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GoT S07E05 Thoughts

Fuck me. 

This might have been my least favourite episode to date and we had Gendry!!! Okay, in all fairness, it wasn’t a bad episode. There was just one particular conflict that I am not looking forward to seeing continue. 

And no, it’s not Jon3rys. I couldn’t give two shits about that right now. 

But let’s begin, shall we? 

For anyone who still believes Dany to be a good person, I honestly suggest going to an optometrist or retaking high school English because how much more obvious can this show get? I didn’t get to write down her full speech, but following this:

“I’m not here to murder…”

With this: 

“Bend the knee and join me or refuse and die”

You’re kind of a hypocrite and a really obvious one at that. War is horrible, I get it, and good people do atrocious things in war, but that’s why we, as modern somewhat enlightened (although questionable) human beings, have war trials. People may die in war, as that is inevitable, but there are certain acts that no decent human should perform even in the midst of war. 

I know I’m quoting Wikipedia here, but whatever: 

Examples of war crimes include intentionally killing civilians or prisoners, torture, destroying civilian property, taking hostages, perfidy, rape, using child soldiers, pillaging, declaring that no quarter will be given, and serious violations of the principles of distinction and proportionality, such as strategic bombing of civilian populations.

Do you think a man as concerned with portraying war as a clusterfuck of morally grey characters would place an entitled figure with weapons of mass destruction which she uses indiscriminately, who commits war crimes, as the main protagonist? Do you think that is a good conclusion? And this is simply going by this episode and not the mess Dany made in previous seasons. 

She had Randyll and Dickon Tarly as her prisoners. There was no need to execute them, or at least no need to execute both of them. If she wanted to make an example, she could do so with Randyll, but fine, let’s concede the fact it had to be done. She burned them. A slow, horrible, agonising death. She could have beheaded them, as was customary in Westeros, but no, she chose to burn them because you know why? She likes it. She’s done it before. Burning her enemies gives her great satisfaction of her power, but also it spreads fear into the hearts of everyone there because she knows it’s the only way to get them to submit. 

If she allowed them the third option of becoming a prisoner of war, she knows they’d choose that over her. She even says so to Tyrion, because guess what? The people of Westeros doesn’t like or want Dany as their queen. Cersei may be a Grade A Bitch, but she’s the bitch they know. She doesn’t have dragons to burn those who defy her at her will. Yes, she’s powerful and could still easily execute people at a moment’s notice, but they’ve seen her humiliated and frightfully human when she was made to walk naked in shame through the streets of King’s Landing. She is human and she can fall. To them, Dany wields her power like a god and not the kind they worship out of love but out of fear. What kind of ruler is that?

And let’s talk about execution in general here. We’ve seen a lot of it over the seasons, and what we always come back to as a code of honour and true morality in this grey world is this quote from Mr Honour himself, Ned Stark: 

“The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword. If you would take a man’s life, you owe it to him to look into his eyes and hear his final words. And if you cannot bear to do that, then perhaps the man does not deserve to die.”

Mr Honour Jr aka Jon Snow lives by this rule like a life motto. If he must sentence a man to die, he will swing the sword himself, and throughout the show, we’ve seen Jon do this and we’ve seen how this weighs upon him, though the culprits may be deserving. Yes, people die in war and Jon has killed on the battlefield for survival, but executing someone is a deliberate act. It’s taking the life of a human while they are powerless to stop you. Jon doesn’t take any pleasure in it. 

But Dany… She’s executed people left, right and center. Burning them in the most unnecessarily cruel way because she can and because it instills fear. Feeding them to her dragons which is even worse. That’s not at her hand. That’s cowardly and sadistic. 

You know who else rules through fear? 

“The only way to keep your people loyal is to make certain they fear you more than they do the enemy.” 

Cersei bloody Lannister. 

Yeah, let that sink in. And let’s move on. 

Jon meeting Drogon. I hated this scene, although I see how it’s important in establishing Jon as a Targaryen. I didn’t like it mostly because I was still reeling Drogon burning the Tarly’s alive, and yet right after, they have Jon bonding with Drogon like some special moment. But do you think Jon would even touch that dragon if he knew the horrors Dany had made Drogon do? Or the fact that she just executed Jon’s best friend’s family in the worst way possible? Yeah, Sam hated his father, but he didn’t hate his brother. And no matter what animosity there was between them, Sam is a good person and he would still be devastated by this. Not to mention we weren’t given all those Dickon scenes where the man acted with honour, kindness and bravery, just to dismiss him as another faceless enemy of Dany’s. He was Sam’s brother and so much like Sam in a way. I think that’s what made his death in spite only knowing him for 2 episodes so heartbreaking. Also, why this meeting between Jon and Drogon made me angry and disgusted. 

Of course, it also establishes some Jon3rys bonding, although more so on Dany’s side. Let’s face it, the Dragon Queen wants familial Dragon D. Her heart eyes for Jon throughout this episode was at least 100x more convincing than previous episodes between them. Jon, on the other hand, has moments where he does seem to think Dany is alright, but I still don’t see the same level of affection on his end at all. As always, he has a one-track mind and that’s the war up North. 

And I’m sorry but Dany’s attraction towards Jon seems to predicate on her notion that he’s as heroic and powerful as her. I get that he is and that’s a wonderful reason to fall in love with him, but it’s still falling in love with the idea of him and not who he is, because who Jon is, isn’t that person. He doesn’t want to be a hero or to be powerful. I know Show Jon doesn’t go into this, but Book Jon wants a family, to settle in Winterfell and live peacefully and honourably like his pseudo father. But Dany will never know that about him because she doesn’t know him. Take her asking Jon about whether he got a knife to the heart, the wonder and awe in her eyes as she asks him. She wants him to be just like her (or her delusional perception of herself as some kind of prophesised princess that was promised). Jon is who she thinks she is and she’s attracted to that, which is basically some Game of Thrones version of Narcissus. When she realises he’s a Targaryen, she’ll feel threatened more than relieved she’s not alone, because if she thinks he’s her then she’ll think he wants the Iron Throne and he’s a threat to her ambitions. 

There’s a reason why after all that Gilly discovers the Rhaegar and Elia annulment (which btw is such bullshit but whatever). Jon has more right to the Iron Throne than she does. 

What’s funny about this episode that even Dany’s Second Biggest Fan struggles to support her. Yes, he still will, but that entire conversation he has with Varys just sounds a lot like he’s trying to convince himself that ‘yes, all rulers burn their prisoners like a sadistic pyroqueen, and yes, Dany is so not like her father’. And the fact that her own loyal subjects are questioning her? Yeah, tell me again how she’s a hero. 

