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Millard x Ymbryne Reader

(Author’s Note: This was a cute request by @mcgeheekam //requests are always open//enjoy!!//)

Your POV

I wasn’t the type of person to go out in the middle of afternoon, but who could avoid the warmth of the sun whistling with a tickling, cool breeze?

I found myself plumped down on the front porch of the house that used take my breath away with how massive it was back then when I arrived here - which was just yesterday - which is today and forever will be - but technically, yesterday.

Oddly being a fan of tragedy and poetry, Shakespeare had always been an idol to me and so I had a copy of Hamlet clutched between my fingers.

I’ve finished reading the whole play, watching people playing Ophelia, Horatio, Claudius and more in my head - Shakespeare calmed me down and so, I reread it, everyday, the same day going on forever, in this damn loop. I mouthed each word and only I could hear myself and I felt free. Perhaps just in another world… but yes, still free.

I always mouthed the words. Loudly sometimes. But tragedy somehow always had this silent effect on me.

This above all: to thine own self be true, 
And it must follow, as the night the day,

“Thou canst not then be false to any man.”, a voice continued, cutting me off my oh-so-poetic trance. I turned my head and my eyes caught floating clothing. Of course, the invisible boy, Millard.

My look of perplexity warped into an impressed smile.

“Hamlet. Too classic.”, he continued, sitting inches next to me. I felt we had to share similar interests. “You’ve read?”, I asked, looking at him. “Of course. A lot, actually. Happened to run into an old loop in Sierra Leone. You know, travel a little. Watched the whole play.”, he said. He had to be smiling at the memory. “Really?”, I said, with a bright, envious smile. “I wish I could see.”, I pouted, slumping. “We could go back soon.”, Millard nodded, looking at me.

My insides leaped. He’d do that?

“You guys would do that for me?”, I said, my stupid grin widening. “I would. Enoch would be grumpy as a gnome you step on. But, I’ll take you there soon. Perhaps just you and me. Nobody shares the same likings, anyway.”, he shrugged.

Millard had to be a witty gentleman and I could already see it. Even feel it in the way my stomach was always jumping.

“Aw.”, I said, having been the only thing I could respond. “I’ve reread Hamlet for I don’t know how many times.”, I shrugged, laughing a little. “It happens when you’ve read too much.”, Millard said, giving me the idea we were both bookworms. Or even the idea that we both would get along so well.

“We should get inside. I’ve something to show you.”, he said, straightening up and I did as well before realizing he stretched his arm to help me up. Or did I have to hold his hand?

I stood up, taking his arm and stretched a little. He wiped a little dust off my shoulders and I hoped I hadn’t blushed. He chuckled.

I followed him to his room. And I didn’t expect Miss Peregrine to actually stash shelves on his walls. Shelves with books, old and new, stowed in. It somehow knocked me off my feet.

“Wow… you are one bookworm.”, I said, my eyes tracing over the varieties of novels and poems and plays. “You’d be the next. Actually, you’re the only lass to look at my room and say wow.”, he said proudly, his hands in his pockets. I could see the form of his hands through his pockets. They looked rough.

How many times was this boy a hero?

“Could I…?”, I asked, walking slowly over to the shelves. “With pleasure.”, he walked with me. I took out a thick book with effort and slumped down on the wooden floor.

The Map of Days.

“Map of days?”, I raised my eyebrow, looking at Millard for him to answer. “It is what it says it is.”, he said.

I opened it. It was like an atlas but with dates encircled on specific areas on the different maps. They had names, too… names of birds?

“Loops. Map of all loops.”, he stated. The bird names were ymbrynes. And ymbrynes like me lead peculiar children like me. I sighed. But I didn’t bring up the thought of having to be responsible soon.

“Wow… there’s so much of us.”, I said, amazed at how thick the Atlas was. “Very little compared to before. Peculiars reigned.”, he added, crouching down with me. He flicked a few pages and pointed at a circle.

September 3, 1940
Alma LeFay Peregrine

“That’s us, isn’t it?”, I said, smiling. “It evidently is.”, he nodded. He was most likely smiling… at me. I wished I could see his sweet smile just as much as I could feel it.

“Do you get… sad sometimes?”, I asked, off topic. I really wanted to see him. “We all get sad sometimes.”, he asked with a soft voice as if baffled, but I could feel he understood me. “That we can’t see if you’re happy? That we can’t… see you?”, I whispered, a look of curiosity painted on my face.

