yeah it's crap


Sakurai Sho touching all the sensible issues for Yamada  Chinen is definitely expecting envelopes  with money along with those “congratulations” or else.

Yuya’s face when Yamada says he won’t give presents to Chinen:


Bow  down  you  clowns,  answer  to  me.
Show  them  what  you’ll  be  for  the  great  Conchita 


Jeonghan’s talking about 영극(Yonggeuk) which means a play; Wonwoo’s talking about 영국(Yonggook) which means England.

Tord: “Alright, it’s been long enough, Paul and Pat should be back by now.”

Tord: “Let’s see how everyone’s reacting…”

Tord: “…”

Tord: “Pfft–”

Tord: “Bwahaha!!

Tord: “They all think they’re dead…!!”

Tord: “Oh, this is too rich…”

Tord: “Y’know, I’ll take a look at a few more… That put me in a good mood, heh.”

Tord: “Heh, you mean Tom? Oh, I’m not worried about him. I already have the perfect plan to deal with him.”

Tord: “As for winning him over … Well, I wouldn’t hope for a miracle.”

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me at the writers:
 how much more will you make my queen suffer?