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You need to be more self aware. I’m surprised you think you can choose your own image. From the audience’s perspective, you’re just a piglet and a kitten.

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🌷 (the ask thingy)

🌷 = favourite blogs

Ooh this is going to be a long one. Like looonnngggg so it’s going under a cut. Also this is less of a favorites and more of a “all the blogs I love and why I love them”


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Which 10 blogs amongst the choices fandom do you love the most?

Hi Nonnie, you’re killing me here I follow so many people and I love so many of them oh boy 😅  here goes nothing 

my love @jakesmckenzies‘ aesthetics are to die for ! Have you seen her cute page?? Go give a look! Chat with her she talks loooooaaaaaads about Jake cause she is WHIPPED! jk I love you meri maheera ! 

@kittenmusicals fanfiction are one of the things I wait for along with the update ! She makes relevant posts, has wise thoughts and is just a huge cinnamon roll!!! 

@tcntfsquad is my favorite too!! Cara is lovely, supportive she says she has no particular talent but her blog is goals ! To me she is the best ! 

@hollyashton‘s blog is the first one I ever followed and which introduced me to the fandom, she is very insightful has hot fanfictions, cute, fluffly long story short she is nailing evertything, she hosts choicescreates, posts screenshort answers ask just respect *bows down* 

@peepeetah has the cutest art EVER!!! She has funny reactions, and I love her random questions hahaha 

Whenever I need my amount of Zig, I lurk in @zigisbisexual‘s blog, honestly Hannah’s blog is entertaining! She writes cute fanfiction nonnie get over these beautiful fanfictions you’ll thank me later !

@zaddysloan @endlessraj @michellenguyens ARE HILARIOUS okay?? There captions under the screenshots always bring me to tears! Cedes is slaying the aesthethics and Tina and Viv are the queen to their writing! Read all about Jake and Mc and thank me later there again you’re welcome! 

@britaneeleeann-blog‘s @jebsplayshss ‘s @shazrystyles‘s @justapapercut @quinn-kelly‘s @stephschoices‘s art are GOALS okay? I love love love their blogs! 

@danimarkcollins‘ edits are super cute ! can’t get over @the-light-of-stars‘s furball’s art it’s warming my heart everytime! and my daughter @samantha-massey is rocking the twitter pages, @gayforgayle is a lovely that edited Maxwell into a puppy ! I looooove! @endless-vall‘s a delight! A DE LI GHT

Also @joyfulchoices has the cutest Chris x Mc fic! And @diamondsaregold compain for maxwell’s the bestest ! 

I’m getting anxious I know I didn’t mention all the people I stalk Love! I’m so lame sorry !! 

I know later I’ll come across all of the blogs I love like “oh yeah I love your bloooog!! But I forgot to include you” urgh bear with me it’s more than 10 I’m a slob

Okay EDIT : @uhh-the-green-thing is one of those I love the blog and my lame ass forgot feeling so so bad for forgetting my Jey 💕💕 cause I actually love your blog and your drawings! But my forgetful ass is numb so I’ll just add you now!! My little jey, always positive cute, huge Becca x Mc fan, adorable, even lovelier than any lovely and. Take amazing pictures I’ll commission her to draw my house haha love youuu sorry I’m lame!

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hi! I'm trying to compile a playlist that's, like, a blatantly cheesy "hey ghouls the bois r here!" playlist that maybe shane would jam to while breaking all of Father Thomas's rules, or ryan would listen to while hyping himself up for an episode. I already have the Ghostbusters Theme, "The Monster Mash" and the Sherlock theme on it....what other additions would u suggest?? (other blogs pls #chimeoffbro too)

my contribution: 

  • spooky scary skeletons remix (heck i made an edit to that song)
  • that’s it that’s all i have
  • it’s pathetic so i asked my friends

ezra’s contributions (@wheezeunsolved):

  • heads will roll by the yeah yeah yeahs 
  • In the room where you sleep by dead man’s bones
  • don’t fear the reaper by blue oyster cult
  • bad ritual by timber timbre

alex’s contributions (@buzzfeedunsoived):

  • thriller
  • highway to hell
  • werewolves of london
  • hells bells 
Imagine Owen Helping You After A Bad Night

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Okay guys so I posted this already, but I put it on the wrong blog. And then Instead of just copying the edited version, I deleted the entire thing. And now I am very frustrated, considering that it’s a decent length, my dad is pestering me about what I want to eat, my nephew is making trouble, and my mom won’t shut up. So yeah. This is my like, third time reading through this entire thing. 


