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Why Should I Worry?|T|1

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Pairing: ReaderxTaehyung

Genre: Fluff (omg so much cute lil fluff) Angst (!!) 

Warnings: Death 

Words: 7,012 

A/N: Ok! Don’t be put off by the warnings okay? This is 5/7 cute, sweetheart! I can’t promise it won’t be sad but I can promise it will be sweet. The rating may change later on as well ;)

The trees danced above you, seemingly swaying to the music playing from the house next door. Taehyung sat to your right, humming along though he didn’t know the words. You let your eyes slide away from the trees above and to him, taking in his golden skin and caramel colored hair. You wanted to reach out to him then, lace your fingers in his and tell him everything that had been on your mind. Maybe it was the drums that edged you on or just the energy from the past few weeks but, all you knew is that you were moments away from spilling everything. Until he said those three words, calmly as if it wasn’t going to change everything.

“Jungkook ran away.” Taehyung told you.

His eyes had been watching the clouds but now they turned to you and his lips pulled into an easy smile, seemingly relaxed.

“Will you help me find him?” he asked. There was only one answer you could give to the man you loved and Taehyung knew it before he even asked.

“Of course.” You replied.  

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Too Late

Summary: It is Sam’s birthday. You realise something. 
Pairing: Sam x Reader; Saileen feelings
Other Characters: Dean.
Warnings: Angst. I’m not sorry. 

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You watched as Sam turned the pages of the book in his hands, a small frown in his forehead while his eyes travelled through the pages. 

It didn’t look like, but it was his birthday. His 34th birthday. You were celebrating without celebrating. Sam didn’t like birthdays, and none of you would ever complain.

You’ve known him and Dean for years now, occasionally hunting together and now you had moved to the bunker with them. 

Years and years, and just know you realised what was right in front of you. You loved him. 

Of course, it was too late. 

Your eyes moved away when Eileen sat by his side with beers for the two of them in her hands and looked down at your own hands. She was spending the week in the bunker under Sam’s shy request, in the room in front of his. You could see the way his eyes sparkled when they looked at each other. He liked her so much he was learning ASL because of her. He probably loved her and hand’t admitted to himself just yet.

He would never love you, that was for sure.

“Hey.” Dean sat by your side. “They’re so cute together, huh?”

“Yeah.” You looked at the two. “They really do.”

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Hinata: So… Who broke it?
Komaeda: … I did. I broke it.
Hinata: No, you didn’t. Teruteru?
Teruteru: Don’t look at me… look at Souda.
Souda: I didn’t break it!
Teruteru: Really? Then how did you know it was broken?
Souda: Because it’s sitting in front of us and it’s broken.
Teruteru: Suspicious.
Komaeda: Guys, I broke it. Let me pay for it.
Hinata: No! Who broke it?!
Nidai: If it matters, probably not, but Chiaki was the last one to use it.
Chiaki: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
Nidai: Really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart the other day?
Chiaki: Because I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Nidai!
Saionji: Akane’s being awfully quiet.
Akane: Really!
Saionji: Yeah, really!

Mikasa: …Wait… What.
Eren: You weren’t there at the shoot? Levi’s last name is Ackerman, too.
Mikasa: This is…
Eren: I know, it’s stupid. The directors never even bothered to tell us-
Mikasa: -amazing. Oh my GOD. (bursts into laughter)
Eren: …Are you serious?
Mikasa: (wheezing) I can’t breathe!
Eren: Mikasa, what the hell is wrong with you-
Mikasa: -wheeeew well this is awkward. So great. But so awkward. (soundless laughing) I bet he’s so red right now.
Eren: …You guys totally did it, didn’t you.
Mikasa: Last night after shooting. It just sort of, I don’t know, happened. But freaking hell, if that’s not irony I don’t know what is.
Eren: (in absolute shock) Oh my God.
Mikasa: The fans are gonna lose their shit, though. Hopefully we’re not actually related. Levi’s gonna die of a heart attack.
Eren: That fragile, huh.
Mikasa: Like you wouldn’t believe.

