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What's supercorps reaction after spending their first night together

The first time the spend the night together, they don’t have sex.

No, the first time they spend the night together it’s because Lena insists on keeping their movie date even though she spent all day in exhausting meetings.

She’s leaned over against Kara’s chest as they binge watch through old black and white movies, when her eyes slowly start to drift closed. Kara’s just so WARM and her fingers are combing through Lena’s hair -

The next thing she knows she’s lifted up in Kara’s arms and they’re floating towards the bedroom. She isn’t supposed to know that Kara is Supergirl, so she keeps her eyes closed until Kara gently places on the bed.

And she tries to protest, she DOES - but Kara’s arms are wrapping tightly around her and the blankets on her bed are so SOFT, not to mention they smell like Kara.

When she wakes up the next morning, it’s the best she’s ever felt. Kara’s arms are wrapped around from behind, her body cradling Lena’s.

“G’morning, beautiful.“

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Rained In

Bucky x Reader; College AU!, Steve/Nat, Sam Wilson

Summary: Where plans to hang outside are tossed out the window when the weather decides to change.

Word Count: 1,913

Warnings: Language, super adorable pouting Bucky

A/N: Because it’s raining and I’ve been having a long morning and in dire need of Bucky fluff

The sight before you is too much for you and you end up biting your knuckles to keep you from laughing. Your lovely, childlike brunet roommate slash boyfriend was curled underneath all three of your comforters pouting and refusing to come out of his “cave”.

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Clem is heartless in season 3! They made her so cold!

yeah she helped save the man that that pretty much took aj away from her. a man she had every right to not give a shit about (though david did say that he didn’t have a choice about taking aj)

she is far from heartless. as for her being cold, try losing everyone close to you and going through the shit she has and then say “she’s cold”

Tom’s Girl

It was never supposed to end up like this, Beca thought as she winced from the sudden harsh yelling and close proximity to Tom.

No, it was never supposed to end up like this, Beca thought as she scanned the room, looking at the trashed furniture and broken items, scattered everywhere as the three of them stood in it, Chloe crying and Tom yelling and Beca standing, so utterly helpless.

This was never supposed to happen.

But let’s back up.

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Guardian Angel

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader x Namjoon

Genre: Angst and slight fluff

Warnings: Mentions of cancer, death, and suicide attempt

Word Count: 6.4k

Summary: A tragedy unexpectedly strikes your family, and when you start to believe that you’ll never be happy again, you meet the person who will change your world.

A/n: Honestly, this took longer than expected to write this, but it’s finally completed. I also would like to give a shout out to @aichan11 for being my beta for this because she’s amazing and put up with all my questions I asked.

During the third week of August on a Saturday, you were moving into your dorm, and your loving parents came to help out as you had a ton of boxes to unpack because you over packed, like always. Once you unlocked the door, you were surprised when you saw half of the room already moved in, but then you remembered that you were assigned a roommate over the summer. You didn’t really mind (as long as both of you got along) because it would be nice to have at least one friend here.

After all the boxes had been unloaded and brought up to your room, your parents lingered around before hugging you goodbye because they dreaded this moment, knowing that they would have to leave you on your own after 18 years of you living under their roof. The walk to their car was hard enough as you tried to stay strong with a smile on your face, but when you watched them drive away, you almost made it without shedding a single tear until you saw tears falling from your mom’s eyes. Your blurry vision made it hard for you to look at people in the eye, so you slowly headed back to your room with your eyes glued to the ground. Hopefully this way they wouldn’t be able to see that you were already homesick. As you were decorating your room to make it feel more like home, others on the hallway were still moving in, so it felt quite lonely not being able to introduce yourself yet. Later that evening when you were lying on your neatly made bed, you heard a key rattling in the door, and your head nervously shot to the door being opened. Your wide eyes made eye contact with the person standing in the doorway, and you froze for five seconds before a soft smile formed at the corners of the other person’s mouth.

“Hi, I’m Kara. I’m your roommate,” she said shyly. Kara’s features were delicate yet beautiful. Her brown eyes were as rich as Hershey’s milk chocolate, and they sparkled in the fluorescent light above. Her long dark brown hair smoothed over her back, with the caramel highlights peeking through slightly. From where you were sitting, she didn’t seem that much taller than you, give or take an inch or two.

“Hey, I’m y/n. Nice to meet you,” you said still sitting on your bed without bothering to stand up.

“Nice to meet you too, y/n. Would you like to join me for ice cream? Ever since I got here this morning, I’ve been craving some strawberry cheesecake ice cream, and this town has some of the best.” She took a few steps to stand next to the foot of her bed as she patiently waited for your reply.

You contemplated your answer for a few seconds before replying because honestly, you just wanted to stay in since all this moving wore you out. However, you agreed to it anyways, and when you told her yes, her eyes lit up like lights on a Christmas tree.

The ice cream shop was located next to a tiny run down shopping center 25 minutes off campus. It looked out of place with its brightly lit lights shining through the pristine windows in an area with potholes of all different sizes in the parking lot and closed stores all around. The shuttle bus that dropped your roommate and you off outside of the shop headed back to campus and disappeared into the darkness of the night. Even though the rest of the shops were closed for the night, this ice cream shop was full of lively people laughing and chatting with their friends. School was about to begin for the semester, and people were catching up with others on the details of how they spent their summer, whether it was an internship, work, or traveling. The chatty voices coming from every corner of the room made you want to go back to your dorm for peace and quiet as social situations like these drained your energy, but you couldn’t turn back now because your roommate was so excited for ice cream, and you didn’t want to leave her alone.

Scanning the endless possibilities of ice cream flavors when you got to the front, you saw a little bit of everything – cotton candy, mint chocolate chip, chocolate, birthday cake, rocky road, strawberry cheesecake, chocolate chip cookie dough, and much more. The countless options of different flavors to choose from made it extremely hard to narrow your answer to just one.

“Ma’am, ma’am. What would you like to get?” the worker asked impatiently as a line started to form behind you. You didn’t realize that you were blankly staring at the ice cream in front of you, and you snapped out of your daydream real quick. Embarrassed, you looked around at the people standing behind you and at your roommate already licking her ice cream cone in front of you.

“Oh, I’m so sorry! Uh, I’ll have the strawberry cheesecake ice cream in a waffle cone.” You felt your cheeks blushing instantly from embarrassment. You hadn’t even been out 30 minutes yet, and you were already spacing out.

He handed you your cone with the freshly scooped ice cream, and after paying, you joined your roommate at a table in the back corner.

“So,” you paused for a second to lick the melting ice cream dripping down the side of the cone. The awkward silence was uncomfortable and increased by the minute, so you quickly tried to think of something to chat about. “Are you a freshman, and what’s your major?”

“I’m actually a sophomore, and I am majoring in film production. My brother is an actor, and one day I would like to produce a movie with him as the main actor.”

“Oh, that’s really cool! It seems like fun to study that.” You nodded your head in agreement before adding something else to keep the conversation flowing. “I’m not sure what I want to major in. I was thinking about studying music education because I’m passionate about sharing my love of music to other people.”

“Really? I’ve heard great things about that major since this university has an excellent music program. When I first got here as a freshman, I thought about majoring in audio engineering, but I decided that film was more of my interest.” She sat back in her chair with her arms crossed to try to keep the warmth from leaving her body. “I should have brought a jacket with me even though it’s August. I always get chills after eating ice cream.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty cold in here. I guess they have to keep it like this, so the ice cream won’t melt.”

