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Requested Tate Langdon Imagine:

Hearing the slam of a car door, listening to the voice of a teenager enter your garden.
It was all new to you, of course with your first Halloween coming up and all of the excitement building up inside, you thought that you were just hearing things.

Your front door swung open and a family of 3 walked in, not noticing your presence.This gave you some time to figure out a plan.

Running to the back garden, quickly grabbing the plate of cookies on your counter, you stood at the back door pretending to be the nosy teenage neighbor.

The sad reality of it all hit you like a brick. You were dead , murdered by your violent ex boyfriend in the very house you lived in, the previous Halloween.
Halloween was the only day you were allowed to roam the earth freely. Well not exactly free.

Your ex-boyfriend would be there to haunt you, of course after he shot you he’d have to follow you into the after life. He shot himself down at the skatepark before the Cops could arrest him. You were trapped in this house forever, and he could roam about the beautiful beach next to the skatepark. He deserved the worst yet he got the best, even when he was dead.

Sighing, you found your knuckles banging against the door. A boy your age turnt his head to the side and nodded with acknowledgement.

He opened the door with a frown on his face. You were taken aback by his appearance. His blonde wavy hair brushing over his forehead, his lips slowly stretching into a clumsy smile as you tried to find your words.

“I-I uh, I see you’ve just moved in, I live next door, just wanted to bring you some welcome to the neighborhood cookies, you can chuck them if you want I wouldn’t eat them either"you greeted honestly.

He took a moment to respond, watching your face very closely.
He gently took the cookies and placed them back on the counter.

“I’m Tate, Tate Langdon"he smiled and held out his hand.

You glanced down at his hand nervously. You hadn’t touched anyone since the night you died, was your hand going to go straight through him like Caspar?

Hesitantly, you took his hand, shaking it gently. Your hand connected with his like it would of if you were alive. You’d been cold for a year now, like there was a never ending winter that only affected you. But when you touched Tate, warmth spread around your body. And you didn’t quite understand it.

You let out a breath that you didn’t even know you were holding.
"Y/n, y/n Y/l/n”

“Would you like to come in?"he asked.

"I thought you’d never ask”

5 months Later.
You sat cross-legged on Tate’s bed, flicking through his Parent’s books.

Tate sat across from you, gazing intensely. From the moment he’d met you he felt that connection. It was love for sure.

But he knew right now you weren’t being honest about something.
“Y/n"he said pulling you out of your thoughts.
You glanced up from the book and answered Tate.

“You know you can talk to me about anything right, ANYTHING"he exaggerated dramatically.

"Yeah, sure"you shrugged.

"Like any secrets or bad things you’ve done, im your go to boy"he added.
When he said the word secrets it was like your heart had restarted and stopped again.

It was like your heart had leapt out of your not so ghostly figure and jumped out the window. He knew something was wrong.

And now was the perfect time to confess that his bestfriend was a troubled spirit.

"You’ll never believe me"you mumbled as you closed the book.

"I would believe anything you say”

“Okay here goes"you sighed, he listened closely.

"I’m dead and I’m trapped in this damned house forever and you come along and make me feel well… not dead"you said quickly shutting your eyes tightly so you couldn’t see his damned reaction.
You waited for the scream, the gasp, you waited for the "time to call ghostbusters”.

But it never came.
“Oh I know"Tate said like it was everyday news.

You opened your eyes one by one.
"What do you mean you know?"you exclaimed.

"I mean I know what happened here a year ago"he frowned.

"How?"you mouth fell open, dumbfounded.
He held up a newspaper article about your murder.
"Oh right, should of hid that"you rubbed the back of your neck.

"So did you take the Diary or not, because there’s some really embarrassing stuff in there?"Tate asked as he chuckled lightly.

"What?! No?”

“Oh okay"he said sitting back on his bed.

"Tate?! Are you not angry o-or Scared I just told you that I’m dead, my life is over. Finito, no more y/n, asleep for eternity, I should be in heaven…well actually in my case I should be in hell. But you get my point!!!!”

“No, I’m just in love with this girl that’s freaking out because there’s a minor setback"Tate replied as he pulled you into a tight hug.

"It’s a good thing your still here and I’ll do anything to make sure we both stay here together or anywhere just as long as we’re together"he nodded confidently.

"I love you"you smiled.

"I love you too Caspar"he laughed.
You grabbed the book and swatted him around the head.

"I would so kill you for that, but being dead is not fun at all, do you know how much I’m craving ice cream right now"you whined as you cuddled him close.


