yeah its a holiday or something


Harry had never in all his life had such a Christmas dinner. A hundred fat, roast turkeys; mountains of roast and boiled potatoes; platters of chipolatas; tureens of buttered peas, silver boats of thick rich gravy and cranberry sauce – and stacks of wizard crackers every few feet along the table.

i just can’t get over the shift in robron tonight. and yes, i probably am over-analysing because i’ve missed them so every second of their scenes is now extremely important, but they just seemed so comfortable around each other.

even the way they sauntered into the pub, chatting quietly to each other, robert glancing back at aaron… and then you had the whole teddy bear exchange (as i’m calling it) and aaron letting his hand slide down robert’s arm as he gets a pint. it’s just a tiny physical display of… not even affection, but just that reassurance that he can touch robert, that they can do this now, that they’re not hiding. and he probably doesn’t even question it now, or not as much, which is even more special really because this has all become so normal to them.

and robert being included in the family discussion in the backroom, and aaron not freaking out because his mum’s in hospital because robert is there as the voice of reason, telling him chas did the right think seeking help

and then you had the most incredibly sarky banter - “any time i’m feeling down i just look at you and think ‘it could be worse, i could be robert’” AND THAT LAUGH THAT IS SO INFECTIOUS IT MAKES ROBERT LAUGH

and i know they were such small scenes and not exactly romantic but they weren’t mate-y either. they looked settled, happy, content in each other’s company and comfortable to show it even around others.

i don’t even know where i’m going with this i was just really happy to see them so relaxed and at ease with each other it’s literally made my heart hurt

Preference: You tell him you're pregnant on Christmas

Hey so this is (15 minutes) late cause I just forgot to post it today!!! It’s a Christmas preference so enjoy guys :) I just thought i was a cute idea and decided to write something inspired it so I hope you like it!!! Request something if you want :) Merry Christmas and happy holidays to those who don’t celebrate!! 