As you kept the conversation flowing, Kara looked around the room since she noticed that most everyone had already left. Both of your voices seemed to travel across the room more since there weren’t many people in there to drown them out with their commotion.

“Do you think we should leave now? I’m not sure what time they close exactly, but it looks like they will be closing soon,” Kara questioned, interrupting you mid sentence.

“Uh, how will we get back to our dorm? We took the bus here, and I don’t think they run this late. It took the shuttle 25 minutes, so if we did walk back, it’ll take us at least a good hour or more.” You pressed the home button on your phone to view the time, and it read 9:15 p.m. “We should go outside at least, so they can start cleaning up.”

Kara stood up and pushed her chair in, and you followed behind her doing the same. Right before Kara opened the door to leave, you glanced over at the worker behind the counter, and he gave you a shy smile and a small nod goodnight. The font on his nametag was too small to read as you walked by, so you couldn’t catch his name unfortunately. Too bad you couldn’t read it because he was really cute with his purple hair that fell over his eyes. However, his dimples were what attracted you to him the most because you had a weakness for guys with dimples. It made them 100 times cuter, and you strongly believed that it usually brought out the softer side in guys.

It was quite windy for a night in August, but the temperature outside caused you to warm up slowly. The perfectly round moon gleamed brightly against the pitch-black night sky while the stars faintly sparkled in the darkness above. The luster of the street lights provided some light and only a few cars remained in the parking lot.

“What should we do now? I don’t have anyone to call to pick us up, and I don’t have the number to call a cab either,” you stated. You looked down at the time on your phone, and it was getting later as the seconds ticked by. It was a good thing that school wasn’t going to start tomorrow because it looked like you weren’t going to get much sleep tonight.

“Most of my friends aren’t coming back until tomorrow, so we can either walk back or maybe someone will be nice enough to give us a ride,” she replied, as she fidgeted with the hem of her shirt. “I’m so sorry, y/n. I completely forgot that the buses don’t run after 8:30.”

“It’s okay,” you told her, while taking a seat on the sidewalk.

About fifteen minutes later, the worker with purple hair walked out of the shop and locked the door. He looked at you with a confused look on his face before walking away to his car. He wasn’t even halfway to his car yet when he spun around to face you and asked, “If you don’t mind me asking, why are you both still out here?”

“We took the bus here, but I forgot that they don’t run late,” Kara uttered before you even had a chance to say a word. The puzzled look on the guy’s face disappeared, and he appeared to be thinking.

“I know this may seem sketchy because you don’t know me, but would both of you like a ride back to campus? I live on campus, and it seems like the most logical thing to ask. You don’t have to agree; I completely understand if you don’t trust me since we just met,” he said, looking at your roommate and back to you as he patiently waited for an answer.

Your parents told you to never take rides from strangers, but in your opinion, he came across as a true gentleman and someone you could trust. However, you were gullible enough to believe anything people say, so you looked to your roommate to see what she had to say about his offer, and she gave you a short nod.

“Um, we’ll take the ride back with you to campus.” Your voice was unsteady, but there was nothing you could do to halt the nervousness from spreading throughout your whole body.

He nodded in agreement and motioned for you all to follow him to his car. “By the way, I’m Namjoon. Nice to meet you both.”

“Nice to meet you too. I’m y/n, and this is Kara,” you responded, while opening the door to his car.

On the first day of classes, you got lost trying to find the building your Fundamentals of Music Theory class was in. “I should have walked around more beforehand to familiarize myself with the campus,” you thought to yourself as you power walked across campus through the green, freshly mowed grass. Your calf muscles screamed in protest at the sudden strain, but there was no way that you could slow down and be late to class. Eventually making it with one minute to spare, you took the last open seat. The guy sitting in front of you looked very familiar with purple hair that you’ve seen before. Your eyes grew wide when you realized it was Namjoon. Thoughts ranging from “I wonder if he knows I’m sitting behind him” to “do I look good today?” raced in your mind, and you hoped he didn’t turn around at this very moment. If he did, he would see your cheeks blushing, and you probably would die a little inside.

When class ended, Namjoon turned around to get his book bag, and he acknowledged you with a smile. “Hey y/n. It’s nice to see you again.”

“Yeah, it’s nice to see you again too Namjoon, and I’m glad we have a class together. Kara and I are going to get lunch when she gets out of class. Would you like to join us?” you inquired shyly.

“Why not? I would love to, and I have a nice break between my classes.”

“Really? We can sit outside while we wait for her to finish,” you replied almost a little too eagerly. You found a metal bench for both of you to sit on in the cool shade away from the sun. “So, tell me about yourself because I would like to get to know you better.”

He thought diligently prior to speaking, as he carefully pondered about the words he was going to use. “Where should I begin? Let’s see, I am a sophomore majoring in music production, and after I graduate, I want to run my own studio production company. I fell in love with songwriting during my teenage years, and I try to allot time to write in my journal every single day. Now I have an urge to expand and learn how to produce and record. This is the stuff I’m passionate about, and I know that I’ll never want to stop making music. I live and breathe music, and it’s my life.” You saw the enthusiasm shine bright in Namjoon’s eyes as he spoke, and you never wanted him to quit talking about what he loved to do. “Now why don’t you tell me a little about yourself since I’ve talked quite a lot,” he asked. You wanted him to keep rambling on about his life because you could listen to him all day, but he insisted on asking about your life.

“I’m a freshman, and right now my major is undecided, but I think I want to study music education.” Your eyes drifted off of Namjoon to Kara as she walked out of the building she was in. She then saw you both sitting on a bench, so she strolled over with a smile on her face.

“Y/n, my stomach has been growling all throughout class today, so let’s get something for lunch,” she suggested before turning her body towards Namjoon. “Hey, Namjoon. It’s nice to see you again. How are you?” Kara spoke, her voice peppy and full of energy. You loved how delighted she always was because her personality boosted your mood up whenever she was around. It also became apparent that Namjoon had more interest in her than you, as it seemed like he was somewhat intimidated by you considering that he kept his distance even when you were next to him on the bench. Although he acted that way with you, he couldn’t keep his eyes off of Kara, and Kara surely couldn’t keep her eyes off of him.

Arising from the deep slumber from the night before, you felt well rested and energized, ready to begin your day. Rubbing your hands against your half-opened eyes to wake them up, the sun peeked through the thin curtains hanging from the window in your dorm, and the birds chirped happily; however, something felt off. Your gut told you there was something wrong, but you couldn’t put a finger on it. Shrugging it off without letting the thought ponder in your head a second time, you rolled out of bed and got ready for class. Quietly tiptoeing around the room trying to find clean clothes without waking your roommate was a challenge, but somehow you managed to find a pair of shorts and a matching shirt in the dim light. Neglecting to turn off your alarm since you woke up earlier than usual, the loud ringing began echoing off the paper-thin walls and revoked you from the dazed state you were in.

“Shit. Kara’s gonna kill me if I wake her up.” You quickly ran to your night table to turn off the alarm, almost stumbling over a pair of shoes. Fumbling with the buttons on the top, you succeeded in silencing the repetitive noise. Looking over at her still sleeping soundly, you were thankful that she didn’t hear your alarm. “Good, she’s still asleep.”