Requested by:  @donghyuckstudies Ah okay so I know you asked for a scenario-type request, but after attempting to write it a couple of times, I felt that this kinda fit a headcanon better?? Idk I think it’s because it’s more comedic and a bit easier to put down here than it is with a scenario. I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

  • Aight so you’re an idol (not at SM, the company is up to you)
  • And one person who you always looked up to was Amber
  • I mean who doesn’t look up to Amber tbfh
  • But anyways she was like your older sister it was awesome
  • And one day at an awards show she was like “Brooooo you gotta meet these guys”
  • And so that’s how you met NCT!!!
  • They were so polite wth
  • But you didn’t get to talk to them much bc your group was about to go onstage
  • But a week later
  • You were invited to be in a special stage!!
  • You’re first practice with the other people in your special stage group was at SM
  • Ooooh fancy SM practice rooms
  • But anyways
  • Your practice with the others ran a bit long and NCT 127 was supposed to be using that room right after you guys
  • Your instructor was like “ONE MORE RUN GUYS THE BOYS CAN WAIT”
  • SO one more runthrough of the dance (with the bois watching)
  • Afterwards a certain little shit named Lee Donghyuck comes up and compliments your dancing!!!!!
  • And you’re just like lol thanks m8
  • And he’s like “yo wait do you have the math notes for class”
  • “Wait you’re in my math class”
  • “Yeah I need notes pls”
  • But you don’t have them on you so he just gives you his phone number to text him the notes
  • You never even agreed to give him the notes
  • But hey now you have a member of NCT’s phone number
  • At school a few weeks later he sits down next to you at lunch bc there’s no more room at his table and Mark refused to move
  • But you guys became good friends!!!
  • Everything was going well
  • But then
  • The roasting started
  • “Yooooo Y/N what’s up with your hair today it looks like a birds nest”
  • “Thanks buttface I modeled it after yours”
  • This kind of stuff happened for a while
  • It started off really nice and sorta like bickering siblings
  • Schoolgirl crushes began to form awwww yeaahh
  • But then it got more hostile??
  • Donghyuck started to (unconsciously you hoped) make fun of things you were genuinely insecure about
  • “Whoa, the acne’s getting out of control today… Is that ursa major on your face?”
  • “I heard your voice cracked yesterday during practice, who are you, Jisung?”
  • It was getting out of hand to say the least
  • So instead of confronting Hyuck you just tried to ignore what he was saying and eventually started drifting away from him
  • Whenever he asked why you weren’t talking to him you just said you were tired or busy
  • During a week off in between promotions, the other members of your group went home to visit family
  • However your family was out of town/too far away so you couldn’t visit them
  • So you were stuck at the dorm for a week by yourself
  • Even your manager was gone
  • You had decided it would be a really good idea to binge watch American Horror Story during that week
  • Big mistake
  • You were watching the season finale of the Asylum season when the doorbell rang
  • You were fully prepared to fight a serial killer
  • Seriously, you had your blanket over your head and a pen in your hand in case you needed to shank someone
  • You opened the door a crack to see who was out there
  • It was just Donghyuck
  • “Are you, like, dying in there? What was with the little girl scream?”
  • He was absolutely holding back giggles
  • “Shut up Hyuck.”
  • You opened the door fully so he could step inside.
  • “Alright, Hyuck, what do you want this time? Food? Phone numbers? Blackmail photos?”
  • “I’m here to find out why you’re ignoring me.”
  • Oh shit
  • “You think I don’t realize it but I d o”
  • oh shIT
  • “Well you see, I’ve already explained myself. I’m busy.”
  • “You’re on break.”
  • “I’m tired.”
  • “You’ve been making videos of you dancing for your group’s youtube page.”
  • You just huffed and looked away dramatically
  • Hyuck decides to take matters into his own hands
  • So, since he’s so extra, he grabs you by your shoulders and shakes the crap out of you
  • Donghyuck was shook™
  • Dongshook
  • Actually you were pretty shook too
  • “Wait watia twatit– you just said you liked me”
  • “You said it first”
  • “Shit you’re right”
  • There was awkward silence for a few seconds
  • Then Hyuck just turned around and opened your door and tried to leave
  • He turned around and stared at you like you were insane
  • “Wtf why would I take a dare like that of course I actually like you”
  • “Okay good bc otherwise this would be rlly awkward”
  • Before he can ask any other questions you quickly swoop in and kiss him lightly
  • THen bc you can’t handle it you push him out the door and shut it in his face
  • Mark legit texts you like “wtf what did you do to him”
  • That night he texts you a cheesy goodnight message
  • You are so done with him
  • He’s so done with you
  • You are done with each other
  • Yaaayyy romance
  • The End!!!!