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Humans are cute

So for that humans are weird or humans are cute what if aliens thought humans were cute but because of the crazy shit we do.
Like two alien crew members just talking about a human.
“Yeah so human jerry decided to grab a hover cart and ride it down the hall. He had human Steve push him. Then Steve rode the cart.”
“That’s adorable.”
Like aliens just find our curiosity and our ability to entertain ourselves with anything adorable. Like how we see kittens playing with yarn.

SVT Cute Jobs; Junhui !!

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look at him saving minghao i think so yeah this is a thing. accept it

also i put in a lot of research to this damn thank you wikipedia 


-first of all



-okay so Jun recently moved from Shenzhen to sunny California to work as a lifeguard

-because his friend Joshua (who is a guitar teacher) has a free room and is letting him stay there 


-so in the time before becoming a lifeguard he had to take a course which was tiring but paid in the end cause he got the job !!

-he’s the youngest on the team and the least experienced when it comes to saving lives and stuff

-so he just sits up in the tower alerting his fellow lifeguards of anyone who’s drowning

-when it’s not too crowded on the beach Junhui would normally help the kids in the shallow ends of the water and play with them awwww

-and when the beach is super desolate his friends come by and pretend to drown in really shallow water so he gets fed up 

-takes the lifesaving buoy

-puts it around the necks

-and drags them back to shore

-(im sure he would be fired for that but oh well)

-but i can tell you they mean well i sweaR

-the first time there’s an emergency 

-there was a person out to sea and they were being dragged out pretty far


-Jun got shook out of his life because he didn’t know what the hell to do 

-so he took in the advice that he got from Joshua 

-which was to keep calm

-and so he was calm from there on out

-radioed his captain

-and people were sent out to get them 

-and was able to get that person to safety 

-from the comfort of the tower

-good kid

-ah the beach

-you and your friend haven’t been to the beach in ages

-and both decided this was the year that you two get a summer romance



-you two had a bet 

-kind of

-whoever got a number off someone by the end of the day then the other person would buy them ice cream

-your swimsuit was chosen by the help of your mother


-it was sweet but it was a two piece

-two pieces weren’t exactly your thing


-so you just wore a baggy t-shirt over it

-luckily it wasn’t super packed like always

-you two chose a place close to the shore so that you could keep an eye out for your stuff

-”y/n put sunscreen on!!”

-you heard your friend but your attention was somewhere else

-a lifeguard was watching you two as you placed your things down and sat on your towels

-”y/n?? oh, the lifeguard, huh~?”

-”wait what do you mean??”

-”the lifeguard. right there. y/n i know you’re not blind just look over there. hes caught your eye hasn’t he??”

-”oh him yeah i guess…”

-your friend kept on teasing you but she meant well 

-you snap out of it laughing a little

-the lifeguard in question however

-he was taken by your beauty 

-he was like bruuuuuUUUUUUUH

-damn he thought you looked really good

-”y/n!! come into the sea with me!”

-”not yet, i’ll just sit here for the time being!”

-the lifeguard you recently got the hots for noticed you sitting alone while your friend was in the sea

-you looked kinda down

-so he comes over to cheer you up!!

-at first you’re nervous as heck cause who is this and why are you near me you’re too hot to be near me 

-he asks if you’re feeling alright and if you needed company

-you werent going to lie

-if a cute lifeguard came up to you and asked if you wanted some company then hell yes you would say yes

-so you take him up on that offer

-”you’re a new lifeguard, right??”

-”yeah…wait how do you know?”

-wait fuck how did you know

-”i-i just notice…i’ve been going to this beach ever since i was little..”

-”wow seeing this view every time must be pretty right??”

-“i guess…”

-”what’s your name?”

-and just like that somehow he asked your name and you didn’t cry or run

-”y/n. whats yours?”

-”Jun. your name is really pretty.”

-o h   s  hi t 

-”wow thank you !!”


