yeah not really though


sorting hat:

Albus Potter.

He puts his hat on Albus’s head — and this time he seems to take longer — almost as if he too is confused.


There’s a silence.
A perfect, profound silence.
One that sits low, twists a bit, and has damage within it.

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Does weed with flavour names (mango, Girl Scout cookie, etc) actually taste like the real deal or is it just simply a name?

Yeah sometime!! Like GSC won’t really (my fav strand though) but i have found that the ones with fruity or chocolate names will! Check out the website leafly, you  can type in a stain and it will tell you all about it and normally will describe the taste too!!

Why I hate a lot of "social justice" posts on tumblr
  • -claims to want equality, yet preaches hate towards majorities
  • -ignorantly groups the whole world into two categories; Caucasian and not-Caucasian, regardless of ethnicity, culture, nationality, religion, language, etc.
  • -ignorantly compares every single person’s cultural situation, to the USA’s cultural situation
  • -ignorantly thinks that every “white person” in the world, is their country’s majority and person in power
  • -ignorantly thinks that every “not-white person” in the world, is supressed and is being victimised by their government
  • -ignorantly thinks that racism is only based on skin-colour
  • -ignorantly thinks that “black people” were/are the only supressed peoples in the world
  • -ignorantly throws around stupid words like “reverse-racism”. (It’s just “racism”, and anyone can be subject to it.)
  • -confuses “racism” with “disrespect”. One is discrimination, the other is a lack of respect. Not everything regarding a culture is racism.
  • -unjustifiably labels a mass of people, around the world, “privileged”. Again, without knowing individual’s financial/governmental/chance-of-opportunity/etc. situation, surrounding the topic (I know what I'm privileged, and not privileged in, in the world that I live in (which is different than the world that you live in), but i know that you don't fucking know what my privileges are unless i personally tell you a bunch of information about myself. so please stop fucking guessing)
  • -overall, just makes fucking stupid blanked statements that are highly inaccurate and disrespectful towards many people around the world (even if it is accurate to a small part of the world, it's still not correct of all of it)
  • -turns me away from the post, instead of encouraging me to join in on the fight for a particular social injustice. Because the post is an injustice, in of itself
  • -is just so fucking ignorant and narrow minded; thinking the whole world is the same everywhere

I totally forgot about Jarett and then suddenly he appears again and damn, I think Gilmore and Jarett would be an awesome pair …?

A Picture With A Princess

A/N: Literally enter everyone. Also I wanted to do a very very well known play so I chose Cinderella.

Request: Can you so a one shot where the reader does theatre and she’s in a play but she doesn’t invite the boys because she thinks they’re too busy to come to the performance, but they find out and bring everyone on closing night (cas, Kevin, Charlie, etc, you decide!). Thank you!

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You were, how could you put it? You weren’t really a hunter, I mean sure you went on hunts and killed monsters and took out a demons and knew angels and the Winchester’s…okay so maybe you were a hunter but you weren’t an avid hunter. Like Sam you had taken the path of school instead of being just a hunter, heading to the local community college for your first few years. 

There was no major you really started down the track of, you just took the regular classes you had to get out of the way so you could still hunt part-time. What you didn’t expect was to find solace in the theatre department, though it didn’t shock you. A big part of hunting seemed to be acting and you couldn’t deny that you loved it.

However getting lead role in Cinderella was something you really didn’t expect. Hunting was put off while your time was taken up by rehearsal and learning to dance properly for the role. None of it really sunk in until you first tried on the dress and then it all hit suddenly.

And there was no way you would tell anyone.

As much as you knew that your pseudo family would support you, you didn’t want any teasing light hearted or not. So you determined that not telling any of them about your role was the best idea and that was going smoothly…

Until your final show.

The audience was completely dark while you were up on stage, but you had heard before hand that the show had sold out. To be fair it wasn’t a huge auditorium but it was uncommon to have the show sell out on the last day for your school. Having the show sell out on the last day made you want to put on the best performance you had so far.

“Alright guys,” you said, calling the entire cast over as you stepped back from the mirror where you had been checking your makeup, “The show is sold out, which has never happened for a last show on this campus before. Whether there are little kids out there looking up to us or a bunch off assholes ready to make fun, lets give this our all. Yeah?”

You all gathered in for a group hug before heading to your positions for the first scene. Backstage felt darker than it had before, butterflies filling your stomach. You gripped Katrina’s hand, the girl who played one of your step sisters, out of reflex. A smile that looked just as nervous and prepared as you felt sat on her face. 

“…we are proud to present Cinderella.”

The show went off without a hitch and before you knew it it was over. You walked out on stage last as everyone lined up to bow, barely looking at the audience until you stood up, your mouth dropping open. Half the seats were filled with little kids and their parents and friends, but the other half made you stiffen and nearly falter in your smile.

