yeah nope still dont like him

Ok guys chill! 

I`ve got like 10 messages asking about MEt - and cause I´m too lazy to reply to the same question over and over again ….

Nope, this didnt convince that Rob and the singer are a “couple” cause I see nothing different about the way he behaves around her than he does with all his female co-stars.

yeah - he never did this with Kris - but Kris isnt business for him - she´s private. Plus she never needed him to get attention. she can do this all by herself.

and no- I dont think Rob has gone through a massive “personality” change because he attended with her….

do I like it - nope. not really. but again - I´ve seen nothing between these two I havent seen between any other co-stars. just watch the actual video better than to rely on those pix… you´ll see what I see ;)

so bye - and everyone - BREATHE !!!

love, E.