yeah its a holiday or something

  • Lucius: *finds Gryffindor clothes thrown in Draco's trunk over the holidays* DRACO IS THERE SOMETHING YOU AREN'T TELLING ME?!?
  • Draco: *nervous sweating*
  • Lucius: Oh, I see what's going on here-
  • Draco: Dad, it's not-
  • Lucius: *at the same time as Draco* You're working against us!
  • Draco: *at the same time as Lucius* I'M SORRY I DIDN'T ASK TO BE GAY FOR HARRY POTTER!
  • Lucius: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: I'mma just- *points to door*
  • Lucius: Yeah, good idea
  • Robert: You're missing her already, aren't you?
  • Aaron: Who, my mum?
  • Robert: Liv. It's okay, you can admit it.
  • Aaron: And what if I am? As if I've not got enough aggro in my life, eh?
  • Robert: I told you a holiday would do the trick.
  • Aaron: Yeah, just a shame it ended though, innit?
  • Robert: Hey, as of now, things can only get better. (sees Rebecca driving past) Hey, I'm starving. Why don't you take care of this lot and I'll go get us something in?
  • Aaron: Yeah, all right. See you in a bit.
Under the Table**



“Do we really have to go to dinner tonight?” Joe whined as he laid on bed, watching you get ready to meet the boys for dinner. 

“Yes Joe. We said we’d be there so get up” You said walking over to him, pushing his legs over the side of the bed. 

Joe said up quickly and grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down on the bed. 

“But wouldn’t you rather we stay here and do something else? I’m not really hungry for food” Joe smirked while he traced his finger up your bare leg. 

“Later.” you said ignoring the goosebumps that formed in the wake of his fingers. “Now get up, we have to leave soon” 

Joe groaned in reply but complied and went to change his clothes. 

“There you guys are!! We thought you guys weren’t going to come!” Josh shouted once he saw you and Joe walk into the dimly lit restaurant. 

“Don’t be silly Josh, I haven’t seen my favorite boys in a while so I wouldn’t miss having dinner with you lot. This one on the other hand..” You said shooting a look at your boyfriend who pretended to be amused. 

“Ah mate you can leave if you want to. Y/N you can sit by me, I’ll keep you company” Jack said patting the seat next to him. 

You shot him an apologetic smile as Joe pulled you as far away from Jack as the table allowed. 

“So can we order yet? I’m starving” Caspar asked once you and Joe were situated at the table. 

“Mikey’s not here mate.” Oli pointed out looking at his phone. 

You all ordered drinks while you waited for Mikey to show up. 

“Joe” you whispered shoving his hand off your thigh but your attempt failed as he quickly moved it back to your thigh, fingers tightening to grip your leg slightly. 

You looked over at Joe who was smirking, clearly enjoying teasing you. You brought your attention back to the conversation deciding that Joe wasn’t going to distract you tonight. Not until later that is. 

Joe on the other hand had different plans. 

Mikey finally arrived and after each boy had his turn taking the piss out of him being late you finally ordered. Joe seemed to have forgotten the fact that you two were out in public. Usually when you two were out in public, he was quite shy about hand holding, kissing, etc. But tonight, that whole mindset had gone out the window. Joe had removed his hand from your lap and instead took you hand in his and toyed with your fingers while they rested on the table top. 

The boys took a few stabs at Joe suddenly getting handsy whilst in public, but Joe just shrugged it off which was usually not like him. 

“Are you alright?” You leaned over and asked him once everyone’s food came. He hadn’t really joined in on the conversation much. Apparently you weren’t the only one who picked up on his actions, or lack there of as Conor joined in on your conversation. 

“Yeah mate, its unlike you to be this quite.” He said shoving his mouth with another forkful of food. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Just have something on my mind” Joe said looking over at you. Your eyes widened slightly as you recognized that look in Joe’s eyes. Joe was definitely still horny and he wasn’t doing a good job at hiding it. 

You gulped as you turned our attention back to your food, trying to ignore Joe as best as you cold. Once everyone was finished, a few of the boys ordered dessert and the conversation turned into a discussion about where the group would holiday next. 

Joe’s hand was now back on your thigh, inching higher every minute until he brush his fingers across your slightly soaked panties. You silently hated yourself for wearing a dress that night, knowing that if you handed, Joe wouldn’t be so handsy but you also were pleasantly shocked to see this side of your boyfriend. Not to mention it turned you on a bit. 

Joe moved your panties to the side and he slowly ran a finger up your slit. You parted your legs a bit more causing Joe to laugh silently. 

“Y/N, you’re coming with us this time right?” Caspar asked looking over to you. 

You tired to keep a straight face as you felt Joe’s fingers push farther into you. 

“Yeah” you said a small moan escaping your lips as your fully shoved his fingers into.

