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“…Huh… I could swear…” Mumbled a slightly frustrated samurai who wandered through the woods. Ever vigilant, the swordsman looked for a good place so he could settle down for the rest of the day - get a bonfire running and make himself a comfortable place to rest so the next day he could depart to the closest village and restock on supplies.

Ionian woods were always so peaceful… those not affected by the ongoing war, that is. The spiritual energy that flowed within the land seemed to flow through the trees and the plants - the lush green leaves and shrubs that surrounded the area, the sturdy looking trees that stood tall among them. But such energy also attracted spirits - some good, some not so… or at least it is what the people believed in. But tales and legends were not among his concerns at the moment.

There was an awkard sound… As he walked, voices could be heard muffled by his own footsteps and the sounds of the animals that inhabited the place. These were not calm voices - whoever was talking sounded threatening and hostile. Curious, Yasuo approached quietly. He could notice them then - three people involved in some sort of argument, as the voices grew closer.

Two men and a woman… rather, a girl judging by her silhouette. One of the men held a knife in his hand, threatening her life. The girl however, didn’t seem to have the will to fight back. She kept to herself as the other men pushed her - they were far away so the wanderer couldn’t listen clearly… still, it was obvious she would be harmed without intervention. Even though Yasuo avoided getting himself into trouble and involving himself in other people’s affairs, he couldn’t sit idly by and allow a harmless commoner to be slaughtered.

He had decided - his hand reached for his blade and the men who were about to attack her freeze in place as they suddenly hear the sound of the wind. That sound wasn’t the sound a calm breeze would normally produce… no… it sounded as if there was a storm underway. But the skies were clear. Where could it be coming from? They wondered. The answer would become apparent to them in an instant. They could hear the sound of steel - the one of a blade as it swung in the air and by then, it was too late.

Before they had time to react, the violent winds began to swirl and consume everything in their path. Trees and shrubs bent to its might. The two men panicked and screamed as they attempted to run away but were swept along with the cyclone, fading into oblivion.

The once deafening sound was no more and silence claimed the place. Leaves lied scattered everywhere. Dust still settled in around the path carved by the wind. The samurai stepped out of his hiding place, blade on his hand as he puts it back into its sheath.

“…Quite a dangerous place for a young lady such as yourself to wander about, huh? You’re quite a long way from home, I would guess… the closest village can be reached within 6 hours if you walk on foot… are you lost?” Yasuo asked, approaching her slightly to take a better look at her features - she wore some sort of robe with a hood… it was difficult to see her face. Then he noticed her arm - a bionic arm… she couldn’t be from there. Such technology in Ionia was rare, non existent, even.

“…Wait… you are not from these parts… are you?”


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Scandal 503 “Paris is Burning” → Abby and Olivia (4ever)

“This is new for me…but you should know, the view from here…I think you are very good at your job.”

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Do u have any thoughts about ace meeting the WBP in the ASL runaway au?


ok so it’s actually ASL meeting WBP and it requires a little more backstory to the AU hang on a sec

So this whole things starts when Akainu learns about Ace and Luffy’s parentage. And tbh most of the time in fics people make a bigger deal out of Ace’s parentage than Luffy’s because in canon Ace is pure angst over that whereas Luffy is kinda “oh ok” so Ace gets more focus. However, it always made a bit more sense to me that the government would be more interested in Luffy since his father is currently trying to destroy them and Ace’s father is dead.

And when Akainu comes to Dawn Island (with Kizaru as backup since he knows Garp has likely caught wind of his plans and will be there to protect the boys), he is surprised to find not only Garp, but a third “brother” (though none of them were blood related so that concept did not make sense), an entire village, and a group of mountain bandits all unwilling to simply let him take Luffy and Ace.

And Ace, Sabo, and Luffy run and somehow make it off the island. They are the only ones.

The newspapers pretty regularly print articles accusing them of the most awful of crimes, and they somehow make Luffy out to be the mastermind of all of them. The first (and worst) article was about the destruction of their home and it quickly gets to the point where they can’t be safe anywhere because they’re never kept out of the news for long, always in the backs of people’s minds. And one day, through sheer happenstance, they wind up on an island that is under Whitebeard’s protection without realizing this.

Marco catches wind of it first, and lets his captain know. ASL has a reputation, after all, of destroying almost every island they go to. They haven’t done anything yet but that’s not the sort of thing Oyaji likes to leave to chance. The Whitebeards set sail that day.

