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Please write a short fic about tony catching peter drinking i would die omg

“Hey, Peter,” 

He froze, eyes widening as he heard the all-too-familiar sound of expensive leather brogues scuffing along the floor a few meters from him, and he turned quickly, brow furrowed into a deep V as he watched Tony wander up to him, all smiles and casual posture, hands buried in the pockets of his grease-stained jeans. He looked like he’d come straight from the workshop, stopping only to throw on a leather jacket along the way.

Why he was here at all, however, made no sense at all.

“T- Mr Stark,” Peter said, trying to communicate with him through eyebrow movements alone. If it turned out that he had to suit up and help out somewhere, he was pretty fucked, considering the fact he’d had a bit to drink at the party he’d been invited to.

Well. He said ‘a bit’. It was possibly more accurate to say ‘a fucking shit-ton’, but whatever.

Tony looked at him blankly, before shooting another smile toward the circle of people who were stood around Peter and staring quite blatantly at the both of them. “Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I’m afraid I have to take Mr Parker away. He’s an intern at Stark Industries, you know how it is. Lots of work, yadda yadda, okay bye,”

And before Peter could even open his mouth, Tony had grabbed him by the arm and snatched the solo cup out of his hand almost angrily, pulling him away from the group of people and through the crowds of rowdy teenagers that littered the huge house.

“Uh, Mr Stark, wha’dd’ya want me for, exactly?” Peter asked, speaking loudly above the blaring music and wincing at how slurred his voice came out.

It had been a weird month, okay. He was just trying it out. 

Tony paused, and Peter saw him purse his lips even tighter before beginning to walk again, guiding Peter through the crowds and holding him tight as he stumbled a little.

“Hey, Parker, leaving so soon?” Flash called out from somewhere to his left, and Peter stopped turning to face him as the other boy wandered toward them. “We haven’t even begun yet, Jesus, are you a pussy or what-”

“Kid,” and suddenly Tony had let go, spinning around and walking up to Flash, who seemed to suddenly recognise who exactly Tony was, because his eyes went hilariously wide and he stumbled backward a few steps. Peter snorted involuntarily, and he saw Tony turn briefly, before shaking his head and looking back to Flash, “it seems like you’re having an absolute ball here, but I’m gonna say something and I’m only going to say it once.”

Tony looked down at Flash, eyes harsh as he drew a little closer. “Leave. Peter. Out of it. Do you understand? He is not here for you to manipulate, not here for you to bully into trying out crazy shit for your amusement-”

“Tony, what the fuck,” Peter blurted, frowning and stepping forward, more than a little put out. He’d only just managed to get accepted by Flash and all the other popular kids, and Tony was just going in, ruining it all, “you’re not my dad- don’t tell me or my friends what I can and can’t do.”

Tony turned, eyebrows raised. “Friends?” He snorted, shaking his head and walking over to Peter once more, taking him by the arm. “You haven’t called in with Aunt May for two days now,” he hissed into Peter’s ear, “she’s worried sick. You are coming with me, right now.”

“No ‘m not,” Peter pushed his hand off, looking over at Tony in anger. “You are fucking….embarrassing me…. in fron’ of my friends-”

“They are not your friends!” Tony snarled, pulling his arm again, “your friends are all currently at home, worrying their asses off because this is not like you, Peter, and they didn’t know what to fucking do, so they ended up calling me. Now you will fucking follow me out of this goddamn place right now, or I am hauling you out.”

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  • Lucius: *finds Gryffindor clothes thrown in Draco's trunk over the holidays* DRACO IS THERE SOMETHING YOU AREN'T TELLING ME?!?
  • Draco: *nervous sweating*
  • Lucius: Oh, I see what's going on here-
  • Draco: Dad, it's not-
  • Lucius: *at the same time as Draco* You're working against us!
  • Draco: *at the same time as Lucius* I'M SORRY I DIDN'T ASK TO BE GAY FOR HARRY POTTER!
  • Lucius: ...
  • Draco: ...
  • Draco: I'mma just- *points to door*
  • Lucius: Yeah, good idea
First Halloween

Request (yes):  For Halloween requests: batsis and the other batkids trick or treating?  +  For the Halloween thing maybe Dick taking out the reader and Damian trick or treating?? It would be them being around the age of ten obvs but it could be cute with the reader and Dick trying to get Damian into the spirit lol. +  Could I get a batfam fic where they go trick or treating together? +  Could you please do a Damian story, where batsis discovers that he doesn’t know what Halloween is and takes him on his first trick and treat! If you have too many requests and you don’t have the time to this I totally understand that!! Xoxo~mia - Anons

Word count: 670

warning(s): like one curse word



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Bad Luck~Prologue

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(Gif isn’t mine credit to owner)

Hey there, new series coming up soon and I’m hyped! :D

-388 words

i don’t think there is any genre really but it’s future angst and smut :)

Pairing: Reader x Yoongi

Genre: High school AU

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

~On your first day at school a boy catches your eye.~

You were late for your first day at school. It just had to happen to you didn’t it, you always had been a hot mess. You ran outside the front door. On your way to school you pushed everyone and could feel your pocket vibrating, someone was calling you , probably Hoseok. You didn’t stop to pick up nonetheless you didn’t have time. When you arrived everyone had already gone into class. You asked at the reception where your class was and left running down the corridors. When you saw your classroom you just stormed in and slammed the door open, then you realized what you had just done. Everyone was staring and your cheeks went bright red. The teacher looked astonished by your behavior, you apologized quietly and went to sit at the back of the classroom as the teacher continued his lesson. As you sat down the student next to you eyed you up and down with a big smirk on his face and then went back to scribbling on his textbook.