Summary: Basically, you and Owen get into a fight and you “break up” with him. Overwhelmed by your mistake, you drink a little too much, and when Owen comes to apologize, he ends up having to clean you up.

Warnings: Could be triggering. Lots of alcohol. Some language.

Requested By: No one, I was just writing it for myself .-.

The empty bottle slipped from your sweaty palms, breaking on the floor by your feet. You groaned, tears leaking from your eyes and your fists clenching at your sides.
To say you were a little drunk would be a lie. You had just broken up with your boyfriend- Owen- and had decided that emotions were stupid and you needed to be a little numb.
Well, sorry to break it to you, but numb is an emotion, and god, it hurts like hell.
Not to mention that it was a stupid fight. You were the one that had ended it. Maybe you were overthinking things, or maybe you weren’t looking at the bigger picture. But you couldn’t help yourself. It hurt so bad.
You dragged yourself over to your sad excuse for a kitchen table, fumbling to open a new bottle of beer. You had always told yourself you would never drink.

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Ok so I made this for @asksodiumchloride cuz I love her freakin blog!!! I’ve been meaning to draw these two cuties for a while now, so..uh..yeah! Take my trash!!


So this is my 1st follow forever. I know it’s extremely short but, I always come back to these few people. Also i’ve been kinda busy with life and haven’t been active as much, so thank you to those who haven’t clicked that unfollow button, as tempting as it is. There’s not a lot of diversity in this one although considering my blog is like 90% jongin, I think it’s a given. I promise next time it’ll be longer and i’ll add different genre themes and such. Anyway thank you so much to all my followers you guys have made this blogging experience worth while. Even when I kept changing what I blog and experimenting with themes, you guys who stuck around, you seniors, I truly appreciate it. ♥♥♥  Also I didn’t pick a few to underline or bold anyone special as friends or mutuals. In case we have a miscommunication on our friendship status on my part (that would be embarrassing) and if we’re not friends cool, I still think your blog rocks but don’t tell me ssshhh. Basically if you think we’re friends we probably are and I love you lots and dream about giving you hugs, kisses, and pats on the head. Also most of you are mutuals so yeah! :) Also I just feel really bad about how little the list is and surprisingly it was hard to find this many O.O’ i’m sorry i’m a failure not that I tried very hard. So just message me if I missed you or something. I know i said I was going to do this a while a go but, it kinda got lost in my drafts then i had to edit it but here it is! :) I’d also like you to know that even if you’re not on here I still value you’re presence on my dash and think you are amazing and have a wonderful blog. :)


alkaimist, baekingkai, blamejongin, blondejongin, brbcrawlingtokorea, chocolatekai, cookaies, cup-of-exo, dayumkai, dazzlingkai, dewusional, dohdoro, dolldear, doresque, drunkai,


fan-qins, gyiyomii, incrediyeol, jongene, jongin, jongin-a, jongin-aah, jongincest, jonginniez, jonginsane, jonginsdick, jonginvskai


kai-is-a-bottom, kai-laydoscope, kai-na, kai-tholic, kaibility, kaicahuetes, kaicakes, kaicecream, kaience, kaiffeines, kaiiyeopta, kaillusive, kaimint, kaimorelikebye, kainae, kaiptivated, kairruption, kaiscrotch, kaisore, kaiyomii, kaurae, kim-jongiin, kiim-jongiin, kimjongsnoona, krisinsanity, krismegoodnight, krismehard, kyunggi, luludeery, mikaiel, mr-jongin, omgfishy,


snowseokie  thesexykimjongin


wu-fan, wuyifanxing, xcirquedufreakx, yifantasia


I want to say a million times, I’m Sorry.

