversation filled with small talk as they walked. Camila pulled the drapes closed and moved to plug her phone into charge.   Lauren fell back onto Ally’s bed, resting one hand on her stomach and folding the other behind her head as she stared up at the ceiling.  She expected Camila to go over to her own bed because that would really have been the logical thing to do but instead as moved to lay down beside Lauren, Lauren only just opening her arm in time to catch Camila. “This isn’t your bed.” “It’s scientifically proven that cuddling someone reduces stress and helps sleeping by up to eighty percent.” Camila yawned, burrowing further into Lauren side. “You want me to get off?” “No.” Lauren answered a little to quickly. “No, you’re fine.” She assured, wrapping one arm around Camila’s shoulder, the other remaining tucked behind her head. “You’re warm.” Camila murmured against Lauren’s shoulder making the older girl laugh against the top of Camila’s hair. “This is Florida, everything is warm.” “I guess.” Camila whispered, “Sleep.” Lauren nodded, the comfort of this situation seemingly amplifying her already sleepy state. She gentle ran her hands through Camila’s hair, her nails scratching lightly across Camila’s scalp making her hum sleepily.   Camila’s breath evened out after about five minutes of Lauren playing with her hair but Lauren still couldn’t seem to calm herself enough to sleep. Having Camila beside her seemed to calm her down considerably. Lauren jumped out of her little daydream when she felt fingertips brush down her arm. “Are you ok?” Lauren looked down to see Camila staring sleepily up at her. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Just let yourself fall asleep, stop fighting it. You’re exhausted, I can tell.” “What if we don’t wake up in time for dinner?” “Let me take you out for dinner?” “Like…” “A date, yeah.” Camila nodded lightly, turning on her front and resting her chin on Lauren’s shoulder. “I mean, dinner dates are awkward so it wont be to, like, a restaurant or whatever but we could go get a subway then go for a walk on the beach. That’s really cliché, actually. Yeah, we could go out to a restaurant if you want to and…” “Camila,” Lauren chuckled, effectively stopping Camila mid-rant. “A subway and the beach sounds nice.” “Ok, cool. So we will just go whenever we wake up?” Lauren nodded, running her hand through Camila’s hair. “Ok, I will try and sleep.” Camila smiled sleepily and nodded, lying back down against Lauren’s shoulder.  Lauren closed her eyes, wrapping one arm around Camila’s shoulder and resting the other over her hip, pulling Camila in closer.