He began working his fingers in and out of you while still paying attention to the conversation at hand. 

“Maybe we should all go to Greece. Y/N loves Greece, don’t you” He asking, smirking over at you, his fingers still working at your core. 

All you did was nod your head. If you opened your mouth, you were sure that you would become a moaning mess.

The boys liked Joe’s suggestion so much that they all started looking up things to do in Greece and were essentially already planning your holiday. 

Joe’s fingers were now curling inside of you and you felt the pressure build up in your stomach. You bit down on your lower lip, trying to contain that moans that were desperate to escape your lips. 

The pressure became too much for you and you soon came around Joe’s fingers, letting out a small whimper, you’re head falling into your hands on the table. 

“You alright Y/N?” Mikey said looking up from his phone. 

“Yeah,” you said, pausing to catch your breath. “My head just hurts a bit, I think I’m going to get some fresh air.” you said standing up after Joe removed his fingers from inside of you. 

“Do you want some company?” Jack was quick to say but wasn’t quick to act as Joe was already on his feet with you. 

“I think we’re actually going to head out boys.” Joe said pulling on his coat. 

“Yeah let us know when you guys agree on a holiday plan. See you all later” You waved goodbye as Joe led you out of the restaurant, his hand on the small of your back. 

Once the two of you were outside, you turned around and attached your lips to Joe’s causing him to laugh into the kiss. You pulled away and poked his chest with your finger. 

“You’re a tease, you know that Sugg.” 

“I had to be, dinner painfully boring considering I didn’t want to be there in the first place.” Joe winked over at you before taking your hand in his and walking down the street. 

“Horny buggards” Jack said rolling his eyes as the boys watched you and Joe walk hand in hand past the windows of the restaurant.

Bad Luck~Prologue

Originally posted by beui

(Gif isn’t mine credit to owner)

Hey there, new series coming up soon and I’m hyped! :D

-388 words

i don’t think there is any genre really but it’s future angst and smut :)

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: High school AU

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

~On your first day at school a boy catches your eye.~

You were late for your first day at school. It just had to happen to you didn’t it, you always had been a hot mess. You ran outside the front door. On your way to school you pushed everyone and could feel your pocket vibrating, someone was calling you , probably Hoseok. You didn’t stop to pick up nonetheless you didn’t have time. When you arrived everyone had already gone into class. You asked at the reception where your class was and left running down the corridors. When you saw your classroom you just stormed in and slammed the door open, then you realized what you had just done. Everyone was staring and your cheeks went bright red. The teacher looked astonished by your behavior, you apologized quietly and went to sit at the back of the classroom as the teacher continued his lesson. As you sat down the student next to you eyed you up and down with a big smirk on his face and then went back to scribbling on his textbook.

You could already tell that he was a fuckboy for sure, and you didn’t like him one bit. But even so you couldn’t stop yourself from admiring his beautiful features. He had shiny hair, and his school uniform fitted him in a way that you could see the outline of his thin sharp body. When it was time for the break you headed out to find your friend. You were walking down the corridor and you immediately spotted him. He was waving at you with his usual giant grin, when you approached him he hugged you lightly, “So how was your first day to school? You were late weren’t you?” he giggled. 

“Yeah, I was and everybody just stared at me when I entered it was probably one of the most awkward experiences in my life!”

“You literally say that everytime something awkward happens to you .” he teased.

“Yeah but this time it was even worse hobi!” You both laughed about what had happened and talked about your holidays. While you two were talking you caught the same guy than the one in your history class staring at you. You didn’t mention it to Hoseok because he would get the wrong idea. 

Later on you found out his name was Yoongi.

i’m so smitten with you and everyone knows it

“You got this for me?” Will held his present in his hands, staring at it and rubbing the layers of tape with his thumb.

“Yeah! Yeah, I know you really like Valentine’s Day, so I got you something. As a Valentine’s Day present. For you.”

ao3: (x)
warnings: just fluff!!!
characters: mike wheeler, will byers (its a byeler fic)

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anonymous asked:

hi! sorry to bother you, but i have a weird question? i know you are converting/have converted to judaism, and tbh, ive been reading stuff lately about it and basic beliefs and it really hits me, thats what i believe! but... any thoughts of possibly converting are kinda discouraged by the rest of the religion? i don't know how to explain it. i'm white and a lot of jewish-religion tradition seems to comes from jewish-ethnicity culture. a lot of jewish religion seems to be based on feelings of 1/3

group solidarity and “these are my people” vibes, but i dont feel i apply to that and i’m not sure that i would be able to understand/relate? like, the idea of celebrating passover and listening to the seder just makes me feel voyeuristic or i-shouldnt-be-here. or that listening to prayer being recited in hebrew in a synagogue would feel wrong, like, “this isn’t my culture.” i don’t know how to explain it, i’m sorry. i guess i feel like i’m on the outside looking in? 

but the things i like in the religion are something i didnt find in christianity, it’s something that i was OVERJOYED to discover in judaism, and idk what to do. my question is basically have you ever felt like that? if yes, how/why did it go away? i also haven’t been researching judaism for very long, i know, and i wonder if maybe these holidays i’ve never known about and customs i’ve never followed are just something i’ll just get used to and not feel so out-of-place about?