You could already tell that he was a fuckboy for sure, and you didn’t like him one bit. But even so you couldn’t stop yourself from admiring his beautiful features. He had shiny hair, and his school uniform fitted him in a way that you could see the outline of his thin sharp body. When it was time for the break you headed out to find your friend. You were walking down the corridor and you immediately spotted him. He was waving at you with his usual giant grin, when you approached him he hugged you lightly, “So how was your first day to school? You were late weren’t you?” he giggled. 

“Yeah, I was and everybody just stared at me when I entered it was probably one of the most awkward experiences in my life!”

“You literally say that everytime something awkward happens to you .” he teased.

“Yeah but this time it was even worse hobi!” You both laughed about what had happened and talked about your holidays. While you two were talking you caught the same guy than the one in your history class staring at you. You didn’t mention it to Hoseok because he would get the wrong idea. 

Later on you found out his name was Yoongi.

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just think, in a few years, harry will get to sit down to do an interview and nick will be like 'why are you late you're never late?' and harry can just grumpily say 'louis hid the house keys again'. louis will settle on the couch across from james 'so, hows everything, you good? harry good?' and louis can nod casually with a grin and rub his legs like he does when he sits like 'yeah all good, all good. just got back off holiday, so H is moping about'. its going to be natural and beautiful.

Turn your location right now we need to talk

Under the Table**



“Do we really have to go to dinner tonight?” Joe whined as he laid on bed, watching you get ready to meet the boys for dinner. 

“Yes Joe. We said we’d be there so get up” You said walking over to him, pushing his legs over the side of the bed. 

Joe said up quickly and grabbed you by the waist and pulled you down on the bed. 

“But wouldn’t you rather we stay here and do something else? I’m not really hungry for food” Joe smirked while he traced his finger up your bare leg. 

“Later.” you said ignoring the goosebumps that formed in the wake of his fingers. “Now get up, we have to leave soon” 

Joe groaned in reply but complied and went to change his clothes. 

“There you guys are!! We thought you guys weren’t going to come!” Josh shouted once he saw you and Joe walk into the dimly lit restaurant. 

“Don’t be silly Josh, I haven’t seen my favorite boys in a while so I wouldn’t miss having dinner with you lot. This one on the other hand..” You said shooting a look at your boyfriend who pretended to be amused. 

“Ah mate you can leave if you want to. Y/N you can sit by me, I’ll keep you company” Jack said patting the seat next to him. 

You shot him an apologetic smile as Joe pulled you as far away from Jack as the table allowed. 

“So can we order yet? I’m starving” Caspar asked once you and Joe were situated at the table. 

“Mikey’s not here mate.” Oli pointed out looking at his phone. 

You all ordered drinks while you waited for Mikey to show up. 

“Joe” you whispered shoving his hand off your thigh but your attempt failed as he quickly moved it back to your thigh, fingers tightening to grip your leg slightly. 

You looked over at Joe who was smirking, clearly enjoying teasing you. You brought your attention back to the conversation deciding that Joe wasn’t going to distract you tonight. Not until later that is. 

Joe on the other hand had different plans. 

Mikey finally arrived and after each boy had his turn taking the piss out of him being late you finally ordered. Joe seemed to have forgotten the fact that you two were out in public. Usually when you two were out in public, he was quite shy about hand holding, kissing, etc. But tonight, that whole mindset had gone out the window. Joe had removed his hand from your lap and instead took you hand in his and toyed with your fingers while they rested on the table top. 

The boys took a few stabs at Joe suddenly getting handsy whilst in public, but Joe just shrugged it off which was usually not like him. 

“Are you alright?” You leaned over and asked him once everyone’s food came. He hadn’t really joined in on the conversation much. Apparently you weren’t the only one who picked up on his actions, or lack there of as Conor joined in on your conversation. 

“Yeah mate, its unlike you to be this quite.” He said shoving his mouth with another forkful of food. 

“Yeah I’m fine. Just have something on my mind” Joe said looking over at you. Your eyes widened slightly as you recognized that look in Joe’s eyes. Joe was definitely still horny and he wasn’t doing a good job at hiding it. 

You gulped as you turned our attention back to your food, trying to ignore Joe as best as you cold. Once everyone was finished, a few of the boys ordered dessert and the conversation turned into a discussion about where the group would holiday next. 

Joe’s hand was now back on your thigh, inching higher every minute until he brush his fingers across your slightly soaked panties. You silently hated yourself for wearing a dress that night, knowing that if you handed, Joe wouldn’t be so handsy but you also were pleasantly shocked to see this side of your boyfriend. Not to mention it turned you on a bit. 

Joe moved your panties to the side and he slowly ran a finger up your slit. You parted your legs a bit more causing Joe to laugh silently. 

“Y/N, you’re coming with us this time right?” Caspar asked looking over to you. 

You tired to keep a straight face as you felt Joe’s fingers push farther into you. 

“Yeah” you said a small moan escaping your lips as your fully shoved his fingers into.

He began working his fingers in and out of you while still paying attention to the conversation at hand. 

“Maybe we should all go to Greece. Y/N loves Greece, don’t you” He asking, smirking over at you, his fingers still working at your core. 

All you did was nod your head. If you opened your mouth, you were sure that you would become a moaning mess.