-god damn it

-out of the corner of your eye

-you could see your friend struggling in the water

-you couldn’t really let Jun the really hot lifeguard get her

-you really wanted him to sit down since you’ve seen him walk about today

-so fuck it

-”hey could you excuse me for like one moment??”

you stood up 

-took your shirt off

-ran toward the water

-pulling your friend out of the water

-saving her god damn life

-and in the midsts of all of it

-Wen Junhui was #shook™

-there was blushin too oh my god

-”what did i say about going in the deep part?? stop giving me heart attacks pls this is a nice day don’t scare me you little shit”

-”im sorry y/n…wait is that the lifeguard?”

-”oh yeah thats Jun hes pretty cool”

-he stood up to see if your friend was okay but he also wanted to praise you on that good rescue

-”that was so cool wtf !!”

-”huh? oh she normally does that just ask any lifeguard in the tower about her and they’ll say she had to be saved like 20 times”

-”not my fault…if you would only give me the inner tube”

-”but then it’s going to be drifted away in the sea because of the current”


-jun was kind of amazed at how much you knew about sea safety….maybe ene more than him da M N

-but the day also went on as planned

-jun kind of kept on coming back and was asking questions to get to know you like whats your favourite colour and stuff

-every time he came back your heart was screaming but the good screaming

-not the ah oh my god no go away youre annoying scream 

-but the aAAA come back more we can chat more you’re really cool and cute scream

-hes really sweet i swear down

-at the end of the day you two started to pack up your things 

-but then Junhui came back with his lifeguarding jacket on and boi does he look fuckin great in that jacket

-”hey y/n have you considered becoming a life guard??”

-”me?? a life guard?? oh not really but my mum has mentioned it before”

-”why don’t you do it?”

-”yeah why don’t you y/n? you and Jun could be the super cute lifeguarding couple omg that sounds so cutE”

-your friend just had to butt in gdI

-a rather LARGE feckin blush appeared on your cheeks but you ignored it

-kind of

-but jun was blushing and smiling

-w h y    t h e    f u c k   w a s    h e    s m i l i n g    a t    t h a t 

-”oh do you want to be a lone? i’ll leave”

-your friend left you two to talk and you were glad she did tbh cause she can get carried away sm

-”so…if you ever want to join the team, then you can call me or text me or something…”

-”i thought the lifeguard tower already had a phone number??”

-y / n     c o m e     o n      t h i s      i s n ‘ t       r o c k e t      s c i e n c e 

-”ooooooh sure.. yeah, i’ll text you.”

-”or…if not the lifeguarding thing we can always hang out or something…”

-”that would be nice Jun.”

-you both gave your numbers to each other and you both left each other extremely happy

-catching up with your friend you remembered something

-”hey….im really craving ice cream…you paying”

-”no you can– oh fuck- did you?!”

-”got his number~!”

-”f u CK”

Preference “How they act when they get possessive”

(I guess…Yay for our faves being creeps and a little crazy…I know this was supposed to be smutty but in the end i did some smutty and some not really cause i felt it was better that way :3 Sorry again if some of them are really creepy and disturbing…I mean…that is what i think of being possessive…so yeah…Yay for Jerry and Aiden :3 first! Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gifs not mine/found them in google/credit to the original owners.)

Negan-Whenever he gets possessive of you, his fun and quirky behavior would completely disappear as he would order whoever is flirting with you to leave and tell you to go to your room. He’d go to you once he’s done with his work, only to instantly give you the order to take you clothes off and to go lay on the bed. He’d then walk over slowly to tie you to it before doing you until the only thing you can think of is him.

Daryl-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put himself between you and whoever is flirting, only to tell them to back away from you and to leave you alone from now on. He’d then turn over to you and just pull you into a tight hug before getting rather aggressive with the way he would pull you towards the nearest place he can have you to himself.

Rick-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d spend most of the day glaring over at you and ignore your pleading looks just to try to get whoever is flirting with you to leave, only to later in the night end up having you handcuffed to the bed. He’d make you get a restless night until you realizing and understand that he’s the only one you need.

Merle-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d patiently wait for the person flirting at you to be done before grabbing your wrist to leave. He’d walk pass the most crowded place to let them know you’re his, only to finally take you to one of the hidden rooms in Woodbury. Once there, he’d managed to strap you to the chair and do things that would make you moan his name.