Now onto the main reason why I hate this episode: StarkBowl. But oh ho, not Jon and Sansa StarkBowl but Sansa and Arya. 

I’ve always loved Arya. She was my favourite character for so many seasons, until I fell madly in love with Sansa, although Arya remains in my Number 2 spot. But this episode, I felt such a burning anger towards her. After all they’ve been through, everything Sansa’s endured, Arya would still hold her accountable for the beliefs Sansa held as a young child. She’s changed and grown so much on account of her experiences yet she will not lend her own sister the same courtesy. It pisses me off because what Arya is doing (judging and accusing Sansa of things she didn’t do or for who she was when she was a child) is exactly what Anti-Sansa’s have been doing for years. And her own short-sighted, ignorant inability to grasp that this woman before her is not the same Sansa she once knew has now led her to being manipulated and conned by Littlefinger. 

What I can only hope is that Sansa is smarter than Littlefinger. Bran wouldn’t give Arya the dagger if he foresaw Arya using it on Sansa. And I feel like it is so uncharacteristic of Arya, who has longed for so long to be reunited with her pack, to suddenly break down by childish prejudice at the first miscommunication. Sansa is far more cunning than anyone gives her credit for and I feel that this could all be a long orchestrated con on Littlefinger himself. Arya’s not that stupid. I refuse to believe she’s stupid enough to underestimate LF that way and let herself be manipulated so easily. I feel like perhaps that fight between Sansa and Arya was for LF’s benefit because it felt so contrived, so out of nowhere. I know this speculation is also heavily biased by my refusal to believe that the Starks would fight amongst themselves after all they went through, but I do believe that LF will die this season. It won’t be at Sansa’s hand but it will be because of Sansa’s machinations. 

Now, onto Gendry!!!!!

The happiest part about this hell episode because fuck, he’s so hot still. That cropped hair, those muscles, that smile… Yeah, swoon. He’s also hilariously bullheaded (very like a Baratheon) when he ignores Davos, hits those soldiers with his hammer and immediately tells Jon who he is. 

In fact, there was this instant spark of chemistry between Gendry and Jon in their first meeting. 

“You’re a lot leaner.”

“You’re a lot shorter.”

The gentle ribbing of two strangers is adorable, but it also reminds me of Ned and Robert’s first scene together:

“Your Grace.”

"You’ve got fat.”

Now the parallels of Jon as Ned is nothing we haven’t seen before. Gendry as Robert is newer, and Jon and Gendry together as Ned and Robert is so satisfying to watch. It also makes me, a trash shipper, so happy because you know if Jon is being paralleled as Ned in this episode, you know who is being paralleled as Cat? 

Yes, that’s right. Strong, confident Sansa, who was called only Lady Stark in the Great Hall meeting. 

I know I’m crazy but I’m still not worried about Jonsa. That scene in the Great Hall just kept making me think of Sansa as Penelope. She’s there holding onto Winterfell for Jon’s return as he gallivants off on his many missions and overcomes his many trials. She’s there, always loyal and true to him, and maintains his kingdom for him

Boatbang may happen (likely), but Odysseus also slept with Calypso, before ultimately returning to his lady love. I believe the same will happen for Jonsa. 

Also, who thinks Cersei’s not actually pregnant? I think she’s beginning to question Jaime’s loyalty and needs to firmly hold him in place. And I think when he finds out she’s not after all he’s done for, all the sinful things he did, it might make him plunge that sword into her heart prophecy-style. Or not a sword. I don’t know. 

But that’s it for me. My head hurts. My heart hurts. And I maintain that I hate this episode because fuck StarkBowl. And fuck disrespecting Sansa like that



Long Lasting Lies [p.p]

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Title: Long Lasting Lies
Fandom: MCU/Spider-Man
Characters: Peter Parker x female!reader, Ned Leeds, May Parker, Michelle, mentions of Tony Stark,
Warnings: mentions of cheating on a partner, description of mugging, mild swearing
Word Count: 3,343
Requested: No, this is just me having major Peter feels at the moment due to me seeing Spider-Man: Homecoming last weekend
Blurb: You, Peter Parker’s girlfriend, have noticed that Peter has distanced himself, and have caught him lying on multiple occasions. When you confront him after being saved by Spider-Man, you are unaware that his excuse is only another one of his lies.
A/N: I have been super busy with exams, school and other personal things, which is why I’ve been so absent, but I’m hoping to update more frequently now that they’re over but I can’t be sure! Remember, I live in Australia where the school year ends in December so we’re only on winter break at the moment. ALSO I ONLY PROOF-READ THIS ONCE I’M SORRY IT’S LITERALLY 1:33AM DON’T KILL ME

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name
[L/N] = your last name 

The first time that Peter Parker lied to you was over the phone. You had just gotten ready for the date you had both planned as a post-midterms celebration when the familiar tune of your ringtone graced your ears. At the sight of Peter’s Caller ID, you had managed to grin before picking up. 

“I’m absolutely starving, Parker.” you greeted, taking a seat on your bed and tucking your left leg under your right. “You better have made reservations at the pizza parlour because you know how busy they can get on Fridays,” you added, and when Peter said nothing, you raised an eyebrow. “Peter?” 

“I’m here,” he assured you since it sounded like he wasn’t present in the conversation at all. “I’m here, sorry,” Peter mumbled his apology before taking a deep breath, one that you could hear even over the phone.

“Are you okay?” you inquired, immediately noticing the edge in his voice. “What’s up?”

“I’m so, so incredibly sorry that I’m doing this to you,” was what Peter chose to lead with. “But I can’t make it tonight.” 

For a moment, you the nervous feeling in your stomach turned into disappointment, but you shook it off quickly, knowing that there was always a good reason for Peter’s cancellations. “That’s okay. What came up?” you asked. “Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine, don’t worry about it.” something about the way Peter was speaking — perhaps it was the way his usually nonchalant voice seemed strained — made you immediately come to the conclusion that he was lying to you. 

“Peter,” You began slowly, putting a smile on your face, knowing that this would make your voice sound less worried than you truly were. “If there’s something going on, I’m not going to hate you for telling me. I’d really rather know than, well, not know.” you paused, giving Peter a minute.

“It’s nothing, I swear. Just some emergency stuff came up with Ned and I really have to be there for him is all.” Peter lied so smoothly that you almost believed him, but the waver in his voice when he swore he was telling the truth was enough to expose his fibbing.

“Alright,” you allowed yourself to frown. “Well, I hope everything’s okay with Ned. Let me know what happens when you can, okay?”

