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You know what, I’m getting fuckign tired of this 

Lets come up with some hypothetical scenario. Say I wanted to make a gender bend, say I wanted to turn Lance Mcclain from a user of he/him pronouns, to a user of she/her pronouns. Lance as a boy, looks like this

So, I’m gonna genderbend this character, ready? The picture of Lance below is now Lance Mcclain but now they will be a girl

Are you surprised? Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were, since common genderbends usually make that character into stereotypes for that gender

When you genderbend a character you are implying that

  • All people fit on the gender binary
  • All characters are cisgendered
  • Someone who uses she/her pronouns must look traditionally feminine while a user of he/him pronouns must look traditionally masculine
  • And when you Change Lance’s name to Laura or Lily or whatever the fuck, your implying that names have to change with your gender identity

So artists, your art is amazing and lovely and you have great skills! But when your idea of a gender-bend is turning a teen aged boy into a character with big boobs and an hourglass figure, guess what, that is harmful! 

I know making art is hard and it’s very time consuming and I’m greatful artists with such great skills wanna draw for our fandoms! Your amazing! But you have to know your media will spread and when someone who’s young sees that art and starts thinking that in order to be a girl you must look ‘feminine’, that affects how they view the world! And they take those stereotypes with them.

You want proof? You don’t believe me? I used to be that child! I was young and impressionable and I saw these amazing drawings and for a while I thought that in order for me to be a girl I had to look like those girls in the pictures! And when I looked at the girls section of the clothes store and I didn’t want to wear anything that was there, It did tremendous damage on my self confidence! 


I was going through reblogs and reading tags and @occultgoths brought to my attention that genderbends are also intersexist! Since the implication that in order to belong to a certain identity, you have to have a certain pair of genitals or ‘look like’ that certain identity is also harmful to intersex people! Thank you to that person for bringing this to my attention! 


- Your local demigirl

Before you start thinking “Oh no! They shot down any chances of our ship(s) by making Victor straight!” allow me to present you with a translation error:

Victor uses the word ‘koibito’ (恋人) rather than ‘kanojo’ (彼女) in this scene. What’s the difference, you ask? Kanojo means strictly girlfriend, while koibito just means partner/lover.

I repeat, the term Victor used in this scene is gender neutral. It does not imply the gender of the partner.

For all we know, he could be asking Yuuri about his past relationships because he wants to know whether he’s ever been with men. (That’s just my assumption though.)

So yes, worry not, everything is still possible. Fly high, my fellow shippers.

Edit: I never said they can’t be bi (or pan etc). I’m literally just clearing up the translation here so please cut me some slack!

Sirius was bitter and cold and at times incredibly cruel. Sirius was not the friend who rooted for James and Lily to get together, the one who smiled whenever he saw them holding hands by the fire, quite the opposite in fact. Sirius would sabotage every attempt James made of impressing Lily. When they finally started dating, Sirius would pick fights with Lilly and would consistently make James pick between them. One night James went out on a walk with Lily instead of playing exploding snap with Sirius, and for three days after Sirius gave James the silent treatment all while scoffing whenever Lily opened her mouth. 

It ended with a huge fight where James demanded that Sirius give Lily some ‘bloody respect because, honestly mate, I have never been this happy before, and if you actually gave a shit about me, you would understand that.’ Sirius looked at James and saw the look in his eye–a look he had ever seen directed at Snape. His heart clenched, and he swallowed hard before giving a half-hearted apology, knowing that if he didn’t that the damage to their friendship would be irreversible. 

Sirius was impulsive. When he told Snape about the Whomping Willow, he wasn’t thinking about the implications. He just imagined Snape’s expression being face to face with a werewolf, and that Snape would never try anything with them ever again. Sirius was thinking about the time Snivellus sent that sectumsempra curse at James, and how him being ripped apart by one of them would be perfect justice. 

When Sirius found out Lily was pregnant, he went on a rampage. He broke two of his chairs and smashed all of his plates, causing his muggle neighbors downstairs to call the cops for a domestic. He turned into Padfoot before anyone showed up though, and he stayed in dog form for a week. During that week he was feral; he wanted control and he did so by hunting anything that he could find. He snarled at smiling children that approached him, reminding him that his best friend, his brother, was abandoning him. Tossing him to the side like he was nothing, all for what? A screaming infant that he could have prevented had he not mucked up the contraceptive curse? 

With each rabbit he tore apart, the more thoughts flashed in his head. James would never go on another mission for the Order. He had lost his only family for a drooling brat who would only further isolate James away from him. James would soon forget about him as he turned into this bumbling ‘family man’ who refused to take risks and sat around all day reading the paper and smoking a pipe. 

It took days for Sirius to get the blood out of his hair, charms and all. 

Sirius was reckless and chased adrenaline. Once in awhile, particularly if something happened with Regulus, he would suggest this outlandish prank that not only endangered his life, but others as well. There was one night in fifth year that Sirius dragged James out of bed to watch the stars atop the Astronomy Tower. Once they got there, Sirius just turned to give James this empty smile as he ran towards the edge and jumped off. 

