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Summary: Jack and Merida have been working together for a few years now in the publishing industry at Guardian Fate. They had a routine, arguing day in and day out, tolerating each other for the most part. However, after one fateful phone call from her mother, things quickly began to change. 

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You know what’s funny? In a way that is not even remotely funny? 

I was going through my daily pre-work morning block spree in the tag, and after the third post of vicious ad hominems against Reylo shippers and instructions to die, I had this deep, visceral reaction of “…I’m a person.” 

The exact same thing I used to remind myself of all the time when I was in my last abusive relationship. Same exact wording. Same exact mental inflection. Same exact desperate attempt to hold onto the fact that despite what is being said about me, despite what I am being told I am, I’m still a person, I am valid and worthy of love and respect. 

It actually floored me for a minute because I wasn’t even thinking, it just crossed my mind exactly the same way that it used to with him. 

So yeah. That’s a thing that just happened. 

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Yall need to tag your head cannons and stop stating things as facts. Yeah that joke was funny but I'm almost sure it's because we collectively have this mind set why we see it that way. It's simply a head cannon.

People magazine literally made a joke about it.

There’s no way it was worded like that unintentionally.

And given that it took the majority of the fandom hours to realize it, no, it’s not because of any blinders we have on.

We don’t “have” to do anything, if you don’t like how your dash looks then you should unfollow some people. :)

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Vee, it's amazing isn't it. If someone tweets that they saw Louis randomly somewhere (no matter what city or country) - it would be all over twitter via the UAs, even w/ no proof (ie. Radio 1D actually tweeted he was in Switzerland! LOL) Worse, if he's seen w/ Danielle, it spreads like wildfire. But someone tweets that they saw Harry & Louis and it's crickets on twitter - no UA says they were spotted in London, everyone refuses to believe it. It's amazing considering they're friends & bandmates

Yeah it’s funny coicidence, innit? Almost like it’s deliberate…