yeah it was my idea haha

haha well i have no idea what i’m doing in my future and my dreams are dying in my hands and my chest hurts and i never sleep and my mouth tastes like sand and my entire body is filled with a silent scream but yeah i’m doing fine thanks for asking


So, we happened to do something huge this weekend at Dragon Con. I proposed to my long time girlfriend, @sinfulmarinette, on Saturday, Sept 2nd, 2017.

We met through Doctor Who. I roleplayed as the Eleventh Doctor and she roleplayed as Clara Oswald. We met each other as those characters so I knew I had to propose to her as those characters and Dragon Con was the place to do it. After a kick of motivation from a friend, @riallasheng, and several others, I finally decided to follow though with it this year. After some thorough sneaky planning, I was able to get the ring box and rings here in time and coordinate with the guy in charge of the cosplay photo shoot so he’d gather a group up together and then call us up to come forward. She had no idea of our plans. It caught her entirely off guard (as well as the others involved in the shoot, as you can see) and it was a huge success. I’m honestly still shocked that I didn’t completely screw up my speech, haha.

And the fact the entire Pond family was there to celebrate with us made it all the more amazing! They all seemed so excited to be part of the event and that made us both feel over the moon.

You could say it was OUT OF THIS WORLD. (Hahaha. Yeah. I had to go there.)

It was wonderful and so was the rest of the weekend. We were surrounded by friends and support and that made everything better. We can’t thank everyone there enough for a perfect engagement weekend!

You know how @therealjacksepticeye did the whole #septicart thing again and it’s supposed to be halloween themed.

I really wanted to contribute but i realised i have no idea how to draw gore or blood.

But like i still wanted to do SOMETHING because i wanted to draw more so i still drew jack, and he has an orange sweater because his hair looks like a patch of grass.

And with the “carrots and sliver parsnips” thingy going on… you get the idea.

Basically long story short i just wanted to try new things with the way i draw things like hair and how i shade so yeah…

Im rambling again..


A fast doodle of a Makki wearing my clothes because some days ago it was his birthday and yesterday I was dressed in teal and I just ??? why not


[AFTG Exchange - Valentine’s Day 2017] @aftgexchange
// for @rikomoriyamaofficial

Andrew Minyard is the newest addition to the Edgar Allan University Exy team. He’s short, he’s fast, he’s devilishly good in a goal — and in another universe, he could have been the deadliest investment a Coach with nothing to lose could have made.

Signing with the unbeaten national champions is a dream many young Exy players seek after, but few know how the black corridors of Castle Evermore can quickly turn into a nightmare for the unsuspecting fool. The EA Ravens are a hive mind, built on sharp strings of violence, sex and codependence. At the top of the Nest, there is at the same time no place for secrets and a foul air saturated with them, starting with Riko’s inner circle Andrew has been drafted to.

Laying eyes on the Crown of Evermore comes with a price of blood, and paying it can cost one’s life  as well as their family’s.

The photoshoot

Inspired by these beautiful and hot hot pictures ;)

Draco had no idea what had possessed him to say yes to the photoshoot. The editor of Witch Weekly had practically begged him. She had been over the moon that famous Harry Potter had agreed to a very personal photo series and the editor wanted the best photographer for this. So naturally, she had come to Draco. 

“I want the Chosen One as we’ve never seen him before. I want sultry, I want sassy, I want steamy, I want sex!” she had practically screamed at him.
 He had been reluctant at first. He had no desire to be anywhere near his former arch-nemesis. But this was a great opportunity.

So here they were, in Draco’s studio, Potter in his old Gryffindor uniform. It clung to his body more tightly than Draco remembered. The prat had filled out quite a bit.

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Netflix and Chill
  • Harry: Hey, Draco! Do you want to come over to my place to... you know, er... watch some Netflix? And chill?
  • Draco: Your place?
  • Harry: Yeah! I mean, if you'd like?
  • Draco: Yes!! I mean, uh... I wouldn't normally, but I... I love netflicks!
  • Harry: Oh... really?
  • Draco: Of course. I've always wanted a netflick, since I was a boy. They're amazing to watch. That's the only reason I'm coming!! I just can't resist the netflicks!
  • Harry:
  • Harry: You have no idea what Netflix is, do you?
  • Draco: Not a clue.

