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The first and last words of each song on 1989.
  • Welcome To New York: walking through york
  • Blank Space: nice name
  • Style: midnight style
  • Out of the Woods: looking good
  • All You Had to Do Was Stay: people stay
  • Shake It Off: I shake
  • I Wish You Would: it's back around
  • Bad Blood: 'cause hey
  • Wildest Dreams: he said pretend
  • How You Get the Girl: stand the girl
  • This Love: clear to me
  • I Know Places: you stand with me
  • Clean: the drought was clean
  • Wonderland: flashing in wonderland
  • You Are In Love: one love
  • New Romantics: we're free

More Women than Warriors by @steklir  (moodboard)

“The first time Clarke sees the Head Girl she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

Or at least it feels that way”

British girls’ boarding school AU. Obviously.

ok listen, captain flint/james mcgraw was john silver’s backstory. he is the person that made him who he is. he says he was no one because he believes that to be true. he believes that he was ‘nothing’ before flint. his past wasn’t important, it wasnt what defined him. silver didn’t have a cause before he met him. until flint gave it to him, he had no story. in the same way flint had no story before thomas. no story worth telling, no story worth fighting for. so cant you see it? silver not telling flint his past wasn’t because he didn’t trust him. not because he didn’t love him. it was because flint was his beginning. he was where his war began. and how do you tell someone that? how would james tell thomas that he is the reason for all of it. how would silver tell flint that not only is he fighting for madi, but he is also fighting for him.

Look, I think “dansplaining” is definitely a thing, but I want to point something out...

Dan defining some of the ‘bigger’ words he uses isn’t (necessarily) him being “pretentious” or “talking down” to us;

Maybe he is just aware of the fact that some of his viewers haven’t had the appropriate access to quality education that he’s had.

**this isn’t meant to be directed to anyone in particular**

***EDIT****  Other’s have pointed out that Dan defining words also can work to the benefit of non-English speakers, or people who aren’t fluent in English. In addition some of Dan’s audience is young and it is unreasonable to expect them to know certain words. Also important, different cultures or individual people can value different things. Sometimes people are more reading and writing centered, and other times they may be more into the math and sciences. Maybe they are passionate about drama, dance or music. 

Basically, everyone is different. There are a myriad of reasons a person may need extra help to define certain words. Dan giving people that assistance isn’t  bad thing. He’s helping people. He may not be helping those he already know the meaning whatever word, but the world isn’t about just those people. Dan is acknowledging that his audience isn’t some monolithic entity. He is being inclusive.

tbh one big reason i think it’d be cool if carrot joined the straw hats is that’d it’d do something to alleviate the dichotomy between the guys and the ladies on the crew??

like, nami and robin are completely different people from each other, and i appreciate and recognize that.  but it’s easy for ppl to lump them together as just ~the girls~ because of things like how they both almost never participate in crew gags, they’ll just be in the background eyerolling or looking bemused by most of the boys getting excited about things.  there’s this undercurrent of “oh you’re girls, you wouldn’t understand” when usopp, luffy, franky, brook etc get excited about robot stuff or whatever.

and that’s something you see from female characters so much: this misconception that the girls always have to be the voice of reason to the annoying, excitable boys who care about things “girls don’t care about” like NINJAS or ROBOTS.  

it doesn’t bother me thaaaat much because like i said, robin and nami are great characters and very unique from each other nonetheless, but still can you imagine how refreshing it would be to have a female crewmember who totally destroys that???

carrot participates in the gags.  she’s aggressive, she’s passionate, she’s reckless, she’s excitable.  she’d sure as hell start freaking out over a robot.  she’d be HAPPY to participate in something like pirates docking 6.

if she joined the crew, it’d force oda to stop separating the crew into “the boys who love cool stuff and are reckless!!!” and “the girls who just don’t get it” for gags, and idk, i think that’d be really nice.  the concept of girls being the rational ones and the voice of reason to the “”funny, stupid”” boys is a lot less grating and trope-y if one of the girls isn’t that way at all.  