“Of course, love you!” and with that, Peter hung up the phone. You were sat on your bed for a moment, phone pressed to your cheek before you realised that he was gone. You lowered your phone onto your bed and sighed, glancing around your room, digesting the conversation you had just had with your boyfriend. Things with you and Peter were still relatively new, going on roughly five months, but you had known Peter since the beginning of high school, which was over a year and a half ago. In this time, you had really gotten to know Peter and his quirks, including what he sounded like when he lied.

Deciding that you still deserved some sort of post-midterms treat, you reached for your phone again and dialled Michelle’s phone number as you pulled off your black lace-up heels. 

“Hey, Y/N.” Michelle greeted you, her voice slightly more vibrant than usual. “I thought you were going out with Peter tonight?” 

“I was,” you confirmed, getting to your feet and comfortably pacing your room. “He just cancelled though, so I’m all free! I was wondering if you might accept a stray into your Friday night plans?” you asked hopefully. 

“Well you know how I feel about taking in strays, everyone’s welcome,” Michelle continued your banter. “Actually, Ned and I were just going to get something to eat so why don’t you join us?” This made you frown.

“You’re heading out to eat with Ned? Like, right now?” you questioned slowly, letting it sink in.

“Yeah, we’re on our way out, but we can totally meet up with you! Ned scored us a table at that pizzeria that we all like by promising that we’d be there in at least twenty minutes. Are you up for that?”

You paused. “Yeah, totally.” you agreed. “I’ll meet you guys there. And Ned’s good?” you asked, making sure that you weren’t imagining things.

“He’s pretty jazzed that midterms are over and his deteriorating test-stress has finally been demolished,” Michelle said, and you heard Ned loudly protesting over the phone. “We’re all good. So we’ll see you in twenty?” 

“See you then.” you agreed before bidding Michelle farewell. You hung up and frowned, the idea that you had about Peter lying confirmed. If there was an emergency with Ned, why would he be going out for pizza with Michelle? Suddenly, the combination of your lace camisole top, skinny jeans and leather jacket seemed a little too dressed up just to get pizza with Ned and Michelle. Going on a date with Peter allowed for the camisole and heels, but dinner with friends didn’t seem like it needed as much special effort. 

Frowning, you stripped off the leather jacket and began to rummage through your closet in order to find a replacement for the camisole, choosing a Nasa t-shirt — which you were certain belonged to Peter — and pulled that on instead. You opted for a pair of old sneakers and pulled the jacket back on before grabbing your bag and phone heading out the door to meet your friends.

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Okay time for another Burr-and-Hamilton’s-tragic-friendship meta analysis because apparently I cannot stop seeing these things.

Someone pointed out in a post a little while ago (that unfortunately I can’t find, or else I would link to it) the genius of the musical themes of Hamilton, and specifically how it applied to Alexander and Eliza’s relationship. It focused on how Alexander was never quite singing the same tune or matching Eliza’s style until “It’s Quiet Uptown.” Another meta-post along the same vein mentioned how Angelica was instantly on Hamilton’s level in the underlying musical sense when they first met: you see it in Satisfied, when he says “Alexander Hamilton,” she replies in the exact same tune, “Where’s your family from?” and then he shoots back also in the same tune, “Unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done.” They’re matching each other musically for the entire conversation, just as Angelica describes, even though throughout the show they both have their own distinct styles and themes.

The one other person who has a very different singing style than Hamilton, but specifically matches Hamilton when he wants to, and the only other person that Hamilton as well makes a specific effort to match in various songs, is Burr. The first one that I noticed was one of my favorite exchanges in the whole show, the Levi Weeks case in Non-Stop:

Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me.
Are you aware that we’re making history?
This is the first murder trial of our brand new nation,
The liberty behind deliberation!
I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt with my assistant counsel—

Co counsel! Hamilton, sit down!
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent, call your first witness.
That’s all you had to say!

Hamilton is shooting off at the mouth, and Burr matches him word for word, the same speed, the same style, which absolutely no one else is able to do, at least not when Hamilton is on a long angry rant. This moment highlights the underlying fact that Burr isn’t just some jealous villain, he’s a true foil to Hamilton. He was a genius, he applied to Princeton at eleven, applied again and got in when he was thirteen. That “graduated in two”? Yeah. That happened when he was thirteen to sixteen, let that sink in.

Burr can match Hamilton completely when he chooses to, he just rarely chooses to. In fact, the irony of the exchange in Non-Stop is that Burr gets frustrated enough with Hamilton and Hamilton’s inability to shut up inadvertently insulting him (assistant counsel? assistant? seriously Hamilton?) that he is pushed to act more like Hamilton, and in acting more like Hamilton, succeeds in shutting Hamilton up. Which is pretty much exactly how and why the duel happens.

But no, in my opinion, the more tragic are the times when Hamilton matches Burr. Allow me to direct you to “Story of Tonight (Reprise)”:

Congrats again, Alexander.
Smile more.
I’ll see you on the other side of the war.

I will never understand you.

Hamilton emulates Burr’s tone and tune exactly to tell him, “I will never understand you.” Because that’s Hamilton trying to understand Burr, that’s Hamilton on the underlying musical level making the effort to sing as Burr sings, to speak as Burr speaks, he’s asking Burr to let him in. *Let me* understand you. Burr being Burr keeps his cards close to his chest, and walks away. The effort was there, the invitation was there, that is the first time in the show, arguably, that Hamilton actively changes his style to match someone else’s. And Burr walks away, because Burr is terrified about people caring about him. In “Wait For It,” he’s perfectly fine admitting that he has feelings about Theodosia, but he devotes an entire verse to “what in the world is the reason that I am at her side and that she cares about me when there are a whole bunch of other people who have tried too.” Burr isn’t scared about loving people, he’s scared of them loving him, he doesn’t understand why or how it happens. The line isn’t “everyone I love has died”, it’s “everyone who loves me has died.”

Burr walks away because the possibility of Hamilton caring about him is more than he wants to deal with. Goodbye I have disintegrated into a puddle of tears. 

But no, that’s not even the worst part! The worst part is how Hamilton argues with people. The precedent is set in “Farmer Refuted.” Hamilton takes a very specific tone and rhythm as a counterpoint to someone singing.

Allow me to direct you to “Your Obedient Servant.” Burr begins the song by singing his letters, and Hamilton practically speaks his letters back. He takes a different tone, he employs a different rhythm, because that’s how he confronts people. He only matches Burr back when it’s utterly dripping in sarcasm: I have the honor to be your obedient servant, A. Ham. Burr keeps singing back (“Careful how you proceed, good man—“) as he keeps just trying to ask for an apology, and Hamilton keeps his own infuriated style at least musically in replying (“Burr, your grievance is legitimate, I stand by what I said, every bit of it”) and it’s Burr that has to match Hamilton—when Burr finally challenges Hamilton to the duel, Burr is speaking, not singing:

Then stand, Alexander,
Weehawken. Dawn.
Guns drawn.