Grabbing a granola bar on the way out, you headed to your first class of the day. When it was time for lecture to begin, you diligently took notes since the professor could put any material on the exams. Halfway through class, the phone in your lap buzzed faintly against your legs. You looked down at the dimly lit screen and saw your dad’s contact picture light up. Usually when you received a call from your parents, it was from your worried mom instead of your dad, so this shot immediate red flags in your mind. “What could be happening that my dad is calling me? He never texts me, let alone calls me,” you pondered to yourself.

The professor dragged out the lecture for as long as possible, but the only thing you could do was watch the call go to voicemail since you couldn’t be disrespectful and pick up the call right then and there. Hopefully, the call was just a check-in to see how you were adjusting to college life, so you shrugged it off. Once class ended, you hurriedly packed your bookbag and headed for the door. Your thumb shook nervously as you pressed the home button to unlock your phone, and your head flooded with unwanted thoughts. Light rain hit your bare face as you stepped outside, so you quickened your pace back to your dorm. On the walk back, you hit play on the voicemail and put the phone up to your ear to hear what your dad had to say. Before the voicemail could even end, tears immediately formed and gushed down your face. You couldn’t believe it, so you replayed the voicemail to make sure you heard correctly.

“Your mom and I went to the doctor, and we found out that she has stage IV pancreatic cancer. She never showed symptoms, and that’s why the cancer was caught so late. She only has six months to live.”

Six months. 180 days. That is all the time you had left with your mom, and you could not believe what you heard from your dad. It seemed unreal; one day she seemed healthy, the next she had stage IV cancer. You kept pinching yourself over and over because you yearned to wake up from this tragic nightmare. Nothing worked, and you were stuck living in this bad dream. You burst through your door and ran straight to your bed to bury your teary face into your soft pillow. You were too distressed to even shut your door, but you didn’t care who saw you cry. Rummaging through your bag, you blindly felt around for a package of tissues. Pulling a tissue out, you patted your eyes and wiped your nose. Unzipping your jacket pocket, you took out your phone to call your dad back for answers. You heard the phone ring twice before a familiar voice was heard.

“Hey babe,” your dad answered the phone.

“Hey Dad. How’s Mom doing?” you frantically asked, hoping for answers.

“She’s a little shook up by the news today, and I took off work for the rest of the day, so I can be by her side to comfort her.”

“How can she have cancer? She seemed fine when I moved into my dorm, and now this is happening. I don’t understand.”

“I don’t understand it much either, but the doctor explained that pancreatic cancer is usually diagnosed at a late stage because symptoms don’t really show up beforehand in the earlier stages.”

“Are there any treatments she can try? There has to be something we can do.”

“The doctor gave us some options to check out - chemotherapy, palliative pain treatments, and palliative surgery. We’re leaning towards chemo, but we aren’t positive with our decision yet. I know you’re worried about Mom, but please don’t stress over this. Focus on your studies, and enjoy your first semester in college. Everything will be okay; don’t worry. I love you, sweetheart.” Your dad tried his best to reassure you, but there wasn’t much he could say to make you feel better.

“I love you too. Bye, and tell Mom that I love her.” Too tired to hold back tears, you ended the call and closed your eyes to escape the pain.

“Y/n, wake up. You’ve been asleep for almost the whole day now.” Kara said worriedly as she shook your shoulder. You blinked hard twice to wake up your drowsy eyes. Your eyes and cheeks were still puffy from all the crying earlier, and your head felt cloudy, as if you couldn’t think straight. She looked at you with soft eyes for a second until she sat next to you on the bed. You sat up to say something but nothing left your opened mouth, so you stared at the foot of your bed instead.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about whatever is bothering you. I’m here for you always. If you just want someone to hug, I’m also here for that.” You hesitated for a moment before holding out your arms, and Kara leaned in to envelop you in a hug. It was too hard to stay strong through all of this by yourself, and before you knew it, a single tear slid down your face slowly until multiple tears chased after one another. Removing your head off of her shoulder, you looked at the sleeve of her shirt now stained with your tears.

Breaking apart from her welcoming embrace and wiping your eyes with the collar of your shirt, you asked shyly, “Can I tell you the news? I need to get it off my chest because it’s been weighing me down.” Kara nodded her head yes and sat in silence as a signal for you to continue. “Today after class I got a voicemail from my dad, and he said that my mom has stage IV cancer. She doesn’t have much longer to live. I, I…” Before you could even finish your sentence, you were already sobbing as words were muffled into your hands. Kara quickly ran to grab a tissue and then came back to your side to comfort your shaky body. As both of you sat in calming silence on your bed, you appreciated the support from your roommate because there was no way that you could suffer through this nightmare alone.

Lost deep in thought in the beautiful world you created for yourself to escape the heartache of reality, you were immersed in picking at the chipped red polish on your left thumb until Kara interrupted you to bring you back down to earth. “Let’s go pick up dinner and hang out with some friends to get your mind off this. I can text Namjoon to see what he’s up to because it’s been a while since the three of us hung out together.”

“Yeah, I guess so,” you said reluctantly, while hanging your feet off the bed until they reached the ground, and you leaned over to put your shoes back on.

Each day after classes, you called your mom to hear her voice no matter what time it was because you never knew when she would breathe her last breath. This was the toughest part for you, even more challenging than all your schoolwork, because every time you heard her weak “I love you” near the end of your call, it tugged at your heartstrings until you were on the verge of balling your eyes out. Since you were the type of person that craved for being in control over your life, you hated knowing your mother’s death was in the near future, yet no matter what you did, nothing would change the course of her life.

Pulling into the driveway of your parents’ small, cozy home, your dad eagerly waved to you while leaning on the handle of the stationary lawn mower. The unkempt grass of the front yard buried him ankle deep as weeds decorated the yard. The weeks away from home when you were at college, made you appreciate being home more even if your stay was just for the weekend. You missed having homemade meals, sleeping in your soft bed in your own room, having your pets around, and spending quality time with your family. As soon as you parked your car in the garage, you hopped out and ran to give your dad a bear hug, not caring about the sweat dripping from his face. His tight squeeze of welcoming you back home took the breath out of your chest, but you didn’t mind because you missed him dearly.

Quietly opening the door in the garage, you didn’t want to awaken your mom if she was resting on the couch in the living room. Peeking around the corner of the wall, you saw her chest rise and fall with every breath she took as she rested with her eyes closed. With her breathing barely audible, the hum of the television filled the silent room.

“Y/n? Is that you?” your mom questioned with her eyes still shut.

Startled by her question, your body jumped slightly, and your eyes grew wide, but the darkness camouflaged your reaction. You didn’t think she was awake, but she heard the opening and closing of the door. “Yes, Mom. It’s me. Do you need anything?”

“No, I just want you to sit, and talk to me.”

Walking over to the couch where she was lying, you took a seat on the floor next to her and rested your head on her shoulder. “How are you feeling? I hope you feel okay, and I’m sorry that I can’t be here more often.”

“Honey, don’t feel sorry. I love that you come home every weekend to be with me. That means so much to me, and I love you.” Taking a couple of deep breaths, she continued on with your question, “I’m feeling all right. I’m mainly tired by lunchtime, but your dad takes very good care of me. I do feel weaker now than when I did when I first found out, but that is nothing to be worried about, sweetie. You already have a lot to be stressed over with classes, so please do not be concerned about me.”

