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Virgin-less (Pt. 3)

Summary: Your first time.

Pairing: Jungkook/ Reader

Genre: Smut (finally)

Words: 2.6k

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)

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“Would you want to go to Em’s this weekend?”

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I had an old lady come through my lane today and immediatly interupted my greeting and said very snarky, "You don't seem very friendly." So my brain takes a moment to proces this and I just say "oh" as I continue to bag and scan her items. "Just oh?" "yeah, i mean i got my wisdom teeth out last week, so i can't really convey my emotions well right now." That shut her up. Normally that kind of comment wouldn't bug me, but it's my birthday so I'm feeling pretty happy. Fuck off old lady.

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The fact that the show description depicts Sam as the main protagonist is hilarious because he’s barely in it!

Yeah I’m really not happy with this. I’ve been working off the assumption that the second half of the season would be very Sam focused but this episode was laughable, Jared might as well have stayed home.

Tbh though Dean was also very light and only really shone in the Ketch / Cas scenes, the ep was just so focused on others.

Next week is a bro ep tho so there should be good Sam, I’m hoping for lots of metaphors, mirrors and parallels :)

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I mean, I know you're like, a little bit into drarry, (okay, so it's your own personalized version of heroin) but do you have any other pairings you like? I'm fond of Lunaxginny and Dracoxron (yeah, that one is weird to me too but I still love it for some reason?) but do you have any pairings and rare pairings you enjoy the idea of?

Wolfstar gives me LIFE and Linny is bloody adorable, as is Deamus (never read any deamus tho). I don’t read much besides drarry even tho I really would love to read more wolfstar - the sparse few pieces I’ve have given me much happiness and I hope to read more moonfoot if and when I can

I sometimes stumble upon random art/drabbles for rare pairs and they’re all so good I just legit can’t think of any others rn 💖

I don’t really take requests outside of Mermay (you can always commission me though by sending me an e-mail at salamispots @ gmail. com)

There’s another ask here that has more info : ) and glad you like them!

Super happy you get inspired to keep drawing : )

Aw shucks thank you anon <3 (and dun worry I won’t haha)

THIS MESSAGE laughs wheezes sorry that was super cheesy and gross haha nah but kidding aside CTN! Even if that happened the day before/of this ask haha

Yooooo thanks for sending such a lovely message/and being a long time fan anon! : D (and it’s all good haha next time they’ll just be promptly blocked and deleted).

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Will anyone ever make a discord chat of the cuddle pile or are we just gonna keep saying "oh we should do a chat one day" "yeah yeah we totally should "?

As I’ve said. I’m not really up on the whole discord thing so I won’t create one personally however if someone more tech savvy wants to set one up I’d be happy to share it.

I don’t even look at the scene from a shipping perspective, but the fact that Keith got distracted mid-fight because he was smiling at Lance is just so funny cos he’s usually so focused 

Ezor took him by surprise cos he was like ‘yeah I’m in the middle of battle but Lance just did something really cool for me and I’m happy we’re friends now, I gotta acknowledge him :)’ shdjfg Keith is so great I love him with my entire heart

honestly this probably shouldn’t bother me, bc i’m sure others don’t really care, and i’m probably making a big deal out of it

but it’s quite rude to tag users in your edits expecting them to reblog it when you don’t even follow them. it’s great people want to tag me in their creations; i love it when people do!! but it’s not cool to just tag me because??? you want notes?? because hey, yeah, i do have lots of followers and i want your creation, something you spent time and effort on making, to get noticed, so i’m more than happy to help out, but please, i’m not some machine that can get you notes. 

Get yourself a man who…

[Me, scribbling in my notebook]

Him: What are you doing?

Me: Writing down story ideas.

Him: What? Since when? Like fiction?

Me: Yeah, about a month or so. I’ve needed a creative outlet.

Him: [legit starts crying] Oh my God that makes me so happy! You used to write all the time. That’s who you are. I love that about you.

Me: Thank you. You’re very sweet when you’re drunk.

Him: I know.

