yeah its all fun and games until you get emotionally involved

My Thursdays with Oakley 10 - What we were before Part 1

  • +18 Content. Part 10 of 11 Reader´s perspective.
  • Author: me, so-easy-to-love-me
  • Character: Oakley
  • Genre: Emotions! Emotions everywhere! And smut too, of course.
  • Summary: Oakley´s had enough. He drives to see his playmate and is surprised about how she reacts to his confession

This is the last chapter, splitted in two parts for your torture delight.

Previous chapters:

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At least the little inn by the forest road was cute. Because my Professor and his perception of a fun project week in the countryside certainly wasn´t.

If I had to spent a whole week trawling mud holes and thickets for pieces of bark, stones and other “treasures” with him and nine fellow students, I had at least a cosy room with a large twin bed to come back to and no one who´d bother me for taking up all the space in the ridiculously tiny bathroom.

That was because my roommate had called in sick a day before us leaving, and it didn´t surprise me much. Her shopping trip to Paris unfortunately interfered with our study project, and this girl knew how to prioritize after all. Therefore, I got a double room all for myself – and not a bad one.

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