The boys liked Joe’s suggestion so much that they all started looking up things to do in Greece and were essentially already planning your holiday. 

Joe’s fingers were now curling inside of you and you felt the pressure build up in your stomach. You bit down on your lower lip, trying to contain that moans that were desperate to escape your lips. 

The pressure became too much for you and you soon came around Joe’s fingers, letting out a small whimper, you’re head falling into your hands on the table. 

“You alright Y/N?” Mikey said looking up from his phone. 

“Yeah,” you said, pausing to catch your breath. “My head just hurts a bit, I think I’m going to get some fresh air.” you said standing up after Joe removed his fingers from inside of you. 

“Do you want some company?” Jack was quick to say but wasn’t quick to act as Joe was already on his feet with you. 

“I think we’re actually going to head out boys.” Joe said pulling on his coat. 

“Yeah let us know when you guys agree on a holiday plan. See you all later” You waved goodbye as Joe led you out of the restaurant, his hand on the small of your back. 

Once the two of you were outside, you turned around and attached your lips to Joe’s causing him to laugh into the kiss. You pulled away and poked his chest with your finger. 

“You’re a tease, you know that Sugg.” 

“I had to be, dinner painfully boring considering I didn’t want to be there in the first place.” Joe winked over at you before taking your hand in his and walking down the street. 

“Horny buggards” Jack said rolling his eyes as the boys watched you and Joe walk hand in hand past the windows of the restaurant.

  • Robert: You're missing her already, aren't you?
  • Aaron: Who, my mum?
  • Robert: Liv. It's okay, you can admit it.
  • Aaron: And what if I am? As if I've not got enough aggro in my life, eh?
  • Robert: I told you a holiday would do the trick.
  • Aaron: Yeah, just a shame it ended though, innit?
  • Robert: Hey, as of now, things can only get better. (sees Rebecca driving past) Hey, I'm starving. Why don't you take care of this lot and I'll go get us something in?
  • Aaron: Yeah, all right. See you in a bit.
i’m so smitten with you and everyone knows it

“You got this for me?” Will held his present in his hands, staring at it and rubbing the layers of tape with his thumb.

“Yeah! Yeah, I know you really like Valentine’s Day, so I got you something. As a Valentine’s Day present. For you.”

ao3: (x)
warnings: just fluff!!!
characters: mike wheeler, will byers (its a byeler fic)

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Sometimes you don’t fall in love with someone at first sight. Sometimes it happens over a period of weeks, months, years; sometimes it happens over and over again.

Alternatively: Vivi Swore She Wouldn’t Write Angst Anymore but Here She Is, After Watching Hyunsik’s Swimming MV, Full of Regrets (ok there isn’t any angst in this first part thank god it was too long so i chopped it i swear)