Choking back tears, you turned your head away from her view, hoping she missed your watery eyes. “It hurts me to see you in pain. I know you don’t voice it, but I can still see it in your eyes.” Your voice cracked as the words left your mouth, and that was when the sobs took over. “Why is this happening? I don’t know what I’m going to do without you. You’re my- ”

“Y/n, y/n. I know you’re upset, but try to stay strong for me. Can you do that for me? Stay strong now, and stay strong later. I told your dad that exact same thing because I caught him crying before bed a few times.”

Thinking of the future, you know you’ll ache for times like these when you enjoyed your mom’s company. You’d miss the connection you felt with her without having to speak a single word for her to understand. You loved your dad to pieces and appreciated everything he did for you and your family, but it was not the same. He wasn’t your best friend.

The months of your semester flew by faster than ever. In the blink of an eye, it was already finals week, and you clearly remembered the first day of classes like it was yesterday. Since you were a freshman, you mainly took general classes this first semester, so finals weren’t anything you were too terrified about. Christmas break was right around the corner, and the excitement of being home for a month grew in your stomach. The only thing that stood in your way of being free for a whole month was four finals and a paper.

“Do you need help unloading the tree?” you asked your dad.

“No, I think I have it if you’ll open the door,” he stated. With the Christmas tree blocking his view, he diligently stared at the ground until he made his way to the living room. After stabilizing the tree carefully into the stand, your dad slowly backed away with his arms spread out to the side, taking preliminary measures in case the tree tipped over. “Y/n, did you get the water?”

“Yes, I have it right here,” you replied, crouching down to pour the water into the metal basin. “Before we decorate, we need to place a tree skirt around the stand to hide it.” Searching through the boxes of Christmas decorations, your dad found the skirt hiding at the bottom of the box.

“The tree looks nice! I think this one is perfect one for us,” your mom paused to take a deep breath in, and then she continued, “And there’s nothing better than the smell of a real Christmas tree.” With her hands on her hips, she took a step back to admire the tree fitting nicely in the corner of the room.

“Y/n picked it out herself. She found a hidden gem towards the back of the farm, while I only found small ones that weren’t that pretty.”

“Yeah, I was about to give up on my search, but then I stumbled across this one at the last minute. It’s funny how once I stopped looking, I found a good tree,” you chuckled. “I’ll be back in a second. I need to get my speaker to play some music.” While walking to your room, you shuffled through your playlists on your phone to find some Christmas music. Once you got back to the living room, you turned on “Joy to the World” for background music and made your way over to the stack of boxes that your parents were already digging through. With help from your dad, you strung the lights around the tree carefully, as to not tangle them up, while your mom sat in a chair next to the boxes and tapped her foot to the beat of the music. When that was finished, you took the ornaments one by one from your mom, carefully hanging them up where they looked best.

“Y/n, remember this ornament? This is your handprint from kindergarten. I still can’t believe you’re all grown and in college now,” your mom said, reminiscing about memories of you at the age of five.

“My hand was so small compared to it now. It’s so weird how much I’ve grown,” you exclaimed when you compared your hand to the handprint.

“Ah, those were the days. I’m proud of the beautiful, young lady you’ve become,” your mom gushed.

“Me too,” your dad chimed in, agreeing with your mom while flashing you a grin.

Sitting cross-legged on the foot of the hard bed in the hospital room with your dad standing next to you, the deafening silence rang loudly into your ears. Blank walls stared back at you, and the cold air from the window crack brushed lightly on your right shoulder. Nothing but sadness permeated the stillness of the air. Your dad nodded his head toward your mom with a solemn look plastered on his face, and when he turned to face you, you saw the identical distressed and suffering signs that you were feeling. He squeezed her hand tightly one last time. This pain intensified by the second, but you promised to stay strong through all of this. Your dad and you both promised. “Thank you for everything. I couldn’t have asked for a better life. I love both of you,” your mom whispered unhurriedly as she closed her eyes one last time. You couldn’t recall the exact time she breathed in her final breath, but you did notice how peaceful her face and body appeared to be. She wasn’t suffering anymore, and she was lastly in a place where she could be pain free. While getting up to leave the hospital room, you caught a glimpse of a small, white butterfly squeezing its way in from the tiny crack in the window and landing on the foot of the bed.

It was tough for you to admit that life was harder without your mom, yet you felt empty and believed that there was no purpose anymore. You dreaded waking up every morning because this meant another day of desolation, and you hated that feeling. You wanted more time to talk to her, to hug her, and to be around her.

Only a month after the funeral, you found yourself staring into the vast dark ocean as you stood on the edge of a cliff. The harsh waves crashed down below onto the black rocks that embellished the shore. The gray clouds blocked the sun from radiating onto the water, and there was a chilly breeze that nipped at your bare skin through the small holes in your sweater. You closed your eyes and took a deep breath in to reflect about everything that had recently happened in your family and knew your decision was final. Nervously, you took a few steps back as your mind began to race, and your body began to shake. Shutting your eyes tight once more, you thought to yourself, “Just jump, and the pain will be gone.” On the count of three, you hesitantly ran, only to stop yourself right before you leaped off the cliff because in the corner of your eye, you noticed a white butterfly flutter by. That butterfly appeared to be the same kind as the one in the hospital room before your mom’s death. Your body trembled in shock as you stared at it and finally realized that everything would be all right in the end. This was a sign from your mom, and you remembered that she wanted you to stay strong for her, so you did just that. Still fatigued from the near death experience, you ambled away from the edge of the cliff to sit down and regain your strength. Wrapping your arms around your knees, you placed your head on your arms and unlocked your phone to check the missed messages and calls.

Kara: Where are you? You weren’t here when I woke up. [8:42 am]

Kara: Are you skipping class? [8:50 am]

Kara: You never skip class. I’m worried. [8:57 am]

Kara: And you always answer your phone fast. This isn’t like you. [8:59 am]

 [ (15) missed calls from Kara ]

Namjoon: Are you okay?? You wanna talk? [9:13 am]

 [ (2) missed calls from Namjoon ]

Dad: I hope you have a good day. I love you babe. [9:47 am]

With the last bit of energy you had left, you took the time to reply to their messages and let them know where you were at the moment. Then you pressed the off button to lock your phone.

The sun peeked out from behind the scattered clouds, and the warm beams hit your face, which made you squint to see out into the distance. Oblivious to the sounds of the footsteps getting louder behind you, you flinched at the repeated tap on your shoulder. Turning around with a shocked look on your face, you saw an angelic man standing two feet away from you, lips curled into a beautiful smile. He wasn’t like anyone you had met before in your life. This time was different, and your gut told you this man was special. His golden skin radiated from his slim body similar to the way the sun beamed down onto the Earth, and his beauty blinded you. His ethereal beauty and allure made you doubt his existence because he couldn’t be real. He was too perfect to be real. To you, he couldn’t be less of an angel. Unconsciously your mouth dropped open slightly, and your eyes grew wide before he brought you back down to earth.

Flashing a big grin back at you, he replied, “Don’t worry about that. You’re good.” Ruffling his hand through his jet-black hair, his bangs fell across his forehead and covered his eyebrows. “I’m Hoseok. What’s your name?”

“Hoseok, Hoseok, Hoseok,” you repeated his name over and over in your head trying to imprint his voice into your brain because the way his words rolled smoothly off his tongue made butterflies flutter in your stomach. Too shy to bring your gaze up to his, you stared at the ground while smiling to yourself. Eventually finding the courage to meet his eyes, you noticed that they were a rich chocolate brown with flecks of gold that glistened even in the dim light. “I’m y/n. It’s nice to meet you.”