Calum:  “WAKE UP ITS CHRISTMAS” you hear calum yelling as he jumps on you, a smile growing on your face.  “Yeah babe I’ll meet you down there.” You say, slowly sitting up.  He giggles, clapping his hands. “Don’t be long!” He shouts, running out the door, and you can hear him fall down the stairs before a “IM OKAY” is yelled out, making you laugh. Walking slowly down the stairs, careful not to fall, you proceed left into your living room where the Christmas tree is and calum is sat, patiently waiting for you. “Open this one first.” You say, smiling at him while handing him a small box, a little bigger than your hand. He gives you a weird look before opening it. You fiddle with the wedding ring on your finger, waiting for his reaction. Calum’s eyes grow wide when he sees what’s in the box. “No way.” He says, looking up at you. “Yes way.” You say. His face broke out into a huge grin, looking down at the box in his hands again and it’s contents. “They’re all positive?” He asks you. “Yeah.” You say, walking over and sitting behind him, looking at the positive pregnancy tests that are sat on the velvet cushion inside the box. “I’m gonna be a dad.” Calum looks at you, tears in his eyes. “I’m gonna be a dad.” He repeats. “Go on then, say hi.” You say, motioning to your stomach. His eyes sparkle, putting his hands on your stomach and pushing your top up. “Hey little baby.” He says, speaking to below your rib cage, making you laugh. “Lower.” You say, putting a hand where the baby should be. Calum laughs, moving his head lower so his mouth is level with your womb.  “Hey little baby. This is your daddy speaking. I can’t wait to meet you. You’re gonna be an amazing kid, I just know it. My friends and I can teach you how to play music and I’ll teach you how to play soccer, it’ll be awesome. Your mother is amazing too, she can’t wait to meet you either. I love you.” He says, placing a kiss to your lower stomach. Calum looks at you in time to see you wiping a tear from your eye. “Are you crying?” He asks you. “No I just have a bit of that’s the cutest thing I’ve ever heard you say in my eye.” You laugh, wiping your eyes again.  “Come on, let’s open the rest of the presents.” He says, hugging you.  Luke: “Oh my life I feel so sick.” You laugh, sitting back in your chair after finishing your Christmas dinner. “You look like you have a food baby.” Your husband, luke, laughs, pointing to your stomach. You glance at your mum, who nods at you.  “Luke,” you say, getting his attention. “I do have a baby in there. And it’s not a food one.” His eyes widen. “You mean…” “Yes luke, I’m pregnant.” You say. He sits back in his chair and runs his hand through his hair, making you worry. Did he not want this?“ "Oh my I love you.” He said, his eyes filling with tears before he hugs you. “I’m gonna be a dad, oh my gosh I’m gonna be a dad.” He says, tears flowing freely now, making you start to cry too. “How long?” He asks you. “About 2 months now.” You say. “How the hell did I not find out.” He laughs, hugging you. “Who wants dessert?!” Your aunt asks, coming out from the kitchen with a massive pavlova. “I don’t think Y/N has any room.” Luke says, making you slap him. “There’s always room for dessert.” You say in reply, making everyone laugh. Ashton: “Y/N! Y/N are you okay?” Your husband, Ashton, calls out to you. You try not groan, pulling your hair behind you as you are sick (again) in the toilet bowl.  “Hey hey come here.” You hear him say, before feeling his hand rub your back. “Let it all out.” He rubs your back, singing softly as you finish up. “Too bad you had to get sick on Christmas hey.” Ashton says, helping you up and cleaning the toilet while you brush your teeth. “C'mon, let’s get you to bed.” He picks you up like a koala, carrying you back to your bed. “Ashton.” You groan. “I’m right here baby.” He says in reply. “I-I’m not-sick.” You say. “Is it bad cramps? I can get you a Panadol or 3 if you want.” He says, making you giggle. “Ashton,” you say. “When was the last I time I had my period?” “Well when we were at the beach with the boys."  "Which was…” You encourage. “Two months… Ago.” He says, looking at you, his eyes widening. You nod at him, making his face break into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. “I’m pregnant.” You smile.  “I can’t believe this, I’m gonna be a dad. I love you so so much.” Ashton leans down to speak to your baby. “You, me and mummy are gonna make a great team. Put it here.” He says, making a fist and lightly tapping it against your stomach, making you laugh. “Merry Christmas babe.” You say. Michael:  “Merry Christmas guys!” Michael, your husband, says as you walk into your mother’s house carrying the pavlova you made for Christmas lunch dessert. “Hey there! So glad you guys could make it come right in.” She says, giving you both a warm smile. You had always loved Christmas. The family, the heat, the food, the general overall laid-back-ness of it all. But this year, anxiety was creeping at your insides, cockroaches eating you inside out. When it was finally time to open the presents, you sat down with Michael, politely accepting gifts from everyone. You were very happy to see you got a white baby onesie, with “I love my punk rock papa” on it, causing the both of you to laugh.  “Unfortunately, I don’t think we’re gonna need this anytime soon.” Michael said, smiling at you, but you could see the sadness in his eyes. You could also feel it in the room. You two had been trying so hard for so long to have a baby, you had actually thought that maybe it wouldn’t ever happen. “Guys.” You said, standing up and taking a deep breath after everyone had finished opening their presents.  “Hello!!” You called out, clapping your hands a couple of times. Everyone stopped. “I have something to tell you guys. All of you.” You said, grabbing Michael’s hand. You took a deep breath, picking up the small baby onesie. “Thanks, uncle mick. I’m gonna need this one.” You said, giving everyone a weak smile. “You mean…” Your dad said, not finishing what he was saying. “Yep.” You said meekly. “I’m pregnant!” You said, flat out saying it. You turned around to see your husband staring at the ground. “Michael?” You sat down next to him, worried. Did he not want this? “Michael please look at me.” You could feel the tears welling up. “I’m gonna be a dad?” He asked you, making you nod in reply. “I’m gonna be a dad! This is the best Christmas ever!!” He said, jumping up and pulling you into a hug. “Best present ever, I love you.” He said I to your ear. “Go on then, say hi.” You said, smiling at him. He looked at you in awe before kneeling, you still standing. He lifted up your shirt a little, your whole family still looking at you (like he have a shit right now), rubbing the edges of your stomach for a bit before talking. “Hey bubba, it’s your punk rock papa here.” Michael said, making you laugh. “I just wanted to say, I love you. A lot. Even though you’re probably still an underdeveloped fetus, I still love you more than anything. Oh, aside from your mum of course. And my band. And pizza.” You whacked him over the head.  “Get on with it ya baby.” He laughed, looking up at you withy a cheeky smirk on his face. “In full, you’ll be the best kid ever.” He leant in really close and whispered, “oh and a warning for tonight, it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.” He smirked, winking at you, making your cheeks turn red. You whacked him on the arm, pulling him up to eye level. “I hate you.” You whispered to him. “You love me.” Michael said against the top of your head. “You’re very lucky I do.” You laughed. Spending the entire rest of the Christmas celebrations with all eyes on you was a new thing, but you honestly couldn’t be happier about the tiny little human that was developing inside of you.

They all have their own spin on holiday romance – how Infinite would ask someone out on Christmas for anon


2014 is soon ending and this year has been really great.

I fully changed my blog to something I prefer more now which is gaming and art. I got a new gaming computer and let us not forget this was the year I become “Corvo’s wife” lmao 

I’ve gotten new friends too and I’m so grateful for all of you. I apologize if I haven’t spoken that often to many of you it’s just that I’m awful at socializing sometimes.

I’m soon at 1K followers too which is just unbelievable and all I want to say is

thank you

I also want to make a big shout out to the bae mrscroft for literally being there for me almost every day this year. You are very important.

Another shout out to all of my mutuals. You know who you are.


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Happy New Year!