  • Eunwoo’s parents making month-long annual trips every school holiday to Eunwoo’s mum’s hometown by the sea 
    • Baby!Eunwoo gurgling and laughing when wet by sea spray 
    • One year old Eunwoo holding a smol crab in his hands, eyes wide in awe
    • Two year old Eunwoo making smol footprints with his dad in the sand 
    • Three year old Eunwoo stacking rocks and happily talking to himself 
    • Four year old Eunwoo sticking his feet in the sea and squealing loudly for his mum to pick him up because it’s cold, mama it’s cold 
    • Five year old Eunwoo holding his brother’s hand and clutching a fish and beaming at the camera 
  • And it’s on this sixth trip that Eunwoo’s mum winds a silver chain around Eunwoo’s neck and brings him to a neighbourhood jewellery store 
    • It isn’t so much of a jewellery store as a trinket shop that happens to carve sea glass beads
    • Eunwoo’s mum gets a new one every year and only swaps it out when she heads back to her hometown, almost like a renewal of sorts, as if telling the sea and the sky that she’ll keep them in her heart and she promises, promises, promises that she’ll come back the next year 
    • And even if Eunwoo and his brother don’t grow up with their feet in saltwater and sea breeze in their hair, she wants them to have at least something that reminds them of her own home 
    • So every year she intends to bring Eunwoo and his brother to the store to let them pick out colours they like and swap out the previous year’s charm for a new one
  • And so Eunwoo is five when he stumbles into the shop for the first time 
    • He’s entranced by tinkly windchimes and odd-shaped mirrors, hands wandering over soft cushions and old silver boxes, surrounded musty wood-lacquer smell and a stronger, overriding smell of the sea 
    • Eunwoo stopping by a quaint little mirror 
    • Eunwoo blinking because this doesn’t seem like a mirror 
    • Those aren’t his eyes and that isn’t his hair 
    • And when he reaches out a hand his not-reflection blinks and moves out of the way 
    • Eunwoo blinks
    • Eunwoo: “you’re not a reflection" 
    • Not-Reflection, blinking back: 
    • Eunwoo, stretching his finger 
    • Not-Reflection squeaking and scuttling off 
    • Eunwoo, jumping back slightly and scrambling to find his mum 
  • And he sees Not-Reflection sat down on a glass counter, small chubby arms wrapped around a woman’s neck and head tilted so he can monitor Eunwoo out the corner of his eye 
    • Eunwoo raising a hand to say hi 
    • Not-Reflection ducking his head and burying his nose in the woman’s shoulder 
    • Eunwoo’s mum cooing: "awww he’s shy, isn’t he? Eunwoo was like that last year too" 
    • And suddenly the two women are talking like old friends, gesturing and using Big Words and stuff until the woman lets Not-Reflection down to the floor
    • The woman: "Go make friends, Binnie!" 
  • Cue Binnie peeking out from behind the glass counter, big eyes blinking at Eunwoo 
    • Eunwoo doesn’t know what to do????? 
    • Eunwoo: "Binnie? Hi?" 
    • Binnie peeking at Eunwoo: 
    • He raises a hand in greeting like his teacher taught him and Binnie immediately ducks back behind the counter 
    • Eunwoo pouting until he notices Binnie poking his head out again 
    • Rinse and repeat until Eunwoo notices Binnie starting to giggle each time he pokes his head out 
    • Oh
    • They’re playing hide & seek 
    • Eunwoo grinning because he’s good at this!! 
  • Except his mum is calling for him and asking him to choose a bead 
    • Bin pouting because does this mean he can’t play with his new friend anymore?
    • Eunwoo’s mum setting his brother down on the glass counter and letting him point at random beads and babble 
    • Bin’s mum lowering a tray of beads to the floor so Eunwoo and Bin can kneel over it and pick
    • Eunwoo carefully scrutinising the beads before settling on a cloudy white one 
    • Bin beaming and shaking out a thin black corn from under Binnie’s shirt because look !!! 
    • The same!!!! 
    • Binnie & Eunwoo can match!!!! 
    • Eunwoo’s mum laughing 
  • Eunwoo leaving his mum to discuss with Bin’s mum how she wants the number 6 carved on the bead since it’s Eunwoo’s sixth year visiting in favour of poking Bin’s cheek 
    • Very squish, Eunwoo approves 
    • Bin looks mildly offended before prodding Eunwoo’s too 
    • Eunwoo, giggling a little before offering a slightly garbled: "my name’s Eunwoo!!" 
    • Bin, with his finger still buried in Eunwoo’s cheek: "Eu Noo?" 
    • Do you remember when Bin used to tag his 달콩 photos with 으누 instead of 은우 I’m so weak
    • Eunwoo, gently dislodging said finger: "Eunwoo!" 
    • And as his mother’s taught him to greet new friends, Bin reaches up to Eunwoo on his tippy toes and presses a sticky kiss to Eunwoo’s cheek 
    • Eunwoo blinking 
    • Eunwoo breaking out into a smile 
  • And this is how Bin ends up stuck to Eunwoo’s side the rest of Eunwoo’s visit 
    • Down to the wooden-plank pier? 
    • Bin’s trailing behind Eunwoo, talking Eunwoo’s ear off about how that one time he saw a bird as huge as a monster fly down and scoop chips from his dad’s open hand 
    • At the candy store? 
    • Bin pointing out different candies he really likes and Eunwoo using his extra height to scoop more of them to shove in a bag 
    • In Bin’s mum’s shop? 
    • Eunwoo’s reading aloud to an increasingly sleepy Bin until Bin’s cheeks squish against Eunwoo’s shoulder and Eunwoo dozes off too 
    • In Eunwoo’s grandpa’s garden?
    •  Eunwoo’s pointing out different plants and giving them random names like "the Terminator” and “Butt” and Bin’s laughing like it’s the funniest thing he’s heard in ages 
    • Eating snacks? 
    • Eunwoo’s counting the number of marshmallows Bin can stuff in his cheeks without them bursting and Bin’s giggling because Eunwoo looks so focussed 
    • Both of them yelling in dismay when all this gooey, pink marshmallowey gunk starts spewing from Bin’s mouth as a result of him giggling 
  • The month winding up way too soon and all of a sudden Eunwoo’s mum’s packing up Eunwoo’s stuff into luggage bags 
    • And when the day comes for Eunwoo to leave their mums promise to stay in touch and Bin’s looking at Eunwoo like he doesn’t understand the concept of a year 
    • Bin: “How long’s that?" 
    • Eunwoo, thoughtfully: "Long." 
    • Bin, suddenly fiercely hugging this boy with bright eyes and beautiful smile who ran his fingers over boxes and sauntered into Bin’s life 
    • Eunwoo being slightly stunned but smiling and hugging him back because he’ll miss his friend 
    • But it’s okay!! He’ll see him in a year and that’s really all that matters
  • Except they don’t really know how long a year is
    • Bin, two days after Eunwoo left for the city: “Ma, when’s Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin, three days after Eunwoo left: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, four days after Eunwoo left, picking at his fingernails and refusing to look up: “Why isn’t Eunwoo coming back?”
    • Bin’s mum answer’s always: “Eunwoo’s coming back in a year, baby” but Bin never knows how much that is 
    • Bin, rolling on the ground: “Is a year up yet?”
    • Bin, face squished against the glass counter as his little feet kick the air: “Has it been a year yet?”
    • Bin, rubbing the pale white stone around his neck: “It’s been a week and Eunwoo isn’t back yet, when’s he coming back?”
    • Until one day Bin’s mum hands him a calendar and a marker and tells him to cross off the days and once he makes it through an entire calendar, he’ll see Eunwoo again 
  • And of course Bin starts on it right away 
    • He crosses off every single box every single day for a month 
    • And then promptly loses his marker and forgets all about it 
    • Because Eunwoo or not, life as a four year old goes on and Bin has things to see and places to explore 
    • Until a year rolls around and Bin’s curled up on the sofa in his family shop tinkering around with some wind chimes 
    • And a boy with a white sea glass bead on a silver chain barrels into the shop, yelling: “BIN!!” 
  • And just like this, Bin and Eunwoo fall back into place, side by side, hand-in-hand, running around and falling asleep and eating and yelling and playing hide and seek and doing dumb things
    • Bin: “I dare you to eat sand.”
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin:
    • Eunwoo:
    • Bin: “no actually you’re right don’t do it”
  • Eunwoo picking a pale blue sea glass bead and Bin picking an exact same one and both of them staring curiously as Bin’s mum snaps a magnifying glass on and starts carving a small 7 on Eunwoo’s bead’s smooth surface
    • Eunwoo smoothly sliding Bin’s bead onto his black cord and looping it around his neck and tucking it into his shirt 
    • Bin’s chubby fingers sliding Eunwoo’s piece on Eunwoo’s chain and Bin beaming with pride when he hands it back to Eunwoo 
  • And this time, when Bin sees Eunwoo off, he presses a small glass vial, half-filled with sand and topped with seawater (prepared by Bin’s mum under Very Careful Supervision by Binnie himself), so “when you go back to city life you’ll still think of me!”
    • Eunwoo throwing his arms around Bin and laughing because look!!! his friend made a thing!!!!!!!
  • And there it stays, on Eunwoo’s windowsill in the city 
    • Eunwoo looking up from where he’s playing on the floor when sunlight streams through his window and the seawater makes the light dance 
    • Eunwoo lying on the ground and squinting at the shadows and rainbows the bottle casts
    • Eunwoo adjusting him position on the ground and watching sunlight filter through the bottle on his windowsill right onto his hands 
    • Eunwoo watching the water ripple sometimes when a door bangs somewhere in their apartment and pretending it’s the same way his best friend’s eyes sparkle when he’s talking about something he loves
    • Eunwoo sometimes pulling the bottle from his windowsill and feeling its soft, small weight in his palm
    • Eunwoo pretending that here, this is it, this is an adequate replacement for him holding his best friend’s hand, going around with sand beneath their feet and salt in their hair and cheeks flushed red from laughing
    • Eunwoo smiling because yeah, he just got back from holiday but suddenly he’s really looking forward to the trip next year again