A Walk To Remember-Anon Request

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So, new imagine request! I’m so sorry for not being very active this week. School is killing me and I have no free time. But I finally finished this request from an Anon :) 

I hope you like it Anon, sorry for the delay

And everyone else as well :)

-Love, Sarah

P.S.: I just found the title and it made me think about the movie ‘A Walk To Remember’. Beautiful movie, watch it if you haven’t seen it yet :)

(c/n)= Crush’s name (y/n)=your name (C’s/b/n)=Crush’s brother’s name(if your crush doesn’t have a brother just imagine he does and take a name you like :P)

‘’Can you write one when your on a walk heading to a forest trail and he sees you and asks to tag along and yup. c: ty’’

The wind blew around me as I walked along the streets of my neighbourhood with an ice cream cone in my hand and my earphones in my ears. Today was a perfect day for a walk, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and summer was approaching fast.

I’d always enjoyed taking walks and going out for a run. They relaxed me and always left me smiling and feeling refreshed. And I somehow always ended up thinking about (c/n). I held back a giggle as I thought about him. I’d met him this year and I felt like we were meant to be. He was just so nice to everyone and funny and everything I could wish for in a guy.

With my ice cream cone done and my mood brought up by a notch, I made a small detour that I knew would bring me to a small street that ended abruptly just to open up onto a forest on the other side.

With a small smile, I ran towards the familiar forest trail and smiled when the forest came in sight. Just as I started walking into the forest I heard my name being called.

I whipped around and frowned as the sun blinded my view. I could make out a shadow running towards me but not who it was. I blinked a few times and my heart jumped in my chest when I recognized whom it was.

‘’Hey, (y/n)! Wait up!’’ (C/n) was waving frenetically and I couldn’t but laugh at how ridiculous he looked.

He finally stopped when he reached me, with his hands on his knee and him panting exaggeratedly. I shook my head and put took my earphones off before putting my phone on silent.

‘’Done catching your breath drama queen?’’ I asked with raised eyebrows.

(C/n) glanced up at me and rolled his eyes before straightening up and shoving his hands down his pockets.

‘’That was very exhausting for your information.’’ He said with a small smile.

‘’You need to exercise more then.’’ I replied with a laugh.

He brought a hand to his chest ad gasped dramatically. ‘’Are implying that I’m fat?’’

I laughed and he raised his eyebrows at me. ‘’Don’t try to put words in my mouth.’’

He rolled his eyes again before walking up to me. ‘’So, whatcha up to?’’

‘’Just taking a walk.’’

He nodded before clearing his throat. ‘’Mind if I tag along? A pretty girl like you shouldn’t be wandering around in the woods alone.’’ He bumped his shoulder with mine before winking at me.

He just called me pretty!

‘’Huh, yeah. C’mon.’’ I smiled nervously at him and we walked into the forest.

*Time skip*

We’d been walking around in the woods for quite a time now, just joking around and talking. We somehow ended up really close and our hands kept brushing against each other every now and then.

I laughed as he made a goofy face at me before running forward and disappearing behind tall trees.

‘’(C/n)!’’ I sighed and walked up ahead. ‘’C’mon don’t-‘’


A shriek escaped my lips and I jumped behind with a hand over my heart.

(C/n) was standing there with big smile on his face and his hands behind his back. He slowly approached and I frowned before taking a few steps back.

‘’If you have a worm in your hand or something I swear-‘’

He suddenly jumped ahead and I shut my eyes close as I brought my hands up to cover my face.

He laughed and I felt his hand grab my forearm. He tried to pull my arm down but I shook my head and backed away again.

‘’It’s not a worm, I promise.’’ He laughed and I sighed before opening my eyes and putting my arms down.

‘’What is it?’’ I asked warily.