You know what, I’m getting fuckign tired of this 

Lets come up with some hypothetical scenario. Say I wanted to make a gender bend, say I wanted to turn Lance Mcclain from a user of he/him pronouns, to a user of she/her pronouns. Lance as a boy, looks like this

So, I’m gonna genderbend this character, ready? The picture of Lance below is now Lance Mcclain but now they will be a girl

Are you surprised? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, since common genderbends usually make that character into stereotypes for that gender

When you genderbend a character you are implying that

  • All people fit on the gender binary
  • All characters are cisgendered
  • Someone who uses she/her pronouns must look traditionally feminine while a user of he/him pronouns must look traditionally masculine
  • And when you Change Lance’s name to Laura or Lily or whatever the fuck, your implying that names have to change with your gender identity

So artists, your art is amazing and lovely and you have great skills! But when your idea of a gender-bend is turning a teen aged boy into a character with big boobs and an hourglass figure, guess what, that is harmful! 

I know making art is hard and it’s very time consuming and I’m greatful artists with such great skills wanna draw for our fandoms! Your amazing! But you have to know your media will spread and when someone who’s young sees that art and starts thinking that in order to be a girl you must look ‘feminine’, that affects how they view the world! And they take those stereotypes with them.

You want proof? You don’t believe me? I used to be that child! I was young and impressionable and I saw these amazing drawings and for a while I thought that in order for me to be a girl I had to look like those girls in the pictures! And when I looked at the girls section of the clothes store and I didn’t want to wear anything that was there, It did tremendous damage on my self confidence! 


I was going through reblogs and reading tags and @occultgoths brought to my attention that genderbends are also intersexist! Since the implication that in order to belong to a certain identity, you have to have a certain pair of genitals or ‘look like’ that certain identity is also harmful to intersex people! Thank you to that person for bringing this to my attention! 


- Your local demigirl

170504 Kyoong Party - 1
  • Baekhyun: I will keep bringing you happiness. Thank you.
  • Fans: I love you
  • Baekhyun: You love me? Tell me that again.
  • Fans: I love you.
  • Baekhyun: Me too.

Oh my gosh, this took long xD Slow computer and slow internet don’t work well that answering through my inbox s u c k s

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me, when i have a slightly better day than normal: and i also want to thank michael arden for not directing word of your body (reprise) as comedic, bless you 

provost willem, in a high pitched voice: I SAW YOU CREATING A BLOOD BASED CHURCH

laurence, surrounded by abominations, fire, and turning into a cleric beast: wILLEM, ITS NOT WHAT U THINK

Willem, pulling out a flamesprayer: I WON’T HESITATE,, BITCH,


f*cking…. captivating……..

As of Pokemon Sun and Moon, there are now 802 Pokemon. Yeah, I’ve heard that’s a lot, mostly from people who don’t play Pokemon games anymore. Mostly from people who tell you “Man, wouldn’t it be great if we could just go back to Red and Blue, with the original 151? Those were the days.” Well, here’s the good news: You can! And here’s the better news: You don’t want to.

Thanks to the Nintendo store, I downloaded Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, because I figured that, man, what once was fun will always be, right? As 18th-century poet Alexander Pope said, “Pokemon Red springs eternal.” I’d just finished Pokemon Sun, which I liked a ton, and now the goblin of sentimentality was tugging at my pant’s leg. “Play Pokemon Reeeeeeed,” it hissed. “The old games are always betttteeeerrrrrr.” And for a second, I considered its words. Yeah, on second thought, I did enjoy the old games that I played as an eight-year-old more than I ever enjoyed Pokemon Sun. And that’s because they were better. I’ll play them now and prove stupid me right.

It was then that I discovered that Pokemon Red is a great game if you’ve never played any other Pokemon game before. The balancing of the types, compared to the polished system that they have now, is frustratingly broken. If you have a psychic Pokemon in Red, the world is your Cloyster, and you can rampage through it unbothered by little things like game mechanics and difficulty curves.