see i told you there wasn’t any angst (yet)

Smitten (Pt. 5)

Modern AU - Poe works at a record shop during the day and plays in a band at night. Reader is a cake shop owner.

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4

Word Count: 2.1k

Summary: You and Poe have gotten closer although your spontaneous actions can sometimes confuse the poor man.

AN: 2 more parts after this. 

TAG: @misswinchester221b @propertyofpoeandbucky

Originally posted by words-and-monsters

“Ta-da!” Poe said brightly. Placing a plate in front of you on the coffee table.

It was your first dinner at his place. It was charming and cozy. His guitars were lined up against the wall, a small piano faced the window, a couch and a coffee table were in front of the t.v., and small houseplants that were alive and well were scattered around. His room tucked away down the hall next to the bathroom, more plants scattered about.

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Reece Bibby x reader
New Hope Club

My friends and I walk into Universal and head straight for the dancing. For a while we watch and just laugh at the people then we start to join in. It starts to get quite crowded and I end up bumping into a boy, before I topple to the ground he catches me, his hands on my waist and mine holding onto his forearms. I look at his face and fuck he’s hot. 

“Now everybody find a partner for this next part” The announcer calls out into the mic. My eyes widen when I turn to my two friends and they had hold found boys to dance with.
“do you want to dance?” the boy who saved me asks. I think for a second then nod eagerly, a bit to eager. He laughs and takes my hand. The music starts playing and we laugh as he twirls me in circles and we do our worst dance moves. I find it strange how quickly I felt comfortable being weird with him, he seems to have the same humour as me. 

When the music finishes and another group dance song comes on he pulls me aside, I see my friends and two other boys follow us. 

“hey I really enjoyed that. I’m Reece” He says holding his hand out. 
“y/n” I reply with a smile. “I had a really good time too” I add and he beams at me. He looks behind me at what I presume are his friends. 
“I hope this isn’t too forward, but would it be ok if I got your number?” he asks rubbing the back of his neck. After a while of not answering him after being distracted by how cute he looks he bites his lip and steps away. 

“wait no!” I panic. “here, type it in and I’ll text you” I say pulling my phone out of my pocket nearly dropping it in the process. He adds his number in and texts his phone so he has my number. 
“you’re not from here are you?” he asks me. 
“no, you’re not either?” I guess. 
“no, I’m from England.” 
“me too! I’m here visiting family” 
“oh cool, we’re here to write music. We’re in a band. How long are you here for?” 
“about another week? You?” 
“about the same, a bit more… Would it be too much to ask if I could see you again before you leave?” he stutters. 
“Text me when and where” I grin backing away over to my friends. I try not to freak out in case he’s watching but they’re nearly bursting. We all squeal and I take a glance at Reece who’s smiling at me.

We head back to our hotel and I get a text.
Hey its Reece, when are you free?
Any day pretty much
Cool, well do you want to meet somewhere tomorrow night?
Yeah, name a time and place
See you then beautiful

I die on the inside when I read ‘beautiful’ and wait for him to text me where and when. I lay back in bed and sigh.

“oooh someones got a crush” my mum teases. 
“yeah” I mutter. 
“go to bed beautiful” my mum laughs and I launch a pillow in her direction but she dodges it and leaves the room. I fall asleep thinking about my night. 