Just thinking about Jack and Bitty spending that first night truly alone in Providence really makes me smile?

Imagining them going about their evening routines and just learning more about each other through small everyday things.

Like Jack leaning against the bathroom counter, watching Bitty put toothpaste on his toothbrush and he goes “You wet your toothbrush before putting the toothpaste on?”

And Bitty just raises an eyebrow and replies, “Yeah, why?” Jack shrugs in response and gives him a small smile, “Just wondering.”

Or like Jack is loading dirty dishes into the dishwasher and Bitty is like, “You put the forks in tines down?” And Jack just nods and carries on loading dishes. “Yeah.” He replies. “Maman was always worried that I’d stick myself with a fork or knife when I unloaded dishes as a kid. Guess I never grew out of it. Haha.”

Just the idea of them learning the stupid, little things about each other really makes me happy.

CLYDE: Hahahahaha oh my god.

CRAIG: Haha that’s gayyyyyy.

CLYDE: Super gay lmaooo!

CRAIG: Heheheh–

CRAIG: Stop prying into my fucking personal life!


CRAIG: Clyde tell them to stop prying into my personal life.


CLYDE: Stop prying into his personal life?

CRAIG: Thank you.

CLYDE: Yknow, I’ve never seen you guys actually like. Tongue it out.

CRAIG: Tongue it out.

CLYDE: Absolutely smash lips?

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: Yeah, yknow like…

CLYDE: Y-yknow.

CRAIG: No, I don’t. I totally have no idea what you mean.

CRAIG: Enlighten me.

CLYDE: Like… like.

CLYDE: Smoorch smoorch. Kiss kiss.

CRAIG: …Right.



CLYDE: Well?

CRAIG: What.

CLYDE: Have you?

CRAIG: Uh, is that any of your business?

CLYDE: Jeez you hate sharing. Like, you didn’t even bring anything to show & tell last week just because you didn’t want to share a good smile with people.

CLYDE: That’s how much you hate sharing.

CRAIG: Not true, but okay.

The power to shrink things solves everything.

Context: We’re playing a RWBY campaign, which each player has some sort of super power called Semblance. My character’s is to liberate heat from her body, while other players have things like teleportation, regeneration, and of course, shrinking/making things bigger. Our mission was to infiltrate a hidden base and record the revolution planning that was about to happen against this one facility with drones and robots. My character couldn’t be seen by the two villains because they would instantly recognize her.

Me (Team’s leader): Ok, so we’re going with this very risky plan: Two of you are going to infiltrate the base disguised as facility workers, record the thing, and try not to get caught by the villains who have defense-penetrating guns that can literally kill you in one shot. They’re also specialists at collecting information, so there’s a chance you might get caught right away. Me and another member with teleportation will stay nearby to help with your escape. Got it?

Everyone else: Yeah…

Then everyone prepared for the plan, while very concerned about being recognized, screwing the record or being shot to death. Then the player with the shrinking power had a simple idea

Player: Why don’t we just shrink a drone and send it to record like a mosquito? This way nobody would get hurt haha

Everyone, including the DM: …….

DM: You just ruined both my bosses and my campaign. Again.

We recorded the secret revolution planning and spread it to everyone. We saved the facility without the villains even seeing our faces.

Heart of the Ocean

Guardian spirit of water
Fierce and turbulent
yet also gentle and soothing 

Haha yeah so I drew another picture of Lance because nobody can stop me.  Not even me.  XD  I wanted to practice with lighting, and I realllyyy liked how it turned out!

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the notes on my comic, you have no idea how much it means to me!  I’m glad my art can make you people smile :) 

If you guys like this, let me know and I might do the rest of the paladins plus Allura.  (No promises though as school is going to swamp me soon but i will try my best!)

The evolution of a fart blob

an accurate show off of every single one of ekubo’s forms.

starting off with the LOL Cult Leader

to Ekuswole

to weakish fart blob

to a weaker ekuswole

to death for a couple episodes.

to possessing spoon kid

to security guard

to being captured by the candy man

to being back to a slightly stronger fart blob

to possessing whats his face

to being the fart blob again

..then to possessing our good boy


then to possessing muscle man

then back to our lovable fart blob.

then to a… stronger fart blob.

then to sort of being a piece of sentient broccoli

then to the ULTIMATE ekuswole

and then…. to the sweet release of a second death being at the bottom of the ocean where he’s still very alive and not dead

he sure has lived some afterlife


She’s An Angel, My Only Angel (Harry Styles One Shot)

Anonymous said:

Can you please write an imagine where the reader is Harry’s best friend and she goes on vacation with Harry’s family and then H gets so touchy and protective with her and Gemma can’t stop teasing them telling that they’re something else and maybe H just kiss her and confesses that he’s in love with her (?)


