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i’m fucking proud of 5sos and how they are growing up musically and mentally

So I guess I have some new followers who don’t know me ((: I’ve never posted a selfie before, and I refuse to on my Instagram because I am extremely self conscious so pleaseeee don’t be rude :/ this is probably the best picture I have of myself, and it was taken about 6 months ago, it’s the most recent selfie I have because I don’t take pictures of myself, because I’m so self conscious haha I’ll stop talking now. But I’m the one on the right, I’m Ellen and I’m 14 ((:

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I was tagged by ask-sirius-o-black ty ^.^

1. If you were an animal, what kind would you be? Hmm I don’t know to be honest

2. Would you rather be able to fly or live underwater? Being able to fly sounds pretty rad

3. If you could bring one person back to life, who would it be?
 I don’t really know

4. Necromancy or transfiguration?
 Mmm necromancy.

5. What gives you hope? Nothing. I am literally dead inside.

6. Who on this website would you marry in a heartbeat? Myself (and I’m too embarrassed to say who because we’re mutuals and she’s way out of my league)

7. Favourite flower?
 I really really like Lavender.

8. Do you like white chocolate?
 I absolutely adore white chocolate

9. Would you rather be a vampire or a unicorn?
 A vampire like I could procrastinate even more

10. Sunset or sunrise? Sunset

11. Are you a decent sleeper? Lmao I wish

My questions are:

1. What’s your NOTP?
2. What fandoms are you in?
3. Do you have a pet?
4. Dragons or Dinosaurs?
5. In any bandoms?
6. Met any celebrities?
7. What’s your star sign?
8. Do you wanna build a snowman?
9. Favourite holiday?
10. What’s your favourite movie?
11. What are you most looking forward to this year?

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