Angels, hunters, and even Crowley and a few of his cronies were sitting in the audience. Right in the middle of the whole mess was of other beings was your little family. Sam was standing and clapping, Castiel copying beside him. Dean was on Sam’s other side, whistling and screaming up a storm like you had just won a wrestling match. Most of the audience beside them was angel filler probably from Castiel but you spotted Charlie, Kevin, Bobby, and even Balthazar and Gabriel. 

“(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)!” Dean started to cheer and soon everyone was cheering with him. One by one the cast walked off stage, people chattering about the play and audience as they headed for the common area out front for pictures. 

As expected you were flocked by little kids the second the doors opened. Seventy or so pictures later and multiple hugs from little kids left you staring at the faces of your family. Charlie was the first to make any move, hugging you tightly.

“You’re Cinderella,” she laughed, looking down at your outfit as if she had never seen you in a dress before. Before you could respond you were passed over to Sam who was spinning you around, causing you to laugh.

“Why didn’t you tell us you were in a play?” Bobby asked, pulling you into a hug after Sam put you down.

“It’s not everyday one of us is in a play and I didn’t want to seem like any less of…y’know,” you said, skirting around the word hunter as your other actors were still hanging around getting pictures taken.

Next you expected for Cas to hug you or maybe Dean, but instead Gabriel pushed others out of the way and handed a camera to Sam, a smile spread across his face.

“You know, I always wanted a kiss from Cinderella,” he said. You rolled your eyes and placed a kiss on Gabriel’s cheek, the picture being taken by Sam and camera tossed back to Gabriel.

“Guys, I would love to hug all of you but I really need to go change. How about we get burger or pizza when I get back and I can hug you all then?” You asked with a laugh. You headed backstage again to change, a bright blush on your face. You should have expected that you couldn’t keep this from your family, it was their job to know everything.

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Do you think joker is in love with batman?

Oh, absolutely.

And not even necessarily in a very romantic way- though, I’m sure that Joker wouldn’t exactly mind that, either. But I really think it has to do with his personality and how their dynamic works and how they sort of weirdly balance each other out. It’s almost like this little dance that they do- one that they’ve been doing for a good 20 years, in most versions.

In practically every single version of the Batman vs. Joker story, they find a way to have Joker make a “loving” proclaim. For example, in the animated The Dark Knight Returns, J always calls Batman “Darling,” and when Bats tells him that he keeps count of all of the murders he’s aided in by keeping him alive, he just says, “And I love you for it!” And as we all know, in The Dark Knight, Heath’s Joker doesn’t want to kill him because he “completes” him. There are COUNTLESS other references in various comics and films and tv series, but it would take me a while to find and list them all, haha.

But yes, I 100% believe that Joker is in love with Batman. In pretty much every version of his character, I personally see him as being either bisexual or pansexual, because to me, he couldn’t care less about gender- he’s attracted to personality more than anything else (as well as looks, I assume, since he’s only human), as we can clearly see with DCEU!Joker x Harley. And we’ve actually yet to see Joker and Batsy interact properly in the DCEU, but we do know that’s he’s his “Favourite Joke.” So I have faith that their relationship is going to be quite interesting to see onscreen. ;)


The word “kilig” feat. AKB48

↳ kilig | adj. and n. | Philippine English.
1. Of a person: exhilarated by an exciting or romantic experience; thrilled, elated, gratified.
2. Causing or expressing a rush of excitement or exhilaration; thrilling, enthralling, captivating.

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Does toriel call everyone who's younger than her or a kid "my child"? It's really adorable

Yeah prettymuch. ouo
Generally not her colleges though (unless it was for comedy) as she wouldn’t want to be rude or patronizing. Buuuuut Toriel is kinda the mom friend.

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You know what Seb didn't look bad with long hair it's just that he doesn't know how to take care of it. He looked good when he went to that con with his long hair and his beefy looking self.

Yeah like if somebody had only let the poor boy know that you need to wash long hair more regularly he would have been fine but half the time it was a limp greasy mess 

dad: what did you do today

me: wrote some

dad: cool

me: and defended THE HONOUR OF OUR STAR

Nightstuck. Joker x Reader x Harley

A/n : ignore the name ^^“ I’m was listening to Mendum - Nightstuck and couldn’t think of a better tittle. Yeah sorry ….. Listen to the song though , it’s really good

Warning : killing mentioned, swearing

Pairing : (Jared Leto ) Joker x Reader x Harley Quinn

Plot : the reader was abused her intire life and when she’s out in the cold Harley finds you and takes you with her and J .


Being a orphan in Gotham city and also being a killer was hard .