He sighed. “It’s awesome to be invisible. Sometimes, it’s unfair. But you get it, right? I’ve accepted it, too.”, he nodded. My heart clenched. “I wish I could see you when you’re smiling.”, I said. “But I guess it feels a little more nice this way. You’re literally unpredictable but you still are so much predictable.”, I smiled and he chuckled. “Poetry right there.”, he laughed, probably red in the face. I hoped I made him feel better.

He closed the book and placed it back.

“It’s getting dark and supper’s probably about ready.”, he said, pocketing his hands again as he took a glimpse out the only window he had. I nodded and smiled at him.

He made me feel helplessly comfortable.

“You could take as much as you want as long as you promise we’ll hang out again tomorrow.”, he said. Damn, I would love to. So much. “I promise.”, I said. Instead of taking books, I placed my copy of Hamlet in one of the shelves. He laughed faintly.

The Next Day

I wished it would rain but it never would in this loop. I stepped out of my bed before fixing it and finally walked out, in my pyjamas. I walked downstairs to see just Millard and Claire sipping cocoa. It was way before waking time.

Millard was learning how to braid Claire’s curls while she yapped and instructed him. The scene melted my heart at how adorable it was. Millard would make a cute big brother to Claire.

He saw me and I smiled (back). “Morning, Mill. Morning, Claire.”, I said quietly and they responded. Millard let go of Claire’s golden locks and handed me a mug of cocoa. I sipped and smiled at him. “I’m gonna head down to the basement to see what Enoch’s going at.”, Claire said, adorably trodding to head to Enoch.


I was thinking a lot about Millard last night. I’ve been growing a liking for him.

“What now?”, I said, sipping more hot, satisfying cocoa. He did the same. “More books or…?”, he suggested. “Books would give us more stuff to talk about.”, I nodded, pouting. “To my room, then. And silently.”, he added. “Perhaps you’re the best at that.”, I smirked. He chuckled and shook his head.

We were under blankets on his bed, laying on our tummies next to each other like little children. We were reading a classic comic.

Moby Dick. Again, too classic.

“I always used to ask my parents if Moby Dick was based on actual events and I kinda broke down realizing it wasn’t.”, I laughed at the memory. “That’s adorable.”, he said. My eyes were fixed on the drawings and classy comics fonts. I felt his eyes burning on me.

“This story is beautiful.”, I smiled but I remembered reading it with my dad and that was beautiful. “Yeah, beautiful. Really, really beautiful.”, he said, which was a pretty odd way to describe a comic book. I looked at him with furrowed eyebrows and caught him instantly switch his head from me back to the book. He wasn’t describing the story. He was describing me. My face heated up and I smiled, biting my lip to avoid looking stupid.

“Um…”, he cleared his throat. “Let’s get to a new book.”, I said, to close what just happened. Before I reached for a new book, Bronwyn peeped in and announced breakfast.

Days went by and everyday, it had become a habit of ours to see each other and surf through his books. We’ve grown extremely close and maybe there are even little points where we’re straight up flirting.

The Next 2 Months

He was laying on his bed and I sat at the edge, reading him Hamlet, again. The first reason why we got along too well. The moment flattered me and maybe him, too.

I paused, looking at him for a while. I’ve learned to see him as he is and that flattered us, too. A part of me still hoped I could see his freckles… or his eye colors.

“Could we just talk, Mill?”, I said, closing Hamlet. “Sure, Y/N.”, he said, moving a little to set me some space. I set aside the copy and sat next to him. We stayed silent for a moment.

He sat up and faced me.

“I’m so happy to have met you and I like you a lot, let’s cut to the chase.”, he panted all of a sudden. My eyes widened at the instance but I felt my face heat up again, just as it always did around him. My stomach did a somersault. “I… I like you a lot, too, Millard. Perhaps… even more than that.”, I said. I chuckled all of a sudden and I didn’t finish before he pressed his lips on mine.

We stayed there like that, lips interlocked and it was special.

He pulled out and I was already melting. “I just can’t help it when you laugh. You’re so…”, he said, stuttering a little. I swear to bird, this boy. I kissed him again and held his face, feeling his cheeks and jaw. Wow.

“You’re an ymbryne and God, am I lucky.”, he chuckled.

Thanks, Shakespeare.