I’ve decided to do abit of something on the side to kinda take a break from writing RMB, but don’t worry I am posting the new chapter on Friday! But this one stood out to me from all the requests so I’ve decided to write this one! I am writing in Y/N since you didn’t give a name, but I hope you enjoy this piece! -K



“C’mon Y/N you have to get over him at some point, you cant just sit here and sulk forever” Gemma blurted out when I was sitting on the couch on my phone. Looking at old pictures of me and Daniel. Me and my ex boyfriend Daniel were dating for 3 years. I thought I was in love. But I feel like, well now I know that he wasn’t in love with me, would you cheat on someone you love? After I broke up with him I knew I was doing the right thing. But something inside of me thought that I could have gave him another chance. But maybe I didn’t want to. Confusion set within me and I just didn’t know how to deal with it. From we broke up a few weeks ago, I had just been sitting around the house, not really motivating myself to do anything, apart from working, which I’ve had to call in sick because I just couldn’t work the best of my ability with him stuck in my head. But Gemma, of course, has been trying to get me to move on, which in my own head I don’t really wanna do yet, I just don’t feel ready. “I’m not sulking Gem, I’m just, I don’t know, not in the best of moods today” “Y/N your never in the best of moods recently” She came walking over to join me on the sofa, and she just stared at me, with sadness in her eyes. “Just talk to me and tell me how you feel, you haven’t been talking about it which is bad for you, you need to talk about it” I sighed and looked down at my phone, my screensaver, a picture of us when it was a lot simpler and I was happy. “I’m fine” “Y/N” She responded with a sigh and placed her hand on my thigh. If I looked up at her I knew that I was going to cry, but I had to be strong. We have been friends for a couple of years and has she not once seen me cry. “I just miss him, that’s all. I don’t know, it just feels like I’m alone, and I cant move on from it. But I know I have to” My lip started to quiver, I knew I didn’t have the strength to hold it all in, but I knew I would feel better knowing that Gemma knows how I really feel about it. “Hey, listen, your only human, you cant keep it together every minute of everyday, you’ve been hurt by some prick. Just let it out, its only normal. He was the love of your life, and that’s hard to come by. But I know that deep down you didn’t want to let him go. But I think you were so comfortable in that relationship that I think you didn’t want to breakup with him because you were scared of feeling isolated. I get that, but you shouldn’t stay with someone just to feel like you have someone. You’ve got me, Harry, Mum, Dad, and all of your friends, you don’t need him. Especially if he is being a pure knob end and cheating on you” I looked up at Gemma’s face and seeing her expression, knowing that what she was saying was one hundred percent accurate. “Yeah I guess your right”

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i wrote this immediately after viewing the emoji movie trailer


[inoffensive contemporary pop music plays over the entire thing. flyover shot of a colorful world that zooms in on Brand walking around being a Brand in Brandopolis]

BRAND: [voiceover] hey. i’m a Brand. this is the world of Brands. but i’m different from other Brands. i’m unique and that makes me an outcast and unloved.

[Bully Brand pushes Brand down]


BRAND: aw man.

[scene transition to Brand running from danger and falling, only for Independent Female Brand to show up help him escape from the danger]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you ok? you look different from other Brands.

BRAND: yeah haha i’m fine haha oh my stomach

[cut to Independent Female Brand and Brand somewhere that will look very nice in Imax 3D]

BRAND: wow, i had no idea there was so much more to the world than Brandopolis.

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: [gazing lovingnly at Brand] me neither.

[inoffensive contemporary pop music chorus starts as various scenes of Brand, Independent Female Brand, Funny Brand, and Cute Marketable Brand do stuff that’s very humorous and actiony. the last scene is of Mayor Brand facing off with the main character]

MAYOR BRAND: i’ll destroy the city to show that the most important thing is obedience!