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I’m a Christian and bi. Also have met a surprising amount of lgbt Christians as well. A lot believe it’s okay because it was an Old Testament thing not to be lgbt and we don’t observe other Old Testament laws. Also they put a bigger emphasis on God’s love and grace rather than the whole hellfire thing. It depends who you ask. It’s still controversial for a good amount of people.

Yeah I know!! I have a grandma who belongs to a very conservative branch of Christianity and is still very pro-lgbt and has been working for that since the 50s. When I say i don’t feel very comfortable in Christianity bc of being gay I’m not saying anything about lgbt Christians and I’m very happy for those of you who are able to feel like you belong in that, it’s 100% a personal thing and I’m really happy for everyone who finds a religion where they feel welcome and happy ❤️

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22 and 34

22. Describe your crush
He is really cool!! I really like how he show himself. He is funny and very lovely. Yeah more times he want so much attentions, but I think this complete him. He is a good person and he only derserve the best. He make me very happy!

34.Most embarassing moment
All my life :D

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So I'm reading your fic (worst candle nights ever) and I had the random thought of the aunt that did teach him how to cook coming when she hears the twins will be coming, and she pulls Taako aside at one point to say she really likes kravitz and that he seems happy with him and just generally being sweet and supportive™ obviously your fic but wanted to throw it out there ;3c great so far by the way! I look forward to more <3

oh fuck that’s good. god i would so wanna throw in their Token Good Relative, they’re just like ‘oh shit barry, krav, just for the record don’t mess with that one too much she’s chill’ but i can’t think of a reason why the twins wouldn’t have just stayed with that aunt instead of getting passed around to all the assholes without her having died or something 

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Hey, it’s the BKYA dream anon! Yeah, they’d found a medication that helped stop his seizures, and they were all really happy. It was kinda cute looking back on it!

Aw, that’s cute! 

In my imagination -because, you know, I think about these things- like Taehyung’s seizures will continue to be debilitating, and then when he turns 18 he’ll have brain surgery to end it. 

It will be traumatic for LITERALLY EVERYONE. I’m not so sure I’ll get around to writing it, but! We will see. Who knows; I make no promises.

so we were sitting around talking about what we were thankful for and i was really thinking about how much louis means to me like hes truly my fucking baby like i dont even know how to explain it sometimes cause 1.) its extremely overwhelming having such a strong attachment to someone you dont know in real life & 2.) thinking about him makes me feel so warm and happy but i always end up getting upset cause i start thinking about what hes been thru and yeah this post is pointless i just wanna say i love louis with my whole heart and soul & i almost drunkly ranted about how louis desveres better in front of my whole family lol

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I don't want to dwell on the negative but some of these solo stans are really on the verge of being akgaes. Perhaps in their zeal to defend their bias, they're so careless about how their words affect the members, create discord within the fandom & also hand more fodder over to antis. I've seen so many people bashing Daesung and YB because of the their MC - these shouldn't be the kind of memories we're making in the few mths we have bf their enlistment.

Sadly, every fandom has their bad apples. 😓😓
Like it really boggles my mind how you can like someone so much but hate the others? How many times in the 11 years do they have to keep saying they are happiest when they are around their members? Don’t these fans want to see their favorites happy??
Sure you can favor a member over others but to completely dismiss them as a group is just…. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Also yeah! They’re wasting their energy on being negative when we should be appreciating that they’re working,wanting to be close with fans, and spending their last few moments with us before they enlist.

okay so

every year at our school, we have an independence day dance for the eldest students of our school. this year it’s us. though it’s not like… well, it’s not fun. the teachers assign who we’re gonna be dancing with, then we dance with them what the teachers say and well yeah. not that much fun really.

but, since i came out as trans last semester, our teacher asked if i wanted to dance the boy’s or the girl’s part, so i obviously said boy, and oh my god, i’m so happy about it!! we practiced today and it was amazing, just because i got to dance the boy’s part and lead. ahhhh, it was awesome! and at the dance i’ll get to do that as well, and i’ll wear a suit and it’ll be amazing! i feel si masculine and valid right now!