He seemed to be thinking carefully before he responded. “Y/n. That’s a lovely name.”

You couldn’t help the grin from spreading across your face as you heard your name glide off his tongue like velvet, and gladly, there wasn’t anything to be timid about because he beamed right back at you in response.

There was no explanation to why Hoseok was here at the same time you were because the spot you chose was usually isolated from the general population as only a handful of people knew about this location. None of the pieces added up, so you were genuinely confused.

“Y/n! Look at all these butterflies flying around us. I’ve never seen so many of these in one place before!” Hoseok twirled around with his arms in the air before bouncing around in attempt to cup one in his hands. You giggled with laughter at how amusing he was acting and how he was already comfortable with you from the start. Prior to joining him in catching butterflies, you lifted your head up to the sky and mouthed a silent “thank you.”

Mr. Sunshine (Ethan) Part Two

Summary: It’s summer in Aruba and you’ve just landed a job at the most swanky hotel on the island, Riu Palace. It seems to be shaping up to be a pretty good summer with surfing, parties, bonfires and midnight swims. You were, however, not prepared for a certain brunette boy to show you the ways of living life.
Word Count: 2,464
Warnings: None.
A/N: The first part was more for you guys to get to know the characters. Hopefully you’ll love this one! And thank you SO much for 800 followers, I love you guys so so much xx


Later on that night, you were standing in front of your floor to ceiling mirror, observing your white tunic dress. It was rather short but you had swimwear underneath it and it was adorable so you nodded in satisfaction, running your fingers through your hair as you stared at yourself.

A knock sounded through the door and you didn’t have to wait for long before Michelle came bursting through the door, grinning like she had just won the lottery when she spotted you. You raised an amused eyebrow at her, wondering what was wrong with her. It was when you bent over, the open palm of your hand supporting your weight on the wall, slipping on your sandals that she opened her mouth.

“You’re wearing your fuck me dress.” She said and you almost slipped, catching yourself in the last second with a gasp.

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Based on the prompt by @cs-prompts: ‘It’s two am and we’re standing outside of our apartment building because someone pulled the fire alarm. You look cold and haven’t got a coat - do you want to share my blanket?

Source here

Killian Jones had the worst bloody luck.

After he got home from a tiring day (and evening) of work at the docks he’d only just managed to take a shower and throw on some flannel pants before collapsing on his bed and falling alseep.

Now, he found himself standing out in the bloody cold across the street from his new appartment building, surrounded by his fellow residents. The building’s fire alarm had send everyone outside in the dead of night. Killian, as he’d been drilled to do by his brother, did not waste any time on getting dressed or gathering his valuables - it’s not like he was so sentimental anyway. However, he did make a stop at the appartment next door, where he knew a woman, a beautiful woman to be exact and her son lived. Finding that the door was slightly open, but that his worries were not quite yet setteled, Killian knocked on the door and took a quick look inside. Satisfied that his neighbour and her lad had obviously fled the building, Killian found his own way outside.

Emma Swan was pissed. You would think that people would know better than to pull the fire alarm for no reason at 2 am. It’s illegal, annoying and most of all, a very stupid thing to do in the appartment complex where the town’s deputy lived. Emma Swan was not on duty tonight however, which is why she found herself waiting until Storybrooke’s fire department finally cleared the building so she could go back inside.

‘So mom, are you gonna arrest the bad guys that pulled the fire alarm? Maybe it was that grumpy looking man from downstairs’  whispered Henry. ‘I don’t know kid, I don’t think Leroy is usually awake this time of night. But I’m gonna let your uncle David handle this one. As soon as we can get back inside, we’re going back to sleep.’ Seemingly satisfied with that answer, Henry nodded and looked around for a bit. ‘Hey mom, isn’t that our neighbour Killian?, he looks cold don’t you think?’. Emma looked over to who Henry was referring too, the hot british guy, who’d been greeting her with a series of ‘goodmorning love’s ever since he moved in two weeks ago.

He definitely seems like a decent guy, which is good, but Emma decided that she does not have the time for anything as distracting as her hot neighbour. Now mister piercing blue eyes was standing there out in the cold, shirtless, and with the most adorable pyjama pants on. Not realising she’d been staring, Emma quickly turned her head & attention away from him when he sent her a smirk and a raised eyebrow, as if to say ‘See something you like, love?’ After a few moments, Emma came to her senses. ‘Wait, how do you know his name is Killian?’. ‘I introduced myself’ said Henry simply. ‘According to aunt Mary Margaret we should be nice to our neighbours. Besides, he and Mary Margaret know eachother’.  

Emma hadn’t know that piece of information, but it didn’t change the fact she doesn’t like her son talking to strangers, seemingly having picked up on Mary Margaret’s & David’s tendency to only see the good in people.
Emma couldn’t deny that it was awfully cold though. It was wintertime in Maine after all. Figuring her hot neighbour, Killian, at least didn’t deserve to catch hypothermia, Emma made a quick decision and made her way over.


Killian startled when he suddenly heard a soft, ‘uhm hi’ coming from next to him. Standing there was his beautiful, blonde and usually though looking neighbour, wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket. ‘Hello love, are you quite alright? I’m glad no harm has come to you or your boy’
‘Yeah, we’re fine. Actually, Henry noticed you must be pretty cold without a coat and all, so I figured we can share my blanket. Just for warmth though, don’t get any ideas. - And I’m not your love’
A bit surprised, but none the less touched by her offer, Killian replied ‘Why thank you love.. eh lass, if it’s not too much trouble, I could certainly use a little warmth. You don’t have to worry about me, I am a gentleman after all.’

‘I’m Emma by the way. Emma Swan’
Swan, I’m Killian Jones, at your service’

Killian Jones had the best bloody luck

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Okay, yeah, clingy people are pretty bad, but cold and distant people are just as bad for different reasons. like, ones annoying and in your face, the others an asshole. finding the middle ground is where its at

there’s a good type of clingy for me, like the friendly person you meet in a college lecture who just asks to study with you in the library often that isn’t annoying and trying to date you or something. just the kind of person who has mutual interest in you but not borderline obsessive

distant people are usually…? damaged from past friendships/relationships and they choose to be more isolated and only talk to people they feel comfortable with. if they’re a straight up asshole though, then it’s a bummer

animeangelriku answered your question “Send me more drabble prompts (or ask/send me headcanons, I love…”

Puzzleshipping! yugi’s woken up in the middle of the night by atem ‘cause it’s snowing and atem’s just really excited about it (it’s the first time he sees snow since he got his own body)

Oh no… this is such a cute prompt!

Yugi grunted, feeling something poking him in the cheek. “No Mama, five more minutes…” He grumbled, burying his face into his pillow.

He groaned loudly when he was gently shaking. “What is it… what do you want…?” He turned over, opening his eyes slightly to see the excited face of Atemu. “Other Me…?”

“Yugi, Aibou, you’re not going to believe this!” He whispered happily, glancing at the window.

Yugi raised an eyebrow, looking at his clock. It was 3:17 in the morning, too early for whatever it was that Atemu was trying to show him. He had better not have been up late watching videos on youtube again. There are so many times yugi can handle his boyfriend waking him up to show him silly things.

“What is it, Atemu? I’m tired… I’ve got work tomorrow…”

“I don’t think you’ll be getting to work tomorrow, look.” He pointed at the window. Yugi sighed, getting up from bed to look out the sky light, seeing that there was snow covering it.

