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Hi! You seem to have become a sort of dinner consultant/therapist/cheerleader, which is delightful. I hope you don't mind if I ask a downer question--how do I will myself to make good food when I'm depressed, and feel deep down that I may not deserve proper nourishment? Than you, you're well.

I suffer from Depression, Bipolar, C-PTSD, ADHD and Memory Issues and yeah, I really get that feeling of not having the energy/focus/self-worth to make dinner.  I’m not a therapist or nutritionist, so all I can offer is things that have worked for me, and hope that some of them work for you:

It’s Better To Eat SOMETHING Than Nothing

No really.  There are a LOT of days when I’m too tired, too distractable or just too Blugh to cook.  And for days like that, I have microwave meals, or “put in pot and add water” things, like Mac N Cheese.  They’re not Organic, or Nutritionally Balanced but everything I’ve been told by every doctor and therapist I’ve had: EATING SOMETHING, EVEN MICROWAVE MAC OR CHIPS IS SO, SO MUCH BETTER FOR YOU THAN EATING NOTHING.

Food is not an all-or-nothing deal.  Humans have an amazing ability to take in nutrition from darn near anything that doesn’t kill us, which is part of the reason we’re all over the dang planet.  Any food is good food, esp when you haven’t eaten all day because your brain has been playing a shitty surrealist version of reality for you all day.

So when you CAN cook, cook, but if you can’t, don’t worry too much.  Just get something down your throat, and live to see the next, better, day.

Related: If you can’t do a full meal, but you CAN add *extras* to things to help you.  Tortilla Chips Depression meal? Add Salsa!  BAM! VEGETABLE SERVING!!  Can of beans? CHEESE.  OH LOOK, MORE PROTEIN.  whatever you can add is like, extra credit.  Good job you!

Actually Learning To Cook

So actually learning about food safety, spice theory, what happens chemically to food when you cook it and how to make different styles of cuisine confers a whole bunch of cool benefits for my sometimes-garbage brain:

  • I really like reading and learning new stuff, so making it a “learning a new thing” makes it less like a chore and more of an Interesting Distraction.
  • This doesn’t have to be any form of academically rigorous.  Like, watching cooking shows, looking up stuff online, or hell, googling stuff in the middle of the supermarket if something is on sale and you’re curious but don’t actually know what to do with it.   Good Eats and America’s Test Kitchen are both very educational and soothing to watch.
  • Also cooking shows are GREAT for both my anxiety and stimulating my appetite
  • Reduces the number of Thinking Spoons to actually make dinner.  If I have a general working knowledge of what things taste good and how to make them, it’s a lot less effort than trying to look up and follow a recipe.
  •   GO AHEAD AND USE SHORTCUTS.  No, really.  Those frozen cutlets of fish you stick in a toaster oven? GREAT.  pre-mixed seasoning? AWESOME. Frozen veggies are already cut up and are just as good as fresh.  Like if you don’t have the energy to do something, pre-made stuff is FANTASTIC for getting something healthy into your system for honestly not that much money or less in some cases.

Being Responsible For More Than Myself

The thing that has helped me take care of myself was getting engaged and a dog.  My mental illness has a neat shortcut where when I can’t do things for myself, I can magically do them for other people.  When I cook, I’m cooking for both myself and for my fiance.  Being responsible for making sure he eats a few nights a week is the biggest driving force in getting me to stay on enough of a schedule that I’ll be capable of cooking.  (He cooks other nights and whoever cooks, the other does the dishes.)

I realize that getting hitched is not in the cards for everyone and that’s hardly a reflection of one’s worth, but there are ways to add responsibility to your life if that helps with executive function.  Prior to meeting my fiance, My family had an elderly German shepherd with a sensitive stomach and I cooked him chicken and rice every night for three years on the vet’s recommendation.  Or maybe you cook for a neighbor once a week.  Or tie feeding your cat to you having dinner as well, becuase you can’t take care of fluffy if you’ve got low blood sugar, right?

Eating Is Self-Care, Like Taking Meds or Wearing Comfy Jammies

Another thing that helped me: Realizing that eating made me feel better.  Literally, if I keep my blood sugar stable (Prone to hypoglycemia), my mood’s better, I get fewer headaches, and so on.  What’s Healthy is different for everyone and I recommend talking to a nutritionist at least once to get an idea on what might be unique to you.  Most gyms, community centers or clinics will have someone on staff to help, but you should start by asking your GP for a recommendation.

