yeah just ignore that tag

really, it’s amazing that people joke about bruce not caring about jason because wow

what’s this? a hallucination of jason created from bruce’s mind, telling bruce that “you love me too much”?

well golly, i guess we should take bruce’s word for it, huh?

now if only jason could hear this sighs deeply


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Anyways so I was really happy because one of my friends trusted me with their secret and I feel so important and happy??? And then to celebrate I went into the gerita tags and saw gerita hate. My mood has never gone down this fast. Guys please tag your hate.


but first we’ll live | 27k | narry

“Do you think we’ll make it?” Niall asks to Harry suddenly, breaking the bubble of silence they had created.

Harry turns to look at him, slowly, his brows are furrowed and there’s a sheen layer of sweat glistening on his forehead and cheeks, it goes down all the way to his neck and chest. “’Course we will.” He replies, squeezing Niall’s hand tightly. “We only have two hours ahead of ourselves.”

“Yeah,” Niall nods and squeezes back. Then, softer than before, he asks, “but do you think we’ll make it? After getting to London,” he swallows a lump in his throat, “in the long run, do you think we’ll find a way to fight against all of this?”

“I don’t know for sure, Ni. But what I do know is that we’ll try, with everything we’ve got, to stay alive.”

Nibansenji: currently I’m the worried-about-what-to-sing-next guy

Kanamichael: “Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun”

Nibansenji: okie

let me just paint a picture for you real quick. luke has you in bed after you had just taken a bath together, neither of you had been able to towel off. luke’s looking down at you underneath him, a few droplets of water from his disheveled blonde hair splashing down against your forehead. closing your eyes, you scrunch up your nose giggling while you whine, “luuuke, you’re getting me wet!” after which you reopen your eyes only to see the faintest smirk tugging at the corner of his mouth as he says, “don’t i always, baby?” before you even get the chance to tell him to shut up a chill runs down your spine, a quiet gasp escaping your lips as luke’s calloused finger tips gently brush against your shoulders, the simplest touch from him always igniting an indescribable feeling inside you. his hand slid to gently grip the back of your neck lifting your head just a bit as he leaned forward to connect your lips. getting lost in the feeling of kissing luke- tasting his lips, you break away from him letting a rasped moan escape as you feel one of his hands slide between your thighs, gently tracing over your folds before moving to rub that bundle of nerves that sends a euphoric shock throughout your body. luke playfully nips at your bottom lip before pulling back from you to look into your eyes as he asks, “want you to ride me, baby, think you can do that?” and he can feel his cock throb as you bite your lip, squeezing your eyes shut quickly nodding your head, your own craving to feel luke inside of you taking over. as you situated yourself on top of him, one of his hands held on to your side as the other guided his length towards your core as you sank down onto his cock. your fingernails scratched their way from his pecs down to his soft abs, luke tugging on his lip ring as he hissed at the painfully pleasurable sensation. you rocked your hips against him making sure to keep a smooth pace, the feeling like he reached every spot he possibly could inside of you was consuming. luke alternated between rubbing circles against your clit and holding you close as you leaned over him, taking turns capturing each of your nipples in his mouth. he suckled them gently making sure to leave each one red and slightly puffy before moving on to the next. your hair hung down perfectly framing your face as you looked at luke, his blue eyes burning back into yours as he contemplated his next move. coincidentally you both decided to lean in and kiss each other causing your foreheads to bump together harder than intended. your hips came to a halt as you sunk down to your elbows burying your head in the crook of luke’s neck laughing, luke’s own giggle vibrating against the shell of your ear as the two of you found humor in your inability to coordinate. part of what makes making love to luke so incredible, beyond the intimacy and pure pleasure of it all, was the fact that everything could feel so picture perfect only to be turned into fits of laughter as the reality of your clumsiness broke in. “are you okay?” luke asked, lips brushing just against the shell of your ear and as you nodded your head. pressing a gentle kiss to the edge of your jaw, he flipped you over so he was now on top of you. all ruminants of laughter were replaced by shock of his unanticipated position change. he quickly slipped back inside of you, hips immediately rocking against yours as the bubbling feeling in the pit of your stomach built up again. the mood in the room being set back to one of pure desperation, the only sound heard was a melodic mixture of your sweet moans and luke’s determined grunts. his hand moved to press down firmly against your lower abdomen as he asked, “can you feel me, babygirl? feel me deep inside of you??” as if the high pitched moan that ripped from your throat wasn’t indication enough, your shaken answer of “y-yes, luke. fuck, so- so deep!” gave him all the clarification he could need. your legs tightened around his waist as your pussy squeezed down around him, gasps of air being the only sound you could make as your orgasm pulsed throughout your body, pleasure covering every inch of you. luke’s orgasm followed shortly after your own, sloppy, frantic kisses being placed to your lips as quick, stuttered “i love you”’s followed. a sheet of sweat covered each of your bodies in the aftermath, luke keeping his cock tightly buried inside of you even as it began to soften but you made no complaint because you knew you would miss the feeling of being full with him as soon as he pulled out. when he finally did, your hips twitched still sensitive from only minutes prior but you were easily distracted by his lips sucking sweet marks against your collar bone. “i don’t deserve you,” he whispered against your skin, “but i’m so glad i have you.” you let out an exasperated sigh knowing if anyone here was unworthy it surely wasn’t him. rather than fighting him you chose to ignore him, snuggling against his side instead, luke’s arm protectively draping over you as you dozed off to the sound of his heart still racing inside his chest.


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In honor of Captain Swan’s Choice TV LipLock win at the TCA’s, I had some fun with Tumblr’s gif search feature :3


December 8th 

hmm well im too bad when it comes to express my feelings so i’ll just say im so proud of you Connor and i mean it .. im pretty sure you have heard this a billion times ,but i’ll say it and I’ll continue to say that im proud of the person you have become and what you have accomplished and seen all these thing you’ve done i’ll always reward you by showing my love because i think you’re courageous and ive changed bc of you so remember this no matter what i’ll always love you and i’ll always be a proud of you i hope you know that because you really do your best im everything you do . 

 Well Happy coming out anniversary Connor . .🌻 

“He goes to the shop and works his shift and chats a bit with Donna. [Rose Tyler] doesn’t come in, but that’s okay because tomorrow he’ll see her. Tomorrow she’ll come in and they’ll talk more an she’ll say his name again, maybe, and that’s something he’d like to get used to, hearing her say his name. He goes home and orders take out and falls asleep watching telly. All in all, a good day.

He wakes up to his alarm and the calendar is gone. He chucks the clock across the room. Outside it’s snowing. He can’t bring himself to care about the hole he put in the wall." —weezly14A Place Where We Only Say GoodbyeChapter 3. Time Loop AU. 2013.