yeah life is unfair like that

991. After the war, Harry and Ron ask the Hogwarts school board to forbid students from bringing in their own brooms for Quidditch matches (to keep the richer families from buying an advantage with more powerful brooms) unless they have valid excuses like medical reasons. In exchange for giving all the Hogwarts Quidditch teams high quality brooms to use for matches and practice, Harry and Ron offer to help advertise the broom companies by being seasonal spokesmen for their ads.

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“You know, this is extremely unfair,” Reid says. “Hotch gets stabbed nine times. And he’s up and walking around like it never happened a month later. I take one measly little bullet and I’m on crutches for the rest of my life.“ 

Derek is just barely keeping his smile confined to one traitorously twitching corner of his mouth, lips pressed hard together. Dr. Spencer Reid, boy genius, brilliant profiler, tough-as-nails survivor, is whining like a little kid who didn’t get dessert. "It’s not forever, Reid. And that bullet wasn’t exactly measly." 

"So it dislocated my patella, whatever,” Reid mutters. Derek can’t quite hold back a snort of laughter, but he thinks he does an admirable job of disguising it as a cough. 

“Did you just say ‘whatever’ to me?”

Reid just scowls and swipes a crutch at Derek. The kid normally can’t aim for anything, but he’s dead accurate now, the metal slapping into the back of Derek’s knee and nearly sending him to the floor. When Derek gapes at him, Reid sniffs primly and hobbles away, head high. Derek hadn’t thought it was possible to strut while limping, but the kid manages it anyways.

“I’m gonna go drink some coffee and take a few Tylenol,” he says loftily. “When you’re ready to apologize to me for your rudeness, come find me.”

“Apologize to you?” Derek squawks. “You just tried to break my leg!”

“Oh good, we’ll match.”

Derek can hear him snickering to himself all the way down the hall.

Why the fuck are people talking shit about Sam having an imaginary friend? I mean, what we watched was that even when he had Dean, Sam was a lonely kid who needed a lot of love and attention; he hadn’t what we could describe as a normal and happy childhood. You can like Sam or not and you may got bored with all the introspection thing, but I don’t see anything there which you could use to hate Sam. Yeah, with Dean happened the same shit and he hadn’t a flawless childhood; he more than probably needed someone like Sully too. But just because one brother had any kind of extra easiness in his life it doesn’t mean that there were anything unfair with it. I mean, they both were (and are, they always are) fucked up, and maybe there were things that Dean had that Sam hadn’t (and vice versa, of course). And what? They both deserve ANY good thing they could get, so just be happy for the lucky one this time or simply don’t complain and stop looking for each single fucking reason you found logical to talk shit about a character. And, seriously, was it Sam’s fault to felt lonely and to make up Sully? And not even that, because was Sully who came to help Sam. What did you want for the 9 years old Sam to have done, to reject him? I answer you: no. 

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I know Danny has this rep for being the impatient crankypants - and sure he can be and I love him 24/7 - but sometimes I feel like this is such an untrue, unfair assessment of things.  It feels so superficial.

Like, today’s ep.  He gets scolded by Kamekona for going to someone else’s restaurant.  Because… idk, I guess he’s only allowed to go to one restaurant, ever, in his life.  

Danny’s like, “yep, sorry dude, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.  We just wanted chicken, not shrimp, but I’m sorry.”

Steve (teasingly) is all, “I don’t want to defend Danny unless I have to…” and “oh yeah it was disloyal, you’re right Kamekona, I get that.”  And he’s teasing, of course, it’s sweet, but Danny doesn’t even comment, he just lets it go through to the keeper.

I was watching the end of the S5 Christmas ep, when Danny gets handed a massive fine for Steve cutting down the tree in the rainforest.  He didn’t really want Steve to do it, (I think Steve was being kinda sweet, this isn’t me having a go at Steve) but Danny was like, “no, Steve!” and then Pua rocks up and says, “haha that’s 1.5k you now owe to the City of Honolulu, pls and thank.” And Danny’s like, “….right.  *sigh*  Okay.  Do you want to come in and have some eggnog, Pua?”  And he probably needles Steve about it later, no lie, but I reckon he’d drop it pretty quickly.

tl;dr Danny is a sweetheart.  Sure he’s cantankerous and I love that about him, but he’s the most generous sweetheart in the world, it’s not an either-or.  He can also be unbelievably patient, which I don’t think he gets enough recognition for. There are moments when he jumps all over Steve, but also moments when he gives so damn much to Steve that my heart flips.

Super Smash Muse

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“You’re unfair!”

“Yeah, well, life’s unfair.”