Yeah, this is something I still struggle with from time to time. It’s easy to feel like an interloping outsider when you’re 30 years behind the learning curve and part of an oppressor group on multiple fronts, to boot. But… it’s going away, over time. It helps that I have a wonderful community that goes ut of its way to embrace newcomers and make them feel, not just welcome, but part of it.

And that, really, is the underlying key - there’s a world of difference between appropriating someone’s culture and being invited into it. Engage with the community as far as they’ll invite you, is my advice. See if it feels better when you’ve learned to find the joy that they do in coming together.

heres a thing ive been working on during & between classes ^^

this took me a couple months to finish, considering how i only got to work on this for like ten minutes at a time.

im pretty happy with how this turned out. originally, it was just going to be a doodle page starting with karkat in the corner, then it escalated into a quick ear/piercing reference, and..yeah it got out of hand i guess

anyway since it’s 6/12 i just thought “hey its kind of a homestuck holiday why dont i post something i did???” n yeah

chokes on a sock

better quality/bigger:

Where’s Blanky? - Part Two

Dan is a teenage single father when he starts talking to Phil in 2009.  He doesn’t tell Phil, but Phil finds out for himself when Dan comes to visit him and something falls out of his bag.

Word Count: 2947

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: Smut and swearing

This is my very first time writing smut, so hopefully its okay ><  But here you go, the part two that everyone’s been waiting for!

First Part

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The Challenge -Oneshot (Bucky x Reader)

Originally posted by enochianess

Summary: Reader challenges Bucky to see who can get the most phone numbers at the club.

I plopped down on the large couch with a loud sigh and crossed my arms in front of me.

“What is it this time,” Tony asked from the other sofa. The entire team was lounging around the living area of the Avenger’s tower while Nat channel surfed for something good on the television.

“Nothing,” I sigh.

Nat mutes the television and turns to me. “Obviously its not nothing for you to be so mad about it.”

“I’m not mad,” I tell her. “Just irritated.”

“About what,” Clint asks.

“Tomorrow is Valentines Day, and I have no plans,” I tell them. It wasn’t that I was a big fan of the commercialized holiday; I just liked having an excuse to go out.

“That’s why you’re upset,” Steve, asked. “I don’t have plans either and you don’t see me moping around the tower about it.”

“Yeah, but you’re you,” I sigh.

“What is that supposed to mean,” he frowns.

“Never mind,” I mutter.

“Lucky for me I don’t have that problem,” Tony smirked. A week ago he had told us of his surprise weekend getaway he had planed for him and Pepper.

“I don’t celebrate,” Bruce said joining the conversation.

“Nat,” I tuned to her for advice.

She shrugged in response.

“Any plans for you Bucky,” I ask the newest member of the team.

“Nope,” he says popping his ‘p’ with a smile. “I’m just as pathetic as the rest of you.”

“Really,” I smirk. “Because from the stories Steve has told us of you before the war, I believe you were what is called a ‘ladies man’ back in the day,” I tell him.

“I fell a challenge coming,” he smiles.

“The club down town has an all singles theme for tomorrow,” I tell him. “Who ever gets the most phone numbers by the end of the night wins.”

“What is at stake here,” he asked intrigued by the challenge.

“The loser gets to make the winner breakfast in bed for a week,” I say.

He considers it for a moment before smiling and stretching his hand to me. “Deal.”

“I guess I know what I’m doing tomorrow,” Nat smiles. “Would you two boys care to join me in watching the show tomorrow,” she asked Steve and Clint.

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world,” Clint smirks. Without even asking I knew they planed on a bet of there own to see who would win between the bionic soldier and I.

“Well I have nothing better to do,” Steve sighs.

The next day I stood in front of the large mirror in my room. I was in this to win and I was not going to hold back on anything. My outfit showed exactly that. The tight red material hugged me like a second skin accentuating my best assets. Had it not been for my training as an Avenger the high black pumps would have been torture to walk in.

With one final check of my makeup I finally left my room to walk to the living room where everyone was waiting.

“I think you should go ahead and pay up now,” Nat turned to Clint when she saw me. “There wont’ be a single person in that club that will not what to give her their number.”

“Let’s wait until the night is over,” Clint said. “The former ladies man might still have some moves up his sleeve.”

“Speaking of the ladies man, where is he,” I asked noticing he wasn’t in the living room. “I hope he hasn’t backed out.”

