yeah it's pretty neat!

anonymous asked:

The arm turning blue, actually sounds pretty cool. I wonder if it's part of some camouflage feature the Stonemason had but is basically useless without the armor (plus, arm damage post communicator rip). Or maybe I'm overthinking it.

Yeah I think its a neat concept, one that would definitely be pretty symbolic of Dipper coming to terms with the arm and making it work for him as an advantage instead of as a painful reminder. 

hellopyrrhanikosus  asked:

So Chloe queen bee, Alya is Rena Rouge (The fox miraculous holder) and Nino is carapace (The turtle miraculous holder), Thoughts?

Yeah I know and I think its pretty neat.  It’ll be cool to see them all get their miraculouses throughout the season and join Ladybug and Chat Noir in stopping crime!