Glenn-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d grab a hold of your wrist the whole time during dinner. He’d keep his hold over yours as if not wanting you to ever leave him, especially after seeing you still acting kind towards the person who was flirting with you and simply never let go of you, even when you have to go the bathroom. He’d just smile reassuringly and tell you that everything is fine.

Carl-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d go by your room to give you a few of his flannels and tell you to wear one of them for the day. He’d grow tired of people flirting with you that he needed to let everyone know and especially you, who you belonged to. So with a friendly smile, he’d hand you which one he wants to see you in and make you wear it.

The Governor-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d order you over to come meet him in his room immediately, making you leave everyone behind. You’d then be lead by the sound of his voice towards the hidden room inside and as you’d get there he’d make you lock the door behind. He’d then make you sit on his lap and kiss you feverishly, asking you who do you belong to.

Abraham-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d order you to instantly get yourself ready, as you’re going on a run with him, not caring for an instant whoever is talking to you. He’d drive you as reasonably far as he can think and make you spend the day with no one else but him. He’d keep close to you at all times and even at one point, just kiss you to make you realize it’ll lead to something else.

Eugene-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d walk over to you and tell you he needs your help with the bullets, making you leave with him only. As you’d get to the factory, he’d lock you in with him and pretend to have lost the key, acting innocent to make you unsuspicious as you spend countless of hours with him, all while looking for a key that is actually in his pocket.

Ron-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act rash and get himself in trouble with the person flirting with you as he’d always act smug and shove your relationship down their throat. He’d want them to hear it from him that you’re his but rather than making his message clear, they would all come out as threats, making the other person get aggressive.

Jesus-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d sneak into your room, in Alexandria, later at night and surprise you the moment you walk in by locking the door behind. He’d ask you about your thoughts on whoever was flirting with you and just grow jealous with each kind things you’d say about them, making him pin you on the bed and kindly ask you to deny it all.

Dwight-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d trick you into following him, only for you to end up locked in one of the cells, he had kept clean for you. He’d spend most of his time keeping his eyes on you and take extra care of you, giving you everything he knows you like and whatever you want him to do to your body but never letting you out until you tell him that you understand that you belong to him and only him.

Morgan-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d walk over to grab your hand as someone is flirting with you too much just to pull you away mid conversation with no warning. He’d lie to you that he needs your help with something, only to lock you in the cell he had made in the basement. He’d keep you company on the other side, saying that unless you prove to him that you’re his, he won’t let you out.

Shane-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d follow your every move and just hug you out of surprise once you are finally both alone. He’d whisper to you about how much he loves you and how much you hurt him, letting that person flirt with you that way. He’d resolve to kiss your neck and pin you to the ground as he keeps showering you with affection, making you tell him that you’re his only.

Milton-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d patiently wait for the other person to be done with you before asking you to help him with his work in the lab. Once there, you’d work together and he’d ask you countless of questions that would lead into you answering that you do love him. He’d end up getting closer and closer just to strap your wrist to the stretcher before asking you to prove it to him.

Aaron-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d give you countless of gifts to express his love for you, only to let it slide that you should be returning him the favor for each gift. His hands would linger over yours as he’d give the presents and his gaze would prove to you that someone around you had rubbed him the wrong way, making you thank him just as he wishes.

Gabriel-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put up an act to make you trust him that he isn’t jealous, only to kindly tell the other person that he needs a word with you and leading you into the church. Once inside, he’d lock you in with him, reciting verses from the bible that suits what you’re doing to him before getting closer to warn you that he won’t let you out until you understand who do you belong to.

The Wolf-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d take you away by pulling you over in his shoulder and just tell the other person to back off. He’d walking you back to your shared tent and just ask you to repeatedly remind him as to who you belonged to, making you obviously tell him that it’s him but him thinking it isn’t enough and having to prove to you that you’re his once inside.

Noah-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d glare at whoever is talking to you just to make them uncomfortable and leave. He’d pretend to not understand what was the problem and just grab your hand to walk away with you. He’d walk you to your room and once there you’d realize some of you clothes are missing, making you walk over to his room and staying for a while.

Simon-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d put on a fake smile but from his eyes and his tone before calling you over to come closer to him, you could tell he isn’t happy. As you’d approach him, he’d grab your hand to lead you into that particular person’s room just to do you in their bed and have you moan out his name, making you and them understand that you’re his and his only.