5 Things On Every Gamers’ Wish List (That Shouldn’t Be)

i want to be proud of who i am
but i still get lost at sea, crushed by waves of insecurity
sometimes i don’t even see the point in trying to swim
i know it won’t be worth it, it won’t change me if i do
i’ll still be me
i still won’t be enough
i see my reflection in the water
staring back up at me
and even in the image distorted by ripples of waves, i see a chest that i don’t have any desire to flatten
because i like my chest
but i feel like i shouldn’t
and i don’t necessarily want hrt
but i feel like i should
i keep cutting my hair shorter
but sometimes i wonder what it would be like to have it cascade past my shoulders again
and i don’t think i should
and it’s so confusing
to have these thoughts then right away feel the need to contradict them
they remind me that i’ll never be trans enough to call myself trans
and every time i feel like this it makes me feel like i’m drowning
meanwhile everyone else has learned how to breathe underwater
—  enough
(cc, 2017)

imspectralboiii  asked:

Status effect: Despair maybe?

This prompt had me,, REELING,, I’ll tell ya. It took me all day to write this cause I was so indecisive in who to write this for. Then when I finally decided, I got distracted a lot oOOPS- but I finished it! Thank you for this prompt and I hope you like what I made for it! I do. I think this one’s a doozy-

The Phantom Thieves were in a rough situation. Makoto could see that from 100 feet away. They weren’t in any immediate danger, that much was certain. There was only one Shadow left to defeat. The front line had the win in their hands, but they were partially distracted. The Shadows they were fighting were keen on trying to inflict them with the despair status effect, Futaba alerted them so. The last creature managed to infect one of them with the status, but was shot down by Ann before it could do any real damage. The Shadow’s last target had been Ryuji.

Makoto watched as Mona cheered for their victory. Ann holstered her submachine gun and smiled at the praise. Akira was turned to Ryuji, hand on the boy’s arm. His eyes were worried behind his mask. Ryuji looked no better.

Without a word to the Yusuke or Haru, Makoto strode forward. She decided to analyze the situation. Akira was talking quietly to Ryuji, one hand grasping the blond’s wrist, the other still holding his blade. Ryuji was looking away, down at the floor. Ann and Morgana seemed to fully notice the issue and had taken positions beside Akira. Makoto’s shoulders tensed slightly as she watched Ryuji shake his head and place a gloved hand over his mouth.

Futaba was waiting for Makoto when she reached the others. The shorter girl latched both of her arms onto one of Makoto’s. She leaned close to make sure no one heard when she whispered in the brunette’s ear, “It’s the status effect, it didn’t wear off completely. The most harmful parts are gone, but it left some… residual effects, for some reason.”

Makoto nodded and continued closer. Akira had sheathed his knife in order to hold both of Ryuji’s wrists and keep his attention. Makoto shot a look Morgana’s way, and he ushered Futaba and Ann away. She focused on what Akira was saying.

“Ryuji, what’s wrong?” Akira’s voice was unwavering. There were hidden tones of worry, but he seemed very held together.

Ryuji looked from Akira to Makoto. He was completely shaken up. His eyes and cheeks were red. His arms were quivering in Akira’s grip. Ryuji breathed in deep and gained more control over himself, told by his arms shivering less.

“I-I’ve had a lot on my mind recently and that despair thing just-it just made it all worse. Like it lit the shit I’ve been thinking about on fire and made it all I think about. And that stuff wasn’t… amazing, if you get what I mean,” Ryuji explained, his shoulders sagging.

“You can tell us, Ryuji,” Makoto stopped herself from saying “Skull”, this moment didn’t feel like the right time for that. She reached out to lightly touch his shoulder before continuing. “We’ll help you with anything you need. No matter what it is.”

Akira nodded in agreement. His eyes were on his hands. He slid them down Ryuji’s wrists and into his hands. Then his eyes were back on Ryuji’s face. If you looked in Akira’s eyes when you were talking, you could really tell what he was feeling. Since he didn’t openly express his emotions, you had to dig a little deeper. And Makoto’s digging led her to see Akira’s worry for Ryuji.

