yeah it's shitty but so is life

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

Holster Has Made Out With Everyone 12) Frog Year: Ransom

His first practice of the pre-season, and Adam Birkholz has a hangover. Like, the worst hangover of all time.

There are so many mixers at this college, they’ve already started to run into each other. Though last night was… yeah. Memorable.

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[SFM] Dismantling Detriment uploaded by magmablock

Originally, this was going to be essentially just a stocking stuffer to tide everyone over whilst I work on a bigger video, but it quickly took on a life of its own. So yeah, I now present to you my first non-shitty SFM video. Production time: 2 months. Enjoy. 

As an engineer main I can confirm this is how engie v engie fights go.


okay but the la squad is just so intrusive??? like they stalk 5sos all the fucking time and it’s really starting to irritate me. don’t u have school??? or you know, a life??? yeah, it’s cool to meet your fave celebs but, please, give the boys some space.
let them breathe. you don’t have to see them every fucking day.
that and like, it’s pretty shitty that they blur out the background pics so people can’t see the location to meet them. i get the boys don’t want to be mobbed, but honestly it would take a while for someone to get from their house, school, work etc. to get to 5sos’ location, and by the time they get there anyway the boys would probably be gone.
it’s kind of just a friendly gesture to the few people who are able to make it in time.
i mean, i seriously doubt 5sos told them to blur it out anyway.
and from what i hear they make the boys uncomfortable??? like please learn ur boundaries, they are human beings not a fucking chew toys. if you wouldn’t like someone saying or doing it to you, don’t say or do it to them. it’s simple, common courtesy.


hello yes hI tbh i dont really know what to call this i guess its a follow forever even tho i havent reached any goals and probably never will haha but cause its my bday and im feeling nice its just a lil list of people i love and i wish who would love me back and also friends and people i used to talk to or talked once and just love u know so yeah if u are here u are loved and a big part of my life and in my head we are all friends and i love you and hope u had a nice day okay yes ! (btw sorry for this shitty edit made by me heheh)

imma start with my babies (a.k.a friends)(even if we dont talk anymore if we did at some point we are still friends okay)(at least in my head..)

calumhoodes clummyhood englishlovaffair itscashton micool5sos fallvevo outofmylimits clumhood sadaboutmichael celmmings lashtn ashhdamn irweicake dimpleluke mukenope michaelssos irwiggle michaelclifforfd

SPECIAL MENTION TO MY 1D PEOPLE (or used to be 1D blogs)

laddylads chipotliam princessmartinaa zouology zouisrangers witchbltch godgavemelou islandhunny girlallmighty harrylikesbondage

now here comes some super nice ass people i wish would love me back and that im forever loving them from a distance 

(italic = mutuals) (Bold = wish we were mutals 😁)

jetblackkhearts shutuplashton hemmojaw besdeyou floridastars cliffosthetic shybabyluke hoemichaels michaelhateblog rowysomuke toomuke veinmichael shitbaghemmo kisshood ashtonnaked lukeytbh fouradorkableboys australienidiots michlaelgclifford cosyclifford snoglucas lukey damnlucas lucashemminqs fuckingmalum greenlght vegemiteash hotdamn5sos 

and WITH CHANCE everyone is there and if i forgot someone i feel v v bad im very sorry omg im not good a this excuse me