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Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

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you nct fans hype them up wayyyyyy to much. I heard the teaser and it wasnt even that good. they dont deserve everything they are getting, meanwhile sm completely ignores talented groups like red velvet

Okay so first of all, just by reading this I can tell that this isn’t about NCT at all. You’re just salty because SM promotes them well while Red Velvet gets the short end of the stick, which I can understand. Nothing wrong with that, I mean if you feel SM isn’t being fair, that’s how you feel. Secondly, of course we are going to hype NCT up. What fandom doesn’t go crazy when their favorites release something? Thirdly, I mean, obviously you have some interest in NCT if you bothered to click on the video and sent this message. You could have easily scrolled past it and keep living your life, but you didn’t. You clicked on the video, watched it, and then sent this message to me, an NCT stan. I don’t even know why you bothered, like did you think I was going to agree with you?  Fourth of all, if ANY fandom should be angry here it's the f(x) fandom. Now there’s a group who really gets NOTHING from their company. I’ve seen Red Velvet stans in the freaking NCT tag on tumblr (which by the fucking way can we keep the NCT tag instead of bombarding it with other things?) complaining about how SM went all out and is announcing NCT’s new fandom name too soon. Like boo, didn’t f(x) have to wait FUCKING years for their fandom name!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Do I think SM plays favorites? Heck yeah they do! There’s no denying that. But does Red Velvet really have it the worst. No, they don’t, f(x) does. Because at least Red Velvet is on variety shows, dramas, and things like that. The f(x) members seriously get nothing, I mean you got Amber spilling tea on instagram about how SM isn’t letting her pursue her music, now there’s someone who is really suffering. Yeah Red Velvet fans had to wait a while to get their fandom name, and yeah SM should have gone all out for them too because those girls seriously deserve it, they’re amazing, but boo, f(x) has it so much worst. f(x) are actually ignored by SM, Red Velvet is not. Anyways, I'm probably going to block messages for a while because I’ve been in arguments with Red Velvet stans before and I honestly don’t feel like going through that again. I don’t wanna fight, I just want to peacefully enjoy my bias groups comeback, please and thank you.  

Crafting Effective Dialogue

I am going to do my best to give you tips on how to create effective dialogue, as crafting effective dialogue is a very difficult thing for many writers, including myself, to do. Back in December I did a high school visit. The teacher told me her creative writing students had issues creating effective dialogue, so I played an activity with them. I’m not sure how successful it was, but I hope they took something away from it. In any case, I’m going to draw upon that activity to lay out some tips here. 

This post will be longer than my Creating Effective Action Scene post. 

  • Dialogue should reveal something about the character. Dialogue is an effective way of showing something about a character, or conveying how a character is feeling. Here is a line of dialogue from my novel, When Stars Die. A little bit of context first: Amelia is currently spying on shadows she has been seeing for a few weeks. She has no idea why she has been seeing them, but something in her tells her that they are real.

Colette’s voice rises behind me, a quiet thing in the tremors of my mind. “Are you searching for those shadows again?” 

 This conveys a few things. The line before it shows that Amelia is terrified, that not even Colette’s presence is enough to calm her. Colette is her best friend. Colette’s dialogue conveys that she knows Amelia has been seeing these shadows for some time, but that she doesn’t believe they’re real. After this dialogue, Amelia thinks how she has no reason to tell Colette that she is seeing them. Now I could have had Amelia simply say that Colette doesn’t believe the shadows are real, but instead I follow up with another line of dialogue that has Colette trying to ease Amelia’s worries by telling her that it’s stress for the impending trials that Amelia will have to face if she wants to become a professed nun.

  • Dialogue should reflect a character’s personality. If your character is a well-read person, that character’s dialogue should reflect that he or she is. If your character skips school a lot, lives a troubled life, and wanders the streets a lot, your character is probably going to cuss more than usual, have a more cynical way of speaking, and your character is probably going to be more honest and forthright when others are asking for opinions from said character. But don’t fall into stereotypes, either.
  • Dialogue should be authentic, but should be an edited version of a way a person would speak. Listen to how people speak. People tend to put a lot of ‘umms,’ ‘ers,’ ‘likes,’ ’yeahs,’ and pauses and breaks between sentences, which is not something readers want. You want dialogue to be real, but you don’t want to litter your sentences with these inflections. For example:

“Um…I, uh, want to order some fries, and uh…what’s that up there? Oh, a burger. Yeah, um. I want that.” She nods. “Yeah, yeah. That sounds good, and uh, um…oh…that’s it.”