Ryuji’s shoulders tensed as he thought, biting his bottom lip. When he decided to speak, his eyes shined with oncoming tears and he let go of his lip.

“I guess I’ve just been lettin’ everything get to me,” Ryuji spoke quietly. He eyed Akira’s hands in his and squeezed them. “Things people say about me and that crap. I know none of it matters and it’s in the past, but it still kinda hurts, y'know? I thought with how much things have changed at Shujin, it wouldn’t matter anymore.” He laughed dryly. Makoto could hear his held back tears in his voice. “Here I am, supposed to be embracing that side of me. I’m just stuck not liking it again.”

“You have no reason to dislike that part of you, not anymore,” Makoto was never sure what tone she should use with Ryuji. Soft or hard, empathetic or brutally honest. She let her instincts lead her down the path of a harsher tone. It would be a hit or miss. “When your entire life was dictated by your emotions and how you used them, then you had a reason to hate your more violent side. Now you have no excuse to hate any part of yourself. Back then you didn’t know yourself. You only were in touch with part of you, but now? In this moment, not thinking about other people, would you say you’re ashamed of the things you’ve done? Do you think you shouldn’t have done them?”

Ryuji was staring at Makoto in a slight state of shock. Then his expression got hard-pressed. His lips formed a flat line and he blinked the tears out of his eyes. He shook his head, no he didn’t regret his actions. Good. Makoto’s instincts had not failed her one more time. Akira was looking at Makoto thankfully. She nodded slightly in response to his signal. Then she was back on Ryuji.

“Then what do you have to be standing here, doubting yourself for? You have all the right to be proud of who you are. That more rough side of you is part of what makes you you. Without it, there wouldn’t be a Skull standing in front of us right now. You’re fine the way you are. Flaws are flaws. People have them. Yours are no worse than anyone else’s,” Makoto finished her speech. It felt like her insides were on fire. She felt that her words had an effect on Ryuji, and that’s what mattered.

“You’re right,” Ryuji agreed. His posture went back to it’s bad origin and he let one of his hands drop from Akira’s. “Thanks for snapping me back into place. I really appreciate it.”

Makoto shook out her hands. She hadn’t noticed she was clenching them so tightly, “Of course. I’m sure you would do the same for any of us.”

Ryuji nodded. Makoto spun on her heel and started towards Morgana’s van form. She smiled, seeing the others watching through the windshield. They all jumped at Makoto spotting them, Haru and Ann were smiling sheepishly while Futaba and Yusuke just looked away. Makoto could hear Akira and Ryuji laughing behind her. She peeked over her shoulder to see the two had started after her. Ryuji was talking while Akira kept laughing. They still held each other’s hands tightly. Makoto sighed in a loving way, her smile hadn’t left her lips. Yep, things were ok.
Words That Water Flowers - Chapter 11 - DecemberCamie - Hunter X Hunter [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Words That Water Flowers

Total word count: 26650 -> Chapter 11 word count: 4226

Chapter 11 summary:

Queesting (Dutch) -when you invite someone into your bed for some pillow talk

School is currently destroying me but at least I have killugon and this story to make it better~

But, yeah, so here is the highly awaited chapter 11! I hope you enjoy it and that it was worth the wait :D I can’t thank you enough for all of the support and love this story has gotten, I’m so thrilled you all enjoy it so much <3 Thank you thank you thank you!

Gon’s bedroom always gave Killua a sense of peace, somehow. It probably had something to do with the fact that Killua spent more time within these four walls in the past five years than he had in his own bedroom in his entire life. He knew at what hour the sun would peek through the whale-patterned curtains, how to open the closet door without it screeching like a terrorized cat, and which dresser hid the large-ish hole Gon had accidentally punched into the wall two years ago.

To Killua, Gon’s bedroom was home, was belonging. It gave him a sense of comfort he could never find anywhere else.

So. The question was, if Gon’s bedroom was so soothing to him, why the hell couldn’t he fall asleep?!

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