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//Sweetie is ready for the prom!! Penny won’t participate this year because she’s an antisocial asshole but this sweet lady will totally be there with her date!!


may I interest you in neko-mami (ama-nyan?) and megane!amami

  • Molly: *reading Little Women* I don't think I'll ever get over the fact that Jo and Laurie didn't end up together.
  • Sherlock: *responds casually while experimenting in her kitchen* Isn't that what fan fiction is for?
  • Molly: *brows shoot up*
  • Sherlock: What? I don't live under a rock.
  • Molly: *giggles* I suppose you're right though. Maybe that is the next best thing. Not every relationship I like can work out in reality.
  • Sherlock: Very true. *pauses thoughtfully* Some can though.
  • Molly: You think?
  • Sherlock: Naturally, yes. You see, as I understand it, there was one insurmountable obstacle in the case of those characters you're reading about. *voice drops* They didn't love each other in exactly the same way.
  • Molly: *riveted now* R-right, they didn't.
  • Sherlock: *locks eyes with her* Some people don't have that problem.

I have work at 6am and had only a little coffee left in my mug at 11:30pm but instead of just drinking it and going to bed my brain went “hey, painting Zeno with these dregs might be fun.”


I’m (officially) opening commissions!! You can PM me on here if you are interested, or if you have questions.

Transactions are made through paypal

It’ll be taking me from two days to two weeks to make illustrations, depending on its complexity.

You don’t have to purchase a colored drawing: we can work out how much I’ll knock off the price for a mono drawing in chat!

And I’m probably missing a lot of info here since I’ve never done this before, so again, just ask away if anything is remotely unclear.

You can go look through my art tag to see if there’s a specific style that suits your taste!


the punchline is that i still haven’t figured out how to draw allura


Izzy x Sibling!Reader

Requested by @izzytheninja

“Ok we need to be quick about this and get it done.” Alec grumbled as he started ordering people around, the main room was in chaos and you tried to slip between the rushing people looming above you to find Alec who had promised a story because he’d given one to Max the night before but not you.

“Alec, I’m ready for bed.” You told him, tugging at his jean pocket.

“Yeah ok night (Y/N).” He sighed and patted you on the head as he hurried off.

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Dear Lover,

1. You need to know that I will love you through literally everything.
You did something wrong? It’s okay, people make mistakes, it’s what makes us human and I want to help you grow from it. No matter what you did, you will learn from it and I will forgive you but more importantly, I will help you forgive yourself.
You reached success with something? I’m so proud of you. I will help you feel proud of yourself, pride in yourself is important. No matter how small your success you deserve praise.

2. Please please please talk to me. I know this is very vague but that’s really all there is. If something excites you and you think of telling me about it, do it. Your happiness makes me happy and the smallest details in your life, joyous or sorrowful, are important to me. I will always care about what you have to say.

3. Never ever ever feel pressured to do anything you don’t want to around me. If you are ever uncomfortable in any situation I will help you become comfortable. Your needs are important, even if that need is for me to go away. My only request is that you let me know what’s going on so I understand.

4. All I could really ask of you is your honesty. Anything you tell me will be appreciated if it’s said honestly. Even if it’s negative. Yes, the truth can hurt sometimes but at the end of the day the fact that you chose to be honest with me will help me to forgive, love, and trust you more.

5. All of these things I will do for you as well. With two people there are two parts and to expect you to hold up your end of the deal without doing the same has never seemed right to me. There is work involved. Please hold up your end so I can hold up mine.

6. I am still learning a lot of this. We can learn together. No matter how long or short our time in life together, we can learn from each other.

—  Letters to My Lover, 6 Things I Need You to Know. By d-earvincent.

hhhh Kōhe my sweet boy

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Hey, once a cat catches you, there’s only one way for it to go right? Plus she’s a professional hunter. There’s no escaping what comes next.

Commission part 1 for @meddwynn


PART 3 (gore warning)

commission info!


Author: @wildlyglittering

Rating: T

This is my very first drabble ever so apologies in advance for everything.


It was only supposed to be one date. That’s what Katniss agreed to and that’s what she told him in no uncertain terms. Just. One. Date.

In the days leading up to date day or ‘D-Day,’ Katniss tried to convince herself that she had agreed out of some warped sense of civility, pushing back the little voice in her mind that told her she wasn’t exactly known for her civility so why start now?

No, there were plenty of polite reasons why she had agreed. Not one of those was anything to do with the way her stomach swooped when he approached her by her locker. It also wasn’t due to the fact that her knees went weak when he scrubbed his hand through his hair making the blonde curls stick up in all directions. It wasn’t because the dimple that appeared when he smiled made her mouth go as dry as sandpaper and she most definitely hadn’t agreed because the sight of his broad chest made other parts of her body feel as far removed from sandpaper as possible.

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