That’s how a real indecisive person would talk. Let’s edit it down to something like this. 

“Um…I want to order some fries.” She pauses, looking up at the menu. “What’s that up there? Oh, a burger. I want that, too. That sounds good.” Her eyes pass over the menu, then she looks at the cashier. “That’s it. Thanks!”

Just listen to the way an actual person speaks and edit out any inflections. Read your dialogue out loud, too. If it sounds funny, it will probably read odd to your readers. 

  • Show the tone of your dialogue. You want to limit your use of adverbs when writing a story. Period. You especially want to try to avoid them in dialogue. Strong verbs are often best used in place of adverbs, but let me give you an example to show you what I’m talking about when I say show the tone of your dialogue. 

“I am so pissed!” he said harshly. 

This is basically me telling readers that he said it harshly. Now let me show you:

His finger tensed on the screen of his smartphone. He wanted to smash the phone so he could forget she ever sent him that text. “I am so pissed!”

It’s wordier, of course, but the fact that he wants to smash his phone conveys how angry he is without having to use an adverb. I didn’t even have to use a dialogue tag because of the preceding sentences. If there is plenty of context before your dialogue, you can simply write “I am so pissed!” and that will be enough to let readers know that, obviously, he’s saying it harshly. 

  • Dialogue should stand on its own. You don’t want to weigh it down with exposition. For example:

“Remember last summer when I kissed that guy and you were there? You were totally stunned when I kissed him, and you told me I was an idiot.”

“Yeah, and we were in the 9th grade, too! Now we’re in the 10th grade, and there’s this other guy you want to kiss, and you’re not going to be an idiot this time, because this guy is cute.”

Can you tell this dialogue is actually talking to the reader and not the characters talking among themselves? You shouldn’t have to have the characters tell readers about what happened last summer, that they were in the 9th grade when it happened, now they’re in the 10th grade, and now there is another boy this person wants to kiss. 

It reads and sounds unnatural. Exposition only works when the other character has no knowledge of the thing being explained. Otherwise, it’s an info dump, and you don’t want that in your dialogue. 

  • Your dialogue should have purpose. Dialogue should build toward something or reveal something. You don’t want your characters to spend too long, bantering back and forth about something that may be completely irrelevant to the plot. Your characters must speak for a reason. They shouldn’t talk just to talk, like people tend to do in real life.
  • Use gestures, actions, and dialogue tags. Dialogue tags should be used when readers have no clue who is speaking, or when an action is proceeding the dialogue spoken. Nodding, smiling, laughing, glaring, pointing, ect., ect., ect., are all forms of gestures. Use these to convey the tone of dialogue. Have your characters interact with the environment, too, while they are speaking. That is considered an action. Refer to the dialogue examples above for examples of actions I use to strengthen dialogue. 


  • Dialogue should be surprising. You don’t want readers to be able to know what a character is going to say next. 

That’s it for my advice on dialogue! Any questions on anything in the post, feel free to message me.

My next post will be advice on how to handle your editor once you have signed a contract with a publisher, for those aspiring authors—or how to handle edits period with either your agent or editor. 

Negative space

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“If I ask nicely, will you do it?”

it looks up. You never noticed that it makes noises. The last time you saw it, face to face (skies, blood, fragments, fear or no fear), you didn’t notice the noise.

The noise alone is overwhelming: it’s not even auditory anymore. It’s just vibration, humming, deep in everything around you, deep in you. It goes through everything.

it doesn’t answer just yet.