“Don’t count on it doll,” Bucky’s deep voice came from behind me. “I never go down without a fight.”

“Glad to hear it,” I smile turning around to face him.

My breath caught in my throat when my eyes landed on him and I fought my inner self from undressing the man standing in front of me.

I had always found Bucky to be an attractive man, there was never any doubt in that, but I was always too sober to do anything about it, and I had never seen him so polished and cleaned up before. He wore black dress pants and a dark blue dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. His long hair was still messy, but it only added something to his look that made me want to run up to him and run my fingers through it.

Fingers were snapped between us and I look over to a smirking Black Widow. “I said are you ready to go,” she asked clearly knowing what I had just been thinking.

“Yeah,” I quickly said. “I think you should know that I like chocolate chip pancakes,” I turn to Bucky.

I see his eyes snap up from looking at me the same way I had previously been looking at him.

“And I like waffles,” he tells me.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Nat laughs.

The party was in full swing when we arrived. People were dancing and drinking all around.

“(Y/N) why don’t you go get us some drinks,” Nat said tilling her head I the direction of the bar. I turned to see a man looking me up and down and smirked when he saw me watching him.

This would just be too easy.

Without a single glance back I walked strait to the bar and leaned on it next to the man.

“See something you like,” I smirk.

“I see a lot of things I like,” he says checking me out again. “What are you drinking,” he asks.

I sat at a booth across from Nat counting the napkins with numbers on them.

“Why are you making two piles,” Nat asks.

“These are the ones I will be tossing out later,” I say pointing to the larger pile. “These are possible contenders to go home with me tonight,” I point to the smaller stack. “It is Valentines Day after all, I don’t need a Mr. Right, just a Mr. Right Now.”

“How many do you have in total,” she asks.

“Still not enough,” I sigh. Clint had stopped by earlier and told us how many numbers Bucky had to taunt us. I didn’t think it was fair how he had two wingmen and I only had Nat to help out.

“You got one on your two,” Nat told me.

“Thanks,” I smile and push up to stand. “I’ll be back in a few.”

I turn to where Nat had told me and straightened out my dress before walking to the leggy blonde.

“What do you mean we are tied,” I exclaim.

“There is no way we are tied,” Bucky says. “I know I had more than you did.”

“Count them yourself if you want,” Nat said. “I already double counted, and you both have the same amount of numbers.”

“We need a tie breaker,” Clint said. “And I know just the way to do it.”

“How is this a good idea,” I ask as the shots were placed in front of me. “Bucky has the serum, the alcohol will do nothing to him.”

“Thor left some of his ‘special’ alcohol the last time he was here,” Steve said pulling out a flask from his pocket. “You get the tequila, and Bucky gets the Asgargian strength stuff.”

The tiebreaker would be to get as drunk as possible and still manage to get a number from someone. It was simple enough, except for the fact that I would have no clear judgment while drunk and might end up with some creep’s number. With Bucky his challenge would be that who ever he asked would think he was the creep.

“Alright lets do this,” I shout with excitement. I tip back all five shots in front of me and hold onto the table as my head begins to rush.

Bucky had just put down the last of his empty shot glass when I looked up.

“You have five minutes starting now,” Nat shouted starting the timer.

I staggered my way to the dance floor and pulled the first handsome man, or what my drunken mind found to be handsome, to me and started dancing.

“I see you decided to come back for another dance,” the man whispered in my ear pulling me close to him.

It takes a second for his words to sink in and I pull back to fully look at him.

“Never mind,” I mumble. “I already have your number.”

I push myself away from him and look for another target.

I was running out of time and the alcohol in me was not helping.

From the corner of my eye I saw what even my sober self would consider a great ass.

“Hey handsome,” I purr into the man’s ear from behind. “Why so lonely?”

A deep rumble of laughter comes from him and he turns around to face me. “Did you already run out of prey that you had to come to me,” Bucky laughs.

“No,” I say defensibly. “It’s just the tequila. I couldn’t tell it was you from behind.” A very nice behind, I mentally added.

“Why are we doing this again,” he asks running a hand through his soft looking hair.

“I can’t remember,” I giggle. “I think it has something to do with you proving you’re still capable of getting a woman’s number, and I’m just in it for the food.”

“Are you really just in it for the food,” he laughs tilling his head.

“Of course,” I laugh. “Plus it doesn’t hurt to get a little something from someone after.”

“Any one in particular,” he asks.

“I can’t remember,” I giggle. “I think there was one about half way through the night that I would have liked, but I can’t remember his name to look through the numbers.”

“There is no way I will be able to convince any woman to give me there number while I’m like this,” he laughs.

“And I’m too drunk to know who’s number I already have,” I laugh too.

“You really want those pancakes don’t you,” Bucky asks.

“Yeah,” I sigh. “But considering we only have about thirty seconds left I doubt I’ll get any ones number.”