38. Part 4

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I already miss Rylee, staring out of the jet window seeing Joe close the car door. I feel really sad about this, but I also have a lot of shit to do. I need to sort everything out for Rylee, I need to make sure she has a team waiting for her, I am upset I can’t be there to witness this. To see her work and support her, she knows I will do anything for her. The SUV drove off and there was that, she better stay safe because I am only here for her. It’s crazy how at first my life meant nothing, now it has a meaning to it and I just want to keep her safe “we about to take off now” the flight attendant said smiling at me “thank you” I mumbled, I don’t even want to leave for Europe “you looking really sad right now” Blake said, I guess it is that noticeable “what can I say, your sister means a lot to me” I openly admitted “I see that now, I didn’t think any man would put up with her. She is a hard ass after everything she has been through, as a brother I had to protect her. Shit, I did time for her. When I heard Chris Brown was messing with my sister I was straight up not having it, famous niggas have a reputation in having loads of bitches. I didn’t want that for her, she is sensitive” nodding my head understanding “I honestly understand what you mean, I wouldn’t want my daughter being with someone famous. They fucked up and I respect for you looking after Rylee, we all good now though” getting to know Blake has been a blessing, he good people.

The new bodyguards seem a little quiet or maybe they nervous “Parker right?” I asked, he looked at me “yeah” they are very quiet “shit is about to be a ride for you both, are you both shy or some shit?” they both shook their head laughing “just Joe said you ain’t in the mood so we stayed quiet, we can have fun but our job is to protect” looking at Blake as he laughed “this is my future brother in law, he wants to do security. Look after him but I don’t want him in font line, just help him out” Parker looked at Blake “looks like a man that holds a gun” Blake busted out laughing “how did you know? I am joking, just trying to live a good life now. Ayo, Chris you got some good pussy on tour? I am trying to get me a girl” sitting back in my seat laughing “you know me, I got a few dancers. They good and very pretty but don’t be dicking them all, you need to pick one” Blake seems like me, I would dick them all but I have Rylee now.

Clearing my throat “I don’t want you to ever put yourself out there, with the fans. They just want to see me, the best way is to just tell them no. At times, I do have pictures with them but I can at most times handle them, it’s just the niggas that hate me. I still have those haters, you just gotta let one of the boys know if you see anything, don’t do anything. If you hurt someone they going to come down on me, not you. I employed someone that had no training, they will say I hired a gang member” Blake laughed “yo, they will for real think I am a gang member. I got you, and also Rylee will kill me. She gave me orders and told me not to have sex with no dancer but, why not. They cute” Rylee would do that, scolding people “you really want to hear Rylee’ headache? You got to be good, she doesn’t stop and that includes eating” I laughed saying.

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Touching my stomach smiling, Chris is just so damn cute about everything but I had to make a stop at Wendy’s I really needed some chicken. I can’t stop eating but now I shall make my way to my family’s home, they don’t even know I am coming home so this is a surprise “how long you thinking of staying?” Carlos asked me “erm, a few days. I mean you both can go home, I do not mind at all” Carlos looked at Joe shaking his head “we staying, you tasted Rylee’ mom cooking? That shit is beautiful” Joe said “who said you both staying at my family home huh?” Joe already making himself comfy “erm I told Chris, I want to stay there. Your home is good, your dad is dope as fuck. He be giving me all this knowledge about shit so yeah I am staying” look at these wanting to stay at the home “you lucky we have the space but of course you can stay” I cannot wait to surprise my family, the biggest surprise is the baby.

The bitch that lives next door stared at me as I knocked on my front door, she can stare all she wants because I don’t mind beating her ass again if she wants it “you want me to get your suitcase?” Carlos asked me, shaking my head “who is it!?” Kyrie shouted “it’s me Rylee, open the damn door” pushing the door open but it’s locked “wait, I need to get a chair” furrowing my eyebrows “get dad to unlock it” it must be bolted at the top, shaking my head turning around “everything good?” Joe asked “yeah, just the door locked so just waiting. You know, you don’t need to worry because I won’t do anything I shouldn’t” I know Joe didn’t want to look after me “it’s not you, it’s the people that come to you. I got you though” hearing the bolt being unlocked, turning around “one minute” Kyrie shouted, who locked this door “Rylee!!” Kyrie shouted dragging the door open “you look happy to see me” he jumped on me “I can’t be picking you up, you’re too big” placing my hand on his back “where is mom and dad?” seems really quiet here “I am home alone” not that shit again “seriously!?” I done told them off about that.

I don’t like Kyrie being home alone “who locked the door then? That was really bolted down” the front door closed “me, dad stood outside and told me to do it. They will be back Rylee, I was playing in my room” looking at my watch “school?” Kyrie stared at me wide eyed “look at this Rylee” Kyrie changed the subject grabbing my hand dragging me along “look!” he pointed, seeing the picture next to my graduation “they added Chris, aww. That is so sweet but that doesn’t change that you are not at school” glaring at him “I am not well” he faked a cough “do not lie to me, why? Seriously tell me why? I said for you to do good in school and you can come to LA, but you’re not” shaking my head, turning to Joe and Carlos “just make yourself at home” Kyrie hugged my waist again “I missed you Rylee” this boy annoys me on the phone and now he can’t stop holding me “I miss you too Kyrie, you better go school tomorrow” I am home now so he will have too.