I feel horrible right now. I meant no disrespect to @hp-headcanon or anyone else in the potterhead universe.

I took a screenshot of a post from march18 made by “Pottermore-More than just an Insider” on Facebook.

 The photo had no credit given to the original poster whatsoever, and it may have just been my stupidity to screenshot and post it on tumblr, without taking 2 seconds to think about properly giving credit. So I’m sorry.  

Yeah, I had no clue that the content was coming from tumblr initially, but I should have known, and there’s no excuse for that. I did not crop the picture, Facebook did (Edit: since then I just sent a message to that fb group telling them that you were the real source).  I had no intention of discrediting your blog.  It was never my intention to annoy or disrespect the user in the slightest.  I feel so bad now and I’m just waiting from a reply from the user so that I can remove the post respectfully…I had no idea she had a tumblr account.  So….I’ll say it again….I’m beating myself up over this ;( I’m deeply, deeply sorry :(


Hello there! ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ I’ve seen a lot of the follow things on my dash lately and many lovely people has been adding me to their follow forevers seriously my blog sucks so i decided to make one too since it has been a long time, and i want to send you my love so yeah… anyway(;¬_¬) i don’t have many things to say but i really want to thank the people who are following me and the ones that aren’t following me. Love you all *runs away ε=ε=ε=┌(;¯▽¯)┘*

Everyone in my blogroll is here! *Whispers* sorry for the shitty edit, i’m bad at making graphics bc Photoshop-kun hates me!

Bold: my absolutely favorite blogs ❤

Italic: my senpais ☆

/ # -G

0kamii 0takugirl akashis akirassendoh alastia altairis amuriita anorable atenaku atsush-i ayuriiz baiko bakamura bassamsenpai bertholdts bisshamon cherrydango chitouse chizusu e-x-e eimi-i eufleuric fairytailwitch furenai garekiz

/ H -K

hahamiya hakuryus hanae-ichihara hanaheichou haremhime harunoz hawuka hayasakas heichuus hhiyorin hitsuyoichij0u ikeukuros isupercell judalz junnoks kadrena kagiris kamiisyuu kanariiya katsuraz keiko-chan kiirochi kiramekii kirishii kirishimma krischtien koutone krizu kurogamis kurokucchi kuropiece kurotachi kurouusagi kurummi kuurikaras

/ M -R

maiyru majodsama mak0-chan mammura mamotte maruuji mawaruu mazusu melodious mihi-tan mikaeri mitsukamis mochi-bunnies mochiru myuun namikazes narusu notmi nyuun ocarine ohayocelestia ohbirds phantonhives rainnieday red-hanaren-hakuryuu rinnegans riseken rofita

/ S -Z

salujas seijurohs senj0ugahara sennenkoi sexjuro sexpai sexuoh shiirasu shirokkuma shuzuya ssousuke starukos switch-girl taikos taitetsu tateyamas thejacketslut titsuyas toukahs tsuihe tsuiteru tsukis tsumidere uchih—ass ukyos ulquioras utadas uzumakichan watashi-akuma xxvioxx yamazakisosukes yatoli yegas yukariis yuuries yuzuhira zeetsubou zeino

Sorry if i forgot someone or misspled the URL! 

External image


AYYYYYE okay well first of all please excuse the bad edit for this, I made this yesterday over my sailor moon high so yeah 

Second of all, I want to thank all of my wonderful followers and thank you for getting me to 1.5k+! I honestly thought I wouldn’t have a lot considering I make nothing special and that i’m not a fancy blog and that I rant a lot whether it be anime or bands. 

