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could you draw death glare? o:


  • Space punk boyfriends 
  • Tol n’ smol™
  • 👏 opposites 👏 attract 👏 👏 👏


  • It feels more like an unrequited love than anything else 
  • Peepers already has a strong individual he respects and who respects him in return whom I think is a perfect fit for him.

In short I love drawing the ship yeah, honestly I like a LOT of woy ships, I do have my otps, but almost every woy ship looks really good. 

people actually have friends that they hang with?? like they go do stuff together, or just??? chill?? at their houses?? wow I cannot relate


So basically it was a summary of what happened in season one, but episode 0 of BnHA had some mesmerizing watercolour endcards - ahhhhh I cannot wait to see what season 2 has in store for us *-*

10:18 pm  -  joshua

summary; 10:18 pm. a time you would never forget

genre; angst, sad

warnings; death (multiple people crying clear up on aisle seventeen scenarios)

a/n: im pretty sure you guys are going to sue me after this but yeah hello darkness my old friend 

song recommendation is fool by winner and goodbye im gonna cry now

10:19 PM

Can you believe that…anything is possible in 2 hours? Can you also believe that your boyfriend is the sweetest, most grateful and handsome person in the world? He would never break your heart, he’s a true gentleman. That’s…why his nickname for him, is Gentleman Josh, given to him by the fans early on. Yes, your boyfriend was Joshua, or Hong Jisoo, whatever you love to call him, from that one very successful band…Seventeen. About your relationship…a  lot of fans know. They saw you two out before, but have sworn to secrecy amongst themselves, and let you and Joshua be a happy couple, without interfering in any way. And whenever someone would come up to you in the street, they would always say such nice things about you and Josh. Yes, Josh. Your lovely boyfriend. As I said…he would never break your heart…right?

“Wait…Josh was supposed to come see me today….where is he?”

You sat up from your little nap you had on the sofa, looking to your phone. You checked the time; 8:18 PM. You sighed. He was supposed to call you at 6 to say he was coming round…but it didn’t look like you had any missed calls…or even texts for that matter. He would leave little love hearts for you but…none today. You…just kind of slumped back on the sofa, and as you do, you hear your phone ping a good 7-8 times. You think it’s Joshua, so you jump up, with a glad smile on your face! You go to turn you phone on again….and. It’s not Joshua. Instead….it’s your friend…who…from the way she was texting you…sounds angry.

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: y/n!! 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: i’m going to kill your boyfriend for you 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺😸: what the actual fuck 

[8:21 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: yOOO chill what has he done 

[8:21 PM] From Bestie😺😸: have you seen this 

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

At first, you were confused as to why your friend is texting you about trying to murder your sweet boyfriend…but you now know why. The first picture included a shot of a girl, holding hands with someone. They were both in the street, looking like they were having fun. You’re still confused as to why it had something to do with your boyfriend…but then it hit you. The second one hit you. The person who took the original photo was able to get a good photo of them…and…in that moment, your heart broke. You could feel it breaking. The two shared a lovely kiss. The girl, you still didn’t know. The boy? Joshua. You knew it was Joshua, just by the way he looked. He was….happy. Your heart stopped for a second, tears rolling and building up in your eyes. 

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: i’m so mad at him…you don’t deserve this at all…you really don’t…

[8:22 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: have people said it was him??

[8:22 PM] From Bestie😺😸: people got to pass them..they took photos…..and they said it was him 100% y/n i’m so sorry….😭

[8:23 PM] From Bestie😺😸: sent a photo

[8:23 PM] From Bestie😺😸: y/n are you there?? you want me to come round??

You sat there in complete silence, stunned by what you just saw. The third photo took was definitely him. You saw his light brown hair, the little cross earring he had, the little eevee smile he had…the girl looked awfully familiar too…it wasn’t one of Josh’s friends…or Seventeen’s friends…it looked like someone from your….college. It then hit you; it was a girl, in your homeroom class. They both have the same smile, and the same eye crease. Eye colour, hair colour, little moles on her neck and face, everything matched up your memory and her face. You just sat there in complete laconism, your heart slowing down, letting the multitude of tears fall. You couldn’t do anything about it. You needed to clear your mind and get out of the apartment. And quick.

[8:30 PM] From Y/n👽🤘: i can’t fucking be in here anymore i’m coming round to yours 

[8:20 PM] From Bestie😺 😸: ok just make sure you’re round quick it’s getting darker and darker by the minute

You sighed, your eyes still letting the tears fall. Again, you couldn’t do anything. You felt powerless, loveless…everything -less under the sun. You were suddenly drained of your happiness. Everything in your being was crashing and crumbling down, your whole love life with Joshua…was a lie? You got up from the sofa, placing your shoes on. You were halfway through putting them on, when you heard the lock go, a turn of a key, and the swoosh of the front door opening. Joshua. He seemed to be happy to see you. The other way round….not so fucking much.