Ezekiel-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act as his usual polite self but make uncomfortable jokes about keeping you to himself. He’d simply approach you and whoever is keeping you company and mention his love for you, only to end up saying that he’d just love to keep you the way he keeps Shiva so close to him at all times, whether it be on a chain or in a cage.

Benjamin-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d get you to help with him in the library and end up keeping you inside with him as long as he can. He’d just want to spend some alone time with you that he’d come up with a lame excuse. Once there, he’d lock you in with him and throw the key out the window without you noticing, making you both have to wait for someone to notice you both missing.

Caesar-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d injure himself in front of you and whoever was next to you on purpose just to be able to stay so close to you. He’d do and show you whatever it takes for you to take pity on him and just have take care of him by his bedside. Whenever he’d seem to feel better, he’d deny it and hold you from leaving as he reminds you that because you love him, you have to stay.

Spencer-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d purposely get drunk and walk over to you and whoever is flirting with you, just to bother you both, making you have no choice but to care for him. He’d yell at them saying you’re his and hold onto you no matter what. He’d be a mess from being happy to crying about his love for you and just beg you to tell everyone you’re his.

Richard-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d get quiet and just call you by your name once, making you follow him out of curiosity. He’d lead you out of the walls and into his hidden RV making you think he has prepared something romantic. Only to be surprised by him just grabbing your arm to walk you in. Once inside, he’d lock the door and forbid you from leaving until you show him how much you truly love him.

Nicholas-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d ask you to help him on a run and offer to be the driver. Once inside, he’d drive as far as reasonably as he can, only to suddenly coming to a stop. He’d ask you countless of ways to make you answer that you’re indeed in love with him. Him suddenly getting quiet and telling you that because he’s so proud of you, he’ll prove to you that you’re his.

Gareth-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d somehow trick you and manage to have you blindfolded and your wrists bounded as he keeps you on the bed. He’d want to have you at your most vulnerable state and would’ve convinced you the instant you walked back to your room. He’d talk about how you made him feel earlier and warn you that he’ll make you understand who you belong to.

Tobin-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d invite you over for dinner at his house at night, only to beg you not to leave until the morning. He’d just think about how you seemed so carefree around whoever was flirting with you and stare at you coldly, only to change the moment you look at him in the eyes. He’d smile and put a hand to yours, asking you who is it that you love before begging you.

Jerry-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d still be his friendly self and walk over to you to offer you countless of your favorite meals he had just cooked, inviting you back over to his place as he ignores completely whoever is next to you. Once there, he’d just keep you to himself by giving you more and more food, making you unable to leave his side for the day, especially once you’re so full.

Aiden-Whenever he gets possessive of you, he’d act smug and just be blunt, asking you and whoever is flirting with you as to what you are both doing and thinking. He’d tell them that they have no business flirting around with you as you’re his and his only, making them uncomfortable and leave. He’d then turn to you and make sure you understood how much he meant those words.

Michonne-Whenever she gets possessive of you, the way she should express her affection towards you would seem much different than usually and it wouldn’t even seem to matter that there was someone else next to you. She’d grip your hand rather than hold it and leave lingering touches and glances at you, that indicate to you how much you’re hers rather than just simply being because she loves you.

Maggie-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d walk over to you and just ask you to help her out with something, only to end up having a light talk with you. She’d just act overly sweet and tell you all about how much she loves you and how it would devastate her if you ever thought of leaving her behind. Gradually, you’d just feel her hold your hands closer and closer to her.

Andrea-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d make you understand that you belong to her only by making you have an unforgettable night. She’d notice how casually kind you were towards whoever was flirting with you and come up with any excuse to have you follow her back to your room before she starts to make you weak.

Jessie-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d invite you over for dinner, only to discover that you’re not “feeling well”. She’d pretend to notice how red you are and fake a temperature for you, just to have the excuse that she can keep you in her house. When you would tell her that you’re fine and all she’d get upset at you for not trusting her, making you have no choice but to let her.

