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“Fuck off Nerf”

-god I worked wayyyy too hard on this (reblogs over likes plz)-

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How do you feel about people reblogging there own posts to get more notes? I don't like it.

honestly why does that matter if they want to reblog their own stuff for more notes or for whatever reason they have??? ppl can do whatever they want???…its their own blog??? it takes a millisecond to scroll past it…or….if you dont like it anon then dont follow them. it’s as simple as that. i just hope you’re not going around to everyone and complaining to them? im not saying you’re not allowed to feel this way but in the end just remember its that persons blog so theyre free to do whatevs they want :)


When Kwangsoo calls ‘fairy-idol’ group Apink member Eunji for help on Running Man, but is instead greeted by plain old Jung Hye-rim


That moment when you realize what a horrible and sick thing you’ve done to the most pure and good man you’ve ever been graced to meet and you’re just like: 


vampire!soo and wolf!baek

"... We were star-crossed lovers from the start! Don't you see it, Kyungsoo? I am fire and you are ice. I live by the day and you live by the night. I am alive and you are dead. We can never be together... Our fate is doomed."