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pawnee || a parks & rec fanmix

for pawnee.

a playlist with tracks for friends and waffles and sunshine. for treat yo self, human disasters, lil sebastian, and poetic land mermaids. for litrally, breakfast food, and the parks department.

some tracks are character specific, some just remind me of the show. and of course, the one track i couldn’t not include.

(…wait, there’s not track for jerry? dammit jerry!)

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Stories album by album of Alice in Chains

Facelift (1990)

The album was released on August 21, 1990. The album was the first grunge album to be certified platinum.

About music and lyrics

Jerry Cantrell stated the album was intended to have a “moody aura” that was a “direct result of the brooding atmosphere and feel of Seattle." 

Regarding the music for "Man in the Box”, Cantrell said, “That whole beat and grind of that is when we started to find ourselves; it helped Alice become what it was.” Cantrell also credited “I Can’t Remember” for helping the band find its sound. “It Ain’t Like That” came out of a riff that Cantrell cited as a mistake, however he called it “a cool mistake.” Cantrell called “Love, Hate, Love” the “masterpiece of that record,” adding about the song that Staley’s vocals are amazing and that it features one of his favorite guitar solos he ever performed. 

Regarding the lyrical content, Cantrell said he wrote “We Die Young” after “riding the bus to rehearsal and [seeing] all these 9, 10, 11 year old kids with beepers dealing drugs. The sight of a 10 year old kid with a beeper and a cell phone dealing drugs equaled "We Die Young” to me.“ In a recorded interview with MuchMusic USA, Layne Staley stated that the lyrics for "Man in the Box” are about censorship in the mass media, and “I was really stoned when I wrote it.” Discussing “Bleed the Freak”, Cantrell stated that the lyrics represent “us against the world, those people who put you down."Cantrell wrote "Sunshine” about his mother’s death.

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“they talked about tom & jerry JIYONG'S ENGLISH THO HAHAHA #CNN”

Interviewer: I’ve heard in the past that you have been described as Tom and Jerry
JY: HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT ? :O *lol why are you panicking JiYong ahhh*
Interviewer : Is it true?
JY: I mean I dont know where it came from but I guess thats how it looks like. Hes the youngest and Im the leader. Thats how we met in the beginning. I tease him the most and he takes it well, but in the end it always feels like hes the one thats winning so I think thats why.
TY: Yeah Jerry always wins in the end. Even though Tom looks stronger, Tom bullies Jerry, it’s Jerry the one who wins in the end. Thats why they are called Tom and Jerry.
SR: *smirk* I think they are right :v
TY + JY : * burst out laughing*


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Narry Springer
  • jerry springer: “what did you put harry”
  • harry: “we have decided we think it’s niall’s elbow”
  • jerry springer: “oh niall’s elbow? wow, very good. i have no idea. i’ve never seen his elbow, i don’t get that close to him”
  • harry: “it’s over there. two of ‘em”
  • jerry springer: “yeah, i see where niall’s sitting but it’s covered up… do you know what his elbow looks like?”
  • harry: “ know….we b-“
  • jerry springer: “zayn what have you got”
When Beth is PISSED

Rick: Go talk to her.

Jerry: I can’t.

Rick: Why can’t you?

Jerry: Because I left my balls at home.

Rick: No, not again.

Jerry: Yep. Left ‘em right there on the dresser.

Rick: Right next to your nightgown?

Jerry: Yeah, right next to it. In fact, it’s probably covering them, keeping them warm.

Rick: That’s good, like a, like a male penguin.

im sure a million ppl have complained about this before but theres nothing more jarring to me than when the announcers of a Sporting Event suddenly start doing an advertisement. like “yeah Jerry that was a good pass but you know what’s even better? its coca cola” like. idk advertising at all like this is baffling to me like who’s gonna be like shit im gonna stop watching this Sports because now that terry has mentioned coke I really fuckin need it im jazzed for soda now


Jerry Cantrell & Layne Staley on Rockline, June 22, 1998

super rare interview

Layne Staley made a phone call to Rockline on June 22, 1998, when his Alice In Chains bandmate Jerry Cantrell was the guest.  

Host: We have a call right now from somebody I believe you know, Jerry. This is Layne Staley from Alice In Chains. Layne, how are you tonight?

Jerry: Blanche!

Layne: Doin’ good! Hey, what was the words to that song? “brown stainer”?? What is that?

Jerry: Yeah, thats right!

Layne: I like that one!

Jerry: How ya doin’, man?

Layne: Alright!

Host: Hey Layne, where are you tonight? Where ya callin’ us from?

Layne: Um, I’m callin’ from my home, in Seattle.

Host: Oh you’re up in Seattle, oh ok. Alright, now what was the nickname you used there, Jerry? Blanche?

Jerry: Blanche.

Layne: Oh, Blanche.

Host: Now Layne, is that a cool thing or not?

Layne: What’s that?

Host: Is that a cool thing for him to call you that or not?

Layne: Uh, I guess…I..I don’t even recognize when he calls me Layne anymore, so…Blanche is it! That sticks!

Host: Oh man…

Jerry: He used to call me “Satan Hoof” along with many other things.

Layne: Satan Hoof, yeah.

Jerry: That still sticks. I’m sitting here with my shoes off. It’s pretty bad, too.

Layne: Then you guys know what Satan Hoof is.

Host: Well, this might be a good thing that I’m in Los Angeles, and Layne’s in Seattle, and Jerry’s in Cantrell..ah, Jerry Cantrell is in New York…

Layne: Jerry in Cantrell…

Host: Cuz Jerry’s got his shoes off. We might be luckin’ out, Layne, we might be on the better end of things here.

Layne: I think so!

Jerry: I think you are!

Host: Lemme ask Layne very quickly here…what’s goin’ on with you? What’s up with you these days, Layne?

Layne: (in a joking tone) A bunch of stuff! Yeah, huge things, yeah. (normal tone).  Um, nothing right now.

Host: But it’s a really BIG nothin’! Really gigantic nothin’. Have you heard Jerry’s album?

Layne: Yeah, mm-hmm.

Host: (with these loud chomping noises in the background) Okay, be honest, do the review while Jerry mixes his Corn Nuts together or whatever he’s doin’ back there in New York City. What is that, Jerry?

Jerry: I’m just chewin’ on some ice.

Host: Chewin’ on, ah, chewin’ on ice, okay. What do you think of the album…

Jerry: Actually, I don’t wanna tell you what I’m REALLY chewin’ on…

Host: Yeah, okay, yeah, we’ll just pass on that. I’ve never heard him make that kind of noise before. Yeah, uh…what do you think of the album, Layne?

Layne: I love it. I mean, you know, it’s Jerry. It’s know, I’m used to the sound and it sounds like Jerry and I’ve always loved Jerry’s songs, you know, so…I like it.

Host: Thanks for callin’ and thanks for being on tonight. And good luck with whatever it is that you’re up to these days.

Layne: Oh, you’ll hear about it REAL soon.

Host: I have a feeling we will. Hey Blanche, you’re welcome on Rockline any time, too.

Layne: Alright, thanks!