yeah me and harry are actually dating

The Brothers Talk
  • James: Hey, Brad, Cody, Brody... What is your name, anyway?
  • Albus: I believe is Brandon. Right?
  • Random guy Lily is dating at the moment: Actually, my name is Michael
  • Teddy: Never mind, so we heard you are dating our sister.
  • Brad, Cody, Brody, Brandon or Michael: Yes, I'm dating Lily.
  • Albus: Yeah, so we thought
  • James: We wanted to tell you something, Micky
  • Micky: Is Michael and if this is the talk were you tell me that if I hurt her you will kill me, I get it and I don't have any intention in hurting your sister
  • Teddy: Oh, kill you. No,no,no...
  • James: We don't have any intention in killing you...
  • Albus: Yeah, if you hurt her she will kill you herself...
  • Teddy: We will just help her hide the body...
  • James: And we will make sure that no one will ever find it.
  • Albus: And that's it, thanks for your attention and have a nice day
  • Michael: *sweats nervously*
  • niall: melly I love you
  • melly: yeah about that....
  • melly: im actually larry af and dated you so I could see louis and Harry make out in person and not in a manip
  • niall:
  • niall: bitch me too the fuck

My friend wanted me to go to her volleyball game tomorrow (the 16th of October, 2015 of all days) and I was like “…I have plans” and she gave me a look and said “you don’t have plans, you never have plans” which okay no I’ve got a lot going on rn actually, but she doesn’t know I like One Direction so I just said “I have a date with Larry.” and walked away. Yeah… there’s no one named Larry in my school.

How writing Perfect went down
  • Harry: Hey, my ex-crush Luigi, want to write a song together?
  • Louis: Sounds good, my mortal enemy Harmoo! What should it be about?
  • Harry: Well, remember that chick Taylor Swift I dated three years ago for like two months? It should be about me and her.
  • Louis: Wait you dated her? I thought you were just friends-if that!
  • Harry: Apparently every girl I talk to I'm dating, so yeah! But let's write it in different rooms since we hate each other now.
  • Louis: about different continents?

“i once read harry’s journal and there’s six pages of knock-knock jokes and only ten of them are funny.” -zayn

“yeah me and harry are actually dating” - zayn

“i know the real you” - zayn

“there’s not much not to love about harry” -zayn

“i’m gonna hand it over to a very good friend of mine, with the best god-given cheekbones the world has ever seen, mr. zayn malik” - harry

“@harry_styles is my hero…i love him and think he’s so sometimes scares me how cool he is.” - zayn

“he’s just pretty isn’t he?” - harry

“look at him, look at his curly locks, what more do you want?” - zayn

“if i was a girl i’d probably have a crush on zayn” - harry

Okay, I need to vent and this is purely my opinion.

I genuinely think Taylor is dating Calvin Harris. Sure, it’s pretty sketch that he moved on from his girlfriend so quickly. And him and Taylor matching after maybe a month of hitting it off is pretty strange, but I truly think they’re a thing and it’s okay.

Am I sad? Definitely. Sad about Kaylor too? Oh yeah. But I always kept a boundary between me loving them and their personal lives. I never comment on their IG blasting that, “OMFG KAYLOR’S DATING THEY’RE REAL.” Because if that were actually true, they definitely would get worried because it’s obvious they don’t want us to know and so if we keep showing them that we think they’re dating, they’ll make an effort to stay away from each other publicly.

And maybe, just sadly maybe, they’ve just been friends and always have been and that’s cool too. Even if it’s platonic, something about them just screams special. Perhaps they’re each other’s platonic soulmate. That’d be cool too.

So as much as I ship Kaylor (and yes, I do ship them romantically, sue me), I’m just gonna let Taylor do her. Have fun with Calvin and whatnot. As long as Karlie’s still apart of her life and they’re both respectively happy, that’s all I care about.

P.S., people need to stop shit talking the Kaylor fandom as if we’re the catalyst to everything. We have a right to ship who we want if we’re respectful about it and a huge majority of the fandom are respectful. Just because we ship two girls doesn’t make us less a valid fan than those of you who don’t ship at all or ship her with a guy.