You had to do it . You were abused ever since you were 6 . There was no more space for cuts on your wrists . It was a horrible life . You couldn’t take it anymore.

So when the time was right , at the age of 13 you used your father’s gun to shoot him and your mother . You still had the gun with you. After your revenge you simply left and you were targeted as missing. You didn’t care anymore .

You were free .


Ever the murder you were of on the streets. That’s about 3 months now . It was dark, raining and you were starving. You wanted a home . But who the hell would like a killer as their kid .

That’s right.

No one.

You sat on the ground near some club . You were tired , cold and wanted a home . A real home . You hugged your kneed tightly to your chest. You were about to pass out when you hear a woman’s voice "Puddin look !! It’s a little kid !!” She screamed as she ran to you “Heya little one , need a home ? ” you bearly opened your eyes to see her .

She had a big smile on her face . She had blonde hair in pigtails , each one was a different colour, one was red and the other was blue . Same with her eye makeup , and she had a bold red lipstick on her lips .

You slightly nodded as she picked you up . You placed your head on her shoulder “Puddin come on ! Can we keep her ?! She looks so alone and she has a gun with her !” She said taking it out of your pocket. You looked at the man she was taking to . Oh no . You were in front of The Joker himself.

You were in deep trouble now .

He can kill you simply if he doesn’t like you . You are screwed. He looks at your poor state. It was as if he was looking in to your soul . But you were so tired you started to pass out again. Before everything went black you heard him say “Of course we can ! She’s the girl whis missing and wanted for murder!!”

You woke up in a warm comfy bed .

You opened your eyes to see the blonde lady again. “Oh Puddin the little one is up . Hi there , names Harley ” she smiled at you . You took a moment to remember what happened “(Y/n)” you say quietly.

She suddenly hugs you “don’t worry baby , your in good hands now” she smiled again as Joker walked to her “easy Harley , you don’t want to kill the kid ” he smirked “w-why am I here …. and still alive ” you ask looking at him .

He simply chuckled at you “you are an interesting kid there and Harley wanted to keep you so it’s killing two birds with one stone ” he explained.

And that how you survived.

Harley was all over you , saying your the perfect kid for them . Sure … I mean you were now with psychopaths . How bad can it get . It turns out it only gets better . Joker actually took a liking to you . You were a smart little brat that’s for sure . You often went with J on his “business meetings” .

Sure you were fucked up .

They were too .

Why complain .

You actually enjoyed living with them . Harley turned out to be a breath mother to you . Always with “her little pumpkin ” . You liked the attention. And Joker . He was the best father figure no matter how odd it sounds. He taught you everything. From killing to mentally abusing and a lot more .

Sure you were fucked up.

Very fucked up.

But you liked it this way now .

Because the two of them taught you how to actually have fun .

I had been planning to take the next few weeks off. In part to recharge, in part because I had been anticipating moving at the end of september so I could have gotten a jump start on that, and in part to try and pull myself up from the massive let down of all of that just…utterly disintegrating in front of me and the various related ramifications. I was going to take Sugi up to Edinburgh to meet her cousins the Clone Cats. I’ve been turning work down to give myself that space and because I’m in a place where I can actually just…take time for myself. But.

Today I got a call from an unknown number that, within five minutes, had me in a spontaneous phone interview with a pretty amazing designer. So I have an interview-slash-first-day tomorrow, and if things go well I should be working on a pretty exciting film until I move onto the film I already have set for September. So.. yay! This certainly helps with the string of disappointments the last week has been. 

mfw seeing people who are super chill with duplicates and here i am, the salty asshole that can’t do that tbh. 

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And, like . . . why WOULDN'T there be Force-sensitive clones out there??? I mean, there are literally MILLIONS of them, and since the Force resides in every living being, the probability that one or even SEVERAL clones would be especially in tune with it is pretty dang high! But the reason we don't see any is exactly what you implied in your (wonderful) ficlet -- the Kaminoans would detect the abnormally high levels of midi-chlorians in the Force-sensitive infants and terminate them. 🙁

Seriously though.  We don’t know exactly how midichlorians work - there’s been some excellent meta on my dash lately though - and we’ve already seen that there is some diversity in clones, at least regarding eye colors (Edge and Sketch both have blue eyes, and I think there are one or two more).  Force sensitivity would affect way more than a different eye or hair color though, and I really strongly suspect that yeah, the Kaminoans would cull those, because A) not perfect genetic copies, and B) they wouldn’t want untrained Force sensitives running about in their ranks.  

The alternative, which is even more horrifying in context of, y’know, Sidious, is that they might possibly test how they could control that factor, and select for Force sensitivity, because what army doesn’t want an elite squadron of Force sensitive commandos?

Goddammit, I didn’t need that plot bunny.