Beth-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d just want people to know that you’re hers, making her spend time leaving hickeys all over your neck. She’d seem to notice people’s gaze over you and how they act around you and take it as competition. She’d then find the perfect way to mark you as hers and just make you have a hard time concealing all of them.

Sasha-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d ask you over to come and help her keep watch in on of the towers, only to “accidentally” kick the ladder away, making you stuck with her for a good amount of time. She’d just notice someone making you smile from afar and have the need to take you away, so she’d just call you over and lead you into her trap.

Rosita-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d walk over to you and completely ignore the person flirting with you and just trick you into her room saying you forgot something in there, only to be locked in. She’d laugh on the other side to hear you panic and just kindly tell you that you need some time to reflect on who you belong to for the meanwhile and that her belongings will certainly help you be reminded of it.

Enid-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d sneak into your room as you’re taking a nap and just wake you up, asking you id you want to hang outside for the moment. She’d do her best to convince you and then tell you to be quiet about it simply because she doesn’t want the person flirting with you earlier to come over and bother, making her have you all to herself.

Tara-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d be her kind and friendly self in front of everyone, only to change and be completely different once you are both alone. Once the doors of your house are closed, she’d instantly ask you as to who you love and such. She’d then surprise you by handcuffing you to her and tell you that unless you show her, she doesn’t understand your meaning.

Carol-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d catch you off guard in the house and just tie your arms behind your back before pulling you to the room. She’d notice how kind you were to whoever would flirt with you and just have the urge to remind you that you’re actually already taken, making her just having to show it to you in a way you might finally get it.

Arat-Whenever she gets possessive of you, she’d glare at you and whoever is flirting at you to the point where you both acknowledge her. She’d wait for you to walk over to her before asking you as to what you were doing. She’d then tell you about how her feelings for you and how you’re hers and just gradually getting more mad about what had just happened, making her tell you to kiss her right now, in front of everyone to see.

Stories album by album of Alice in Chains

Facelift (1990)

The album was released on August 21, 1990. The album was the first grunge album to be certified platinum.

About music and lyrics

Jerry Cantrell stated the album was intended to have a “moody aura” that was a “direct result of the brooding atmosphere and feel of Seattle." 

Regarding the music for "Man in the Box”, Cantrell said, “That whole beat and grind of that is when we started to find ourselves; it helped Alice become what it was.” Cantrell also credited “I Can’t Remember” for helping the band find its sound. “It Ain’t Like That” came out of a riff that Cantrell cited as a mistake, however he called it “a cool mistake.” Cantrell called “Love, Hate, Love” the “masterpiece of that record,” adding about the song that Staley’s vocals are amazing and that it features one of his favorite guitar solos he ever performed. 

Regarding the lyrical content, Cantrell said he wrote “We Die Young” after “riding the bus to rehearsal and [seeing] all these 9, 10, 11 year old kids with beepers dealing drugs. The sight of a 10 year old kid with a beeper and a cell phone dealing drugs equaled "We Die Young” to me.“ In a recorded interview with MuchMusic USA, Layne Staley stated that the lyrics for "Man in the Box” are about censorship in the mass media, and “I was really stoned when I wrote it.” Discussing “Bleed the Freak”, Cantrell stated that the lyrics represent “us against the world, those people who put you down."Cantrell wrote "Sunshine” about his mother’s death.


fic; doorway to the gods

part one; msr; rated r; prompt by @morewinepls – Mulder and Scully are on a case and have to share a motelroom and it’s almost a hundred degrees outside but they’re not at ‘that stage’ yet but want to undress/be naked to deal with the heat so it’s really uncomfortable



Ditat Deus. God enriches. The state of Arizona claimed it, but the state of Arizona was a liar.

Arizona. In June.

Deus dereliquit nos.

Scully was too tired to be angry, and therefore too tired to do her job. Every time she went to dust off the sand from her jacket, a more startling amount would shake out of her hair. Sandstorm season lifted earth into the sky and hurled it at the cities, whose people, seasoned desert folk (and certainly well done) only rolled their eyes and drew their curtains. Wait just a minute, and monsoon season would put it back in its place.

An orange Mulder fumbled with the keycard in front of her, and she managed a smile. With some glaze and a quality kiln, they could be collectible.