I also want to thank you guys for actually putting up with my band stuff considering that all of you guys follow me for the anime posts. I’ve been on here for a little over a year now and I’ve gotten to know a lot of amazing people who I can now call close friends and I look forward to next year where hopefully I will meet other amazing people. So thank you guys, I love you all!!!! (and sorry I didn’t put everyone I follow on here .-.)

italics - favorite blogs

bold - some hella rad nerds


a-phantomhive akahito akashis akibastar akirassendoh alexbenedetto             armakanamunra ashleynightl asukameguca atsushl attack-on-kanade           bakaagami bakamonos bakamurass bakashiseijuro blackbepo 
blessbasedmadoka bornintoperfection canalberona cassiestarfox
daichimanatsu dont-stop-me-from-dreaming escarletes fabj0hn
fairynakamatail fairytailwitch fulllbusters fullmental fyeahkurobas g1ados
gurrenlagging ha-kuei hahamiya haikyuuus hakuryus heartfilas


ichiderp ichigokurozaki ichij0u ikihiyori infiniterhapsody ishidasuryu 
jeaankirschteins jukous junkoschan juudals juviaas kagamiine kageyyama
karukocchi karutaa katydidnothing kazahanaa kennyackermans kingdraa
kingmahmoudhr kirsctein kitagawas kougaami kougyoren kouhaipng koutone kuriyahma kuropiece kurummi laxxus littlekidwithglasses littneryokos
locksters lucyheartfllia makoto-t meeredy mikasayeager mochi-tan
monokuma morgianafanaliss morgiianaa mukoros murasockibara namikazes nanodayoh naruzumake nawtsu nijimurashuuzo oginos ohayocelestia oikawah oshikoroshite pocky-tsundere prince-alibaba queenreiss


radio-kisses ratotax realgendo renhakuyuu rieko-chan rinmoustacheoka 
ryukochans saatoru saboadys sakanas sakouka sakuragikun salujah salujas sanjl saruhikoh satones satsukichans satsukikiryuin satsukix satsuyo
scribbles-kun sefatheservant seijuur0 seikis senpaiternall setsukocchi sexpai
shebaing shintaroz shishiohh shizacchi shokiin softjean starfighter-s sudohs
taikos taka-no-hime tetsurouh theakatsuki thesunkissedthemoon
trrafalgarlaw tsukigamisama tsumidere tsumugo tsunedere ulquioras viiridian
vivace-equestrian wherehewent yato-at-your-service yatoli yuikkos

This is like really late, but I promised I would make a follow forever when i reach 5k followers and that was ages ago so yeh here’s my 5k+ follow forever. 

First of all I would like to thank EVERY SINGLE ONE of my followers for following me, like wow thank you so much for dealing with my non-sense. Thank you for liking and reblogging my edits/gifs even though they’re not quality at all. THANK YOU.

So yeah, below are some of the quality The Vamps blog, these blogs make my dash brighter and I love their blogs and the people too!! (in no particular order) (i’m sorry if i miss people, im bad with memories):

simpmcvey || bradleyy || thevampsfeels || vampsoverload || smilesimpson || tristanevons || smilemcvey || sxmpson || cutebrad || thevampps || justthevamps || jamiemcvey || vampslamp || tristanbangmelikeyourdrums || ballconnor || bradleywillsimpson || begofmcvey || articbradley || vampslips || bradscream || williambradley || jamesquiff || wowvamps || thevampsology || akavamps || acousticmcvey || bradslongtoes || twerktristan || omfgbrad || thevamps-forever || bananatris || janesmcvey || omfgtris || wethevamps || latsnight || werethevamps || jamesdanielmcveyx || lebradley || vampmeatsix || vampsluts || hushbrad || jmcveys || wowthevamps || trisevs || feelingvampstive || jamesmcvey (bc it’s james’ blog and i rly want him to follow me here) || connorsdiary (bc it’s connor’s blog so like why not yano)

so yeh thank u!!

i am such trash what is this welcome to my first follow forever! this is a million years overdue but it seems being out of school hasn’t deterred my procrastination skills in the slightest *quietly sobs*

I just recently hit 800 followers!! I’ve had this blog for sooooo long, but I went through a hundred and two different phases so thank you to those who continued following me even though I didn’t post content they liked/followed! Thank you so much as well to those blogs who followed me when I just got into Seventeen! you guys are the reason why I really got into Seventeen so deeply haha

special mention goes to the lovely participants of Project Toothpaste! I couldn’t have done it without you guys! 