He blinked, oh! It’s snowing! But why is Atemu so excited about it? He’s seen snow before.

Oh, no, he saw it when they shared a body, but this was his first time seeing it through his own eyes, in his own body. He never took over Yugi when they were outside during winter, he didn’t know what to make of snow the first time he saw it and kept rather quiet about it.

Reaching over, Yugi opened the windows, knocking the snow off the glass and onto the room. He looked outside, seeing that everything was covered in a thick layer of snow. Huh, looks like he won’t be getting to Kaiba Corp tomorrow morning.

Atemu gently nudged him aside, poking his head out the window. He blinked, feeling snow touch his skin for the first time. “…” He gently touched his cheek, rubbing a bit at the wet spot. “It’s cold.”

“Yeah, it’s frozen water. It’s really pretty, actually, even with the orange street lights, you know?” Yugi smiled, looking over at Atemu. He blinked, seeing how focused the former pharaoh was on the scene before him, the pink of his cheeks, the small smile on his lips.

Yugi smiled softly, touching his hand. “Hey, how about we go play in it tomorrow? I’m sure Jounouchi would love to challenge you to a snow ball fight.”

Atemu grinned, nodding. “I’d love that. Sorry about waking you, I woke up cause it was cold and saw the window.”

“It’s okay, thanks for telling me.” He leaned over, kissing the other one the cheek. “Come on, let’s get some sleep. I’ll keep you warm if you let me spoon you.”

“I’d like that, yes.” Atemu nodded, closing the window after taking one last look at the falling snow, he couldn’t wait to play in it tomorrow.

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Being a superhero is a huge workout, right? But the spandex suits don't really reveal much of that muscle that Mari and Adrien have gotten. Can we see your take on the first time that Adrien sees Mari's toned arms please? (Because honestly, who doesn't swoon at an obviously physically strong woman?) P.S. Your fics are absolute gold 💙 Thank you for sharing your ideas with us.

It was 39 degrees Celsius, one of the hottest days that most of the people in Paris had ever experienced.

The students of College Franciose Dupont make adjustments to their wardrobe.

The students show up in clothes similar to their own, but with shorts and t-shirts instead of their usual attire.

Adrien paid this no mind as he walked into the classroom, wearing his usual shirt without his white over-shirt. He sat down in his chair as he pulled out a water bottle which he drank from to cool off.

“Quite a hot day, even for the cool model.” said a voice that belonged to Adrien’s best friend.

“I am surprised you aren’t melting Nino.” Adrien remarks as his friend sits in his seat.

“Believe me I thought of it. But thank goodness for air conditioning and gelato.” Nino smirked as he reveals a small cup of coffee gelato which he hands to his friend.

“Thanks, I owe you one.” Adrien spoke as he began to take a bite of the delicious frozen treat.

Nino began pulling out his school supplies as he noticed a text message from Alya on his phone. He picked up his phone and smirked as he read the text.

“You are about to owe me even more in about ten seconds. Look at the door.” Nino said as he nudged his friend.

Adrien looked at the door, seeing Alya and Marinette walk through the door. Adrien felt his face turn bright red as he noticed what marinette was wearing. Her normal black overskirt was gone, wearing a sleeve white t-shirt and pink shorts.

The two girls walked to their seats and greeted the two boys.

“And what have you two been up to.” Alya says as she begins placing her stuff on her desk.

“Just enjoying the hot weather, which isn’t nearly as hot as you two ladies.” Nino flirted with an eyebrow raised.

“Is that gelato?” Marinette asked, her eyes fixated on the icy treat.

Adrien was unable to answer, his mind was racing a mile a minute as he looked closely at Marinette’s arms. Adrien had never noticed that the blunette had such strong arms, they were very defined. But thankfully a nudge from Nino snapped him back to reality.

“Uh.. Yeah. It is gelato. Do you want some?”  Adrien extended the cup towards the girl, who happily took the cup, Nino jumped back almost causing Marinette to almost drop the sweet treat.

“Careful! You could have killed me!” Nino exclaimed clearly over the top.

“What are you talking about?” Alya question with her eyebrow raised.

“I am just saying that there is no safety on those guns.” Nino explained as he gestured to Marinette’s arms. “That is impressive girl, how arm your arms so toned?”

Marinette felt a blush of embarrassment appear on her face.

“Oh stop, they aren’t that great. I just help my dad with moving some of the shipments we get at the bakery, and I do help with the baking which takes some arm strength.” Marinette muttered.

The whole class had heard Nino’s outburst and decided to check out what the DJ was talking about. The class had to agree, Marinette had some nice defined arms.

But of course, a certain blonde diva had to ruin everything.

“Wow Marinette, you do have some impressive Gorilla arms. I guess if the designer route doesn’t go as planned, you could always help move the crates of clothing for the shows.” Chloe mocked as she cackled at her own joke.

Marinette took a calm breathe and tried not to let the comment bother her.

“I wouldn’t worry about that Chloe, perhaps you should start working out. If your ego gets any bigger, your body will snap from trying to hold it.” Alya shot back before Marinette could respond.

Chloe simply huffed as she went to sit in her seat. Marinette could have easily taken care of the snob herself, but Alya couldn’t help herself.

As everyone took their seats, Marinette couldn’t help but think of the cold comment. ‘Gorilla arms’ echoed in her mind.

When the class broke for lunch, Adrien noticed Marinette looked a little down. The blonde model figured it was because of Chloe’s mean comment, and decided to try and cheer up his crush.

He managed to catch her by her locker, where he noticed Marinette pulling out her normal over-shirt.

“Are you feeling cold?” Adrien asked, Marinette turned to see the blonde right next to her.

“Oh, hey Adrien. Yeah, my arms get cold pretty quick. I am just going to…”

“What Chloe said wasn’t true. You have great arms. They aren’t gorilla like at all. In fact, I think they look really nice.” Adrien blabbed a bit too much.

Marinette felt a little tint of red from the blonde’s compliment.

“Thanks Adrien. I appreciate that. You know what, I think it is a bit hotter in her. I might have to change into a tang top.” Marinette smiled with confidence. She put her over-shirt back in her locker, not noticing the blonde boy whose mind was short circuiting at the thought of her in a tang top.

Later that night, Chat noir was patrolling the city. He found out that Plagg can adjust his costume for different climate. His costume was very similar to his original, except that his suit was sleeveless and his pants were more like bicycle shorts. He enjoyed the nice breeze on his exposed skin as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

“Not bad kitty.” A voice from behind the cat called out. Chat noir turned to see Ladybug in her adjusted costume. She her costume was also sleeveless and also sporting similar shorts.

“Well you look absolutely fetching My lady.” Chat noir flirted as he approached Ladybug.

Ladybug felt her face heat up at Chat noir’s compliment.

As Chat noir got closer he noticed Ladybug’s toned arms.

“I must say, your arms are quite tone.” Chat noir stated very impressed.

“It must be from carrying you all this time.” Ladybug sassed.

“Meow-ch! That hurts My lady.” Chat noir responded fake hurt.

“Though I appreciate you noticing. Are you sure you don’t think it is ladylike to have muscles?”

“I don’t see why Ladies can’t have muscles. Personally, I find it toned muscles very attractive.” Chat noir purred.

Ladybug felt her heart beat like crazy at the comment. She was glad to know he liked her muscles.

“Though I would be carful my Lady.”