Luffy, meanwhile, has been coming to the realization (despite his brothers’ best efforts to keep it from him) that the World Government is much more interested in him than either of his brothers. He’s realizing that the people who try to protect him tend to end up hurt or worse and he doesn’t want that to happen to his brothers (not that it hasn’t already). And he comes to a decision to leave until he’s strong enough to protect them all.

It made perfect sense; Luffy was rather proud of himself.

The note Luffy leaves them is short.

Ace and Sabo–

Off to get stronger. Be back soon!

Ace and Sabo are tearing apart the island when Marco and Thatch catch up to them. Then on the Moby Dick, bound to the mast, they face the strongest pirate crew in the world.

“Please!” Sabo begs. “We’ll leave this island and never come back, just please let us go.”

The Whitebeards all scoff. So ASL are cowards too. Figures.

“And why should we let you go?” Thatch demands. “I have half a mind to grab the other one and turn you all over to the Marines!” There are a few gasps of surprise from the assembled pirates; as a general rule, they don’t associate with the World Government. 

“Stay the hell away from Luffy,” Ace snarls. Sabo sends him a warning look before turning back to the Whitebeards.

“All we want is to go find our little brother and leave; please let us go!”

The pirate crew erupts into a cacophony of how dare you even ask us before Whitebeard himself speaks for the first time, his deep voice rumbling across the deck.

“Fine,” he says, “you may go search for your brother. But Marco will go with you. If he finds that Luffy is intending any harm to this island or its people, or if you three do not leave immediately, we will take you prisoner and decide your fate.”

When they find Luffy, Marco cannot believe his eyes. He’d first been suspicious when he heard Sabo call Luffy their little brother when everyone knows that Luffy was the oldest but he hasn’t really been willing to believe anything Ace or Sabo said. But the boy in front of him can’t possibly be older than 13.

And he is also currently walking toward a ship amongst a group of bounty hunters.

Luffy!” Sabo and Ace cry, diving headfirst into the crowd of bounty hunters, despite their hands remaining tied behind their backs. This does not stop them from taking down each of the five bounty hunters with relative ease as Luffy watches in shock.

“Ace! Sabo! Why’d you do that?” Luffy asks. “They were going to take me off the island!”

“They were bounty hunters you idiot!” Ace snaps.

“Eh?!” says Luffy and Marco thinks that the papers have got this all wrong because there is no way Luffy had masterminded anything four years ago.

“How many times have we told you Luffy: you can’t trust anyone who isn’t us!” Sabo sighs and moves to pinch the bridge of his nose before remembering his hands are tied.

“Well I had to get off the island somehow!”

Not without us you didn’t!” All three of them are shouting now, Marco muses. He’s unsure what his purpose is here at this point but they haven’t commented on his continued presence and his growing curiosity about the truth of their situation is keeping him glued to the ground.

“Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?” Sabo demands.

“Ace and Sabo are always getting hurt protecting me. And Jii-chan… and Makino-san… and Dadan…so I’m leaving until I’m strong enough to protect everyone!” And Luffy smiles, huge and radiant, up at his brothers.

Silence hangs heavy in the air and in the dirt beneath their feet. “You idiot,” Ace whispers. “You hate being alone.”

Luffy nods. “But I love my brothers more.”

Well, shit, Marco thinks. He likes them.

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                            "Do you really want to have a bad time?“

There was a fanfic where Sans died besides Papayrus on a genocide run? Sign me the fuck up…

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here's a few: johndave, dirkhal, rosemary, erisol. choose one or all!!! it's up to you


hoouuughghgghghghggh my goddd they are,, so good,, holy fuck man A+++++++++ 


ehe theyre my crack/intense angst ship tbh so B!!


ok i love all wlw ships and i love rosemary so a solid A ehe its not my fave rose ship tho!


eh. not my fave! but id still give it a solid B tbh bc i used to love it a lot


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Idk why this popped up in mah head but Jase would be a good therapist or something like that. After all he's gone through, get bullied by his fav band ever/ppl he loves the most and he remians so calm and down to earth and chill like how does he do it? If I were him I would have spanked everyones ass real good. Like wow. He's true bravery right there, he's real manly-ness. He'd prolly tell ppl to calm and tell them everything would be ok.

yeah he’d be a pretty cool dude to just hang with

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