‘’Just a beautiful flower,’’ He lifted his hand up and my eyes landed and a light pink flower. ‘’For a beautiful girl.’’ He smiled before stepping up to me and tucking the flower behind my ear.

My heart sped up as his hand brushed my cheek before falling limp at his side. He cleared his throat and smiled at me before holding his hand out.

I looked down at it before looking back up at him with a smile. I put my hand in his and my heart churned in my chest when he intertwined our fingers together. (C/n) smiled at me again before resuming our walk.

We stayed like that for some time, in silence; hands intertwined, the birds chirping around us, the wind blowing around. It wasn’t awkward, it was just… Perfect.

I smiled to myself before glancing at c/n from the corner of my eye. He was already looking at me.

‘’So,’’ He cleared his throat and squeezed my hand. ‘’I was thinking that-‘’

I was suddenly sent flying forward when my foot got stuck on something. My hand slipped from (c/n)’s grip and I landed on my left side. The wind was knocked out of me as I collided with the ground. Tears stung at my eyes and I gasped for air.

‘’(Y/n)!’’ My eyes were shut close and I could feel (c/n) close to me. ‘’(Y/n), can you move?’’

‘’It hurts.’’ Tears were steaming down my cheeks and I was sobbing painfully. Every time I took a breath, my side hurt.

‘’Breathe slowly,’’ I felt his hand on my shoulder and I shook my head. ‘’I’m gonna turn you on your back okay?’’

I nodded and he let out a sigh before pushing me back gently so until I was lying on my back.

‘’Take deep breaths, okay?’’ I opened my eyes and looked up at him through my blurry vision.

‘’I can’t,’’ I whined when I tried taking a deep breath. ‘’It hurts.’’

‘’I know it hurts but you have to breathe, okay? Deep and slow breaths, I’ll do them with you.’’ He brought his hand down to my cheek and wiped my tears away before doing the same for the other cheek.

‘’Deep breaths alright?’’ I nodded and he smiled down at me. ‘’In,’’ I breathed in and he nodded down at me. ‘’And out.’’ He exhaled with me and we kept on repeating this until I could breathe better.

‘’Okay, now tell me where it hurts?’’ (C/n)’s worried expression made my heart swell.

‘’My left side and my ankle.’’ I watched him frown down at my ankle before his eyes were back up on me again.

‘’Try to sit up, I’ll help you.’’ I felt his hand go behind my neck while the other one gripped my hand tightly.

I gasped when (c/n) pulled me up into a sitting position, everything was hurting and my ankle was throbbing.

‘’Don’t worry, I got you.’’ He whispered in my ear.

*A week later*

I let out a nervous breath as I walked up the stairs of (c/n)’s house with a tray of cookies in my hands. I ran a hand through my hair before ringing the bell. I gripped the sides of the tray as I waited for someone to answer.

The door finally swung open and a guy appeared at the door step. He looked older, probably in his twenties and he had the same features as (c/n), he was probably (c/n)’s brother.

‘’Hi, can I help you?’’ He asked with raised eyebrows.

I cleared my throat and nodded. ‘’Hum, yeah. I’m here to see (c/n). Is he here?’’

He smiled down at me and nodded. ‘’Are you (y/n)?’’ I nodded and his smile widened. ‘’One second please.’’

He took a step back and turned around before walking further into the house.

‘’(C/n)! There’s someone for you at the door!’’ A few seconds after that, (c/n) came down from the stairs and walked up to his brother. (C/n)’s brother pointed to the door and breathed in deeply again.

When our eyes met, (c/n) smiled and ran towards the door. ‘’Hey!’’

I smiled and held the cookies up to him. ‘’Do you like cookies?’’

‘’Chocolate chips?’’ I nodded and he grinned before pulling me inside of his house.

‘’That’s my brother (imagine a name if your crush doesn’t have one, a brother I mean). He’s home from university, unfortunately.’’ (C/n) pointed to his brother who rolled his eyes before ruffling (c/n)’s hair.