He smiles at me, and reaches in his back pocket to pull out a pen. He takes my hand in his pulling me close and uncaps the pen with his teeth.

I watch him press the pen down on my forearm and leave a trail of ink on my skin.
“There,” he says letting go of my arm. “Now you have won.”

I pull my arm up to look at the phone number on my skin, Bucky’s phone number.

Before he can put up the pen I snatch it from him and grab his flesh arm. I quickly write my number on his skin the same way he had done to me.

“Oops, “I say releasing his arm. “We’re still tied.”

“What a shame,” he sighs. “You could have woken up to chocolate chip pancakes.”

“I can think of a few more things I wouldn’t mind waking up to,” I look up at him through my lashes.

“That makes two of us,” he mutters before placing one hand on my back and pressing my body to his. “Who knew tying could have such good rewards?”

“Just shut up and kiss me before the tequila wears off,” I growl and pull on the front of his shirt crashing my lips to his.

i just can’t get over the shift in robron tonight. and yes, i probably am over-analysing because i’ve missed them so every second of their scenes is now extremely important, but they just seemed so comfortable around each other.

even the way they sauntered into the pub, chatting quietly to each other, robert glancing back at aaron… and then you had the whole teddy bear exchange (as i’m calling it) and aaron letting his hand slide down robert’s arm as he gets a pint. it’s just a tiny physical display of… not even affection, but just that reassurance that he can touch robert, that they can do this now, that they’re not hiding. and he probably doesn’t even question it now, or not as much, which is even more special really because this has all become so normal to them.

and robert being included in the family discussion in the backroom, and aaron not freaking out because his mum’s in hospital because robert is there as the voice of reason, telling him chas did the right think seeking help

and then you had the most incredibly sarky banter - “any time i’m feeling down i just look at you and think ‘it could be worse, i could be robert’” AND THAT LAUGH THAT IS SO INFECTIOUS IT MAKES ROBERT LAUGH

and i know they were such small scenes and not exactly romantic but they weren’t mate-y either. they looked settled, happy, content in each other’s company and comfortable to show it even around others.

i don’t even know where i’m going with this i was just really happy to see them so relaxed and at ease with each other it’s literally made my heart hurt

You're the closest thing I have

It was an off day, no missions, no immediate threats, and after several well paying ops they had no need to stock up on supplies.

Hera was happy, all she had to do today was some simple diagnostics on a few minor systems throughout the Ghost and she’d be free to settle down with a good data-slate and some Spiran caff.

After sleeping in for an hour she decided to get up. She slipped her flight suit on lazily before pressing the door release.

“Whoa!” A small voice squeaked.

Hera looked down to find Ezra looking up at her sheepishly. There was a tray of uneaten food next to him that consisted of a piece of toast, caff, and several slices of meiloorun.

“What’s all this Ezy?” She asked the nine year old as she helped him get back up.

“Um I just thought I’d do something nice for you considering what day it is and all, Kanan helped me get it together and I…” He gestured to her before scratching his blue hair nervously.

Hera cocked her head to the side and knelt down to his level, scooting the tray to the side as she did so.

“And what’s today?” She asked. Hera didn’t normally keep up with holidays unless it had something to do with a mission or if it was important to a member of the crew.

What day could have possibly made Ezra want to do something so nice for her?

“It’s Mother’s Day!” He said happily as a grin made its way across his face.

Hera smiled and shook her head.

“I appreciate it kiddo, but I’m not a mom.” She told him gently, putting a gloved hand on his shoulder.

“Yeah I know, but your the closest thing I have.” Ezra explained, his voice dropped a little as he said it.

Hera felt part of her heart melt at the statement. Ezra had a habit of saying what was on his mind no matter what and sometimes he said some of the most uplifting things she’d ever heard.

He started in surprise as Hera hugged him. “That’s very sweet of you Ezra. I appreciate it.”

He shrugged as she released him. “It’s no problem.”

Again, the kid could be really sweet.

“Well after I eat this wonderful breakfast you’ve made me, how about I let you help me with some of the diagnostics I have to do on the Ghost?” Hera offered, knowing well that Ezra loved to learn about technical things.

“Yeah!” He chirped in response.

After eating the breakfast he’d made for her, Hera and Ezra made their way to the cockpit. The child was almost bouncing with excitement and Hera was brimming with pride at the fact that this kid had found his way onto her ship.

The systems were minor so Hera mostly just guided Ezra through the basics before doing a few of the more advanced scans herself. Kanan, Zeb, and Sabine just looked on in amusement when the kid entered the common room saying he’d fixes all the systems on the ship.

Kanan had been especially amused saying “With Ezra doing all the work, what do we need you for.”

Hera had playfully punched his shoulder for that.