(Although even then, it’s not ~perfectly~ matching Hamilton: the words are slow, they all have weight, they’re carefully pronounced, they’re well thought-out and well chosen. Succinct, persuasive indeed. But Burr is speaking, he’s not singing anymore, he’s taking this down to Hamilton’s level, which is the “fight me” level.)

And then, one last time, Alexander matches Burr perfectly:

You’re on.

riko sakurauchi and nozomi tojo meet one unlikely afternoon and have a chat over tea and cake. they discover they have many things in common.

“you know what?” nozomi says at some point.

“yeah?” riko says in the midst of slicing her cake.

only a wall is before her, but nozomi’s gaze is distant and intense. “girls…”

riko lets her words sink in. “…you know what? yeah,” she says. “girls”

the two nod, their mutual understanding perfect as the infinite cosmos


I’m on a posting spree and I hope you guys don’t mind! This one here is dedicated to the sweetest Swiss gal out there: @thesmutofthemendes

I love ‘The Storm Within’ so much and I just wanted to thank you for being your lovely self and for reading this yesterday! Warning: Smut ahead

The basses were drumming loud in their ears as they screamed their lungs out.

There were some perks of being best friends with Shawn Mendes.

VIP tickets for that John Mayer concert in Toronto were certainly one of them.

She danced to the live music, a cup of beer in her hand while Brian and Ian were goofing around, snapping the concert and taking selfies. They were clearly drunk by now and she was actually afraid they might fall down the box but somehow they managed to stay inside.

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What Lies Underneath (Part Four)

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1,235

Summary: You can’t stand Tony Stark. But when your job is put on the line, you’re forced into isolation with him for several months.

Warnings: Swearing, reader having a panic attack

Author’s Note: Things are taking a turn… :)

Part 3

           Tony shot up in his bed, a cry for help halfway out of his throat before he realized where he was. He ran a hand over his face, his fingertips sliding across the sweat drenching his skin from the nightmares. He was having flashbacks to everything- being trapped in the cave in Afghanistan, the battle of New York, Ultron, Pepper leaving him.

           And all while trapped in this goddamned house with you and nowhere to seek refuge.

           He turned on his side, tucking the covers over him as he laid his head on the pillow, hoping that he could at least get a couple hours of sleep tonight.

           The days dragged into one another. You hadn’t had a single day of sunshine or mild weather in weeks, which wasn’t helping your mood. You could feel your body managing to take you through your regular daily motions- eating, showering, maintaining the house- but it didn’t feel the same. You felt like a ghost of your former self, spending countless amounts of time lying in bed or staring at the wall as the ugly words you had shouted at Tony played on an endless loop in your head.

           ‘Asshole. I know everything about you. What is there to like about you?’

           Although you had meant everything you had said at the time, you still felt like a monster. You and Tony thankfully hadn’t seen much of each other since the incident. You both knew you were in the wrong, but both of you were far too stubborn to be the bigger person and apologize first. And on the rare occasions when you did run into each other, you kept your heads down, avoiding each other’s eyes. Tony had settled for pretty much camping out in the shed, nary coming into the house at all anymore. Or if he did, it was when you were out, in the bathroom, or asleep. He wanted to keep the awkward encounters to a minimum.

           One morning, you were looking over the minimal contents of your fridge as you checked over your grocery list one last time, making sure you hadn’t missed anything. After tucking it away in your purse, ready to head out, Tony came in through the kitchen door, and your eyes both met at the same time.

           There was a brief moment of shock, guilt even, before your expressions hardened and you carried on, returning to your usual facades.

           “I’m going out,” you said plainly, zipping up your purse and slinging it over your shoulder.

           Tony barely gave you a glance as he poured himself a glass of water from the sink. “Yeah, uh… Don’t care.”

           You let out a small sigh. You deserved that one.

           “Do you want me to pick you up anything?” You offered, chancing a look at him.

           “Why, so you can lace it with cyanide?”

           “Oh for Christ’s sake, I-”

           You turned to face Tony head-on and that’s when you noticed it. The heavy, hollow bags under his eyes, the sallowness of his skin, and how he looked completely and utterly exhausted.

           “Tony…?” You said, your voice soft. “Have you been sleeping? Or eating?”

           Tony still refused to look at you, finishing his water and giving a small shrug of his shoulders.


            If there was ever a time in your life where you truly felt like a piece of shit, it was now. Whether he wasn’t taking care of himself to punish you or because what you said had truly stuck with him, you felt nothing but regret. And the need to make amends.

           “For god’s sake, you’re still my responsibility,” you sighed, nodding towards the front door. “You’re coming to the grocery store with me.”

           Tony stared at you like you had just told him you were taking him to eight am Sunday Mass.

           “Yeah, I’m gonna pass on that,” he said.

           You let out a huff, your need to make up not outweighing your limited patience.

           “Tony you can come to the grocery store with me or I’ll be back with nothing but fruits, vegetables, and vegan meals for the next. Four. Weeks.”

           At the prospect of not having any eggs, bacon, or chips in the house, Tony paused for a minute. And after muttering something under this breath that sounded like “unbelievable,” he walked past you and out the front door to your car.

           The 40-minute drive was rife with silence. You wanted to turn on the radio, but couldn’t get any decent signal this far out in the country.

           “So…” You started, glancing over at him. “Is there anything specific you want?”

           “To get away from you,” he replied, his tone dripping with sarcasm.

           “For god’s sake Tony!” You exclaimed. “How much longer are you going to keep this up?”

           “Until Fury decides to stop torturing me and I can go home.”

           “You can’t keep ignoring me!”

           “I choose avoiding any kind of contact with you given that you’ve made it perfectly clear that you can’t stand to be around me.”

           “I was angry, okay? I’m sick of living there are much as you are.”

           “Doubtful. You’re not the one who had a shitload of life issues projected onto them because they didn’t do the dishes.”

           “Are you fucking kidding me?! It’s not about-”

           “LOOK OUT.”

           You hadn’t even realized you had taken your eyes off the road until Tony shouted at you, and saw there was a truck stopped on the road in front of you, letting a family of deer pass. You opened your mouth, wanting to scream, but was so struck by terror that you were silent.

           After a couple seconds of shock, you slammed on the breaks, using the leverage from your feet to push yourself up and lean as much as you could over the passenger seat, using your arm to cover Tony as the car continued to barrel towards the truck at an alarming speed. The tires kept skidding down the road, the sickening smell of burnt rubber reaching your nose.

           Your car finally stopped mere inches from the back bumper, and after the deer finished crossing the road, the truck continued on as if nothing had happened.