lastnightisawaxiughost ∞ jisooome ∞ rollinglikeawolf ∞ huquiayahao ∞ meaniecoupletrash ∞ toothpasteprince ∞ wonwooo-ssi ∞ seventeentrash-helpme ∞ jeonghanpng ∞ diamondlifetrash

also special thanks to the two networks I’m part of: hotshot-network and wonwoo-net!!! I’ve just joined but I hope to become closer to all the members!!

and now onto the lovelies I follow that everyone else should too! i didn’t bold anyone because I love all of these blogs and this entire list would be bolded anyway OTL. also sorry for weird formatting and also if I mention you twice bc I’m a piece of shit haha ;;

# - G
1004cmm​ ∞ 164cmwoozi2minlover-iamthekaitoyoursoo ∞ americanhyungbeef-curry-retreat​ ∞ bo0seungkwancamera-seventeen​ ∞ cantwithjeonwonwoochickencoupschoijunhyuksgfc0upsdiamondlifetrashdinosdfflowercrowns-and-nipplebraceletsforeverseoulbiased​ ∞ grown-man-woozigwihoshigyuwoo​ 

H - M †
h5nsol ∞ hansolsheavenlyhair ∞ hansvc​ ∞ hearteyes-wonhaohongjisoupshoshis-got-meiridescentwoojegukjeonghansprincessjihoonlyjonghyuns-insolesjshuahongjunqcoups​ ∞ kaisdonuts​ ∞ kaystans-17 ∞ markmybummarusgfmichael-hyungminghaonminghaozzminghowcutemingyus-eyebrowsmingyuscheekbonesmingyuzi

N - Z
nowonwooofficialcoupsofficialseungkwan ∞ pledis17saythenamesvntn ∞ screamingyuseokmint ∞ seokmins-angelseokmooseungkwans-gfseungqualityshiningmingyu​ ∞ sir-wonwootfwjisoo​ ∞ the8ghtvernolvernonyw-0nwoowcoziwon-boozewon-over-by-woowonwoo-wowwonwoojpgwonwooslegswonwoozizi ∞ wooziscalvesyaboyjeonghan​ ∞ yohansol

I’m 100% sure I’m forgetting someone, but just know that I love each and every one of my followers and followees!!

now, for the very last bit! these are the very very very special mentions haha

the8soo: gen gen gen, my lovely gen. you were my very first close friend on tumblr and I’m so happy I got to meet you. I don’t think I would’ve been as confident and carefree on tumblr if it weren’t for you taking the first step and offering the hand of friendship to me. I love you and thanks for being really fucking amazing. (also good luck on your studies!! I know you’ve been working extra super hard haha) let’s be friends for as long as we can!

l-eechannie: you little shit who changed your url without telling me. You are such a precious human being and I am really happy you worked up the courage to message me because I can’t imagine life/tumblr/the internet without you. we could have been twins if it weren’t for the tiny issue of age difference (and birthdays lmao) but I consider you one of my best friends and I’ll love you forever! here’s to a long-lasting friendship :)

actually this is the actual last part haha. shoutout to my irl friends who follow me despite me posting things they don’t care about (or even if they do care about whatever)

pandaroll445: yo you probably have no idea what a follow forever is bc you just got a tumblr but you’re cool and awesome and thanks for being a great friend even if i was a crazy mofo when we first met. everyone go follow my friend she posts amazing art and she’s very talented!!

twir-ling: xandra you piece of shit why didn’t you tell me you were becoming a young dancers counselor. anyway idk if you know but i dropped my phone in the toilet so i literally can only communicate through tumblr and facebook but hi thanks for being an awesome friend for like forever of my life and please let’s hang when you get back yeah? idk if this is even the right blog but ok everyone please follow my friend she posts random stuff but she also has a book blog which is probably linked on this blog so go check her out!

minghahahao: everyone probably knows by now but this is my little sister. you’re a piece of jack but whatever you’re cool like 50% of the time so it’s nbd. she posts dance covers and her own edits and other random stuff but she has a great blog so follow her too!

chelseaa143rice: (your url is so boring yo) my crazy kpop friend!!!! you’re literally like the only person besides my sister irl who understands my kpop obsession and we totes need to talk more at school! too bad we most likely won’t have classes together next year bc I’m taking 5 APs (kill me pls) but let’s hang some time yeah?