The day cycle slowly came to a close and Hera found herself reading to a sleepy loth-rat on the couch.

“I’m tired…” Ezra mumbled from where he was pressed against her with his head laying on her shoulder.

She was halfway done with a paragraph and turned to him.

“Hi tired, I’m Hera.”

“Mhmm, not funny…”

“You always laugh when Kanan does it.” Hera pointed out.

“Because he’s good…” Ezra trailed off mid sentence as he fell asleep.

Hera kissed his forehead and gathered the tiny child up, carrying him to the room he was forced to share with Zeb.

The Lasat in question was in the galley playing sabacc with Kanan so the room was empty.

She tucked him in the top bunk and made sure he had that loth wolf plushy Sabine bought him for his birthday.

Watching the kid sleep for a few moments she decided that she had a favorite holiday after all.

A Bad Day To Be A Demon

So much Zalgo. So many OC’s…

You might recognize the Midway Bar from another great ficlet.


A Bad Day To Be A Demon

Thomas took a deep breath. This was it. The moment he had been waiting for since he went to college. The start of his career as a demonologist.

It was the second to last day before Christmas break, which would be filled with frantic studying to prepare for their midterms in January. They’d been working on this assignment for months. Picking a demon, designing the proper summoning and binding circles, practising the perfect wording for a small deal…

They had all passed the theoretical part. Time for the practical application.

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Don’t Make a Sound

Title: Don’t Make a Sound
Author: @hips-before-hands1987
Rating: MSR/NC-17
Timeline: December 2007 
Notes: This one is for @leiascully‘s challenge Sound. Listen, I have read some pretty nasty smut in my day but this is by far the most salacious thing I’ve ever written. I may burst into flames if I go to mass this Christmas. I wrote it in about an hour and no beta was used. Feedback is always welcome! Thanks guys :)

—-     —–     —–

Scully could not believe that her mother had talked her into hosting Christmas at her and Mulder’s home. The two of them had spent Thanksgiving with Maggie when she announced that she was simply too tired to put on a full Christmas including Bill’s family too.

“Your place is big enough Dana, you and Fox should host.”

Mulder had gone dead quite looking towards Scully with a furrowed brow.

“I… I don’t know, Mom. Bill has made it perfectly clear that he disapproves of my life and he’s never been very respectful of the relationship I share with Mulder and…”

“We’ll do it” Mulder cut her off abruptly.

“WONDERFUL!” Maggie announced. I will call Bill tomorrow with the plans. “Now, hand me those plates and I will start to clean up.”

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💗 this emoji anon again I'm sorry I just wanna shower you with positivity I hope I'm not annoying but I really wanna say that I think its good you've taken initiative in protecting your girl from her dad, I've been emotionally traumatised from my dad (even tho I've never had to live with him, going on holidays to his were the worst) them havin "rights" to see their child can be bullshit sometimes. at least he isn't on her birth certificate that will make legal action less complicated if needed

You re not bothering Me! I appreciate it 💖 I’m so sorry you had to go through something like that:( are you doing better now? And yeah he’s not on it and it’s my choice .

Things you said with too many miles between us

Anon: 15. Things you said with too many miles between us. For dexnursey Maybe Skype calls during the holidays? If you’re still taking prompts. Its cool if you have no time, or something, don’t worry

They had agreed on seven pm.

It was now seven forty five, but Nursey’s laptop screen displayed nothing. There was still no sign of Dex.

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OK @ginnyspitch,Because I started it,I tried to pull through.

“You see something you like mami?” Livan flashed her that cocky grin of his, as he increased the speed on the treadmill.

He gestured at his pecs and abs, exposed for all to see. She learned quickly that Livan wasn’t a fan of wearing clothes, and at any given moment the whole locker room was subjected to his rock hard abs, athletic calves, or impossibly toned ass.

“I don’t blame you, lots of girls can’t resist,” his eyes darted in her direction drinking in her reaction, because she also learned he got off on flustering people. “Some guys can’t either.” He winked.

She shook her head at him, and hurled a paperball at his head. It bounced off the bill of his snap back and hit the floor.

“You sure you’re a pitcher, chica?” He teased. That time she got the smirk with the Duarte dimple. His special.

“Shut up!” She finished the water in her bottle as she sidled up to him and draped herself across the front of the treadmill. She eyed him for a long moment, until his piercing dark eyes bored into her and he raised a brow in question.

“What are you doing on Thursday?” She hoped he didn’t hear the hesitancy in her voice, but he picked up on more than most people gave him credit for.

“Why?” He slowed down to a walking pace on the treadmill and stared at her until she squirmed.

She didn’t know why she was so embarrassed. One thing about Livan was he took to her no problem, and always seemed to be willing to do whatever she asked of him no questions asked. They clicked instantly…had a bond, she couldn’t quite describe. They were fast friends, and for some reason, she was the only one on the team he actually let in.

