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Park (Blind!Calum smut)

Summary: You and your childhood best friend, Calum, realise you’re in love with each other

Word Count: 3.5k 

Request: Luke smut where he’s blind and you’ve been friends with him since kindergarten when you stopped the other kids from picking on him the park and you’re in that same park and he says he’s scared he’ll never find love and always be a virgin and you won’t let that happen because you’re in love with him and you give him a bj and then do the do but you didn’t finish so he eats you out even though it’s hard when he can’t see and yes I’m in love with this concept please

Warnings: sex! (blowjob, eating out, fuckiiing)

A/N: I changed the request from Luke to Calum because I’ve already written a blind!luke au, I hope that’s okay!! 

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At the age of five you’d visited the park. It was a normal day, a little on the warm side, and you’d decided you’d wanted to play on the swings. When you’d tottered over you’d seen a boy around your age staggering towards them, eyes screwed shut. Being so young you hadn’t thought much of him, only really picking up on the way his curly, brown locks glinted in the sunlight.

You’d climbed onto a swing and watched as the boy moved along, sliding from side to side.

“Do you need some help?” You’d asked, wondering what was wrong with him. The boy had stopped, tilting his head to the side as if looking for you.

“Where’s the swing?” He’d asked, voice scratchy. You’d sighed and got off your swing before moving forwards and taking his hand. The first thing you’d noticed was how warm his palm was, the second being the way his lips parted to expose his twinkling teeth.

“Can you not see?” You’d asked as you’d led him along and towards the swing set. The boy had shaken his head, a sad expression on his face.

“I’m blind, mummy said my eyes didn’t grow properly,” He’d explained. You’d helped him up onto the swing and watched as he kicked at the ground and started soaring through the air.

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