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Yo late to the party

But all that talk of Enishi last week, and my roomie currently has the ending of Avatar the Last Airbender on…

I think Watsuki did a pretty good job displaying Enishi’s flaws and Intense Emotional Issues, but like.

Damn. Does Avatar do a great fricking job with Azula.

Anyway wish Enishi had been portrayed more like that…


So here’s a cool thing: I’m not the only one in my family who likes to dress up as fictional characters.

My mum is in her late fifties and one of the biggest cosplayholics I know. Ever since I introduced her to the concept she is always finding pieces at stores that she knows she could work into a costume. She especially enjoys costumes where the character in question wears battle armor (with lots and LOTS of weapons!) We’ve planned a couple cool apocalyptic cosplays to try together too.

What makes me proud is that mum actually made her own OC to dress up as: a zombie-slaying badass by the name of Double-Tapp.

Basically my mum is awesome

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the first time she learns about love is between two pair of eyes that are too brown and too gray, with a hum of thunderstorm in the background, and she’s six and cowering near the tall clock that grandma lu gave them two months ago.

the brown eyes are spacious, she thinks, and they don’t resemble celestial dust on eves where her feet are permitted to venture outside - no, the brown eyes remind her of movies, the characters who’re about to cave in the remnants of their hope and let go of the cliff they’ve been gripping on for dear life, or the ones who’re about to be plummeted by an enormous menacing fist - which, in this situation hails in the form of gray eyes.

the brown-eyed mimics her and curls, the gray-eyed roars.

later that night, the brown-eyed comes to her bed and holds her.

“why did he do that?” she asks.

the brown-eyed sobs. “because he loves us, baby, he’s trying to protect us.”

the first time she learns about love it’s marred, harsh, bruised, deafening, deceiving.


the second time she learns about love it’s softer but she’s not.

she’s jagged and she has wild eyes almost louring as her father’s, there’s a mark on her forehead that came from a quarrel and she’s annoyed because these hospital people push their carts way too loudly - but she needs to be here, she muses, because mom was splitting screams and she’s about ready to smack faces.  

ten seconds later she’s in, and she hears another scream, but it’s smaller - without scarred teeth, between blurs of cries, and there’s a tiny finger that reaches out to touch her blue cheek.  

that small finger grows into a hand cupping her face and a voice too sheltered but wise, teaches her how to take a crucial role and make sure history doesn’t repeat itself, not to this one.

the second time she learns about love, it has a name.

“you’re sam. samantha.”


the third time she learns about love it’s not harsh or soft, it’s in-between and woozy and intoxicating.

she’s all bare, has specks of drool on her jawline and her breathing is ragged, it’s a floaty sensation that makes her want to cower up because what if the girl sees her as gray-eyed as soon as this is all over - but an hour later she sees her crawl under the blankets, doesn’t ask for another fuck, and she just sleeps there ontop of her chest and sleepily asks if she wants toast or cap’n crunch.

the third time she learns about love, it’s simple, it’s safe and frightening to the core, it’s fucking cap’n crunch, it’s the sensation of needing and being needed, it’s the sappy-pathetic feeling that maybe she can be wide-eyed and happy with someone on her side.

the third time she learns about love, it’s the most humane and impossible thing she’s ever wished for.


the fourth time she learns about love she’s clad in a gray sweatshirt, a bit bulky for her size and her bangs are too long, but swiped neatly - the tiles are too cold and everything is new.

she’s nervous, she has too many jokes gritted, she’s angry, she’s curious.

there’s a mussy sand haired guy who’s not afraid to jabber about chaos, a mute boy with sarcasm too witty for his own good, two trembling palms that ask her to stay because she had a nightmare, a woman sporting one white-coat breaking her down within seconds, cupcake girl, girl who cuddles a lot, girl with bloodied teeth, girl with half-shaven head and all the grin-smacked slangs, people with scars and smiles that’re too sad.

the fourth time she learns about love, it’s about belonging and not being alone.


the fifth time she learns about love she’s older, older than she’s ever felt, older than she is, and her shoulders are too heavy with scars she can’t voice outloud.

history has repeated itself, and there are times where she thinks she’s turned into gray eyes, and she’s lying on the floor way too many times. she cracks smiles, finds joy in fleeting seconds, and tries to push through because it’s just a necessity now, mostly, she’s losing and losing and hurting and afraid - but succumbing into cracked bones is not an option, get up and survive is a grubby creature who looms behind her ear and it’s one of the few things that keeps her jaded feet standing.

the fifth time she learns about love she’s watching from afar, she’s seen it, tasted it, lost it.

the fifth time she learns about love, it’s something that she’s always wanted, but not deserved.

( because she’s both brown eyes that are too wide and gray eyes that roar too high. )

Might be distant fur a couple of days


Tryin’ to figure some life stuff out

i drew this cuz i had to get a x-ray for my lungs today. i noticed day by day it was getting harder and harder for me to breathe. I kept coughing up green and red so yeah.