James pulled out his wand and within milliseconds had levitated Sirius back on his feet. Which only lasted for a moment before James pounced on him, pinning him to the cold marble ground. Sirius still had that smile on his face as James growled, demanding what in Merlin’s name he was on about. 

Sirius just shook his head and told him that his Mum had written him. He was officially out of the will. ‘Not yet blown off the wall, but close enough.’ Without thinking James wrapped his arms around him, and held Sirius as tightly as possible as Sirius sobbed for what seemed like hours against his shoulder. 

Sirius could be vicious, calculating and incredibly aggressive. But Sirius knew this about himself, and he would sit at night at the edge of his bed and think about these impulses and the fire brewing inside of him. He believed that this was simply genetic. He was a Black, and he was slowly morphing into his destiny. This anger and callousness, this was everything he knew. How could he be any different? 

James always had a way of sensing these thoughts, and would silently get out his bed and sit next to his best friend. No words needed to be said, because James’ presence alone reminded Sirius what he already knew: I’m a Potter by choice, and choices are what make you who you really are. 

ok listen, captain flint/james mcgraw was john silver’s backstory. he is the person that made him who he is. he says he was no one because he believes that to be true. he believes that he was ‘nothing’ before flint. his past wasn’t important, it wasnt what defined him. silver didn’t have a cause before he met him. until flint gave it to him, he had no story. in the same way flint had no story before thomas. no story worth telling, no story worth fighting for. so cant you see it? silver not telling flint his past wasn’t because he didn’t trust him. not because he didn’t love him. it was because flint was his beginning. he was where his war began. and how do you tell someone that? how would james tell thomas that he is the reason for all of it. how would silver tell flint that not only is he fighting for madi, but he is also fighting for him.


f*cking…. captivating……..


More Women than Warriors by @steklir  (moodboard)

“The first time Clarke sees the Head Girl she’s sitting on a throne, presiding over her dominion with a piercing stare and a crown of braids in her hair. Her warriors are spread at her feet, a multitude of them, all long-haired and wild and clad in identical brown regalia. There’s something of the sacred about her, like the crimson cloak draped across her shoulders and her divinity are one and the same.

Or at least it feels that way”

British girls’ boarding school AU. Obviously.


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The first and last words of each song on 1989.
  • Welcome To New York: walking through york
  • Blank Space: nice name
  • Style: midnight style
  • Out of the Woods: looking good
  • All You Had to Do Was Stay: people stay
  • Shake It Off: I shake
  • I Wish You Would: it's back around
  • Bad Blood: 'cause hey
  • Wildest Dreams: he said pretend
  • How You Get the Girl: stand the girl
  • This Love: clear to me
  • I Know Places: you stand with me
  • Clean: the drought was clean
  • Wonderland: flashing in wonderland
  • You Are In Love: one love
  • New Romantics: we're free

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personality disorders as eeveelutions

PPD: Glaceon
SzPD: Eevee
StPD: Espeon
BPD: … Ditto
HPD: Sylveon
NPD: Umbreon
AsPD: Flareon
AvPD: Leafeon
DPD: Vaporeon
OCPD: Jolteon

who would be on your team?


So after it was made canon that Hal has Jewish heritage, I’ve began making a few headcanons. One of which is that he learned Hebrew and Yiddish when he was younger, and sometimes gives his nieces and nephews Yiddish terms of endearment. I also like the idea of using this headcanon to make some Batlantern goodness involving Hal crashing at Bruce’s manor after a long mission and in his tired state, accidentally mistaking Damian as one of his nephews or actually referring to Damian as his own kid. 

At first I was gonna use Motek, but then I dug around and realized the the majority of the Jewish community in the US speak Yiddish and thought that would fit better for Hal… However if I got the word wrong please tell me, I’d rather fix it than let it remain a mistake.



You know what kills me? Vane is such a hardened pirate and will not be crossed by anyone. But then he looks at Eleanor like he’s found the treasure of the world.” (via emisonrevolution)


TG: what

Johndave week - Day 1: Favourite interaction!

Haha okay god. Like, there are just so many good interactions it was hard to choose…. but I think this one from the Paradox Space book was pretty good. John always seems to go to Dave first, and he’s always willing to help him out.

I get it, okay?

You’re bitter. You’re hurting, you’re raging, you’re scared.

I get it, but I’m only human
and my skin is butterfly wing thin, just like yours,
so the claw marks you leave with your words
are wounds I will carry for a lifetime or more.

I get it. You’re breaking before my eyes
and I can’t catch your pieces
because I’m too busy holding my own,
see, you broke me before your first cracks showed.

I get it. This path you are on is heavy with hate
and you hold it for everyone you meet.
You loathe like you love,
boundless and bold you tear through hearts
and beat them like they are drums
but we are not instruments
for you to play until your palms bleed.
You’re burning bridges faster than I can build.

I get it, I wish I didn’t but I do
so listen to my words because I wrote them for you.
Just because I understand doesn’t mean I condone,
just because you’re hurting doesn’t mean you’re alone.