           A cry burst from your lungs as you broke into tears, breaths coming in short, strained gasps as you struggled to breathe; a panic attack coming over you and you were completely helpless to stop it. And Tony was the worst person this could happen in front of.

           Tony stared at you in shock, unsure of what to do or say as he slowly realized that despite everything you had said to him, you had covered him. You had put his safety first.

           He watched you struggle to breathe, tears steadily flowing from your eyes as you pressed your forehead against the steering wheel. Somehow he knew this wasn’t the first time you had experienced a panic attack. He recalled what it was like after New York; not knowing how to ask for help.

           He reached out a hand for you, and you shoved it away.

           “No, no, I’m fine,” you gasped, your anxiety making you sound pitifully weak.

           “No you’re not,” he simply said.

           “Leave me alone,” you sobbed, wanting to keep your face out of sight.

           Without another word, Tony moved the gearshift to park, set your blinkers on, and pulled you in for a hug as you sobbed into his shoulder.

Part 5

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I’m Like You

Alex Summers x Reader

A/N: I wanted to write something where the reader has powers very similar to the Summers boys, and Alex takes her in and becomes her mentor and stuff. And I was just really in the mood for some Alex appreciation honestly, so here ya go! I’ll make a part 2 that is more of an x reader, I just wanted to make this one first. 

Also, written with female pronouns, but I mean no offense. This is just the way I naturally write, but I am open to writing with any other pronouns so just lemme know! Hope you enjoy~

Warnings: None?

***Update, part 2 has been completed: ***

(Oh and this gif gives me so much life I don’t know what to do with myself)

Originally posted by katarinadreams92

“Thank you so much for meeting with me Professor,” you said gratefully to none other than Charles Xavier.

The past half hour of your life had been filled with more concern and acceptance than you could’ve hoped for, and you were ecstatic to be accept into Charles’s school.

You sat in his office, your hands clasped together tightly in your lap, but your shoulder’s didn’t hold their tense stature anymore. You felt comfortable here, and you felt like the Professor would get you the help you needed. Charles had been nothing but kind to you, he listened to your stories thoughtfully, asked intuitive questions without stepping over his boundaries, and offered to show you around his school. The school you would hopefully become a part of shortly. 

“Of course (Y/N), mind if I ask you one more question?” Charles asked, folding his hands together. 

You nodded your head eagerly, the past week of your life had been a living hell. It wasn’t everyday that you discovered you had an extremely powerful and hard to control mutation. 

“Can you show me what you are capable of?” he asked cautiously.

You glanced down at your hands, feeling the energy between the two slowly pulsate. You didn’t dare move your hands, you didn’t want to torch this school.You looked up at the professor.

“Not here,” you said simply.

The thoughts of your hands unleashing red energy beams into your bedroom wall danced around your head. You didn’t want to repeat the event, especially now that you knew you could contain the energy at the source of which it came from. The problem was, once you moved your hands, the energy would erupt.

Charles gave you an understanding nod, “You know (Y/N), I think there are two people here you would get along with very well.”

You raised an eyebrow at his claim, but didn’t ask anything. He knew best after all. The professor glanced at the door, and you assumed he was going to say it was about time to head out, but a knock sounded on it instead. It looked as though Charles… smirked? 

“Come in,” Charles’ voice rang out through the small room, and you watched eagerly as the golden door handle turned. 

The guy that walked through the door made your heart flutter in your chest. You couldn’t decide what to focus on, his baby blue eyes, the way his navy blue hoodie clung to his muscular frame, his defined jawline, or how the light made his shaggy blonde hair shine. You watched as his eyes flicked around the vintage room quickly, his attention first on Charles, and then shifting to you. You noticed the corner of his mouth flick upwards.

“You needed me?” he asked, keeping his eyes on you for a moment, before looking at Charles.

“Yes, thank you for coming Alex. This is (Y/N),” Charles said, gesturing to you in your chair. “(Y/N) this is Alex.”

Alex nodded at you, a small smirk on his lips making you blush a bright shade of red, you averted your gaze.

“I was wondering if you could show (Y/N) around, she has a mutation very similar to yours,” Charles suggested, gesturing from one of you to the other.

“Sure,” Alex said simply with a shrug, he definitely gave off the “I don’t care do whatever” vibe.

“Thank you,” you said to the two, looking back in forth between them, and standing up from your seat.

“I’ll see you shortly,” Charles said, opening one of his filing cabinets next to his desk and pulling out packets of paper.

With your hands still held together tightly you moved towards Alex, ready to follow him out of the office. As Alex reached for the door a sudden thud sounded on the other side of it, and you jumped a little. Before the three of you really had time to respond the door burst open, and a brunette with red sunglasses came charging in. 

“Professor it’s Jean,” was all he said as he raced towards Charles’s desk, not paying any attention to you or Alex, and in the process pushing against you unintentionally.

You let out a gasp as your balance was disrupted, on reflex you threw your hands behind you to keep you from falling over. You felt the hot energy erupt from your palms, searing the wall behind you and catching you completely off guard. You quickly removed your hands, closing your palms tightly and throwing them together. As a result you no longer had anything supporting you, and you began to fall backwards, that was, until you felt a strong pair of hands grip your waist, holding you upright.

“You’re alright,” Alex said beside you, it was then that you realized it was his hands holding you upright.

“Th-thanks,” you stuttered. 

Alex had quickly turned his attention to the boy who had stormed into the room. 

“Watch it Scott,” he said simply before pulling you out of the room, before the professor, or anyone had time to say anything.

Alex let go of you, but you followed him down one of the wide hallways in the school. They were packed full of students, most of which were younger than you and Alex, but they moved around the two of you as you walked, Alex in particular. You noticed the looks people gave you as you walked by, but you didn’t really care, you just felt terrible. 

After you rounded a couple of corner’s with Alex you descended down a stair case and the flow of students gradually stopped. 

“I know what you’re thinking,” Alex said in front of you as you walked. “That you need to apologize and that you’re probably not going to be accepted here, but that’s not true trust me.”

“How did you know?” you asked cautiously.

“Believe it or not, I had those thoughts once too,” as Alex spoke your eyes widened. “I’m going to show you where I learned to control my power’s.”

“Thank you.”

Shortly Alex led you to a pair of large metal door, all of the activity abuzz in the school was no longer audible. 

“Is this a bunker?” you questioned as Alex pulled the doors open. 

“Yep,” Alex responded, holding the door open and gesturing for you to go in. 

You shuffled into the bunker cautiously. It was the real deal, enforced metal ran all along the walls, and it smelt of… charred rubber? You heard the large doors behind you close, a loud metal thud echoing off of the metal walls of the bunker. You looked back to Alex, who walked directly past you and towards the end of the large bunker. You followed him, not sure what he was doing, but too afraid to ask. 