I wake up in the morning and end up sitting by the pool for most of the day. A while before I’m supposed to meet Reece I go up to the room and have a shower, doing my hair and makeup and carefully selecting a cute outfit. I leave the hotel well in time to get there on time.

I walk up to the place Reece said to meet at and I spot him, bounding over to him. 
“Hey” I say which startles him, he turns to give me a hug” 
“hey you ok?” he asks. 
“yeah I’m fine, so what are we doing?” I ask. 
“well… I thought we could play some mini golf here, then watch a movie or something” he suggests nervously. I nod with a big smile. 
“That sounds great” I reply and I see his shoulders relax. 
“lets go then” he grins and I only just notice the adorable dimple he had. I can’t help myself and poke it, turning around to walk in the building. We end up playing a few rounds of mini golf, chatting and laughing, learning everything about eachother, we actually don’t live that far from each other. When we’re done we head over to the cinema. Reece pays for the tickets and I frown. When we get some popcorn and drinks I pull my money out before he can. He frowns this time. 
“hey you didn’t have to do that” he whines.
“yeah I did” I snort. 

We go into the movie and halfway through he leans back, putting his arm on the back of my chair but he doesn’t touch me. I look up to him and he smiles closed mouthed. I roll my eyes and sit up while he frowns, i push the arm rest up that’s separating us and sit back again, but this time I lean into him so my heads resting on his shoulder. He hesitates for a moment before his hand slips down from the chair and around my shoulders. I grin and lean up lacing my hand with his. Out of the corner of my eye I see him smile but we stay silent, enjoying the movie and enjoying this.

The movie ends soon enough and we make our way outside. His hotel is over the road from mine luckily enough and so we walk home together. His hand keeps nudging into mine as we walk and eventually he laces his hands in mine. I blush and squeeze his hand, in response he rubs his thumb over my knuckles. Its only a short walk and we’re standing outside our hotels. 

“I had a really fun night” I smile. 
“yeah me too.” he replies. Then we fall silent. 
“Reece.” I whisper. He hums. “Was this a date?” His eyes widen and he starts stuttering. 
“uh it was meant to be but it doesn’t have to be, we can be friends or we can leave contact here or something” 
“No, I’m glad it was a date, I wouldn’t have cuddled you or held your hand if I didn’t want it to be” I beam. 
“Well in that case” he grins and leans down, holding my cheek he gently pulls me in for a goodnight kiss. It goes a little further and his tongue slips in my mouth. Eventually we pull apart and rest our foreheads together trying to catch our breath. 
“wow” I breathe out.
“yeah” he sighs. He pecks my lips one more time before he leaves for his hotel. I sigh dreamily and go up to my room, to bed. 

Reece and I end up spending at least a little bit of each of the rest of the days we both have left, together, other than the time he’s with his friends.

“Reece?” I whisper as we’re cuddling on a sun lounger by the fire at his hotel. It was my last night here. 
“what will happen when we get back home?” I ask, chewing on my lip, nervously awaiting his response. 
“well I was thinking when we get back, we could go out for a meal or something, a proper date to see if what we’re feeling is real or just a holiday romance” he mumbles.
“I’m hoping its the former, I’ve really enjoyed my time here with you. I’m so glad I met you” I mutter back. 
“Me too” he whispers pulling my face up to his height to kiss me. Every kiss leaves me breathless so I stand up and pull him up too. 
“I’ll text you when I get back to England and we’ll sort out a date.” Reece smiles and I nod smiling up at him. He bites his lip slightly, reaching out for my hips and pulling me into him. “I’ll see you then?” he whispers.
“yeah” I whisper back, giving him a kiss then I leave for bed. 

About a week and a half after I get home I’m sitting having lunch with some of my friends when I feel my phone vibrate. I pull it out of my pocket and check it, what I say knocks the wind out of my lungs. 

hey gorgeous, sorry I took so long, I was out there for a couple more days and I’ve basically just been sleeping the time I’ve been home, jet lag and stuff. Are you still up for that date? x

Wow hi! I didn’t know if you were ever going to text me, I’m free whenever, I’m really excited to see you xx

Would it be really eager to say tonight? 

Just eager enough :) 

Ok lets meet here() at 7 

see you then handsome

by the way I can’t wait to see you either :)

I look at my clock and see its half 4. I scramble out of my seat and my friends look at me strangely. 
“I have a date tonight” I squeal.
“You’ve finally moved on from that holiday boy?” one asks. 
“no, its him. I’m going on a date with him” I stutter, too excited that I’m stumbling through my words. Their eyes widen and they stand up. 
“well come on we need to get you ready!”  And so we head back to my house where we fix my hair, do my makeup and get dressed into a cute little dress. 

“have fun” they call out as I leave my house for the date. 
“not too much though” one of my friends winks and I roll my eyes. 

I walk into the restaurant and look around for Reece. I don’t see him so I tell the waiter Reece name and he takes me to a booth. I nervously wait. I check my phone and Reece was supposed to be here. Another 5 minutes and  he walks in. He spots me quickly and hurries to the table. I stand up and give him a hug then we slide down into the booth. 

“Hello, its really nice to see you, you look nice.” he says kissing my cheek. 
“thank you, you look very handsome yourself” I smile. He smiles and we start looking at the menu. We order eventually and it comes quickly after short conversation. Reece reaches over to get some salt when my cup of water tips over and onto my dress. I gasp and jump back. His eyes widen. 

