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  Lemme rant. | not accepting.
  What’s the WORST thing that has happened to you rp wise?

    Good question. I guess it’s force-shipping? People seeing my muse as an object & not really as an equal? The thing about shipping & me is that I need development. I need a long, long story with several arcs & plenty of well set symbolism. Something my character gains a shit ton of development from. IF I ship, I go for pairs that benefit my bby in a certain way; sth that makes sense. Hence my reason for being single-ship 95% of all time. I crave a realistic setting because nothing is worse than writing out a ship just because of the smut /nsfw aspects. 

     Thus force-shipping or male characters simply hitting on my muse non-stop is /was probably the worst thing someone ever did to me. Especially since my muse was already TAKEN at that point. This person was very adamant & just made me sick. I had to block their ass (sth I never do because I think matters can be settled without doing sth like that) – tbh, it’s not only the shipping aspect or the fact that this person just wanted to smut. It’s also the disrespect towards me & my rules. If my muse is TAKEN (& I usually write that down on my page) & you hit on me like that YOU SIGNALIZE that you give a FUCK about my rules (aka haven’t read it). Another thing I just cannot stand. Read the frikkin’ rules goddamnit.

        Have you ever rp’d with someone you knew for a fact was abusive?

      Nope. I stay away from people like that. At least when I am aware of their status. I tend to approach fellow users in a rational manner otherwise, because I like to form my own opinions. If someone is known for their fairly shitty behavior, however, I rather prefer to ‘nope’ the frick out since I loathe pointless drama & being dragged into it

      What do you think about public call out posts?

       already answered HERE.

       What has made you completely lose your chill?

        Buckle up, my friend, this will get SALTY. I will ofc only refer to rp-matters here because frankly, there is a SHITTON of stuff that makes me mad. 

         TRIGGER #1: STUPID PEOPLE/SHALLOWNESS in general. I cannot stand ignorant behavior. It pisses me off to no end. A reason for me to ‘instantly lose ever single bit of patience I have’. People who do not listen to reason or just ignore the proof I have for certain arguments. People that purposefully try to rile me off by repeating the same shit over & over again. I am a passionate debater who learned how to verbally ‘disarm’ people with a few, strong arguments. But if people piss me off I lose my chill. && you seriously don’t want that. Because if I do, I will bombard you with a shit ton of arguments & just RUN you over. Why do I mention that? BECAUSE several people did that in the past on here before calling me rude & arrogant – bitch pls. I am a rational person. I hardly actually insult people. UNLESS they try to push me into a corner & insult me first. Seriously, if you provoke me, I will strike back. 

       TRIGGER #2: the disrespect towards female characters (AKA the ever present double standard), i.e apparent in the blatant hate for Kingsglaive Lunafreya. Going into her tag (also Crowe’s because of certain STUPID PEOPLE) enrages me to NO end because I HONESTLY saw posts saying that her KG design is ugly & far too manly. 

          EX- FUCKING-CUSE ME?? How STUPID & INANE must you be to write such a thing? Not only is it FUCKING disrespectful to her MODEL but also ???????? WHY ??????? (Add people that think that doll-like generic videogame females are hot to my list – BIG NO GO). Again, it’s the double standard that makes me so mad? Nyx, Drautos, Libertus – they are all flawed ‘til no end. unshaved & just worn. Yet no one complains about them? In fact, their roughness & flaws are considered hot & attractive.

     Honestly, I could rant about this topic for YEARS – I am passionate about a realistic despiction of females in games, movies & tv-shows. Let my female soldiers have ACTUALLY REALISTIC MUSCLE, let girls wear NO MAKE UP or have far too round facial features. Please give me the realism I long for since the day I figured that imperfections are important. Male characters HAVE THAT already! (Prompto with his freckles, strech marks even? Gladio with his openly visible scars, Nyx’ & Libertus’ tattoos?) Why do females have to be perfect & unrealistic then?

      Kingsglaive made an eXTREMELY good job when it comes down to their (sparse) female character design by keeping Crowe’s broad jaw, messy hair, dry lips & unplucked brows or Lunafreya’s jaw, freckles & countless beauty marks. Crushing this development into pieces by saying it’s ugly just fucks me up. On this way, we will never get NICE characters that do not look like fucking perfect barbies – REALISM PEOPLE.


i cannot stop thinking about this glorious tweet about keith’s dad seeing keith’s hot galra mom for the first time

um hi? well i don’t know how I should start this? i’m not good with words and especially not with english words (my english is not the yellow from the egg höhöhö)
alright, enough joking for today. okay, I want to say thank you! y'know I’m here for almost 4 years but i wasn’t really active since this last year. i’ve met so many gorgeous people on this fucking website, it’s incredible. thank you for always cheering me up, y'know i wasn’t here the last week and i wasn’t (and still not) OK but i came back and it was like to have my family back?
anyways, as i said, i do this follow forever to say thank you. thank you for almost 1000 followers (there are only 3 missing lol). i never expected to reach this amount??? then thanks to all people who make great edits, to all who said nice things to my stuff I’ve posted (i never experienced something like that before tbh) and especially to all my mutuals!

i love you. don’t forget that!

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{ howl: i feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.
              sophie: a heart’s a heavy burden.
[[for akahshi ]]

Sooo, @VisitPurgatory asked for Orphan Black crossover with Cophine double date!  Here it is my friends. 

As a bonus, here’s Wynonna and Sarah bonding over drinks, leather jackets and sisters

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Victor Nikiforov + 😉

new fic meme;

send me a scene with multiple characters from one of my fics , pick a character who isn’t the pov character, and i’ll rewrite the scene from their pov!

This is some devilpool|MattxWade with a spiderman tsum tsum (because coff coff red team coff coff). I wanted to draw something, this was suggested and in the end I decided to give this uglyness to @holmesazetaz because they wanted it. I love you, dude.