As you walked closer to the end you noticed a singular large wooden box, it laid on the ground, but was wider than you were tall. The two of you quickly reached the box, and Alex grabbed the lid, opening it swiftly, a large creek sounding as he did so. 

“Just what we need,” he muttered, pulling out a fire extinguisher and placing it on the ground. 

He then proceeded to grab two dummies out of the box, neither of which had filled in features, but were simply white and about average size. He held one in each arm, walking with back to the direction from which you came. You wish’d that you could help him, but you couldn’t exactly use your hands.

Following Alex, you watched as he placed the two mannequins a couple of yards from each other. He gestured down to by where the large metal doors were.

“Go stand down there, I’m going to teach you like I was taught,” he said before walking in the other direction and grabbing the fire extinguisher. 

You did as Alex said, standing even with the metal doors, a good distance from the targets. As Alex walked towards you, his gaze seemed almost hungry. You stared down at your feet for a moment, before looking back up to him, a small smirk never leaving his face. Alex soon stood next to you, placing the fire extinguisher on the ground by the sides of you. 

“Alright, I want you to hit the dummies,” he said, folding his arms and looking at you impatiently. 

“Alex I can’t control it-” you began.

“You’ve gotta start somewhere,” Alex replied sternly.

Your heart began to beat fast in your chest, you hadn’t asked Alex to help you, but you were happy he was. You slowly turned towards the targets, hoping Alex wouldn’t notice the slight shaking of your body. Letting out a shaky breath, you raised your hands, and quickly, before thinking about it, you unclasped them, raising one hand towards different targets. In mere seconds, the red beams erupted from your palms, searing the targets. The energy erupted from your hands was almost exhilarating, you finally let go. It wasn’t until flames started to dance on your targets that you hurriedly clasped your hands together. 

Alex quickly rushed down to the targets with the fire extinguisher, quickly destroying the flames. You hurried after him, wishing you could help. After finishing the job, Alex looked to you, a wide smile on his face.

“You did it.”

“Yeah I… I guess I did,” you said, letting your feat sink in before a large smile appeared on your face.

Alex glanced down to your hands, then back up into your eyes, “So your hands absorb energy right?”

You nodded, “That’s how I can contain the beams.”

Alex studied you for a moment, “Mine do the same thing, mind if I try something?”

“Try what?” you questioned him.

Without saying anything, Alex outstretched his palms towards you. You didn’t have to talk to him to know what he wanted you to do.

“Alex I can’t,” you said, glancing down at your hands. “I could hurt you.”

“I’ll just absorb it, don’t worry,” Alex waited for you.

Breathing in deeply, you quickly unclasped your hands and brought them to his, quick enough that your energy beams couldn’t touch anything else. For the first time you didn’t feel the energy start to build up in your hands. You gasped. 

Alex smiled down at you, folding his fingers over your hands, “I can’t absorb energy (Y/N).”

Your eyes widened, but you folded your fingers over his as well. 

“I could’ve seriously hurt you,” you said.

“But you didn’t. Did you?” Alex taunted, never breaking eye contact with you. “It’s like a switch for me, I can control when the energy comes out. I think that it’s the same for you, you’ve just been too fixated on stopping it to notice.”

Alex slowly began to let go of your hands, you couldn’t help but hold onto him tighter, the fear of hurting him or yourself arising in you.

“Don’t think about it,” Alex said, and this time you let him pull his hands away from yours. 

You stared down at your own hands in awe. The red beams didn’t emerge like you expected. You looked up at Alex, pure adoration all over your features. 

“Thank you so much,” you said to him.

“Don’t mention it,” he shrugged. “Next time, I’ll show you what I can do,” Alex winked at you and color rose to your cheeks once again. 

You had a feeling you were going to fit in just fine.  

gelkets  asked:

I just read part two of The Cold Treatment, and I really hope you're able to write a third part! Much love! (I apologize for my English)

707: The Cold Treatment [FIN]

I hope you all enjoy~ Don’t worry, I didn’t leave on a cliffhanger like last time!!


Click for: [Part One] [Part Two]

Seven watched, his eyebrows furrowing in sadness. He couldn’t take this cold treatment from you anymore. He.. he just couldn’t. It hurt too much.


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry, MC, god I’m so sorry…” he breaks down all of a sudden, grasping onto your arm. His head is lowered, and he doesn’t look at you. But you don’t even need to see his face to know that he’s crying. “Please… please don’t leave me.”

You step closer to him, feeling worry stir in your chest. You swallowed hard, unsure where this was going. This was completely random to you.

“I just don’t want you to get hurt… I didn’t mean to yell at you,” Seven starts, releasing all his feelings. “I don’t want to hurt you… and I don’t want you to get hurt… I love you so much, I’d rather let you be happy without me than to drag you into my messed up life. And I hate that I have to hurt you to keep you away, but the truth is… I really don’t want to do this!”

He’s a blubbering mess now. He’s lost control over his feelings- just like he always does, when it comes to you.

Your cold front falters, and your gaze softens as you stare at him.

There are certain things you can tell when conversing with someone. It’s not necessarily in the words, the actions or even the tone, but the feeling of sincerity can still be conveyed. And in this moment, you knew that Seven was being completely honest.

Wait a minute. Backtrack! Did Seven just say he loves you?

Your eyes widen, and your mouth drops slightly in realization. But Seven doesn’t seem to have noticed his unintentional confession, and continues to ramble.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry… I always hurt the people I love… I’m not good enough as a son, I’m not good enough as a brother, and I can’t even protect you properly! I’m only getting you in more and more trouble… I can’t protect anyone! I don’t have the right to be with you…” Seven sinks to the ground, bringing both hands to his head. It’s a panic attack, you recognize. Tears are spilling to the floor, and you quickly kneel down beside him.

“Seven… you are more than good enough,” you state firmly, leaning in as close as you could to catch his focus.

“I’ll say it again. You are more than good enough.” You watch as he stares back at you in confusion and bewilderment. He’s stopped his blubbering apologies, but he doesn’t know where you were going with this.

“Seven, you created an app for the RFA to protect all of us. You designed a code to have a perfect security system. You designed a special security system for this apartment. You watched me through security cameras to protect me. You came here to protect me, and you’ve been doing a perfectly good job,” you tell him, rubbing his back gently. “Look at me! I’m here, aren’t I? I’m here, safe and sound because of you.”

He leans into you, weakly hugging you. But his tears have stopped.

“I’m here for you, Seven,” you murmur quietly.