“Y/n, you here? I got–”

“Joshua…how….how could you?”

“How could I what?”

“You know what you did, you asshole….”

Walking into the front room to see you, he saw what was remained of your lively, bubbly you. A drained, angry, confused, upset and depressed you. His facial expression changed from being a solid smile, to an equally as confused and woeful frown.

“Babe, what happened, are you ok? Did I do anything wrong?”

“You did something…so…fucking awful…”

“What–…you saw it…”

“What?! Was your loving girlfriend, who was waiting at home for you, not supposed to see you getting all giddy and lovey dovey with another girl?! And…she was someone I knew too!! Hong Jisoo you’re…you’re just the worst!!”

“Y-Y/n I can–”

“Explain? Yes, I would love an explanation as to why you thought it was a good idea to cheat on me! I would also like an explanation about our relationship! Was it all a lie?! Was everything just in my head? Why would…why would you break my heart like that…? I thought you loved me….I really thought you loved me….I guess not…. I guess that was all a lie…just to cover up for your ass fucking me over with another girl….did she know you had me…?”


“Answer the fucking question Hong! Did she know?”

“Yeah…she did…”

Those words hit you, just like bullets. Your heart was an open wound, that just kept on bleeding. You shook your head, a smile that could only be described as a merciless and soul-less smile. You scoffed a little, giving him one of the dirtiest looks you could ever give him. This wasn’t a joke anymore. You even felt your heart hurt every time you looked at him. Grabbing your bag, your coat and your keys, a cold and hurt sigh left your mouth, as you scanned him and down, the hatred in your eyes was real.

“I hope you’re happy, Joshua. We’re over. I don’t want to speak to you ever again. You know what…right now…I realised something.”


Nothing came out of his mouth, tears still streaming down his face. 

“My friend was right…all the good, loving boys always have something to fucking hide. And in the end, they break your heart. Just like you did right now. Goodbye Josh, tell your new girl I’ll see her in class on monday.”

“Y/n wait!! I can explain, if you just let me!!”

He shouted, grabbing your attention, just before you grabbed the door handle. You saw him run quickly up the hallway, feeling his hand grab your wrist. A look of utter disgust appeared on your face as you turned back to him.

“Get…off me. Don’t you see? We’re over now. And if you couldn’t tell by now…Joshua hong I hate you.”

Your cold atmosphere was now provided by not only the cold bitter air from outside, but your heart too. You walked outside to the hallway, running to the elevator. Joshua..was still inside the apartment, standing by the door. His hands made their way to his face, wiping his tears. This morning…you two were loving to each other….now you hate Josh…how did this…all happen? By the time you were downstairs and exiting the apartment block, Joshua decided to run after you. Whether he would change your mind, he was running after you either way. You made your way to your friends house, when you could hear your name being called, by the same voice you didn’t want to hear ever again. That voice stabbed you multiple times, jogging different happy memories of you two. You gulped, before feeling the tears run down your face again. 

“Y/n!! Y/n, wait please!!!”

You heard the voice getting closer and closer, so the faster you walked. The closer the voice got, the faster you walked. You didn’t want to hear his voice anymore, so you called your friend. You placed the phone up to your ear, looking for him. You could see him in the crowd you just walked through, trying to get through as well.


“Y/n? Where are you?”

“I’m on the way to yours…he’s behind me…I can hear him…is there any way of you meeting me before?”

“No..I can’t….”

Joshua was tired. He was tired of running, crying, everything. To you, this was his way of getting rid of you…to him..this wasn’t how it was supposed to go. He was supposed to get you flowers, and come home to you. All he wanted to do was to hold you in his arms, and just hold you. that’s all. That’s all he want’s to do with you. He loves you too much to let you go, and he wasn’t going to let you go this time. Not at all. Seeing you pick up your pace, made him pick up pace. He was still calling your name out at any given moment, wiping his eyes while he ran to you. You were his other half, his other source of happiness. When half of him is gone, how could he live as one?

“I’m ok now…I think I lost him….”