“Oh, and why is that Chat?”

“There appears to be no safety on those guns.”

I hope you liked it anon.

Sorry this took so long

On a Dark and Stormy Night
(A/N): I finally finished this one!  I had started it before finals (which ended on the ninth), but I struggled with the end for some reason.  I returned to it today and got it finished, though.  Hope you like it!

You sat in your living room all alone, enjoying your night in.  Everyone you lived with was either out of town or at a friend’s house, so you had the house all to yourself.  You had actually been planning on going out tonight, but when you got a notification about bad storms heading your way, you decided you should stay in.  A little rain wouldn’t have stopped you, but the prospect of driving several miles on a dark road from your isolated house to the nearest place to have some fun during a terrible thunderstorm did.  

It wasn’t like you couldn’t have fun at home, though.  You figured that, if you were going to be alone at home on a rainy night, you should do some baking and catch up on your favorite show on Netflix.  Being around the sweet food and the warm oven comforted you as the rain poured outside.

Just as you were helping yourself to one of the warm brownies you had made, you heard a knock on the door.  Shit, you thought, I don’t wanna get the door, I’m in my pajamas.  And haven’t there been horror movies about this kind of thing?  Like, “On a dark and stormy night, (y/n) decided to stay in, but staying in that night wouldn’t protect her from the monster outside her window!”  Scared of the prospect of a real life horror movie but knowing that probably wouldn’t happen, you grabbed a rolling pin as a potential weapon and opened the door.

“(C/n)?” you asked upon seeing that, no, it wasn’t some sort of vampire or a serial killer, but instead it was your crush standing outside your door in the pouring rain.  “What are you doing here?”

“I was out on a drive when the weather started to get bad, and then my car broke down on the side of the road a little ways back.”

“Jesus Christ, you walked through a thunderstorm at ten at night?  Come in, I’ll get you a towel or something.  You need to get dry.”  You ran upstairs and got him a towel.  “Here you go,” you said, handing it to him.  “Yeah, you’re soaked.  Are you alright?”

“Pretty cold,” he laughed through chattering teeth.  “And tired.  God, I wish my car hadn’t broken down during a thunderstorm.  And that my phone hadn’t died at the same time.  And that I hadn’t had to walk to the nearest house to see if they could help with my car.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty shitty that that happened.  And I’m sorry, but I’m no car expert.  You’ll have to wait for my dad or someone to get home to help with your car.  But at least you’re here now, out of the pouring rain.  You can stay the night, if you want.  And I’ve got some brownies that I made earlier if you’re hungry, and I’ve been watching some TV, if you wanna get in on that.”

“Hey, thanks.  You know what I could really go for right now, though?”


“A hot bath.”

“Yeah, that makes sense, given that you just walked through the rain.  I’ll show you the bathroom and you can draw a bath, and I’ll find some dry clothes that you can wear afterwards.”

“(Y/n), you’re an angel.”  You smiled at this remark of (c/n)’s and brought him upstairs, flicking all the lights on on the way.  You left him in the bathroom and went to your brother’s room and got him a t-shirt and some sweatpants.

“Hey, here you -” (c/n) was almost entirely undressed.  Almost.  You’d figured that, since the door was open, he would still be in his clothes, but nope!  He had already gone ahead and undressed.

“My clothes were soaked,” he said, defending himself.

“Yeah, yeah, well, here’s some dry clothes for after your bath, and there’s towels beneath the sink.  I’ll be downstairs.”  As you stepped away, you heard him chuckle to himself right before he closed the door.  Weirdo.

Once downstairs, you got that brownie you had been meaning to eat and settled back in on the couch.  You started your show back up, but you couldn’t really concentrate on it with the knowledge that (c/n) was upstairs in your bathroom, taking a bath.  You got back into after a while, and all was well.

All of a sudden, the lights all went out.  The storm had cut out power.  “Shit,” you said to yourself, reaching for your phone to turn its flashlight on.  Then (c/n) popped into your mind.  The lights had gone out when he was taking a bath.  You couldn’t help but chuckle a bit to yourself at that, even though you felt bad.

You decided you should go upstairs and check in on him.  “Hey, (c/n)?” you asked shyly as you knocked on the bathroom door.


“The power went out, which you could probably tell, so I’m gonna go and get you some candles so just hold tight for a couple minutes in there, alright?”

“Yeah, I gotchu.  Be quick though.”

“I will.”  You went down to the basement and went to the cabinet that held all the emergency candles.  You grabbed a whole bunch of them and a matchbook, and went back upstairs.

“Hey, can I come in?”

“Yeah, it’s unlocked.”

“Alright, I’ve got a bunch of candles right here, so I’m gonna light them and be on my way.  You should probably come downstairs soon, since, honestly, I just really don’t want to be alone when the power’s out.”

“Aw, are you scared of the dark, princess?”

“Maybe a little.”

“Well, in that case, I’ll come down and save you in a couple of minutes.  I just want to enjoy my candlelit bath a little longer.”

“Okay, have fun in your bath, princess.”  You exited quickly after making this remark and heard a “Hey!” coming from the bathroom after you closed the door.  He’d be down quickly; you were sure of it.  Until then, you spent the time getting your own candles for downstairs.  The bathroom wasn’t the only place that needed illuminating.

Right after you lit the last candle, (c/n) walked in.  “Hey, (y/n).”

“Oh, hey, (c/n).”

“So, are you going to make good on that promise of giving me a brownie?”

“Oh yeah, come with me, they’re in the kitchen.”  (C/n) followed you into the kitchen to get his brownie.

“Oh my god, (y/n), this is amazing!” he said after taking his first bite.

“Well, thank you.  The product of a night alone, right there,” you said, “I was going to go out with (f/n) tonight, but with the storm and everything, I figured it would be in my best interest to stay home.”

“My best interest, too.  God, I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t answered the door.”

“Slept on the porch?”

“At that point, I could’ve.  Pro tip: never walk through a thunderstorm.  Worst experience of my life.”

“Hey, if you hadn’t done that, you wouldn’t have been able to try my amazing brownies!” you said, punching his arm lightly.

“And I wouldn’t have been able to spend the night with the lovely lady who made them.”

“Lovely?” you asked, cocking your head a bit.

“Lovely,” he reaffirmed.

“Any other descriptors for this lovely little baker you know?”

“Well, she’s sweet, and kind, and smart, and funny as hell, too,” he said, slowly getting up, “And every time I pass her in the hall, I want to just grab her by the arms and turn her around and kiss her!”  When he was saying this, he acted out the motions he was describing, grabbing you by the arms, turning you around in your swivel chair, and finally kissing you.  A short but passionate kiss.  He suddenly pulled away, as quickly as he had initiated the kiss.  He looked you in the eyes and silently asked for permission, and when you granted it, he resumed kissing you.  It was a slower, longer kiss, with equally as much passion as before.  You could tell that he had wanted that kiss.  And he could tell that you wanted it, too.

“I guess walking through that thunderstorm really was worth it, (c/n),” you said after the kiss ended.

“Sure was,” he said as he went back in for another kiss.

Edmund x Reader: No Problem

Anon said: Howdy! Can you do a Edmund imagine where Peter, Susan and Lucy are teasing him all the time cause of his crush on you at one moment Peter says to Ed ‘if you’re not going to ask her out I will go out with her.’