“oh my god, I’m so sorry” he gasps. I bite my lip.
“Its ok, I’m just going to try and dry off a little” I say standing from the booth and heading to the toilet. I put it under the hand dryers for a minute and due to the fabric, it dries quite quickly, well dry enough to go back to the table.

I go back out and sit down. Reece hadn’t eaten yet, he was waiting for me to come back.
“you didn’t have to wait” I smile.
“I’m really sorry” he apologises.
“Its just water.”  I roll my eyes and nudge him. We start eating and talking. We soon finish and order a dessert between us. 

“So Bibby,  are you going to tell me about this band of yours now? since you didn’t want to tell me in America” I raise my eyesbrows leaning my head on my hand and turning to face him. 
“well, we’re New Hope Club” he starts and my eyes widen. 
“Woah! I can’t believe it, I’ve seen you live” I laugh and he looks confused. “I didn’t even know, I went to see The Vamps, you we’re supporting them weren’t you?” I ask and he nods. 
“did you like it?” he asks nervously. I smirk moving closer to him and put one of my legs over his. 
“I loved it, genuinely, you’re really talented” I compliment and he blushes. 
“Thank you. Do you want the whole story or not?” he asks skeptically. I lean in closer. 
“every. single. detail” I grin and he nods. 
“Well George was the first member, he’s the other blonde one. He was doing covers on youtube and stuff and got picked up by a manager, who put him in contact with Blake. They eventually found me I had just come out of another band. I was on x factor and got put in a group called stereo kicks. So we joined together and started doing covers on youtube and stuff and the Vamps manager saw us, contacted us and the rest is history really” he explains. 
“wow, that’s amazing. We’re stereo kicks that huge band?” I ask. 
“yeah, there were 8 of us” he laughs. 
“wow. How was that experience, the band and x factor” 
“Life changing. I didn’t have a lot of confidence before the show and I do now. It was a good stepping stone for me” 
“and New Hope Clubs your end game?” 
“yeah” he laughs. “we’ve got a show tomorrow actually, you should come meet me backstaage and I’ll introduce you” he says and nod.Our dessert arrives and we talk for a little more while we eat the ice cream sundae, having to be really close as we decided to share because they are so big. I’m not complaining though. 

“Are we splitting the bill” I ask and he shakes his head. 
“No I’m paying” 
“No, you can’t do that. Please let’s split it” I frown. He sighs and nods.
“Next time I’m paying though” he wags his finger at me. 
“How are you so sure there’ll be a next time” I smirk and he blushes.
“hmm I don’t know” I tease. He frowns but leads me out of the restaurant after we pay. We walk hand in hand for a while, chatting then we decide to part ways. On my way home I think about the date, if I didn’t like Reece so much the date would have been the worst date ever. When I get home I’m that exhausted, I got straight to sleep. I wake up in the morning and check my phone. I had loads of texts from Reece.

Hey, I really enjoyed today. 
Are you there?
Are you not speaking to me?
Did you mean what you said, you don’t want another date? 
Please answer me.
Come to my show tomorrow around 3, that’s when we’re all chilling.  (with a place)
Please talk to me, I’m really sorry about how our date went. 
Goodnight x

My eyes widen. I didn’t want him to think I wasn’t interested. I get dressed and do what I’ve got to do when 2 o’clock rolls around and I make my way to the arena. I get there at 3.10 and give the security my name. 
“oh you’re the girl Mr Bibby was hoping would come” he says and I nod. He escorts me backstage to a dressing room. 
“thank you” I say to him and he nods turning back the way we came. I hear music coming from the inside and knock, but it goes unheard due to the instruments and singing so I open the door nervously. 

“I wouldn’t spill that drink on your dress, wouldn’t be so late. I would have paid the bill instead of splitting it two way.I would have told you, you look beautiful instead of you look nice. Girl I couldn’t be more stupid even if I tried” I hear and realise the song is about me. Reece must have written it about me. I stay there the entire song listening to the words. The other people in the room spot me but nobody interrupts the boys singing. When they’re finished everyone claps as do I and Reece turns to mme. His eyes nearly bug out of his head as he places his instrument down and rushes over to me, giving me a tight hug. He pulls away and cups my face. 

“I’m really sorry I was laate, I’ sorry I didn’t tell you how amazing you looked last night. I’m sorry I knocked the water onto you, Im sorry I didn’t pay. I’m sorry I talked about myself for most of the time, but I really like you, can we please have another date” he rushes.I step closer to him holding his jacket. 
“of course. Honestly I was only joking when I said I wasn’t sure and last night I wasn’t ignoring you. I fell asleep. And truthfully, if you were anybdy else, you wouldn’t be getting a second date, but I really like you. And technically it was our second date anyway” I grin. He smiles and leans down to kiss me. 

“woah woah woah, what just happened” someone calls out and we break apart.
“Oh, this is y/n. We met in America and we’ve been on a few dates. y/n this is Blake, George, Joe, Ben and I think you know the Vamps” he introduces us and I smile shyly. 
“Hi” I say cuddling into Reeces side as he wraps his arm over my shoulders. 
“Hello, its nice to meet you. I remember you, you’re the one Reece nearly ploughed over in Universal” Blake laughs and I snort laughing too. Reece blushes and I greet everybody else. 

Reece and I end up going on another date, then another, then another, then eventually we see each other so much we have clothes at each others houses. After a couple of dates Reece asks me to be his girlfriend and of course I say yes. 