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: nuh uh! we’ll will stop you! Right boys?

[cuts to the other 3 Brands looking very scared as the music abruptly stops.]

FUNNY BRAND: [poops fall out]

BRAND: oh boy. [facepalms]

[music resumes as cut to scene Brand is giving an impassioned speech to a bunch of other Brands.]

BRAND: I may be a Brand but i’m also a individual and that’s the power i have. you just need to be yourself. and be the best Brand you can be.

CROWD OF BRANDS: [uproarious cheering]

INDEPENDENT FEMALE BRAND: you’re so cool Brand. i’m so happy i met you. i love you

BRAND: yeah whatever

FUNNY BRAND: bazinga!!!!!

[ cut to title of film and release date ]

-30 day OTP challenge-

DAY 28 - Doing something ridiculous 

I decided to draw them ice skating as something ridiculous because my head can’t wrap around the idea of both of them doing it so… yeah haha Enjoy. <3

Yes I was watching Yuri On Ice when I was deciding what to draw don’t judge me.

anonymous asked:

Someone on twitter (wydnialll) who was at the place Louis was last night said he sat down the whole night, and only got up to dance to despacito (which hell yeah, that's my tune as well Louis haha, although I'm getting sick of hearing it on the radio by now). Considering the company, no wonder he sat down the whole night. But how much do you want to bet tho that he was on the phone while sitting down? The boyfriends always do that hehe

I want this to be true cause I like the idea of him dancing around. Louis’ club dancing is a gift. If he had to hang out with that creep, I hope he at least got to bop around a bit.

skull--master  asked:

You are one of the most inspirational artists I've ever come across! Your use of color and conceptualization is amazing! That said, do you have any tips about how to effectively boil down ideas to one image? Whenever I try, I'm always underwhelmed by the results as they seem very obvious to me. I know it's kind of a hard question, so can you maybe share your thought process behind your work? Thank you and keep on rocking! :)

I hope you keep on rocking as well : )

so there are magic aus and i love magic aus so much but i would also like to propose a concept: magician au. boyfs magician au. several of them. HEAR ME OUT

  • street magician michael keeps tryna flirt with the cute stressed out guy who passes by this street at this time on the dot every day with increasingly complicated yet perfectly executed magic tricks and sleights of hand. business man jeremy heere is smitten by michael’s wicked smile and light fingers (”how did you steal my watch it was on my wrist” “magic” “fuck off”), but has no idea how to convey any of this past blushing and nodding and “haha, yeah, that’s my card.” right until michael does a trick, and jeremy unfolds the card he’d been holding to see a receipt with something scrawled over it. “finally foiled, michael. this is definitely not my card.” “no, no, it isn’t. it’s, uh. it’s my number.” “what.” “can i get yours too?” “what.”)
  • post-canon or no squip, jeremy decides to take up magic tricks as a hobby in senior year and he’s fucking awful at it, it hurts to watch. but michael, not wanting to get jeremy down, goes out of his Goddamn Way to make it Look Like every trick worked. on the flipside, jeremy KNOWS he’s awful but he’s so endeared and entertained that he just….let’s michael keep going on his mission. (”is this your card? “uhhhh no it’s no–” *MICHAEL IN THE BACKGROUND MAKING WIDE GESTURES THAT MEAN ‘PLEASE JUST FUCKING SAY YES’* “—ooot not my card. Not not my card. This is totally my card.”)
  • jeremy and michael are 10 years old and are gonna do magic tricks for their school’s talent show, but an hour before the show, their rabbit (named humphry) goes MISSING. 
  • jeremy and michael, best friends extraordinaires and, just recently, birthday party magicians on weekends for extra cash!!! it’s pretty great. michael is a fantastic showman and kids love jeremy and their act is AWESOME, if michael may say so himself. but ohhh geez, michael keeps getting weird stomach feelings whenever he sees jeremy, clad in a cheap magician top hat and cape, kneel down to make a balloon animal for a little girl, or succeed in making a shy kid laugh, or smile and cryptically say “it’s magic”, with a dorky wiggle of his fingers whenever kids ask him how he did something. (”we did good today,” jeremy will tell him later, packing up their stuff. jeremy will tell michael that and pat him on the shoulder. michael’s breath will catch and he’ll think, huh. it’s magic.)