“Only one room left.” Mulder unlocked the door and held it open for her with one hand, wiping the sweat from the back of his neck with the other. “This is the last one not filled with sand.”

“As long as it has air condit–” She closed her eyes and stilled in the doorway, tightening her grip around her luggage. God had officially walked out on them. Hotter on the inside, like human skin. Mulder sucked his teeth and patted her shoulder sympathetically. She cringed at the heat of him on her back.

“They turn off all the units,” he explained. “On account of all the dirt.”

“Mulder.” A prayer, a curse, a plea – it showed up at least once per case, never in the same tone, always reliably ineffective.

“People are missing, Scully.” With another touch to her shoulder, he called first dibs on the shower.


The water was cool and the spray was plentiful, possessing a surprising pressure for a place that failed, according to Scully, in every other respect: the sheets that smelled like mildew, despite the barrenness of the surrounding land, the scorpion carapace she fished out of the sink, the lack of A.C. and Mulder, who in this shared space would be as inescapable as the heat.

Stepping out, she watched the water evaporate from her skin. She steamed. Patches of pink bloomed along her face and arms, and her hair was drying fast, every moment receding the pleasure derived from the cooling tresses. She trapped the strands between her cheek and shoulder and pouted in the mirror.

Covering her body, even just a t-shirt and a pair of running shorts, filled her with agony, but she did it, and did not even blaspheme as she did. Back in the room, she nearly stepped on Mulder holding his cheek to the carpet.

“I don’t know why, but the floor is cooler.”

“Ceramic tile is popular in the south.” She dug her foot in the carpet and frowned. Not a thing in the room lacked a protective layer of absolute filth. Mulder could remain alone on the floor.  “It’s a better conductor than carpet; it absorbs body heat more reliably. They probably didn’t remove the tile before installing this… covering others might describe as carpet.”

“It’s an impressively crappy motel,” he agreed. Scully hummed.

He rolled over to look up at her, towering above him with her arms crossed and her lips pulled into a fond smile. Forgoing pomade turned a normally rebellious curl into a downright lawless creature, and he wore an imprint of the carpet on his cheek. She was used to him in his undershirts and boxers, more familiar with a Mulder removed from the constraints of public decency than she’d been with former lovers. It could be argued that Mulder was never quite decent, in public or elsewhere. “You’re not getting in that bed without another shower, I hope you…” She stopped.

Moving with the speed of only a guilty man, he climbed onto his knees and out of her way.

Scully glanced down to where she had caught him staring; her shorts had ridden up, sticking to her skin as her body had reacclimated to the heat. Her thighs were bared, and then some… and then some. She hastily tugged the cloth back down.

As a half-hearted joke, he laid down on the bed and rubbed his body along the sheets. But the tone had been set, and Scully could not look at him. She tucked herself into the leather arm chair, well-worn and covered in cracks, and regretted the decision long before the sweat made her one with the seat.

Then all was the silence, and all was the heat.

It was a rightful continuation of the awkward dance they’d been engaged in since they’d begun baking in their shoes on the tarmac at the Tucson International Airport – starting with Mulder loosening his tie, slipping off his jacket and tossing it over his shoulder. One button, then two. Scully’s pantyhose coming off in the rental and her shirt untucked. The weight of his eyes on her bare legs, the speed at which he turned down the window after tearing them away, the ridges of those muscles rippling under his sweat soaked Oxford.

Scully rested her eyes and simply willed herself to feel cooler, and Mulder leapt about the room in the way of a particularly restless cat. He found a place, and sunk into the momentary respite – each new surface unsullied by his own body heat. But then he’d groan and move on again, recycling the limited space like the hands on a clock.

“Scully,” he mumbled into his arm, having returned back to to the bed. “I’m taking this shirt off.”

“Wait, no,” she whined. “That’s not fair. What am I going to do?”

He huffed, wrestling his undershirt over his head and falling back to the bed with a sigh of deep, however fleeting relief at the removal of the oppressive object. “Just take yours off,” he tossed a hand and closed his eyes. Then, after a silent moment, he sat up again. “Wait.”