Looking over at Kyrie, he is annoying Joe now. I wonder where they went that they don’t take Kyrie, I mean I know they don’t like taking Kyrie to the hospital appointments “Kyrie!? Why is there a random car outside and the door unlocked” Kyrie jumped off Joe “Rylee is here mom, look” getting up from the couch “really? What a surprise” my mom came from around the corner, she is looking more frail but I will overlook that “I thought you was touring with Chris” hugging my mom close “I was dad but I came home, I missed my family” I needed this hug, cannot beat a hug from my mother “oh Rylee, I am so glad you are home” my mom said, moving back from the hug “where is Chris?” my dad asked “you know where dad, he is touring” I said smiling at him hugging my dad close “oh yeah, how long can we keep you?” my dad said “a few days dad” I want to tell them now.

Remembering the fact they left Kyrie alone “so why was Kyrie alone and not in school?” they forget about this poor boy “he said he was not well and I had hospital” my eyes bulged out “when I said I was ill you dragged me to school! That is wrong dad and stop leaving him alone, tomorrow he goes school. Stop being soft and forgetting him, I understand there is a lot of stress with everything but he needs the love from you both” my dad’ one track mind forgets Kyrie when my mom is not well or in pain “well your mom needed me” I knew that “but still, mom you know it is wrong” my mom glared at my dad “I know Rylee, just a few days ago I have been in pain and I am sorry, I was thinking of me” now I feel bad, I feel bad about all this and that I am not helping.

I sent Chris a text an hour ago but he hasn’t replied, maybe he fell asleep so I text Blake just now to ask because I get worried and I shouldn’t. My phone pinged, quickly looking at my screen seeing that Chris has text me. He must have fell asleep and Blake woke him, I shouldn’t have done that now. Unlocking my phone to read the text.

From: Chris

To: Rylee

Yeah we can facetime and my bad I fell asleep

“Shit” I said aloud “what?” my mom said, looking up from my phone “nothing” I have the scan picture in my pocket, so let me do this. I am going to facetime Chris so we can do it kind of together, tapping on the facetime icon “Rylee can you help me with my homework?” Kyrie asked “I don’t get this” he held up his book “is it Math?” he nodded “I will help you, I just need to do this” the facetime connected “do not say anything stupid” I said before Chris did “I wasn’t going too, I ain’t stupid” Chris smiled at the camera “Chris, can I see him!!” Kyrie shouted running “is that my young G Kyrie?” Chris said “could be the grown Kyrie” I grinned “you’re not funny” Chris spat in annoyance, Kyrie moved my hand to himself “look at you, you gotta fresh trim ? Look who I got with me” Chris turned the camera “what’s good little bro” Kyrie’ eyes lit up “Blake!! What? Why am I not there?” Blake chuckled “I ain’t a young nigga anymore, I’ll turn up for you little bro” Kyrie ran off “Kyrie! Seriously” I shouted “why he crying?” shaking my head “I will deal with him later” Chris came back on the camera.

Getting up from the couch “I may get disconnected but I will call you back later, where about are you anyways?” Chris looked away “erm, somewhere over the ocean. I am about bored, besides Blake telling me who he finna bone” Chris laughed “don’t start that shit” standing in front of my parents “do I get to see him” my mom got her hand out, turning the phone to them. My mom put her glasses on “hey family, sorry I can’t be there just busy” my dad looked on in amazement “technology is amazing, you looking well Chris” my dad said “yes you do Chris, we miss you here” my mom waved, she is so simple “anyways!” holding the phone in my one hand facing my mom and dad “I have something to say” my parents are still looking at Chris “over here please” they both looked at me, biting my bottom lip smiling “I am so excited” I got butterflies right now “I owe mom an apology” I said in a whisper, my mom’ face softened and she knew instantly.

She placed her hand over her mouth “oh my god!” she yelped, pulling the scan out from my back pocket “you both about to be grandparents!” my mom is already crying, my dad looked at my mom “I am pregnant” holding the scan up, my dad jumped up from the couch and grabbed the scan “oh god, oh my god. It’s real, oh god Rose. We really are” my dad’ voice broke “we are about to be grandparents Rose” he said wiping his face “my baby is having a baby, is this real?” my dad said looking at me, nodding my head smiling. My dad held me “thank you, thank you god. I am so happy” my mom placed her arms around me “god answered our prayers for our daughter Harvey” they got me crying now.