You say, walking across the road. Everything seemed to be peaceful again. To you, there weren’t any problems. Nothing. No problems, nothing. And yes, you somehow lost Joshua, good. You were calming down a lot, hearing your friend on the other line, being so close to her house too. All you wanted was just love and support from her, nobody else. You were…also distracted. You were paranoid, you were anxious, you were everything under the sun. You were so distracted…that you stood in the road. In the middle of a god damn road. You were that calm about hearing your friend…that you forgot that you were in a road. Luckily, the lights were red. Then went to orange, then to green. No cars came. Good. Wait, in the distance, there were two strong lights coming from the side of the road you were on. You were still on the phone, facing the other way. The lights came closer and closer, but you still didn’t see them. Someone did though. Closer and closer, faster and faster. You heard people shout to get out the way, but it seemed like it was just too late. You finally turned around, but a look of utter shock and fear decorated your face. You were about to be…pushed to the side? Yes, you were pushed out the way by something…or someone. Falling to the ground, you heard your bag and your phone skid across to the pavement, while in the background…it happened again. lying with your face on the ground, you heard that sickening but….calming voice call out your name…one last time before utter silence reigned upon the corners of the street. It was…Joshua. One last time, he saw you, before the car came. 


Bang. Bam. Crash. The sound of a heavy object hitting the car filled your ears, along with the voice you just heard. Joshua. Your eyes immediately widened, hearing people scream and rush over to the scene, and you. Sitting up with the help of a businessman, you shook your head, feeling blood dripping down. You hit your head on the curb as you fell. You could already feel the tears dropping down onto the ground, and you didn’t even see what had happened. Then, you looked up. A hand to your mouth, a hand out to Joshua on the ground. The car windshield was smashed into a million tiny pieces, with the front of car being heavily damaged too. 

“Oh…oh dear god no…no!!”

You screamed out, the look of grief and misery upon your face, escorted by what was now waterfalls instead of tears coming down your face. You got up, but jerked a little, causing you to fall back down again. An injured ankle was diverting you from seeing Joshua, but you weren’t going to let that stop you. Steadily getting up, inducing and enduring the pain, you ran over to Joshua, who laid still, as if he was sleeping. You…crash down next to him, seeing his angelic face, perfectly still on the concrete. His eyes didn’t move, not even once, but yours were moving in a million different directions, scanning his body. Blood was drenching his clothes, and his head was surrounded in a puddle of the crimson liquid, the puddle getting larger and larger with every second that passed. You grabbed his hand, holding it to your face.

“Joshua…please…no…you can’t leave…I love you so much…please no……”

Everything that happened this day went out the window. You realise that you…still loved Joshua. You really still loved him. Whatever happened, it’s forgotten. Your focus wasn’t getting to your friend’s house. Oh, no. Your focus was just wanting Joshua to stay alive. You wanted him here with you for the next…however many years you lived, no matter if he was able to walk or not. No matter if he couldn’t even move. You just wanted him there, with you. Now, it was fair play, either him winning and living, and him losing and dying. You were still by his side by the time the ambulance came, the two vans treating you. Of course, his ambulance was the first to leave, but you stayed at the scene, wishing you were with Joshua at this time. Your friend managed to get to you…but only when you were in the hospital, being treated for your wounds. She rushed into the ward you were in, hoping to find you. And there you were. Sitting in a wheelchair, with your foot propped up, and a bandage around your head. Your eyes and mind still had the look that you gave Joshua as you saw him on the road. Still full of shock, disbelief and grief. 

“Y/n! I’m so happy that you’re ok!! What happened?!”

Your friend was shaking, tears forming in her eyes too. The doctor that treated you came out of the double doors, walking up to you and your friend. You head, still hung low, as if you were still where he was, lying in the road, holding his hand.

“I’m afraid your friend and another person was involved in a car accident. Luckily, your friend was able to get out the way, but that can’t be said for the other person. Do you happen to know a mr. Hong Jisoo?”

Her face dropped, and your heart dropped to the floor. Now the tears were really rolling for your friend. The doctor sat her down, explaining in detail about what happened, while you just sat there.The tv played out the incident, too.

“News just in, Hong Jisoo, member of the ‘self-producing’ idol group Seventeen, has been involved in a car accident, on the corner of Paekche Institute of the Arts. No news has been retrieved of his current state, but there was another person injured in the accident. More on the story, as it goes along.”

Everything was going so slowly. Nothing was moving in front of you. No visible feet, just slowly moving blurs. Your eyes were still being flooded with tears, the lump in your throat making it incredibly hard to breathe. THis was so heartbreaking to hear, because…what about the fans? How would they be reacting right now? What would they do? You know what else is heartbreaking? The members. They knew he went out to see you, and they were probably in the dorms. You wondered what their reaction would be. You wondered…if they would be ok. Out of all of this, you just wanted Joshua to survive. You just wanted him to survive. You just wanted him to…survive. The ward became eerily quiet. Something struck you in your heart, but you weren’t sure of what happened. Everything was in slow motion; the two double doors, the same one that the doctor came out of, swung open, with multiple doctors coming out. Heads down low, hands in front, masks still on.