I probably also forgot some irl friends but I wasn’t going into this thinking I was going to emerge completely successful so I’m very sorry and I still love you haha. I’ll end this here before it gets too boring oops. Thanks everyone for being amazing and making my experiences on tumblr something I’ll never forget!!


omg guys I just want to thank every single one of you for getting me here, it may not seem like that many followers but when I started this blog I didn’t really expect to get much out of it and I may not act like it but it seriously means the world to me. also if you aren’t included in this don’t feel bad bc ilyasm and I can’t put everyone in this but yeah ily and TAYLOR IS BAE (excuse my crappy edit) 


screwyoudallas cuckoocaniff tcaniff-thot mendesmiracle magslay cashdarier magconisliife moaningmagcon zayumbae fytaycaniff suptaylorcaniff getmeawaterbottle espinosa-my-nosa nashtybabe carolinegrier carterreynoldsmother jackjismybae 
camerondatass  gilinskysweed wenashty nashtymira magc0nboys  splashofnash callmecaniff yanashtypuma hayesbae themagconfamily iconsmagcon baesicdallas camdawgdallas ughviners matthotspinosa gilinskys-bitch magcon-sluts frickmematt cuddlingmatt nashxgrier magcontho caniffsbaby mahoganylux nashgriir tin-can-dallas dallasmademedoit mylovelydallas mahotanylox king-caniff nashty-is-perfectxxx ollieandivy c-dallas baesicmagcon nashfuckmyassgrier totallymendes love-life-magcon cashtbh caniffs-bandana teammagcon httpgilinsky camdallus cam-dallas idkkmagcon magconships griernudes slaylorcaniff hoppinrivers grindonmeaaron taylorcaniffsluts sunshinegilinsky aarons-babe shut-up-and-nash-me magconboyszayumm jackgilinskie magcon baematthewespinosa magconboys24-7 griersnash


Okay yes I know I did one of these at 250 buuuut I’ve followed over two hundred more blogs since then sooo yeah. Also I’ve started interacting with a lot more people since then. And also I’m not sure that the mention thing was working like at all on that one so I’m hoping that this one goes better :D Also this was meant to be done at 350 but I am a lazy butt  this is the third time I’ve redone this edit for this ff soooo yeah~ 


Thank you all for being amazing and sticking with me through everything, be it thread selectiveness, irl problems/rants, crying my eyes out every three seconds over fictional characters… You get the gist. But quite honestly, based on the success of my other blogs, I didn’t dare to hope that I’d even get 100. Maybe 150 at the most. And that, after like three months. It has been two months since I made this. I am in awe every day of all of you. Thank you for being amazing :3 Sorry, I’m bad at talking on these things but I tried, and therefore, no one should criticize me.

If you are not on this, I am very sorry. Please know that I love you all but I follow, as of when I wrote this sentence, 725 blogs. There is no way I cold put all of you on here, but you are all lovely ^.^

Brethren Court

thepromiseofredemption: There is literally nothing right now that brings a smile to my face faster than seeing that you are online. There is a fine line between liking a blog and obsessively stalking it and I cross it on a daily basis with you. And for whatever reason, you still talk to me. And I love you for that. Thank you for everything you do and all the feels you give me. You are a perfect human being with perfect muses uvu this isn’t everything i want to say but i’m trying to keep it short

stilliprayforeverysoul: Can I just say w o w? All your muses are so on point, it’s scary. You’re so kind and amazing and great taste in musicals and I just love talking with you about anything and everything ^.^ 

camdintheshifter: W o w what are words? Both you and Camdin are just amazing and I love you both *hugs tightly to self* Okay no but you always have these amazing ideas, be they angsty or serious, and I jus tlove you, okay? Okay. Glad that’s settled then ^.^