My mom and dad can’t stop staring at the scan “I told you, I said you would be saying sorry Rylee. How many weeks?” looking up from my phone “eight weeks, I thought you of you when I found out. I am over the moon mom, I thought I couldn’t get pregnant and then this. I can’t wait for he or she to meet the family” it’s going to be one spoilt child “we need to make a room for the baby, you need to visit us. I feel we are so far from you” I got Chris being dramatic, I don’t need my dad too “you’re not far, I will always come and see you both and you are most welcome to stay” my dad looks in awe already “my grandchild, wait till I tell your grandma. She already wants to see you Rylee, let me tell them now. But Rose, I think we live too far away from Rylee. I want to move” he got up from the couch “Harvey stop it, we can’t move to LA” my dad is dramatic like Chris, this is why they get along “Rose listen to me, we will never see the baby” he walked out of the room “why is he like this?” I said to my mom “I learn to listen and do not digest” giggling at my mom “I do the same with Chris, I learnt from you” she is a clever woman my mom.

My phone buzzed, turning the phone around seeing Chris had posted on Instagram. He finally got signal then, unlocking my phone and tapping on the notification “come here Kyrie, let’s talk” patting the couch, I forgot to actually see him after crying like that. The post loaded finally, seeing the video he posted “oh god, I look terrible on that bed. I hate him” I said to myself, seeing the paragraph he wrote ‘God is giving me a second chance to be a dad and with a woman that will allow me to be just that, Rylee and I are expecting a baby breezy (It’s a boy, I predict it) I cannot put it into words how I feel right now but I am over the moon, I am so excited to know I am being a father again. Royalty about to be a big sister and I can’t wait for her to know this, I owe my happiness to Rylee she is my rock. The only thing that matters to me is Rylee, Royalty and Peanut so yeah, I am celebrating tomorrow night in Amsterdam! See you soon Royalty’ look at my baby, he is so cute. Leaving a comment under the picture ‘Cannot wait to meet our baby, it’s your year Chris and I am proud of you x’ pressing send “what is it Rylee” Kyrie said, I actually forgot to speak to him.

Let me post on my Instagram now “why did you cry earlier? Talk to me” I think I will put on the picture of Chris pulling that stupid face with the scan picture “because I want to be with you, I don’t like it here. I have nothing” Kyrie being dramatic “you do, don’t lie to me. You have friends here and football, I know you want to be where the grown folk are but you can’t be” he is just spoilt, let me caption this picture ‘I want our baby to be just as goofy as you and Royalty, I always said this and I mean it. I want he or she to have your ears, I couldn’t have asked for a better baby daddy’ smiling at the caption pressing send “I just got sad, I can be sad if I want to be” side eyeing Kyrie “ok, you can be but I wanted to tell you some good news. I am having a baby” Kyrie pulled a face “why?” he questioned “because I wanted a baby, that means you about to be an uncle so grow up” a smile played on his face “I can’t babysit Rylee, I am busy” letting out an oh “but you said you have no friends here, are you lying to me now” why are boys like this just because they don’t get their own way, this is why I pray I have a daughter as my first child.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime Opening 2
“With Your Voice As My Map” (その声が地図になる, “Sono Koe ga Chizu ni Naru”) by Hayami Saori

Yeah yeah! Bring on the anisongs!!

Thanks to school and technical issues, I took a while getting to subbing. In fact, many of the songs I want to sub already have their official lyrics released (which is pretty fast as anisongs go). But with a new laptop I had to reinstall my programs, my plugins and codecs (omg the worst), my fonts, and get used to my new resolution (full HD, baby) which makes all my old 720p videos look pixelated. OTL

Anyway, ain’t this song lovely!? It’s so much better than the first opening; the direction is a lot less cliche now, there’s a grand improvement in the lyrics, and look at all those sparkles!! 8DD

I thought the lyrics are from Shirayuki’s perspective when I heard it in the PV, but hearing the full thing convinced me that it’s actually Zen speaking here (which makes sense considering what happens in the Tanbarun arc). Also, I’ve tweaked my translations for the title. The one I used before (”Your Voice Will Become My Map”) is a lot more literal, but while translating this I felt that the above translation sounded… better.

(Also, poor quality thanks to Tumblr’s limit. If anyone wants better quality, feel free to message me. :D)