A few moments pass in silence as he calms down, and you keep holding him in your arms.

“…Thank you, MC,” Seven pulls away slightly so he can look directly into your eyes. “Really… you manage to save me everytime. You say that I’m protecting you, but it’s really the other way around. You’re the one taking care of me. I’m… I’m a mess.”

You cast him a genuine smile. “Hey, Seven. In reply to your confession earlier, I love you too. So I love you, even if you think you’re a mess. Because I think you’re a masterpiece.”

Seven smiles slightly at your cheesiness, then realizes what you said. “Too?”

“Well yeah! You confessed first~.” You smirked as you let his earlier words sink in.

He groans, burying his face into his hands. “That’s not how it was supposed to goooo,” he whines, a playful look in his eyes.

“Well, you tell me. How was it supposed to go?”

“I wanted to confess in my maid costume and my wig!! It would’ve been so much more romantic, don’t you think?”

You stare at him.

“…You know, Seven, you could’ve just said that you do love me, and end it at that.”

Seven chuckles. “Well, that is true. I love you, MC. Thank you for accepting me.”

Then, he remembered something. “Oi, wait! What’s up with you and Zen?” he huffs.

You tilt your head in confusion. “Zen? What about him?”

“Why are you letting him make moves on you? I mean, come on, asking to meet with you is basically him asking for a date. He’s a total narcissist, and he could never love you as much as I do!” Seven pouted.

“But… My heart already belongs to you… Why are you even worried?”

“Hmph… Can you prove it?”

“Prove what?” you look at him, puzzled.

“…Prove that you love me.”

A sly smile makes it way to your face as you crawl onto his lap, kissing him deeply. His hands tangle in your hair, and you slide your hands up his sweater.

“How do you want me to prove my love?” you whisper seductively.

Seven’s cheeks turn tomato-red, and his mouth opens and closes continuously. “Aaah… erm… Error, 707 can not be found! P-please.. come back later?” he stammers.

At that moment, your cell phone rings. Zen’s name flashes on the caller id, and Seven glares immediately, swiping the phone from you.

“Stop calling my girlfriend already, and get your own!” Seven grumbled, answering the call on speaker phone.

Zen’s annoyed voice came through the speaker, “What the- geez, what’s got a Jumin Han shoved up your butt today?”


Tony was exhausted. Another day, another hard battle won. His muscles ached and he was ready flop in his bed and rest, but he wouldn’t do that for a few more hours. Instead, he’d be patrolling the area for scavengers until the DDC showed up, then he’d have to file a report on what had happened. 

For just a few minutes though, he and the team were taking a breather. Just enough time for them to collect themselves and check for serious injuries that may have gone unnoticed in the heat of battle. 

Parker groaned as he swung by his fingertips on a bent lamppost. “Mr. Stark, I know you and the rest of the team are going to stick around longer, but I still have homework to finish and two tests on-”

“Go home Spider-Man,” Tony interrupted. “The adults can handle clean up.”

Parker whooped and launched a string webbing at a building nearby then took off swinging. “Thanks, Mr. Stark!”

“Someone’s going to realize he’s just a kid if he keeps talking to you like that.” Sam muttered as he hung off of Bucky’s shoulder. Sam had taken a good hit and almost made a crash landing during the battle. It was wonderful to see him in such good spirits and so critical.

“You mean speaking with respect?” Tony let the question sink in. “Yeah, young folks these days are way more respectful than their elders. Right, Steve?”

Steve broke his conversation with Rhodey, Drax, and Thor. “I don’t know what you just said, but I have a feeling I don’t agree with it.”

Tony shrugged. “What’s new?” 

Tony turned his attention toward where he’d last spotted his boyfriend.

Peter Quill was seated on a small pile of rubble with Natasha and Gamora standing on either side of him. The two ladies had their arms crossed, and amusement lit up their faces. 

Peter had removed his mask. His hair was a mess and red dusted his cheeks as he laughed at whatever the two ladies had said to him. 

Tony’s stomach churned. He had the urge to plop himself next to Peter and keep Natasha and Gamora away from him. He wanted Peter all to himself just then. Call it irrational or immature, but after a long and tiring fight, if anyone was going to spend time with Peter and make him laugh, it would be Tony. 

“Now what’s so funny over here? I could use a good laugh.” Tony went over to his boyfriend. He wedged himself through Gamora and Natasha so he could seat himself next to Peter. 

“Just commenting on Peter’s technique,” Natasha said with an upward curl to her lips. 

“It was sloppy,” Gamora stated in good humor. “We’ll have to practice some more.”

Peter squinted at Gamora in a scrutinizing manner. “Are you plotting to kill me? What did I do to you?”

“He always this dramatic?” Natasha aimed at Gamora. 


“Hey!” Peter swiftly defended himself, listing off all the times he could have been dramatic, but hadn’t been. 

Tony sighed. He was being ignored. Not intentionally, but Peter was still more focused on Gamora and Natasha than he was on Tony. Tony would have to fix that. 

Tony wrapped his arm around Peter’s shoulders and leaned heavily on Peter. “You know, we only get a five minute breather after these fights before we deal with clean up. Do you really want to spend it arguing with these two when we can be reaffirming that the two of us are still alive instead?”

Peter’s eyes twinkled with mischief. “Define ‘reaffirming.’”

“I think you know what it means.”

Gamora and Natasha were too respectable to groan, but their shift in body language gave away their exasperation. 

“Okay, Tony,” there was a hint of teasing to Natasha’s tone. “We’ll stop stealing your boyfriend’s attention and let you two ‘reaffirm’ that you’re both alive.”

“Are all men from Earth insecure?” Gamora asked Natasha as they walked away. 

Tony was only mildly insulted by their observations. 

Peter chuckled and wrapped his arm around Tony’s waist. “So, you wanted my attention?”

“Well, I’m going to have to take off on patrol in a moment, and after that I’m going to have quite a bit of work to do, so it would be nice if I could spend a minute with my boyfriend.” 

“You know, I can patrol with you.”

“Really?” Tony feigned ignorance. 

“Would you like me to go with you?” There was a chuckle in Peter’s tone as he spoke. 

“It would be nice to have company, but I’m not going to twist your arm.” 

Peter grinned widely. He kissed Tony’s cheek. “You’re so weird. I love you though, so I guess I’ll go on patrol with you.” 

“The man from space cannot call me weird,” Tony said petulantly.

“He can’t, but your boyfriend can, especially if he finds your weirdness attractive.” 

Tony couldn’t argue with that logic. Tony raised the face plate on his helmet and turned his head toward Peter. He’d just pressed his lips to Peter’s when Steve hollered that it was time for everyone to go on patrol. 