So when I start too feel poorly, my checklist is “When was the last time I ate? Am I craving something?”  (Along with “Am I dehydrated?”  staying hydrated also helps with appetite issues) and I fin that I usually am.  Sometimes it’s salt, sometimes it’s a whole head of broccoli.  Food is our body’s main means of getting what it needs to survive and giving your body what it needs (even if it’s fat and sugar and carbs, which yes, you need sometimes) will make you feel better, I promise.

Eating Stuff You Actually Like 

Bananas are, allegedly, really good for me.  Potassium, vitamins, good fats etc.   They also taste like satan’s own diabetic mucus and I’m never gonna eat one if I can’t help it.  Just, No.  Don’t force yourself to eat things just becuase they’re healthy.  That’ll only make you hate eating.

Like I mentioned before, you, presumed human, can draw nutrition and calories from darn near anything.  So go boldly, and try new foods and spices and cooking methods and find things you actually enjoy eating.

  • Remember all those veggies you hated as a kid?  Try them again as an adult, because your taste buds literally change over time and things taste way less bitter than when you were a kid.  Try different cooking methods too- anything brassica is like 500% better tossed with olive oil, salt &pepper and roasted on a sheet pan. 
  • HOW you cook things makes a huge difference in both how they taste and how stressful cooking is.  Wanna leave something in a crock pot and forget about it until the timer goes off? AWESOME. Grilling becuase  you prefer something more engaging becuase you’re bored? ALSO GREAT.  Try out different cooking methids to find out what tastes good and is fun to do,
  • Are you one of those people that likes, 3 things, and can have them every night for eternity?  GO YOU, with your pre-planned menu!  Maybe call up a nutritionist to see if you need to be taking some extra vitamins, but really, this is fine too,

Ok this has gotten a mile long and kind of rambling but I hope it helps you!

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I don't know how demanding it is now, but I remember how crazy people were about droplets, and as someone who aspires to be a writer I really respect that you're still pulling through for droplets? Yeah it's a fanfiction but you are fantastic and clearly have phenomenal skill and despite the fact that writing is all about doing what you want to do, you continue droplets literally for free and for others. It's cool. I really have to read your work again. :) have a good day!

the craziness that i went through with droplets in 2014 and 2015 was a strange time … it was amazing but it ended up being incredibly overwhelming too. i wouldn’t change it for anything of course, but there were many difficult things to deal with at the time, which lead me to take the hiatus that i did. i’m so glad i took it and allowed some of the attention to die down, because at peak jeanmarco, there was a lot of shit directed at fic writers, and i didn’t deserve to deal with that. but now … here i am … enthusiastic again about finishing this story, and not just writing it to avoid getting hoards of scary anons hahahaha 

i owe everyone who’s ever reviewed droplets so much, and i want to give back to them by giving them the ending they want, if they still care for it. i know there are a lot of people who have important memories of this fic, and i think it’ll be nice closure for some, and an interesting insight for others who get to consider how they’ve changed with me and with with the story over the years. 

writing because i want to write is so rewarding. it doesn’t matter to me how many people still care … all i know is that there are a handful of people who do, and that i, myself, am one of them. it’s that age old hash … write for yourself … and honestly, that’s never not true, is it? :~)

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you... you wanna write a fluffy angst reddie fic so I can die????? Please???? ( Richie and Eddie)

I want to try something with this that I’ve literally been pondering on for freaking days. Like, the main part of what I want to write for this popped into my head in an instant, but I’ve been toying with the execution for a good bit. 

Anyway, here we go! 

As years passed, the remaining fear of the menacing clown dwindled down to a distant, fuzzy memory that almost doesn’t feel real. At least, that’s how Eddie sees it, and based on the others fully shifting into varying senses of normalcy, he feels he can confidently say the same for his friends as well. 

But, as it would turn out, fear doesn’t leave; it just hides and manifests when one is at their most vulnerable, as Eddie will quickly come to learn. 

It starts with Richie getting sick the day before their high school graduation; it’s not bad by any means, a nasty summer cold at the most, but it’s enough to have Richie down for the count, leaving Eddie a worried mess. 

