yeah me too

Hey remember when Bughead stans tried to convince themselves that they weren’t absolute dicks contributing to aroace erasure by saying Jughead is only asexual and asexual people can be in relationships and even then, it was only in ONE comic while ignoring decades of canon? And then the Bughead sex scene happened and they all pretended like they ever said any of those things and made millions of gifs, posted about the sex scene for days and wrote and read smut and got off to that scene?

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do you have any favorite build cc?

ok so i don’t really have that much build mode cc so i just picked a few of my favorite things from buy mode

1. Neon peace sign

2.  S2 Ikea Chair

3. Old Mill Ivy

4. Bubble lamp

5. Trunk coffee table

6. City living posters

7. Wall microwaves

8. Potted-piary Plant

9. Felt letter board

10. Faceted floor lamp

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