iwouldbegoodforyoutoo: Okay wow so I still need to watch Evita buuuut fab Juan is fab. Can I say parental feels? Basically I love you and your Juan and it is actually going to be my main motivation to actually watch it someday. Thank you for your continued amazingness ^.^

magesofcyrodiil: We’ve been interacting for – what? Four hours? And like. Dude. You’re amazing. And yes, I may be being a little biased here because Oblivion is actually p much my favorite game of all time, but the fact remains that you are outstanding ^.^

one-of-the-little-peopleYou’re mostly up here because I know you’d kill me at schoo if you weren’t I’m kidding, I’m kidding! I actually haven’t watched anything Studio Ghibli, buuuut you’re making me want to give it a try. Oh wait I’ve seen Ponyo. Yeah, I’m definitely going to have to watch more. Thank you for being an amazing person and a better friend ^~^

First Mates {other totally fab partners}

a-mermaidsfork afinemanwithanobleheart alicemadnessandmemories atoughlittleguy dancelaesmeralda imcalledsnowwhite leavenowandnevercomeback poptartsandparlortricks princeofthesouthernisles trickstercaptain

Crew {senpais blogs I stalk from afar} {yes I know I'm not in mutuals with a lot of you guys but ily nonetheless}

actualproperclara asktheneverfairies atsixesandsevenswithyou biceps-to-spare bilbo-of-the-shire burntbreadpeeta butchonthestreetsfeminthesheets claraosiwald conceal-dont-feel cxnniver dragonmadeofice dreamyexpression entwined-but-never-joined fairies-of-the-dove finiis fxtzherbert gamemakxr grandxur hiccupinglasses hiddenblondie horatio-of-elsinore humanbludgers i-kan-do-zat ialapereji imperatrixoceana jimwhorattledthestars kingofdrxgons kirk-jamestiberius lapidemxreginam legacycaptain logicallyemotional logicallysuperior maestrx manxnthebox motherofasgard necessaryxdelinquency nosignsofpain oropherrrrr owesmeadance queenxfmoons quitelikedyou saveyourbreathfaster scarredbyxhellfire sciencewithashield shieldirector smokinshield takeoutthegunman tavarothranduil thattrailweblaze thechildoftwoworlds thrillmethrough undesirablechosenone undeterredbyreality vibrantooze whiskeymitch wishingforrealtrees wyrmlingsofsmaug xchristmascheer xninths xyoungwolf 

A Fine Man {amazing blogs dedicated to my favorite character}

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Landlubbers {personals that are cool as heckkk}

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i wrote most of this while caffinated past midnight please forgive me thank ^.^ love you all!!!

Greetings everyone!
It’s Cathy (wangdumpling), or previously sapphiree-sky~
So in celebration of 777+ followers (yeah I’m lame like that) I’ve decided to do my first follow forever! I know, the edit is really really bad but I’ve had no time or talent so I hope you guys understand^^ 
Since GOT7’s debut and those stupid got7 powerpoint posts I made, I’ve had a bit of a rush of followers, I’ve made more friends on here and encountered some pretty fabulous blogs who behold amazing talent for creating beautiful gifs and edits! And also just some seriously friendly and amazing people so this is for you guys. And I’d also like to thank all my followers because tbh all I do is hyperventilate over asian men on this website but I know most of you do too sO YAY FOR US. 

I may or may not regularily stalk some of you but hey it’s your fault for having such a nice blog ♥ 

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This is just a pretty small portion of you guys and I’m really sorry if I forgot anyone, but I honestly love every single one of you so thanks for having amazing blogs! I hope all of you have a nice day ♥ 

*excuse my shit edit im really bad at this

so guys i hit 1k and i wanted to celebrate with my first follow forever!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this
  • must be at least 90% 5sos


  • a spot on my first follow forever
  • your link will 5ever be on my blog
  • follow back if not already
  • ill reblog your selfies and compliment you bc you’re pretty
  • you gain a lame friend holla

*oh by the way if this doesn’t get notes ill most likely cry bc im a loser
im thinking 25 notes or this never happened yeah?

so im just doing this to thank you guys for 1k and for putting up with my bullshit and being fab followers, you guys are awesome <3 i love you guys!