Maki sighed, twirling her hair as she watched the group of eight girls decking it out in some stupid game with stupid looking characters. It followed the same formula: with Nozomi and Eli tag teaming and killing everyone until Eli committed suicide over and over, giving her the easy win.

It wasn’t like she wanted Nico to win or anything.

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Sometimes I drool over Guren and Shinya’s friendship. Then I remember that Guren slept with Shinya’s fiance and bragged about it. So not only was Shinya cheated on but he was betrayed by his best friend. He had a shitty life to start with, and he had no real friends or family (his real family sold him, the Hiragis would kill him if they discovered the truth) to find comfort in. The two people who were supposed to care for him cheated on and screwed him over. Oh and then one nearly strangled him to death. So yeah his so called friend and fiance treated him like horse shit. But even years after that he’s as kind and civil as can be, no matter how much unfair shit he gets.

Dear Sam and Caitriona...

So it seems your confused by a few thing s in your newfound fame…such as people poking around your private lives, shipping, social media,  etc…so I thought I’d make a little list to help you guys out. Clearly no one in your lives is helping so…maybe we can.

1. You signed up for this. Yeah, that sounds really really harsh. I get that. But it is what it is. Giving up some privacy is the price you pay for fame. Yes, it’s horrible and unfair and not right and hardly good defence for it but it is how it works. You don’t have to enjoy it, and yes I’m sure it takes some time to adjust but it what it is and bitching about it really doesn’t work.

2. But the really cool thing is…now with social media, YOU get a say as to what that private life can look like! Yeah, with twitter, facebook, instagram, you suddenly have some control as to what the public gets to see and not see. You get to choose to put some things out there (like some celebs take the step to post the first picture of a newborn, some post a selfie with a new boyfriend…) instead of paps, fans and such and such digging for it. You control the story and it makes it a lot less impactful of story.

3. And on that note…if you don’t want people shipping you, maybe you should…stop acting like you’re together? I  get that there’s some flirting that PR calls for but if you’re really want people to think you’re not together maybe you shouldn’t be making comments about how Cait’s boobs are awesome, or about how you already knew Sam was the sexiest man alive.  Or favouriting a whole bunch of a tweets that suggest more than friendly feelings and even a straight up relationship. You don’t have to fave those. Plenty of celebs get those kind of tweets and ignore them. That is an option. Maybe if you stopped doing that, people wouldn’t think you’re together.

4. You controlled this narrative. Fans didn’t just randomly decide to ship you together. And yeah, some shippers read too much into photoshoots and the such but the fantasy narrative, you played into it and I find it hard to believe you didn’t know it the whole time.

5. Your friends need to respect your privacy too. Yeah, I get it. Your friends are your friends and you have lives and they want to be able to tag you and share things with you. But the second they tag you, your private lives with them…your vacations you don’t post about, your dinners out, your nights out…all of that becomes easy for fans to find. They have to stop that if you’re so keen on keeping things private. Yeah it sucks for them but it’s the best way to handle it. I have a celebrity friend (more famous than both of you…combined). More importantly, I have numerous friends who are really close with him…and when they go out, they don’t mention him. They don’t tag him in pics (even if he’s clearly in them), they don’t talk about plans. There are times I know he’s out with people, 100% know and they’ll tag everyone else BUT him. So fans don’t see every single thing he does and he get some control as to what’s out there. It’s not hard.

6. Shipping is NORMAL. You don’t have to like it. You can’t be blamed for not liking it (although you may have thought of that before you encouraged it). If it makes you uncomfortable, I don’t blame you. I’m sure it makes me celeb friend uncomfortable when he’s shipped with his former costar. But it’s normal. It happens in every fandom. You can ignore it. You can pretend it’s not happening. And if you feel the need to deny it, that’s fine…deny it. You don’t have to insult fans for believing in a fantasy of your own making.

7. Stay out of fandom. Fandom is not for you. It is NOT about you. It is for the fans and you don’t need to be getting involved in it.

8. You’re tired of this conversation??? REALLY?? Outlander premiered not even two years ago and you’re already exhausted with fans talking about your chemistry and the idea you could be together?? Really?????? You’re hardly famous. You’re brand new at this. You don’t get to bitch about being tired of a conversation. Not when you very much started that conversation, partook in that conversation and even had friends who inserted themselves in the conversation. No, you be happy that people are talking about you. And if you want the conversation to stop, ignore it. Simple as that. (and yes I know this may have been taken out of context but it didn’t need to be said at all). Be grateful that you have fans at all.

 So to summarize…if you want people to stop talking about your private lives, take control of what people see…and if you don’t want people to think you’re together, don’t let what people see be very very much that you like to act like you’re together.  And when people want to believe you are anyway, let them have the damn fantasy. It’s simple as that.