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Should you ask yourself "what would ______ do?" Les amis version
  • Enjolras: if it's a political question you could. Anything else is probably a bad idea.
  • Combeferre: there is a difference between "what would Combeferre do" and "what would Combeferre tell you to do". The latter is sound advice. The former..... Less so.
  • Courfeyrac: as long as you are aware that the answer will involve glitter then go ahead.
  • Grantaire: no. Why would you ask yourself this.
  • Bahorel: No one knows what Bahorel would do. He is an enigma of a man. He's too unpredictable.
  • Bossuet: try. "what would Bossuet TRY to do".
  • Joly: if you ignore their hypochondriac tendencies then this is sound advice.
  • Jehan: If "sit on a rooftop and contemplate your existence while writing poetry about the stars" is a solid answer for you...
  • Bonus -
  • Marius: Marius doesn't know what Marius would do. He asks himself this daily and still doesn't know. Marius is a disaster.
  • Eponine: "punch them". It doesn't matter what the situation is.
  • Cosette: thoughtful and empathetic advice. Go ahead.
  • Montparnasse: same as Eponine only more stabby
  • Musichetta: honest advice. But she knows what she's talking about so go ahead.




I really love this photo of Eddie, so I played with it.

I really loved @lesmiserablol‘s brilliant headcanons about Les Amis as movie theatre workers, so here’s my contribution (of course I take no credit for none of the characters).


One day Enjolras and Cosette hear about this new musical movie coming out in their theatre… What was the title? Les Misérsomething?? Enjolras heard it’s about a huge revolution, so of course he’s all for it, and Cosette heard there’s also some love story in it, and both of them want to see it SO BAD that they basically settle on the first available date and drag all of the Amis along with them.

  • Cosette ends up weeping through the whole thing, because she loves the main character so. much. Like, he’s literally made one small mistake in his whole life (it wasn’t even a real mistake, c'mon, he was just trying to feed his poor family some bread, for God’s sake!) and yet that awful policeman keeps giving him hell?? Instead of chasing those horrible innkeepers who steal things and abuse children?? Whoa, way to go Mr. Lawful! And in the end, when the old man reunites with his adopted daughter, she barely keeps it together cause at least he’s had a tiny spark of joy in his life and can finally die in peace.  
  • Grantaire has a sarcastic comment for whatever decision the Naive-But-Quite-Hot Blond Revolutionary Boss ever takes. “Uh, yeah, a barricade, great idea, that will definitely keep the whole national guard away! What could ever go wrong?” “Are you sure that singing that your little lives don’t count at all is the proper way to encourage your friends, Apollo?” “Oh, well, you’ve literally accomplished nothing and you’re about to die a very heroic death, this revolution was not a bad idea at all.”  (Never mind that he actually finds quite charming the passion and dedication that Blond Revolutionary Boss puts in everything he does.  Sarcastic comments are much more likely to elicit a reaction from Enjolras than any kind of compliment, so he’ll go for them.)
  • Enjolrasloves the political part of the story and follows the whole revolution with eyes wide open. What he does NOT appreciate is Grantaire’s sarcasm, and he can’t keep himself from retorting to every. single. one. of his comments. Obviously. “What should he do then? Sit in a corner and drink himself to sleep like that dark haired boy in the background? You think that’s a better way to get things done?” Cue long rants on how it’s better to do little than to do nothing. Cue a not impressed Grantaire answering with even more sarcastic comments. Cue an astonished Enjolras wondering why does the man have to be so fucking skeptic everytime on everything? WHY??
  • Courfeyrac and Combeferre sitting in the row behind them and placing bets on how long will it take for those two idiots to finally stop arguing and admit that they have the most ridiculous crush on each other. (Both agree that, judging from the way they get closer and closer as the discussion goes on, they will be making out before the movie even ends)
  • Feuilly, Bahorel, Bossuet and Joly root loudly for the revolutionaries, get excited for every fighting scene and make fun of that Shy Revolutionary Boy on screen for being soooooo madly in love with Pretty Blonde Girl and almost dropping out of the revolution just to follow her.
  • Marius tries to laugh with them at first (“Ahah yeah that boy is such a booby right?”), but he can’t help shedding one small tear when Shy Revolutionary Boy and Pretty Blonde Girl are separated and sing that sad, beautiful song to each other. (He also likes the part when they first talk. When the characters on screen sing that beautiful song about hearts full of love and romantic stuff, he pretends to yawn, lifts his right arm and lets it slide over Cosette’s shoulders, blushing like a twelve years old kid on his first date. He also unintentionally scratches Bossuet’s arm, but Cosette seems to appreciate his gesture anyways, so no problem.)
  • Jehan adores the soundtrack. All of it. He has a small notebook with him and he takes notes of all his favourite verses and rhymes in case he finds a way to use them in one of his poems. When the movie finishes and they get home, he hums the tunes all the way to his place. It takes almost a week for him to stop randomly bursting into songs when someone mentions the words ‘France’, ‘students’ or ‘revolution’ in a sentence.
La Résistance || WWII AU


Marius had been living on his own for only a short time and was already experiencing the harsh realities of life in occupied Paris. Without his grandfather’s name to protect him, he now was at the mercy of the broken ration system, the curfew, shortages on nearly everything… On one hand the city still seemed normal, but on the other hand it just wasn’t…

At least his papers identified him as a German citizen, lessening the amount of questions and sideways stares he got from soldiers and police. His aimless presence was already suspicious enough as it was. Marius felt like one of the only people in this city who wasn’t doing anything of purpose. And of course the papers left out the part about his true parentage, protecting him much further. 

It was no wonder the people of this country were fighting so hard against the Germans. And now knowing what he knew, it made Marius want to join in just as much. But first he needed to find food. And money somehow, as a job was likely never to be found and he would quickly run out of the sum he’d brought from home- no, it wasn’t home anymore. Especially not if he wanted to keep his head down.

It was on his fifth time aimlessly wandering around the block when he saw a familiar face. Nobody he knew incredibly well- just seen at events for the Party, in his grandfather’s social circles, but still someone who might help him orient himself in this city. “De Courfeyrac, isn’t it?” Marius called to get the other’s attention, “What on earth are you doing over here on this side of town?”

I was thinking of Les Mis and then I had a realization that hit me in the face like a brick. (Ha, get it? *cough cough* *gathers what’s left of my dignity*)

Cosette is the most important character in the entire Brick.

Let me explain. People say that she’s just there for Valjean to have a simulacra of character development and to be Marius’ love interest. But it’s so much more than that.

Remember that at the very end, Valjean gives Cosette the story of his life, of her mother, and probably his account of what happened at the barricade. Addition that to what Marius has told Cosette, so she basically knows about the whole story.

And what is Cosette going to do with that? Transmit that story to her children.

You’ll probably tell me: “Yeah, but Marius will do that too.” I personally don’t think so. Now, it’s not that I don’t like Marius – I love that dweeb, I really do. But Marius seems to me like the kind of guy who doesn’t like to talk about painful memories. But on the other side, I think Cosette is really going to take this whole transmitting thing really seriously and will make sure the stories of her father, of her mother, and in addition, of the people who surrounded Marius are never forgotten.

And since they will never be forgotten, someday, a new world will rise.

All that thanks to Cosette never forgetting, and telling the story of those who fought for liberty.

me @ 2:22pm EST: david and gillian probably slept together like once back in the 90s. maybe a handful of times. they probably tried to make something happen and realized it couldn’t and that’s probably what led to their estrangement in 1998. i doubt they sleep together now though, they’re just really happy to be in each others’ lives and supportive of each other. 

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