‘’He loves me.’’ He winked at me and (c/n) shoved him to the side. ‘’Alright, I won’t steal your girlfriend, no worries little man.’’

My eyes widened and I shook my head. ‘’Oh no, we’re not-‘’

‘’Shut up, man.’’ C/n groaned and punched his brother on the shoulder.

‘’You’re always talking about her. (Y/n) this, (y/n) that.’’ (C/n)’s brother was grinning widely and my heart was racing in my chest.

‘’Don’t listen to him.’’ (C/n) turned back to me and motioned for me to follow him. His brother followed close behind and we entered a kitchen.

‘’Huh, my mom baked cookies. She wanted to thank you for helping me the other day.’’ I set the tray of cookies down on the table and (c/n) smiled at me.

‘’Cool, I’ll have to-‘’

‘’How’s your ankle, (y/n)?’’ (C’s/b/n) asked.

‘’Huh… It’s better, still hurting though.’’ I frowned at him, wondering how he knew about my ankle and he nodded before turning to (c/n).

‘’Good, (c/n) was really worried when he came home the other day, he didn’t shut up for the rest of the night.’’

(C/n)’s face was red and he was glaring furiously at his older brother. ‘’Well,’’ (C’s/b/n) patted (c/n)’s cheek before reaching over and grabbing some cookies from the tray. ‘’I’ll leave you two love birds alone.’’ He winked at me again before walking out of the kitchen and leaving us in an awkward silence.

I gulped quietly and looked up at (c/n). He was looking down at his lap with his hands clasped tightly together. He was red from his face down to his neck and his leg was bouncing up and down.

‘’(C/n)?’’ I asked hesitantly. He ran a hand through his messy hair before slowly looking up at me. I gave him a small smile and he sighed.

He just sat there, looking at me with his face still red. I cleared my throat and he sighed again before looking down.

‘’Here’s the thing… No, hum- well, you see… No, it’s been-‘’ He groaned and looked back up at me. ‘’Sorry I-‘’ Before he could say anything else I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. I pulled back with my heart racing against my chest and a smile on my lips.

‘’I like you too.’’ His eyes widened and his mouth hung open.

‘’What? How did you-‘’

‘’Your brother isn’t very good at keeping secrets, maybe you should stop telling him stuff.’’ I laughed quietly and he nodded before smiling at me.

(C/n) took my hand and pulled me against his side. ‘’So, would you-I mean do you-‘’

‘’Yes, I’d like to be your girlfriend, if that’s what you’re asking.’’ His face reddened and he nodded. I smiled and leaned in until our lips were just a breath away.

‘’Damn, that girl has more balls than you.’’ (C’s/b/n) barged into the kitchen and I jumped away from (c/n).

‘’I swear to God (C’s/b/n)-‘’

‘’No swearing on God’s name!’’ (C’s/b/n) grabbed more cookies before punching (c/n)’s shoulder and running out of the kitchen all of that while laughing like a madman.

‘’Sometimes I feel like I’m the oldest.’’ (C/n) sighed and held out his hand to me.

‘’He kinda helped today, don’t you think?’’ (C/n) rolled his eyes and I laughed before walking back over to him.

‘’You’re welcome!’’ (C’s/b/n) poked his head into the kitchen and grinned at us. (C/n) grabbed a cookie and threw it at him. ‘’Alright, I’m leaving!’’

‘’God, he’s annoying.’’ (C/n) groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist.

I shrugged and rested my forehead against his. ‘’You didn’t say thank you.’’ I grinned at him before pressing a kiss to his cheek.

He shook his head and pointed to his lips. ‘’I think you aimed for the wrong part of my face.’’ A laugh escaped my lips and I rolled my eyes before leaning in for a kiss.

The End

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cruse au where Nico is the magician that performs every other night and Jason serves drinks during the show (but he usually spills them because hes distracted by the TOTALLY AWESOME MAGIC SHOW)

“So how’d you do that trick?”