“That is so sexist–” He rolled his eyes and scooted up to the edge of the bed, settling into his standard thinker’s pose. “You can’t expect me to just – “ he waved at her again, and she contemplated throwing a pillow at his back.

Two minutes passed before his face flashed eureka. He beat his fist against his palm. “Listen, this happened to Jerry and I once. We were in the Keys investigating the murder of a whole house of drag performers – get this, the perp was another entirely separate house of drag queens, and I saw a side to Jerry I considered rather freeing and delightful – but the day before we were about to fly back to D.C. and get our party on, comp’d by every superior set up to benefit by us solving a tredecuple homicide, the Keys got hit by a huge Tropical Storm.” He folded himself in half, nodding. “Took windows out, cut the power, everything. And that heat was much worse than this, Scully. I mean, we were basically swimming in it.”

“Jerry? Stole-your-profile-Jerry?”

He tilted his head toward her, cheek in hand, and pinched his lips together unpleasantly. “Yeah. Dead Jerry.”

She looked to the window and folded her hands in her lap. “How did you ever manage to resist him?”

“We’ve been working together for what, five years now?” They shared a look before she turned back to the window. “It was bound to happen. It’s happening. We’re partners, and more than that we’re friends. So go ahead, Scully. Take ‘em out.”

She cocked her eyebrow at him and it killed his teasing smile. But she could tear up from just the thought of removing another layer.

Shuffling in her seat, the seal of her skin to the leather broke apart and she yelped, reaching down to rub at the clammy back of her leg. Screw it. She shot up and grabbed the hem of her shirt, working quickly to yank the thing over her head. God, that felt good. Holy moly that was so – but with her stomach exposed, and nearly the rest of her, she remembered she had taken off her bra before showering.

“You okay, Scully? If you’re uncomfortable…”

“No, I just did something silly. I’m not wearing a bra,” she said plainly.  Without much thought his eyes flickered down, fingers clenching tight in the bedspread. It wasn’t that she let him look, it was that she didn’t move away. His gaze simultaneously turned her to solid metal and melted her down. The heat it inspired was uncomfortable and so, so unnecessary, but it roiled, from her cheeks to between her legs, raising the hair on her arms, pebbling her nipples; flushed and damp, just from looking at him, and now she was soaked. Because where he went, she followed: his eyes on her breasts – and his focus did flatter her, never had she experienced the sheer interest he then exuded, the singular track of a rapid, precarious mind – her eyes on his chest, already bared to her, nothing new but entirely unfamiliar. His body was artfully defined, every part etched out with purpose and such power.

Shit. What was she doing? What had gotten into her? She stepped out of his line of eyesight and reached for her bag near the bed, fishing out the needed garment and marching into the bathroom.

Studying herself in the mirror, she had half a mind to not only keep her shirt, but also put the bra back on as reinforcement. She’d sizzle, but she wouldn’t be stupid. That’s what this whole thing was – it was all so gloriously stupid. Five years of working with the man and she had managed to keep her hands to herself. Despite his fits of shirtlessness and all of the devotion she felt toward him.

She imagined Mulder, her friend, a man who was honorable to a fault and who had not made a single move in all the time she had known him – and looking back… there were times it could have happened, times she would have gone for it, all those desolate moments she had needed, fiercely, to trust him and be trusted by him – he would not suddenly eschew all those components of his character that endeared him to her and made their partnership work.

Even as they upheld the boundaries that would keep them, on all other levels beyond professional, wholly and utterly separated.

So it was settled. Off went the shirt, on went the bra. She ran a washcloth under cold water and pressed it to her face and chest,  and picked her brain all of the times in her life she had ever been cooler than she was right then: from that morning, reading her paperback in the overly conditioned Dulles International terminal, to the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido… how Ahab’s nose would get so red, and the ice sculptures, delicate as to make one think of soap bubbles…

It made her shiver. She felt better already. Mulder, alone in that room, had probably come to the same conclusions she had.

Rejoining him proved her point; the tension had been severed. When she climbed into the bed he merely lifted his cheek from his new spot the wall to acknowledge her.

It all felt so normal again. “Explain to me more about this case.” She settled her head against the pillows and closed her eyes, fighting the urge to cover herself. The bra was lace and blessedly breathable. She could not afford to smother it.