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i was around when youtube glitched in the first place and i remember how much dnp were worried about it and honestly everything changed after that they stopped being so touchy and dan started saying shit like fyi i like vagina and their videos started to seem more scripted and tbh they were both so tense and aggressive afterwards so everytime someone brings it up i panic bc i worry that they will see and start acting like that again even tho i know its 2017 & they probs wont... :/

yeah I remember the first time and honestly I probably would have done the same thing. They were most likely scared of what would happen to them as radio presenters and youtubers bc people weren’t really open about stuff like sexualities back then and maybe the acting out also had something to do with dans mental health issues bc a couple years later they announced the joint gaming channel and then tabinof and tatinof and everything started changing for the better and now we’re here in 2017 where they’re openly talking about boys and going on family holidays together and moving to a third apartment together and i really don’t think they’re going to take a step backwards at this point in their life. They were young when the video leaked the first time but they’ve grown up now. They’re 26 and 30 now, they’ve matured and the world has also changed around them.

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C1 kiribaku? I hope you feel better and less stressed, I'm in the the same boat right now with school

only had access to my sketchbook today sweet anon ;;w;;/ so enjoy this inktober style one lmao (also I only had year old gel pens to work with so the coloring is a bit funky)

but yeah school is uh its something alright lmao it wouldn’t be as stressful if these damn canadians didn’t have a holiday on monday orz then I’d have one more day to finish my project.. I hope all ends up going well for you sweet anon!!


A Very Sam Christmas Special, PART ONE.

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holiday szn

the holiday season is meaning a lot more to me recently than it ever has. as the time goes by, the further it is between seeing family. like i see my parents maybe once a month at the least, and now i only see my god brother and god sister once every couple months at best. i mean yeah shit happens when you get older, but i can only imagine the first holiday season that one of us isnt going to be there. i know it might not be for a while but i also feel like that its also a lot sooner than i think. im just excited to spend some time with family, my literal day ones lol.

but not gonna lie, the holiday season also gets me thinking some sort of way in the back of my head. even though the holidays are supposed to be something to be thankful to spend times with loved ones there was a point where i always had some shit eating at me. and honestly i really sucks going through the holidays with shit like that stuck in the back of your head. like it does still fucks me up ever so slightly today, but i can now truely enjoy the holidays as they are meant to be. 

this is my first holiday season as an “adult” and it honestly is fucking weird, i feel way more obligated to buy presents for my family more than fucking ever. i mean yeah i can probably afford it but i still much rather just send my money towards paying off my debt lol. 

its just crazy to me how much things have changed in the past 2-3 years. ill say this for as long as its relevant, but like id never be able to even imagine where i am in life compared to where i was. i could go on and on about that shit but its true. like going from my freshman year of college to like my junior year, i was just a greater version of the asshole that i once was. i mean, even now i know im an asshole, but i know im not an asshole. im just very direct and blunt about what i say to people. mainly cause i know i have nothing to lose and i am very confident in everything i say and do. 

i can only imagine where im going to be in another 2-3 years. with that, since im already here, 2017 has been a wild fucking ride. i think ive grown as a person in the past year than i have in the previous. i mean yeah last year i had a lot of growing up to do, but this year its just been on a different scale.

but yeah man, excited for tomorrow. happy thanksgiving, tumblr. i will be forever thankful for you being there to take my thoughts when theres no one else. 

Where’s Blanky? - Part Two

Dan is a teenage single father when he starts talking to Phil in 2009.  He doesn’t tell Phil, but Phil finds out for himself when Dan comes to visit him and something falls out of his bag.

Word Count: 2947

Genre: Fluff, angst, smut

Warnings: Smut and swearing

This is my very first time writing smut, so hopefully its okay ><  But here you go, the part two that everyone’s been waiting for!

First Part

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Are you with the Shaladin Squad that the anti's hate so much? Because I got something to bring to their attention. The Antis have created a 'whole fandom' event, but it's basically for Anti's only. It's a Voltron Secret Santa where "there will be no shaladin/piladin/galra x paladin ships allowed. this event is open to the entire fandom, but given how uncomfortable people are with those ships, they will be banned completely to make this event as safe as possible."

ljkahksdjhfklajsdhf oh yeah i know about this. i found out about it after the squad made our holiday vld gift exchange. its a little uhhhhh… tbh i know people are trying to compromise with ‘you can participate but just not in this way’ rather than just ‘if you’re shaladin please die!!’ (slight exaggeration there), but im still a little wary of it. if the people running it are anti if they know i run the squad they may not allow me to participate even though klance is my only ship. let’s face it guys, i’m an honorary shaladin. maybe that’s not their intention, but i wouldn’t be surprised if they did purposefully kick shaladins/piladins out regardless of what kind of content they made.

if you dont want shaladins in your event, just say so. saying ‘oh it’s for everyone… but we wont allow these ships’ sounds a lot like ‘you wont be allowed to participate at all’. again, maybe that wont happen, but really…. i dont trust yall. at all.

and i hate seeing people be excluded.

also im not even sure antis know what the shalasquad is aljdhflakjsdhf

Hey ya’ll what name is better, Holiday or Silas?
(It-its or he-him pronouns, 1 year on T 3 months post top surgery ✌)
Also does anyone have any suggestions on how to grow some heckin facial hair?


there’s a group on Facebook called ftm beards or something like that and the folds there give lots of suggestions! My biggest suggestion is to just give it time, shaving doesn’t actually make hair grow more or thicker, it just makes it look like that while it’s shaved for a bit but yeah. Keep at it!

also I dig the name Silas!