Nico looked up from his drink at the barkeeper, that he had been pretending not to notice. “You’ll have to be more specific, I do a lot of tricks.” Nico cocked an eyebrow, but the blonde didn’t seem to catch the innuendo. 

“The one when you, like, shadow hopped. You were on the balcony all of a sudden! But last night you appeared behind the bar, and before that-”

“Oooh,” Nico took another drink, “THAT trick. It’s simple, really.”
“Yeah?” The barkeeper looked like an over enthusiastic puppy dog. Nico couldn’t help but smile along.

“Yeah. I’m a wizard.”

The barkeeper’s face fell, “Oh, come on. Really, how’d you do it?”

“Ok ok, not so much a wizard so much as a necromancer. I talk to dead people, harness the powers of the underworld, ecetera ecetera.”

“Hmm. I guess I’m impressed you’re making money off of your high school goth phase. I still want to know how you did the trick.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Nico tossed his head back and fought back a grin, before staring the barkeeper in his twinkling, gorgeous eyes. OK maybe he had a little too much to drink. But his glass kept becoming magically full again. Hahaha. Ha. “Really. I’m a necromancer.”

“I’m not filling your glass until you tell me the truth.” The blond teased, shaking the bottle of gin for emphasis.

“Uuuh, unfair. Totally unfair, it wouldn’t be ~~magic~~ if you knew how I did it.”

“Fine, ok, I get that,” the barkeeper shrugged, “But you do have to tell me one truth, at least.”

“Truth is only a matter of perspective.”

The blonde ignored him, “What’s your real name?”

“Huh?” Nico blinked, “My real name?”

"Yeah. We’re on this boat together for another MONTH, you might as well tell your favorite barkeeper your real name instead of your stage handle.”

“Who said you’re my favorite?”

“This bottle that I keep tipping into your glass. And the special martini you order from me every week after your show. That only I know how to make.”

“…fine. You’re right. My name is Nico.”

“Nico…” He rolled the name around in his mouth, and seemed to decide he liked the taste, “Nico. Nice, still cool. I’m Jason.”

“I can read.” Nico gestured vaguely to Jason’s golden name tag. Although, he would have to admit, he hadn’t actually taken the time to read it until tonight. Damn, he really was an awful person, huh?

"Right, yeah. So, how’d you do that trick?”

“You didn’t fill my drink.” Nico held out an empty glass for emphasis.

“Never said I would. Looks like you’re just going to have to tell me-” Jason blinked. Nico had…well, there wasn’t any other word for it, vanished. Into the shadows of the bar. 

“Shit!” Jason brought the glass bottle around behind him as he felt something touch his back. He was met with empty space and laughter, and he turned and saw the magician back in his seat, face flushed with humor. 

“I told you,” Nico laughed, “I’m a necromancer.”

“Yeah, right,” Jason squinted at Nico, who was staring right back. His eyes had a mad glint in them, and moved like shadows. Jason found himself drawn into his gaze, felt a shiver down his spine. He realized he’d been staring when Nico’s gravely laugh brought him back to earth.

“You were staring,” Nico said.

“Was not.”

“Was too. It takes a brave man to look a wizard in the eyes. Brave or just stupid. Which is it?”
“Huh?” Jason blinked.
“Are you brave?” Nico stood, sliding a bundle of bill towards Jason’s tip jar, “Or are you stupid?”
“Both, then. I’ll see you around, Jason." 
Nico laughed again, grabbing a half-empty beer bottle and sauntering away with a vague wave behind his back.

"Hey!” Jason yelled after him, snatching the tip up and counting it absent mindlessly, before noticing a thin slip of paper in the bills. He pulled it out and examined it.

Nico di Angelo - Wizard

Lost items Found. Dead resurrected*. No children’s parties- adult parties; negotiable.  

He squinted at the small phone number printed. “SO I’LL CALL YOU?” he shouted after Nico’s back, and thought he might have heard the boy laughing.

“We work on the same boat. I’m in the same place every night. But yeah. Call me."