“It’s Thanksgiving…and,” she exhaled, put on her ‘conquer the world’ face and stared him down. “I’m going to have a Thanksgiving dinner. A Friendsgiving. And your ass better come.”

He looked down at her, amused. “I don’t get why you guys celebrate the last meal before a genocide.”
She furrowed her brow, unable to dispute him. “I like food.”

He shrugged. “Me too, mami. I hope your ass can cook.”
She snapped her towel on his ass. “Just for that, you’re gonna be my sous chef.”

He chuckled. “Whatever you say, Bonita.”
“That’s what I thought, papi.” She called over her shoulder as she left.


She didn’t expect Livan to come to her suite at the buttcrack of dawn, but she forgot he stayed down the road from her. Hours later she found herself staring at a burnt small turkey, soupy sweet potato pie, and a host of other bordering on disastrous dishes.

She was sweaty, cranky , and starving. She was pretty sure she broke a mixer. There had also been a fire. Just one. A small one. Barely anything to sniff at, really. None of her dishes came out quite like she had planned, but Livan’s did. That dimpled bastard just casually whipped up ropa vieja and a side of fried plantains like it was nothing. But no worries, it wasn’t nearly as good as his abuela’s.

“I’m not sure if any of this tastes any good,” she huffed, blowing a strand of hair out of her eye.

“Not true,” Livan assured her. He was sitting on the counter with a plate of cranberry sauce in his hand, kicking his feet like a toddler. “Thisshh ish good,” he managed around a mouthful of maroon gelatin.
“It came out of a can, Duarte.”

“But you sliced it really well,” he tried to keep a straight face, but his lips twitched.

She glared at him and was about to give him a piece of her mind , but there was a knock on the door.
“Get that, ” she ordered him as she swatted at his leg prompting him to hop off the counter. “I’ll try to salvage some of this.”

The frown she made must have been pathetic or adorable, because he tussled her hair and muttered something in Spanish on his way to opening the door.

“Duarte,” Mike nodded in greeting.

“Cap,” Livan replied.

“Now that you boys got that outta the way.” She rolled her eyes at theit macho rivalry they still hadn’t let go of. Then she groaned when she realized she left the bag of organs inside the charred bird.

“Things are going about as well as I expected,” Mike scrunched his nose up at the soupy mashed potatoes.

“Things might have gone better if you came when I asked you to, Old Man. At least Duarte was here to help.”

“Help what? Put out the fire?” He grinned when she winced at his astute comment, and he distracted himself using a fork to steal a bite of the ropa vieja.

“This is actually good.”

“Duarte made it,” she responded sweetly, inwardly snickering at Mike’s grunt as he dropped the fork on the counter. “Here that papi? Mikey likes it.”

“Obviamente, mami,” Duarte’s smug expression and Mike’s glare was enough to make her snort.

“Livan actually came early and helped, unlike some people…”

“Ha, I knew most of what you made would probably be inedible, I’ve watched you burn eggs…eggs! I figured I’d come in and save your ass in the end.”

“You bring a smorgasbord of food I’m not seeing or something?” She crossed her arms, defensive.

“Oh, I can make a mean bird, Rookie. But no, I called dibs on, New Years. I’ll show you my skills then.” He turned a pan of Mac and cheese upside down and marveled at its inability to fall out.
“Yeah, you’re doing what I do on holidays when I don’t feel like spending them alone, which is what you were expected to do from the beginning…”

She raised her brow, waiting for him to finish. Livan went back to eating the plate of cranberry sauce like his life depended on it. She probably should stock up on snacks next time she invites someone over.

“C'mon rookie…s,” he begrudgingly amended, when he realized it would be in poor taste to not acknowledge the cocky Cuban. “Evelyn will have my balls if we’re late.”

“You say that like you’re afraid of her,” she teased him as she grabbed her jacket.

“You say that like you’re not,” he quipped back, giving her his trademark smirk. “He can come along,” he nodded at Livan. “But he’s sitting in the back.”

Livan snorted, looked at Ginny as if to say “do you believe this guy?” and gathered some of his things. Not all of them, she noted. Lawson noticed it too, based on the way he narrowed his eyes. They were such children, both of them.

“And we’re bringing this,” Mike reluctantly grabbed the ropa vieja like it physically pained him to acknowledge that it was good. “And these,” he muttered as he grabbed the plantains too.

Mike darted out the suite without saying anything more, and Livan with his pantheresque swagger, was not far behind. She wondered how she would survive the car ride to the Sanders home with the both of them.


“Estupido pendejo!” Livan shouted at the flat screen, a game console in hand. The Sanders twins giggled, and she swatted Livan’s shoulder.

“Hey,” Evelyn scolded as she set the silverware on the dining room table. “Language, Livan!”

