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Imagine if Shiro isn’t exactly “missing” but rather he’s turned invisible to everyone; almost like he’s on the other side of a mirrored window. He can see everyone, hear them and see what’s going on but no one is aware. No one knows he’s right there. No one can see nor hear him at all.

While trying to figure out how to get back into reality and finally be with the gang again he watches them try to keep together and continue to fight on as best they can. He’s so glad to see how far they’ve come and well they can still fight despite being a man down. He’s glad to see Keith try to lead Voltron despite the struggle he faces having the position forced on him unexpectedly and the support he receives from the other paladins.
However, he also sees the emotional impact losing a friend and fellow team member has on them all, especially Keith. To Keith, he lost the person he was closest to and someone who he considered almost family. He puts on a strong front but sometimes when things go quiet or after a very close call/strenuous mission it really hits Keith what’s missing and the stress of the leadership role. Shiro could be there to offer some support or occasional advice; just Shiro being there on the ship was at least a small comfort but there’s nothing. He’s gone, at least that’s what he thinks but Shiro can see it all and for Shiro, it’s painful to watch knowing he can’t do anything and still can’t find out how to return. At one point he looks at Keith and notices something; Are those tears?

Bonus: Sometimes while in the Black lion, Keith hears Shiro’s voice or thoughts come through thanks to Shiro still having a connection to black. It offers Keith both comfort and pain. It can occasionally be a game-changer in a tight battle.

Let me tell you something about this scene. Let me analyze this for you. Because there is no scene - not one, not the episode with the date, not the episode with the dance - none of them that compare with this scene and let me explain why; this scene is all but physical, spoken proof that these two characters were in love with each other. And if this is what it all led to, and this is how it ends, then this show wasn’t really a comedy after all.

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New Beginnings Part 1

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,811

Warnings: Fluff

Summary: Almost four years after your breakup with Jensen and the birth of your daughter, Odessa, you and Jensen cross paths again, where he meets his daughter for the first time (im sorry i suck at summaries)

No harm to Danneel and their family. 

“Odie, you ready to go?” You ask as your three year old daughter, Odessa waddles up the few steps to the front door. You tighten your grip on your dog’s, Otis, leash. He sniffs Odessa, making her giggle.

“Yah!” She replies with a toothy smile. You look down and notice that she’s wearing her plastic princess heels from her Cinderella dress. You kneel down to her level and smile at her.

“Are you sure you want to wear those to the park?” You ask, pointing at her shoes, “You’re gonna be running around. Trust me when I say running in heels is not fun. Now go get your sneakers. I see you already have socks on.” Odessa frowns slightly but nodded. She turned on her heels and half ran away, her plastic heels clinking after her.

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Anonymous said to thatonedaydream:

Heyo I wanna contribute an idea to the Visionary series—Reads needs to release some of the stress of knowing the future and the fact they do not belong in Eos, so maybe sometimes they just let their tongue loose. They’ll talk to someone out of the blue, may it be a random stranger or one of the bros, staring listlessly somewhere, mostly at the sky. Or maybe they’ll just write it on a scrap piece of paper and leave it so curious eyes can read their words.

Their words would be cryptic, prophetic in a sense. “I wonder how the world would look like if light disappeared? Would the world be a desolate place? Withered, decaying?” “Darker the place will be, the longer we’ll have to keep one eye open while asleep.” “With the fall of insomnia, the world will enter a dark slumber.”

In the end of their small rant/note, Reads leaves the person to their thoughts, not answering any questions that they have in mind. Even if they were stopped, they’ll not look at the person and only say, “Just a thought, dark but still a thought.” Or that the person has to hunt down more of the notes to try to create an understanding of the messages.

A/N: This is an amazing idea! Yes, writing or just being vague helps, but there’s another kind of stress in trying not to say too much. 

Below doesn’t reply employ your idea because I can’t improve on it, it’s so good, but here is a little scenario in which the reader gets some help from an unlikely source which ends up helping the Chocobros in the end <3 Only very short because I’m super busy at work again. QQ.


It was hard to keep everything to yourself some days. Your internal struggle and stress leaked from your being, manifesting into an unseen dark aura and people just instinctively felt like they had to stay away. You sat alone at one of the tables in Lestallum one day close to the outlook, picking at your food in distaste. The food itself was wonderful, but the ashen taste was from your mood; it would have infected anything you put into your mouth.

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Fairy Tail Ending

Okay so lets talk about this. We all know that its been awhile yeah but think about this. This is Hiro Mashima we’re talking about. The one and only troll Mashima. He still has to show who’s twins they were. That master is not what he appears to be. Obviously who would be the next guild master which would probably be Laxus. If Natsu ever sees Lucy. Does jerza still live on. Will Gray find Juvia. I am kinda nervous about it. I’m trying to be hopeful about this going further. My mind is telling me no its not but there’s all this depression and negativity about it that worries me. I know that there are at least a few that feel the same way I do.

Bada Boom

I saw this headcanon asked by an anon on @the-flame-and-hawks-eye‘s blog and got super excited…  Hope it was okay that I took off and ran with it.

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(assume pre-codenames)

“Aw, c’mon Boss,” Havoc whines.  “Just this once.”

“I said no, Havoc.  How many times do I have to repeat myself?” Roy replies.

“Colonel, you always want to brag about your dates, what’s so different about this one?”  Breda adds.

“Everything,” Roy mutters.

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“Don’t you know that demon can appear in dream too?”

…i’m so speechless, is it too late for Halloween thingie? so cliche tho ._.

err… yeah, Add died in his nightmare, but dun worry he always cast Seal of Time before he goes to sleep to prevent things like this happen! so he’s alive ;) #sweat

Tyler Seguin- Moms Day Out

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Requested by; Anonymous

Can you do a Tyler Seguin imagine where you go out on a girls trip with all the other hockey wives and he has to take care of your twin girls alone?

