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Madi x Silver | Black Sails 03.04 

“[The Queen’s] daughter, I believe. From the deference she’s shown, I imagine she’s next in line.”

i think when i get into michigan i’m going to start offering paid tarot readings. all my decks are up there rn except like 4 maybe. i realized i’m in a very tight spot money-wise bc my student loan payment went up by $60/mo and i’ve still got my car payment (for the car i don’t even have anymore) and i won’t get another good paycheck until after april 10, when the car payment of $250 is due and 2 days before the loan payment so that’s over $300 all due within the space of like 3 days when i’m not getting another check until… well until the last one from my current job gets mailed to me lmao. 

so… yeah when i get into michigan i’m gonna start offering paid readings so that i don’t have to drain my savings acct down to damn near zero just so i can make sure i don’t overdraft my checking.

anonymous asked:

cheating is NOT a mistake and he isn't obligated more chances from her. obviously it wasn't working out, each year they're little reunions declined and the interactions get worse. the! relationship! is! over! and how would you know who she loves? you don't know her or her feelings sis, you're just a jelena stan that only likes selena when she's single or with justin. sit down.

1- Girl,who the fuck you think you are to come here ,in my blog, and say to me sit down?Lmao,bitch you  have nerve,huh.You’re the only one searching me here,girl,not me.

2-Yeah,cheating is horrible,everbody know this.But so what?Do you want Justin death for it?I mean,what is done is done.Justin at least was man enought to admit him mistakes.Something that a lot of people can’t do.
Justin is a survivor,everyone was enjoying and making fun. about seeing him fall.But he found the power to fight ,and now he is here,in the top of industry.

3- Yeah,Selena have the right to deny another chance to Justin.But she have too the right to  give another chance to him if she want,without Selenators dragging her.

4- Of course they relationship was not working out,I mean,did see how people is all over them?Media is unfair and make money using Justin and Selena.
Relationship is already hard,now put money,fame,media and hate of fans together and you discover why is hard to Selena and Justin make the things work.
All they reunitons are because they miss one another so much,that the mess and media and the hate is not strong enought to stop them.Just imagine love someone but can’t stay with her.It’s sad.

5- Girl,please.Selena still write songs about Justin.Do you think she do it for fun?Do you thing this is a concidence?No.She write about Justin because she still think about him.I mean,did you know that Selena a few time ago was lurking in a jelena page on IG and liked a jelena photo?C'mon girl,do you think that this is a accident?Lol.

6- Jelena is over you say.Hm, really?Well, so why Selena is still on Justin’s wrist?Why they keep writting songs about each other?
Yeah,Jelena are not together right now.But over?Oh,girl please,you know that’s not true lmao.

7- Yes,i’m Jelena stan.Lucky me,huh?At least i stan a REAL ship,with REAL history and love.Too bad that some people can’t relate lol.  


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

Remember when the TF2 fandom decided Engie and Sniper were the next big brotp? Whatever happened to that? I never see anybody talk about them anymore.

I mean, look…

I’m just sayin,’ we should really bring that back…I’d weep for joy if they became a big thing again. I think they’d get along perfectly since they’re both quiet cowboy types. It’s not hard to picture the two of them sitting at a campfire at the end of the day, sipping their beer and conversing about the little things in life as they both gaze up at the stars.

So, yeah. Consider this my plea to bring back this brotp.

really makes me uneasy when people who aren’t traumatized tell you “it’s never gonna happen again” bc:

1. it happens again daily in my head
2. where are you gonna be if it does happen again

it just seems like a very invalidating thing to say that’s all


“i don’t know how to say goodbye”

the lift kiss for @snowscharming ❤​ part ii of your valentine’s gift!

[part i]

drarry fic rec

these are my favorite drarry fics on AO3. the fics that are also bold are my absolute most favorite ones. 

20k to 50k

  • Lumos by Anonymous for the H/D Erised Fic exchange 2016 | 40k

50k to 100k 

  • Azoth by zeitgeistic | 90k

100k +