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what about alphys getting sick with something and it’s pretty contagious but undyne doesn’t have it so they have to stay apart until alphys gets better and then:

alphys, on the phone: Uh, w-well, the doctor said I shouldn’t be c-contagious anymore, today.

undyne: *with her phone pressed between her shoulder and her ear as she shoves shoes onto her feet*  Oh, that’s good to hear, Alphys!  

alphys: Unfortunately, they said…we should w-wait a couple more days until we…hang out again.

undyne: *slowly unbuckling her seatbelt and getting out of her car*  I hope you’re feeling better, at least.

alphys: Oh, yeah!  I mean, now I’m just sitting around like a loser watching anime all day, so I basically feel like I’m back to normal.

undyne: *as she climbs into bed and pulls the blankets up to her shoulders*  Well, the important thing is that you feel less like shit!

alphys: …yeah.  I do really really miss you, though.  Like, we talk all the time, but…

undyne:  Yeah, it’s not the same.  *says goodbye, disconnects, and screams into her pillow*

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Heya pal, not to be a greedy lil bean but if you would could you draw some Lenily goals? If you don't wanna that's totally cool cool, I would understand my dude, if so thank you so much and I love your work either way!! Have fantabulous day my fellow human!! :)

Aww! You have a good day too, fellow human! Thanks so much!

I really dig Emily and what she gives to the universe - a canon wlw relationship that’s domestic and chill. Unfortunately, I’m in that shipping spot where it’s like, I got into W/T before Emily was introduced. And while I’m happy Tracer’s got a canon, healthy relationship, it feels weird to “jump ship”? I know some people can ship a character with more than one person, but that’s not me (and yeah, I get it - they’re canon). But yeah, much love to Emily for keeping our poster girl anchored in canon! And again, thanks for being so nice about it! 

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I've been listening to Magnolia by Gang of youths lately and it reminds me so much of Jason. The lines 'Yeah, I'm drunk but I'm ready to kick some ass tonight; and 'cause I'm terrified of dying in vain'. So many more of the lines as well. It makes me think of Jason, and ESPECIALLY of Jason in your fic 'falling into the night'. You might have already heard it and thought of this, but I just wanted to let you know. Love your writing, hope you're having a great day :)

Ok so I am 100% guilty of reading this, loving it, then getting side tracked so belatedly I’m posting this (hope thats all good) because DAMN it is so true. Fabulous Jason Song Choice. I’m going to add it to my writing tunes list.
And “With my fists in the air, if my body’s alive”???  And the tune sort of has a free-falling vibe too which I am lovin. 

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people out here defending bighit and mnet... so disappointing :/ COMPANY. how dumb can some people be? did they never been exposed to the real world? did they forgot that bangtan members are human, workers to their “beloved” company? did they forgot that yoongi and taehyung fainted before due to them being overworked? and bighit update all of us with bullshit like treating our artist right? they really wanna shove the blue pill down everyone’s throat about companies being nice to everyone 🤷‍♀️

yeah bighit overworking bts isn’t even anything new. during run era they barely slept 5 hours over the span of 3 days asdfgh. i know sending hate to mnet or bighit isn’t going to do anything but ignoring this isn’t a good thing either. their schedule is inhumane at the moment and i really don’t want to see any news of the members collapsing again.

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is it okay to use your art as icons? (with credit ofc!) have a good day/night!

Sure, go ahead! Thank you for asking! You guys can use my art as icons as much as you like and yeah with credit. Have a wonderful day/night as well ‘ u ‘


Verity Vine: Hello??

Riesling: Hey there, Princess. It’s good to hear your voice in real time. 

Verity Vine: Ha.

Riesling: Don’t sound so down… It’s only been… almost 100 days.

Verity Vine: Have you been counting?

Riesling: Yeah, I mark my wall for each day that goes by. Anyway… You never answered my question….

Verity Vine: (sigh) Don’t be weird. I’m in public.

Riesling: Ooh, kinky.

Verity Vine: Riesling….

Riesling: Never change, Ver. Unless I’m there. Then please, go ahead.

Verity Vine: Riesling!

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aaay i have a great crush story !! so i really like. loved my friend?? like im so fuken gay for them. and i was like 'theyre too good for me, theres no way they like me back' then onE DAY they came into my dms with puns about trees and just want 'yeah btw i like you wanna be my datemate?' and i just,,, im still screaming to this day. (sorry if this doesnt make sense im just. excited.)

omg!!! congrats!!! thats so good


Just kiss him, already.

With @thekoreanpineapple‘s Altean Wedding suits because I can’t design clothes for shit.

hey if you’re questioning your sexuality, i just wanted to say that i support you! it seems scary now, but you’ll figure it out eventually… i believe in you!


Art of July~~ ( part 1 )

I couldn’t include everything, it’s already long as it is, sorry ^^’  I had a late start this month, I took some time just for myself, trying to think about my art, where I wanted it to go, and trying to fight against the continuous pressure I tend to put on myself and my art. I am well better now, and I’ll keep going on and have fun !!

Thank you for your support <3 <3 you guys are way too good for me

May // June // July pt 1 // July pt 2 //