Things ain’t lookin too good for my lungs dude.

i’ll finish off the last commissions and other art i owe tomorrow. Just make a master post and send some individually cuz i think that’s the last day i got left to do stuff for quite a while.

then i think that’ll be it.

I’ll be ok. can’t stop me ya know. but it’ll be ok.

that might be the last for this month and for quite while.

kinda funny cuz the nurse was telling me that i needed to take my clothes off for the x-ray. So i just started taking my clothes off right where i was standing and he was like NO NOT HEREEEEEEE!! THE DRESSING ROOM!!!

then im like oh yeah that does make sense.

i feel i’ll be fine. but like after tomorrow and the day after that i’ll be needing to step down for a long while for my lungs to get treated from whatever is happening. i don’t get results till next week. 

i’ll still answer messages if ya need something. other than that we good.

peace out baby

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Hey I just wanna let u know your art inspires me a lot. My art style is kinda like your small art style, (soft,round, kinda simple) and I get down on myself a lot abt it tbh, like I feel my art cant be good at all bc its really simple and cartoony. But when I see your art and I see how its really good it makes me feel better about my own cause its like "hey, his art style is very cartoony and good, yours can be too!" And so yeah ur gr8 just thought id let u know

Yes!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!!

Every art style is different, it has their very own way to look like, because you’re putting your feelings and your soul into it.

And we’re all different.

We create our own universes. And there’s people out there who are really interested about it! You just don’t know who these people are. That’s why you gotta go out there and be like ‘’I did this thing!!’’

Some people see the colors as a first thing, the palettes that you use, others sees the line art. Some people like detailed drawings, other like realistic ones, others just stick to the simple. We all have different likes and dislikes because that’s how we work. Because that makes us ourselves.

Honestly, going out there and show people what you do it’s kind of a hard process. But believe me, it’s totally worth it.

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Okay wow congratz!! I really dont know if the chalupa theory came from you or anything but I'm pretty sure you're the creator of theory and I want to say like holy shit!!! what an amazing fucking prediction!!!! I cant believe you caught that!! :D

Apparently I’m not the first to have thought of it but, uh, without sounding egotistical or anything, I did make that theory post that got 2k notes in as many days, so. Yeah.

Feeling pretty pretty good right now. :3c

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Would wearing your birthstone have (specifically) good effect on you?

I would think so! Many say your birthstone has a deep connection to you so wearing it might amp up the already positive traits the stone has. So yeah I would say wearing your birthstone would have many good effects on you!

This guy that I trained with when I first started my job was a terrible human being and was really bad at his work but he always acted like he was the best at what he did smh. Anyways he got let go about two weeks ago bc of how bad of a job he did and he came into my work yesterday to get free lunch and was hella salty when he asked me “Oh, I thought they took YOU off the schedule.” And I was like “Yeah, but I’m actually good at my job so they put me back on, and now I have your old shift too.” 🐸☕️

Okay that whole moment when Tuff hugs Hiccup and Astrid and Tuff’s basically got his face in Astrid’s breasts…

Headcanon that at one point Tuffnut fell asleep on her chest. 

Let’s go with after Edge of Disaster. Like maybe while they’re on their field trip that they started at the end of the episode, the two of them get sleepy (because they haven’t slept at all!) and they end up relaxing in the tent and Astrid lies down and Tuff’s like yeah, I’m gonna lie on you. And then Ruff joins in and probably lies on Astrid’s tummy (or maybe in some weird position on her brother). 

And Snot, Fish, and Hiccup watch this for a while (Snot suggesting they put their hands in warm water for giggles) before they are like yeah, sleeping sounds good. So, they all get comfortable in the tent, too. Gang sleeping together time! Yay!

Tuff may have drooled on her breast. 

Bonus if Astrid wakes up and is like “Tuff is lying on my boobs” softly and someone makes a joke about how at least someone is touching her boob or something. It seems like a Snotlout or Ruff joke but I want it to be Hiccup because him just casually being awake already looking through the Book of Dragons because dragon nerd across the tent is a nice thought. 

Alright so thanks to the new interview with Kubo-sensei (amazing translation here), we know:

  • Yuuri has indeed moved to Russia, and Viktor is still his coach, even though he is aware that competing and coaching at the same time will be difficult. 
  • Yuuri and Viktor can’t live without each other and can’t stand being separated.
  • If you still had any doubts, I’d argue that Kubo-sensei more or less confirms that Viktor and Yuuri are in a romantic relationship in this interview.
  • Viktor’s return to skating, the pair skate and Yuuri’s silver medal were all planned from the very beginning. Their story arcs were meant to lead to this conclusion from the very start.
  • Viktor and Yuuri’s stories are built around them mutually inspiring each other 
  • Viktor is incredibly happy about the bond he shares with Yuuri, because Yuuri is someone who sees him in a new, fresh way. 
  • The kiss scene in episode 7 was the most memorable scene for Kubo-sensei and she actively constructed the whole narrative up until that moment so that the kiss would feel natural and real.
  • Yurio is determined to beat Yuuri’s FS score and is therefore not entirely happy with his gold.
  • Kubo-sensei would love to work on the show for as long as possible and wants to do a second season.