“Two people went missing from a group of travelers.” He pressed his forehead to a cooler patch of plaster and held up two fingers next to his face. “We were handed the case because it’s assumed they were taken into Mexico. NPD didn’t want to handle it.”

“This can’t be an abduction. I was under the assumption you didn’t believe in those anymore. And Mulder, I did read most of the file. These weren’t just travelers, they were vagabonds.”

“Vagabonds with an extremely tight schedule. There’s a newspaper article in there that covers it – they’re referred to as ‘modern nomads,’ kindred spirits who’ve renounced the hustle and bustle of clocking in and clocking out, of carpools and smoke breaks, only truly living when the clock strikes five–” He paused, lifting his face and looking back at her. “You getting hot yet?”

She glared at him. He bit his lip and nodded, shoving his nose back in the corner. “Their goal is to travel the whole of the United States. They want to make a statement – America has more to offer than minivans and rolodexes. Mexico was not on the itinerary.”

“So kidnapping, Mulder. Cartel activity. Hell, if they were tan enough they were probably brought in for questioning by border control.” She turned her pillow over and kicked down all of the blankets. Just her and the scratchy sheet set. “But, the easiest explanation here might very well be the truth. They are travelers… who are traveling. What’s the X-File?”

“It’s where they disappeared,” he mumbled. He always got so sleepy when the temperature rose. The urge to call him into bed with her was only mildly tempered by her annoyance. “The Tumacacori Highlands. Doorway to the Gods.” Scully waited for him to continue. “File,” he grunted, turning and slumping himself into the chair.

The file was all the way over by the other side of the bed where Mulder kept his bag. She hissed, rolled over, and strained to reach it. She was also taken over by lethargy. Her bones grew heavier, like she was sinking into into the arid climate, her blood becoming sand.

She skimmed over the relevant information, her rising blood pressure doing nothing to help cool her down. “You think… they disappeared. Through a time portal in the mountains. Based on two accounts, which are… a word-of-mouth folktale credited to the Yaqui tribe from the Sonora state over… two hundred years ago, and two young treasure hunters who… from what I’m reading here, had an interesting relationship with tequila. Who have also claimed to be abducted by…” She squinted as she read. “Ghost coyotes.”

“I didn’t want to lead in with my ghost coyote theory.”

“Mulder, nothing I’m reading here possesses an ounce of credibility.” Lowering her voice, she added: “I thought you didn’t believe in this stuff anymore.”

He lifted his head. The presence in his gaze alarmed her, since for some time he had seemed on the edge of drifting off. It was alert, feverish, hot for her but full of regret. She had been a fool to think their moment had come to an end.

“Scully, I’m questioning my faith in a lot of things. But something that I have always found to be true… is that there are thresholds in this world that you can cross, and they will take you to other places. Mystical places that not even your dreams will transport you to, that are beyond all that we know, and certainly beyond our imagination.” Entirely too earnest, he kept his eyes above her chin. She stared at his lips.  “But some of those thresholds will never, ever let you go back.”

At times, the need to disagree with him was akin to a natural reflex.

But she found herself nodding, unable to blink.

“Too Powerful” Jerry

This is probably stupid but??

I just rewatched S01E06 Rick’s Potion, where they had to hopped into a different dimension where Rick was lucky enough to fix his first mistake leaving the croneburged world. And I just realized that, Jerry was less “Jerry” when the world started falling apart. Heck, he didn’t crawl all his way to his wife, Beth, like he did in S03E01. He freaking “Walking Dead” the whole way and saved his wife. And ?? He’s marriage with Beth was so much better too?? And that changed Beth on her perspective of Rick and Morty, saying she’s so much happier without them.

And I thought about what Justin Roiland said, whether its true or just another troll, our Rick left his original reality because his Jerry was “too powerful”. And I thought maybe Rick really tried to get Jerry out of the picture badly because he knew he can get cocky enough to convince Beth that Rick shouldn’t be around. So he had to act fast before anything happens and had them divorced. (Well, I wouldn’t say that they should be together too their marriage to me in a personally perspective is just //ughh// toxic, but then Rick still kinda admitted that he did try to get Jerry off his back lol)