At least he’d managed to get a kiss in. 

(Seth Clearwater Imagine)

@justsomeamerican asked: do the imagine.

Imagine for this text

Writer: Admin Madz

Word Count: 260

I drive as fast as I can down to Seth’s house and see Jake waiting outside. “I take it he’s still out cold” I ask.

“Yeah” he tells me. “I kinda understand why he fainted though, your imprint accepting you. It’s a big deal.” he continues.


“Hey Seth” I say as I see him waking up. He looks shocked as he sees me.

“What are you doing here” he asks confused.

“Do you seriously forget our texts before you fainted.

“Oh that” he says remembering.

“Well Jake texted me saying that you fainted, so I came over to make sure you’re ok” I tell him.

“So you like me back” he asks.

“Yeah I do. Don’t faint again please” I say.

“I won’t” he says and just stares out in space.

“Seth, you ok” I ask waving my hand in front of his face. He snaps out suddenly. 

“Never better, the girl I like, likes me back. My imprint accepted me!” he says excitedly. I just smile and kiss his cheek, which makes him freeze up again.

“Give him awhile, let it sink in” Jake tells me.

“Yeah, I guess. I should get home now. So bye” I say and leave to get into my car. 


“Where’d Y/N go” Seth asks suddenly not seeing the girl next to him anymore.

“She left, I told her to let it sink in for you first.” Jake tells Seth.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. It’s just really exciting” 

“Congrats man” Jake says and pats Seth’s back as he exits the house.


The words hit him like a tidal wave. He stared blankly at her for a moment, processing it. She wouldn’t even look at him, just had her arms gripped tightly around her body, her stare burning holes in the floor.

“A break…? Like… you’re.. breaking up with me?” he said, robotically. 

“No..” Thalia replied, her voice sounding weak, “I just.. I need some space and I just don’t know if I..”

She trailed off, and didn’t finish her sentence. Levi’s jaw clenched and unclenched; he didn’t know how to feel. He knew he wasn’t about to sit here and make a scene in his mom’s kitchen, and fight with her, if this is what she truly wanted.

“Are you breaking up with me or not?”

“Y-yeah…. yeah.. I guess I am.”

He let her words sink in. It felt like the wind had been knocked out of him. Tears were starting to form in her eyes, but she fought them back. Levi mostly just felt numb, and confused. 

“Okay.” he finally said.

Thalia bit her lip, “Okay… I.. uhm, I’m gonna leave now…”

He could hear her voice deteriorating, like she was going to break into sobs any second. She quickly turned around and rushed for the door. 

Levi stood in the kitchen, not moving, not breathing. 

PSA for popularity discourse.

OK since I keep seeing a lot of ereri fans upset about supposed lack of popularity lately and I’m heavily invested in differences between The True Fandom™ and the hellhole we call western fandom, so……

Here, meet your lord and saviour PIXIV:

Yes, those are combined results for RivaEre/Ereri (Japanese fandom doesn’t set official names, they use it for top/bottom order, in case you don’t know that but please let’s not carry that trend here lol when we can just take example from how chill they are about ships instead)

The one above was from April 19 and today (May 4) I checked again for your convenience:

Fifteen days, more than 300 new additions. (Also, you know, those aren’t single fanarts. Most are logs/doujins etc. So yeah. Imagine that.)

To compare with other fandoms, so you can see the batshit crazy level of popularity they have (tbh Levi is even more obnoxiously popular, it’s just .. beautiful) I’m gonna use the one I’m heavily involved in currently, as it is highly known to most as well:

If you combine the two most popular ships in haikyuu fandom (kagehina + iwaoi, naturally both name orders for them too, i make it my job to be thorough lol), then double the results, they would still have less results than levi/eren

Let that sink in.

so yeah. The only reason tumblr is shit about ereri.. is bc tumblr is shit in general, lol. Popularization of sjw rhetoric naturally didn’t help that, so yeah, you all can chill my friends.

The reason I don'trust the Russo Bros. Markus and McFeely.

Is because they write CONVENIENT characterization. Not COHERENT characterization.

Look I couldn’t be happier with Gwyneth Paltrow’s presence in Infinity War. But… the beautiful scene is of domestic and engaged Pepperony BEFORE all the shit hits the fan. Why? Because that way, with a cute and lovely scene at the beginning, we know how much Tony Stark has to lose if he dies in that interdimensional fight: all his happiness and future with the love of his life. Talk about taking the stakes high (Russos new favourite catchphrase. High the stakes!!!! Brace yourself fandom! Thanos is here! And all that crap. I hate stakes lol)

Yeah, let that upsetting thought sink in for a moment.

In CACW our dear friends wrote that Pepper and Tony were on a break in their romantic relationship (a break they didn’t even bother to explaint coherently that conveniently happened off-screen. How convenient. And as today and based in precedent movies and consistent characterization no fan or fanfic writer has come with a coherent explanation for them to take this damn break. Me included. I’ve tried 3 times to explain why they decided to take some time away from each other and after their Iron Man 3 vows (necklace included) they made to be together facing the worst that might come their way, I still don’t get it).

But… It was CONVENIENT for the plot of CACW that Tony Stark felt completely emotionally devastated. Even crucial for the end of that movie to work right? Everybody sees it that way, it’s so evident, but our friends THE RUSSOS even said so in the movie commentary. So no doubt there. The plot of breaking Pepperony didn’t make any sense but it was, again, CONVENIENT for their plot. Fuck characterization if my story works like a charm, right? Yeah.

They did the same with Cap and Peggy Carter, telling she died in the middle of CACW to fuel Steve’s position in the accords by making him feel like the only thing he had left was Bucky and fuel his belief on the accords because Peggy said you have to compromise and don’t move your position. Peggy’s niece words at the funeral.

So they used two beloved female characters, heroes in their own right, as mere plot devices to fuel manpain and tell their little story. And sure they’ll do it again.

That’s why I don’t trust this creative team in the slightest. I didn’t like them but I couldn’t grasp why. Today I just had a revelation.

So I really hope we have Pepper Potts here for more than raising the stakes of Tony being in certain danger of dying. But I doubt it. I would give everything to Marvel to have Rescue in the movie damn it.

Anyway at this point I’ll get whatever they give me with my fave female character and ship in the mcu. Honestly. I’ll treasure all Pepper and Pepperony scenes at this point after 2 years of so much fandom suffering.

But it feels so unfair after how wonderfully Jon Favreau started the journey of my most beloved fictional characters ever: Tony and Pepper.

I only can wish for a happy, satisfying and coherent ending for their character arcs I’m not sure I’ll get after 10 years of loyalty to Marvel. And that kinda upsets me if I’m being honest.

Thanks for reading.


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