Sorry it took so long. Really am, but I’ve been out of the house a lot and I don’t have wifi anywhere else. Hope you enjoy! 😊

-After Golden Age, but Before Prince Caspian-

Edmund really had enough already. His siblings would constantly tease him on his small crush…okay, humongous crush on his friend, (Y/N).

“Would you please stop already?” Edmund pleaded as he put his head down in his hands.

Peter patted his shoulder, laughing. “Take a joke Ed!”

“Why can’t you just ask her out already?” Lucy sat beside him. She and Susan went to the same all girl school as (Y/N).

“I’d rather not make a fool of myself, that’s why.”

“You won’t make a fool of yourself. You just need to believe in yourself,” Susan conforted her little brother.

“Look there she is!” Peter looked in the direction of (Y/N). She was walking out of a bookstore towards a cafe. “Go ask her out!”

“No! And will you keep it down? She will hear you if you keep yelling like that,” Edmund told them as he watched (Y/N) from across the street.

“If you’re not going to ask her out, I will,” Peter spoke up. “And I don’t even care that she is younger than me.”

“Screw the age difference! No you wouldn’t! You don’t even like her in that way!” Edmund practically yelled at him, but not loud enough for (Y/N) to look their way.

Peter smirked and Edmund frowned.

He stood and grumbled, “Wait here.”

He walked across the street and caught up with (Y/N). The rest of the Pevensies smirking and smiling.

“Hey (Y/N),” Edmund greeted her.

“Hello Edmund,” (Y/N) greeted him with a smile. She had gotten a cup of hot chocolate and was walking back to school.

“Could I ask you something?” Edmund said with some confidence boosting inside himself.

“Sure, what it is?” She said as she drank a sip from the warm cup.

“Um, well I wondering if-” Edmund was so close, but then Peter happened.

“Hey (Y/N)!”

“Hi Peter.”

Edmund was practically glaring daggers at Peter, but he nor (Y/N) noticed.

“Where are you off to?” Peter moved to the other side of (Y/N).

She just shrugged her shoulders and said, “Back to school. Got what I needed and it’s getting a bit chilly anyways.”

“Oh here!” Peter gave Edmund a smirk and took off his jacket and offered it to (Y/N).

“Oh no! I’m fine, really,” she smiled and denied it.

Lucy appeared in front of them and smiled at (Y/N). He gave her a quick hello which (Y/N) returned.

“Peter, would you mind coming to help me?” Lucy asked her oldest brother.

“Help you with what?”

“Thanks! You’re the best!” Lucy quickly said not giving Peter a chance to protest as she pulled him away. She only turned back to mouth to Edmund, ‘Do it!’

“What was that about?” (Y/N) laughed as she watched Lucy pull Peter towards where Susan was.

“Don’t know,” Edmund tried sounding clueless, and (Y/N) just shrugged.

“Anyways, what were you going to ask me?” (Y/N) told him and taking another sip from her cup. She pulled her cardigan closer to her body. Now thinking about it, she should’ve brought something warmer since it was winter.

“Nothing that can’t wait,” Edmund smiled at her. He then took off his jacket and put it around (Y/N)’s shoulder. She didn’t argue with him and smiled and whispered and ‘thank you.’

“No problem,” Edmund smiled at her as he shoved his hands into his trouser pockets.

“Are you planning on walking me back to Saint Finbar’s?” (Y/N) joked.

“Well, I would love to keep you company if you don’t mind?”

(Y/N) lightly laughed and shook her head. “Not at all.”

They walked in comfortable silence until Edmund noticed (Y/N) shiver from the cold. Her cheeks her bright pink from it also, at least that’s what he perceived to be the cause of it.

“You’re still cold.”

“Yeah,” (Y/N) laughed again. “Pretty idiotic of me to leave the school in light clothing don’t you think? Not it only being winter, but me being really sensitive to the cold.”

“It’s not idiotic at all,” Edmund smiled at her and tugged his scarf off as well. “Just gives me a reason to help you more,” he told her as he stood in front of her and draped his scarf around her neck. “There.”

“Thank you,” (Y/N) told him.

“Like I said before, no problem.”

When they got to Saint Finbar’s they stopped in front of the gate.

“Thank you for walking me here. I really did enjoy the company,” (Y/N) told Edmund.

“It was my pleasure, trust me,” Edmund smiled crookedly at her.

“Here,” she started removing the scarf, but he stopped her by taking her hand in his.

“No it’s okay. Keep it, the jacket too.”

“I can’t. I can’t let you walk back to Hendon house only in a jumper.”

“I’ll be fine, promise. Besides, you can give them back next weekend. On our date-If you wouldn’t mind I mean. It’s totally okay if you don’t. I mean I would very much like it if you would but-”

(Y/N) laughed at his rambling. “Edmund it’s okay. I’d love too.”

“Really?” Edmund grinned widely.

“Yes, I would,” (Y/N) smiled.


She laughed again at his energy. “I’ll see you next weekend then?”

“Yeah…” Edmund continued smiling.

“Great,” she said and quickly kissed his cheek and put his scarf around his neck.

She giggled at his shocked but happy expression. “Can’t have you without a jacket and a scarf. Don’t worry I’ll make sure to give your jacket back next weekend,” she told him and walked into the gates of the school.

Edmund couldn’t help but keep smiling. Peter appeared behind him and shook his shoulder. “You did it!” He told him congratulating him.

“Finally!” Lucy said while Susan said, “About time.”

“Sod off guys,” Edmund tried sounding mad at all his sibling for practically following and spying on him and (Y/N), but he was too happy to be mad.

Nothing, not even his sibling’s teasing could ruin his mods now. Not after his crush, (Y/N) had agreed to go on a date with him and kissed his cheek. Best day ever for him, at least until their actual date next weekend.


Title: Ride With Me - part two
Prompt: AU in which the reader is a horse rider who goes to a ranch in Arizona to gain work experience. During her time on the ranch she develops a strong connection with a wrangler and horse trainer named Dean. A story about a cowboy who falls for the girl, a story about the importance of family.
Words: 4276 words
Characters: Dean, Bobby, Ellen, Jo, Ash, Benny, Garth
Pairings: Dean x reader 
Warnings: just language for this part, but further up fluff, angst, injury, maybe slightly smutish.
Author’s note: I love working on this! I’m a rider myself and it’s really great to use that in my writing. It’s nice not to write about supernatural creatures, hunts and death for a change. This is going to be a multiple part story (I’ve planned 14 parts) so get in the saddle and enjoy the ride!
Tags: @effie-w, @kbrand0 (Want to get tagged whenever I post a story, send me a message!)

Read part one here!

The rain has stopped falling down just as sudden as it started, but the surface of the asphalt in front of the airport entrance still shimmers under the streetlights. Knowing that it was going to take at least half an hour for your ride to arrive here, you treated yourself a cup of coffee at Starbucks, which you were now sipping on while seated on your not so comfortable suitcase. Whenever a set of headlights approaches you look up hopefully, but up to now all cars have passed you by. With a bored sigh you tuck your styled straight hair behind your ear and yawn, despite the caffeine you just had.
“Come on, already…”, you mutter softly as you check your phone again.
When you look up from the device, a pickup pulls up to the curb. It triggers you to straighten your back and seek eye contact with the driver. As the car comes to a stop, a young woman has turned to look outside her downed passenger window.
“Are you Y/N?”
“Yes”, you respond a bit hesitant as you raise up from your suitcase.
“Well get in. I ain’t got all night”, she smirks.

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