“Lo siento, mamita.”

She snickered, because about ten seconds after meeting her, Evelyn already had some kind of hold on Livan. He actually looked apologetic.

“I knew we were taking one stray in, probably two, but how did we end up hosting three of you?” Blip asked.

“Baker’s fault, not mine,” Mike took a long swig of his beer as he watched the rowdy bunch arguing over a video game in the living room. “And since when have I been a stray?”

“Since when have you not been a stray?” Blip countered. He used his “I Kiss the Cook” apron to open his own beer and took a swig.


“The kids table is bigger than the adult table,” Blip whined. “We’re outnumbered!”

“Oh hush,” Evelyn smacked Blip in the back of the head as she passed him. She headed back into the kitchen to gather the rest of the dishes.

“As long as Livan makes dishes like this, he’s always welcome in my home,” Evelyn grinned as she put both of his dishes on the dining room table.

“I’ll give you whatever you want, mamita,” Livan called out. He took his eyes off the game briefly and winked at Evelyn.

“C'mon, man, that’s my wife,” Blip stated, as if anyone in the room doubted him. “Must you really flirt with everything in a skirt?”

“Not just a skirt,” Livan clarified giving Blip a wink too. “Besides, I’m Cuban.”

She collapsed into Livan, laughing hysterically, and somewhere she heard Evelyn’s giggling, and Mike choking on his beer.

“Wash up for dinner everyone!” Evelyn called out. “No running in the house!” She added when she heard the stampede to the bathroom.

“You were so cheating!” One of the twins had made it his mission to argue with her the entire time back to the table.

“No I didn’t,” she contested as she settled into a seat.

She turned around and saw Livan bringing up the rear, with the other twin slung over his back, piggy- back style.

“Alright hop off now mijo,” he patted the boy on the leg. “We’ll figure out a plan later,” he whispered conspiratorially as the kid nodded covertly.

“How he just gon call my child his son…That’s my son.” Blip grumbled under his breath, much to the amusement of everyone.

“Livan,” Evelyn warned, brow cocked. “Hat.”

“Right, my bad mamita,” he blushed as he took the snap back off and hung it from the back of the chair.

She looked around the table, at all the food, and all of the people who had become her own family, and she smiled.

“I just,” she cleared her throat trying to speak over the lump in her throat. Mike stared at her, eyes as intense as ever, and she knew, he knew…he knew what she was feeling. His eyes were warm and he gave her a brief smile that was just for her.

“I just want to say, thank you for having me, and I’m just really grateful to spend the holiday with people who mean so much to me.” She nodded, as if physically confirming the sentiment. “Anyway, when do we start eating? I’m starved.”

“When aren’t you Aunt Ginny?” One of the twins said as everyone laughed.

“I think that’s the one I like,” Mike joked, pointing at one of the boys.

“Heyyyy, what about me Uncle Mike?” The other scrunched his face, offended.

“You’re my favorite too,” Mike whispered, just for him.

“I thought I was your favorite Uncle Mike?” She gave him a cheesy grin.

“You’re a pain in my ass, Rookie, that’s what you are,” Mike shot back.

“You sure that’s not just one of your usual ailments, Old Man?”

“Ha, ha” Mike made a face. “Are we gonna eat or not? The food is about to get cold!” He cleared his throat, “Pass me some of that, uh, rope stuff.”

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Does anybody else with STPD experience this thing where, you explain something to someone in very few words, and expect them to understand completely what's in your head, and then they don't get it at all, so you're confused that they don't understand? (Or maybe that's to do with psychosis...I dunno. Just wondering!)

Hey, thanks for the question!

Yes, I think this is common for people with StPD. Since we do tend to have odd thinking and speech, we can often have trouble communicating our ideas to others in a way that they understand. We may be too short or too lengthy or too abstract or totally off topic or etc., which even though it seems natural for us, may be kind of hard for other people to comprehend. Of course since someone’s standard of “normal” varies entirely on their own perceptions, a lot of the times we’re also unaware of how we’re coming off, and it may make perfect sense to us, since that’s just the way we think lol. There’s a good thing written about odd speech/thinking here that you may like to read. 

Anyways, yeah, with the variety of odd speaking styles that can be present in StPD (not even always to do with being too abstract, but sometimes just difficulty phrasing or narrowing down things to be concise, or strange expressions, etc.),  I can assume the general situation of ‘trying to explain something to someone and having them not really understand what you mean’ is a common one amongst us lol. I’d say a majority of Schizotypals can relate to that! 



Harry had never in all his life had such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys; mountains of roast and boiled potatoes; platters of chipolatas; tureens of buttered peas, silver boats of thick rich gravy and cranberry sauce – and stacks of wizard crackers every few feet along the table.


They all have their own spin on holiday romance – how Infinite would ask someone out on Christmas for anon