Bang. That last bullet, that would break you and your heart for good. This wasn’t the news you hoped for at all. You didn’t want this to happen at all. This wasn’t supposed to happen. At all. Just as the doctors came, your heart broke even more, seeing the other members come in through the front door, with different bodyguards protecting them from the paparazzi. Everything became silent again. Nobody spoke. Not even the doctors. Until one doctor came through. Everyone looked to the doctor, who also had tears in his eyes, clear his throat, looking to everyone in the room. 

“O-On behalf of my team…it is without our deepest regrets…that we announce that..Hong Jisoo..has passed away at 10:18 PM.”

10:18 PM. That’s the time that you saw multiple doctors break down, then get back to work. That’s the same time you saw 12 boys break down in tears. That’s the same time that your friend felt her heart broke for the first time. That’s the first time you felt your heart leave your body. You had no heart left. You felt heartless. That’s the time where the other half of you slipped away, and you couldn’t live as one anymore.

10:18 PM. 


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pizza sucks without you |(drabble)

pairing: young k (brian), mentions of reader

word count: 646

note: the title was inspired by this song, just gonna tag… @wonpillows :’))

A stream of golden sunlight filtered through his window. It was like a warm hand caressing his skin, begging for him to open his eyes and witness the beauty of the morning. His lashes parted, hand reaching out to grasp a handful of empty sheets next to him, reminiscing a warmth that was once there. Brian let a groggy sigh slip past his lips, a yawn following suit as he sat up in bed. It was a new morning, the start of an ordinary day and even now he could still smell your scent.

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Origins of “Gumdrop”

I had this idea while on the way to Gatlinburg with my family. As I was playing Pokémon Moon and gushing over my own adorable Goodra.

  • Michael used to call you (y/n/n) or babe, this changes one day
  • This change happens while you are playing Pokémon Moon at his house
  • You are gushing (like h a r d c o r e, momma-mode gushing) over your favorite Dragon-type Pokémon, Goodra (sorry if Goodra isn’t your fave Dragon-type, for now it is)
  • Like, you are petting and loving her (Goodra) in Pokémon Refresh, just giving her the love and attention she deserves for being your li’l tank

  • “Oooh~! Who’s my gorgeous li’l gumdrop? You, Goodra—you are~!”
  • Michael looks at you and asks, “Gumdrop?”
  • “Yes, gumdrop, Michael! Her first evolutionary form, Goomy, l i t e r al ly looks like a li’l gumdrop—H E N C E, she is my gumdrop”
  • He looks at you funny and you decide to show him Goodra and her gooey cUTEness!!
  • Michael laughs, “She looks too cute to be as powerful as you claim, babe”

  • You deadpan, “M IC HA EL  M E L L!! My li’l gumdrop is a fuck-mothering pseudo-legendary Pokémon! So, one, yes she’s that powerful and two, treat her with reSPECT!”
  • Covering his mouth, Michael laughs almost, liTERally hysterically, “Yeah, sure, O K A Y! That cute thing is a pseudo-legendary? Okay, babe”
  • You pout and look at your Goodra, “She is! One of my cutest, most powerful li’l tanks is she! AWWWWWW~ I love you so much, Gumdrop~!!”
  • Overcome with love and adoration for your Goodra, you subconsciously nuzzle your 3DS (like you’re nuzzling your child)

  • You geeky boyfriend just stares at you before saying, “What are you doing, Gumdrop?”
  • Blinking at the name, you ask, “A-are you talking to me or Goodra?”
  • Michael leans over to you and kisses your forehead
  • “I’m talking to you, Gumdrop. Since you love Goodra so much, why not be one? And since you call your cute Goodra ‘gumdrop’, I was thinking I’d call you that. And you can be my little Gumdrop Goodra”
  • You blush and sink into the beanbag chair you are sitting in

  • Michael just did something you never thought he would do and you’re absolutely dumbfounded
  • “Y-yeah… o-okay, Mikey…” you mutter
  • SwEEt! I love you, Gumdrop!”
  • He kisses you briefly, solidifying your new nickname
  • You look at Goodra and breathlessly laugh, “I’m his li’l Gumdrop Goodra now, how about that?”
  • Goodra seemingly smiles as the mic picks up your voice, and its a happy trigger for her; she is happy for her trainer, even though she is a fictional creature

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               MYTHOLOGICAL FIGURES: (1/?)  -T L A L O C (Aztec)

- Tloloc was an important deity in Aztec religion; as supreme god of the rains, he was also by extension a god of fertility and of water. He was widely worshiped as a beneficent giver of life and sustenance, but he was also feared for his ability to send hail, thunder, and lightning, and for being the lord of the powerful element of water. Tlaloc is also associated with caves, springs, and mountains, most specifically the sacred mountain in which he was believed to reside