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CLUMSY AND CUTE (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: Can you please write something where the reader is really clumsy and people have ago at her for it but Bellamy stands up for her and he finds it cute how flustered she gets and he admits he likes her?

The day is hot and the work is hard. Watching the sun go down, you place the dry leaves onto the dead tree trunks and you pray to every higher being that this works. After teaching you how to create a fire from practically nothing, your leader Bellamy, gave you the task of building the campfire for tonight’s dinner. 

 As the crunchy leaves begin sparking, you lean down and softly blow air into the growing flame. “C'mon, c'mon…” You mumble to yourself, seeing the orange flicker building. You smile proudly, standing up and looking at what you’ve created, “Bellamy, come look!” You call, turning around you look for the tall, tan boy who already has his heart shaped eyes on you. 

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