“I don’t know about that Abby. The last time I left the girls with Tyler, they was covered head to toe in marker.” I shrugged. I remember that day. I went out with the wives and girlfriends for a girls day out and I come home and see that Tyler and I’s twins daughters, Sarah and Savannah, were covered in marker. Thank god the marker wasn’t permanent.

“Please? When is the last time you actually left the house and it didn’t involve going to the store or the game?” Abby begged. She’s got a good point. I can’t even remember the last time I went out with the girls. “Judging by your silence, its been awhile.”

“Yeah, it has actually. I’m just really nervous to leave the girls with Tyler. I really don’t want to scrub the girls down again.” I said. Out the corner of my eye, I see Tyler walking into the room with the girls on his hips. I smiled knowing those girls were his life. They weren’t planned, but they’re not a mistake. And it wasn’t like I didn’t trust Tyler with them, I did but I noticed a lot of things go down when mommy is away.

“Look, a bunch of are heading out in two hours. If you want to go, let me know.” Abby said.

“Alright, I’ll be sure to let you know.” I dismissed the call. 

“Who was that?” Tyler said, sitting to me on the couch. Sarah reached over to me and I grabbed her.

“Abby.” I said “The wives and girlfriends want to have a girls day out.”

“Why don’t you go? Its been awhile that you’ve been out as a group.”

“Do you remember the last time I went out with the girls?” I raised my brow.

“So you’re saying I can’t handle these two by myself?”

“That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, whenever I’m not home that’s when something happens.”

“Please, go. Have fun. You really need to relax and take a breather, you know?” Tyler said, begging. “Plus, I’ll get to have some one on one time with my girls since I don’t get to do that often.”

“Fine. I’ll go but if I come home and they’re covered in something like last time so help me god I’ll kick your ass!”

“They won’t be! Now go!” Tyler said.

I texted Abby and let her know I was joining them. We first went and got our nails done. After that, we had lunch where the only thing that was talked about was how Tyler was handling the twins. The girls found it funny that when I told them about the marker incident. After lunch, we did some shopping. I ended up buying the girls a new stars jersey and a stuff animal for both of them.

When I got home, it was quiet. Almost too quiet. I walked into the living room and see the dogs on the floor and Tyler asleep on the couch with both girls on his chest. My heart swelled with joy. I quickly and quietly put the bags down and pulled out my phone. I took a picture and posted it to my twitter.

@(Y/T/N): Come home to see this. #thosegirlsarehislife

I really don’t like this but if you do, more power to you. I’m almost done with requests!

smh-t-umblr replied to your post “Did you know that The Price of Freedom has official lyrics? They’re…”



You saved me through the rocky roads
You gave me half of your precious soul

I think this verse is about Zack dying on the cliffs: you saved me though the rocky roads = refers to Zack’s final stand (which saved Cloud, so I’m pretty sure this song is from his POV) in the Midgar wastes; and You gave me half of your precious soul = when Zack gives Cloud the Buster Sword and tells him to live for the both of them.

Close your eyes, you’ve gone through so much my love
All the past is now a cloud of floating memories
The sunlight shining through the long and dark nights we’ve walked

also refers to Zack dying on the cliffs and Cloud moving on (I don’t mean emotionally, I mean him not giving up after losing Zack), as when Cloud gets up after the storm ended there’s literal sunlight in his path to freedom – Midgar.

Every step along the way
You gave me strength to stand my ground

As the times go by, there’s something that I realize:
There was not a single thing
That I could do
If I didn’t have you

Cloud mentions at some point in Crisis Core that Zack is his inspiration and symbol of strength (I don’t have the screenshot of his email on hand right now but if I find it I’ll update this).

and as for the second part, what I think Cloud means is that if it weren’t for Zack’s sacrifice, Cloud would probably be dead or a Sephiroth clone – therefore he really couldn’t have accomplished everything he did in the OG without him.

The price to pay to be right where we wanted to be
It wasn’t so easy to achieve
What we needed to find the way to freedom
I’ve lost so much through it all
But you’re the reason I stand tall
Together we embraced one dream
Protected our honor

it’s probably pretty obvious, but the “price of freedom” was losing Zack. you’re the reason I stand tall = again, refers to both the facts Zack saved him and inspired him while he was alive. also, one of the last things Zack said before he died was to “always protect your honor as SOLDIER.” I think Cloud believes they accomplished that.

anyway, those are my thoughts, and why I believe this song is about Zack from Cloud’s POV. considering that, seeing stuff in the song like referring to Zack as “my love” and verses like:

Lying next to you, I’m holding your hand
Your gentle eyes of beauty bringing peace to me now
The silent breeze so soft it passes right through my arms
I’m wishing that this moment lasts a little bit more

Now I give you all my heart, take it all it’s just for you
Never forget the love you gave us all

makes it so Clacky it’s hard to believe these are actually official lyrics; maybe the lyrical version wasn’t in the game but I still consider it canon. this song is, after all, played during Zack’s final stand – which is a significant scene for both of them since Zack fought the ShinRa army solely to protect Cloud.

now all I want from the remake is the expansion on their relationship they left out of Crisis Core for whatever reason. (maybe it was too gay, who knows)

“Your dizzy, murky and long, long day
that didn’t seem too peaceful
your dawn, empty window.
I wish you won’t get hurt by bad memories
I wish you won’t stay up all night with worries
Mmm good night, good night, good night"
2/∞EXO & the lyrics notebook

daenystormborn requested : rose tyler + vibrant colors