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Me???? Original Content??? W h y??
anyway you can use em and stuff
Really I don’t care I just posted this because I took so long making them

I Dare You (A Jefferson Smut)

by @dontstopwiththelyin aka Becks

Summary: Plot? What plot? I thought you said porn…

Warnings: Daddy!kink, little bit of spanking, little bit of choking, orgasm denial, light bondage, dirty talk, oral (giving and receiving), squirting, language (BAHAHAHAHAHA If everything else doesn’t turn you away I don’t think language will but anyway…) I think that’s everything? IDK my brain is slightly malfunctioning from…editing…yeah…that’s why I read it again…

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Matt loves to say surprising and horrific things casually and describes human culture to aliens he's in prison with using wording meant to shock them. "Oh yeah we like to take sharp slivers of mental and pierce them into our flesh for a variety of things. Sometimes its to make a hole to hold gems and metals. Some get millions of stabs to inject ink so we can have pictures imbedded into our skin. Its for the purpose of body decorations" And he cackles at the facial expressions of any onlookers

he definitely takes advantage of this more often then he should. then one day, he’s doing the usual shtick, trying to make humans seem more impressive than they really are, when heavily-muscled yellow alien goes “oh yeah? watch this” and stabs a fukcing knife through his own arm. matt may or may not pass out.

he learns a valuable lesson that day…no matter how weird humans may be…there is always a weirder alien.

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"No it's not a hippo, it's just drew carey."

Ahh, gotta love Ryan’s hoedowns~ xDxD

I just used this as an excuse to actually draw Drew as a hippo xD Now my mind is trying to figure out who would be which animal in this AU (and then I remember that I can’t really draw animals so… Yeah~ xD)

I hope it’s okey! :D
//Finished version is worse than sketch… And that basically sums up my entire blog~ xD//

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this is a long shot, but do u have any tips on drawing lanky characters bc,, im a lost sheep pls guide me back to the flock

im ngl i tried thinking of stuff to help while i was drawing that sollux but all i can rly think of is like


long limbs, long torso, prominent knees/elbows

Anonymous said: I alwys draw trolls with white sclera because I just can’t color their sclera yellow they end up looking ugly :(

yeah you rly dont want like straight up yellow, dont colour pick the sprites either bc they just. dont work for proper art its hella stylised

i pick a yellow that my eyes like and use the watercolour tool so its more like soft/muted on top of the skin?? it blends it better imo


left is full right is blendy but this isnt a gr8 example i probably should have picked something straight on

wips tag

tagged by @novocaine-sea​ to talk about my current projects! thanks aja <3 

*fics that haven’t been published yet have titles that are subject to change :D

  • kings in couture
    a devil wears prada au in which victor is the editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, yuuri’s his new secretary, and instead of talking about his feelings, victor just sends him on a bunch of errands
    • 2/8 chapters with the third on its waaay
  • perfect teeth
    seunggil is a dentist and phichit is his worst patient. he’s also his favorite patient, but mostly, yeah, he’s his worst patient.
    • “You really should floss,” he mutters behind his mask, swiping through the tools with a sterilized cloth. 
      Chulanont considers this. “But then I wouldn’t have an excuse to see you so much, would I?” 
    • short oneshot that is super late for seungchuchu week lolol
  • leaky faucet, creaky floors
    a college/university au where phichit and yuuri are flatmates and victor is the friendly neighbor who lives across the hall
    • “Someone broke in last night,” Phichit says.
      Yuuri grips the phone closer to his ear. “Did they take anything?”
      “No, but they left something.”
    • belated-belated-belated-OTL-OTL bday fic for hailey 
  • people will stare
    reverse kic oneshot for stephanie (also belated-belated womp womp)
  • heavens help me
    in which yuri is cupid, god of love, and the next couple he needs to match is his most impossible assignment yet
    • Seems like you’ve got your work cut out for you, Venus notes.
      Yuri grits his teeth. “That’s the thing. They shouldn’t even need my help.”
      And yet. Her quiet laughter follows him mockingly for the rest of the day.
    • cupid au for the 1k milestone :) 
  • would you be so kind 
    soulmates au where you can see every color except the eye color of your soulmate, until you meet your soulmate and look into their eyes for the first time 
    OR yuuri can’t see the sky, victor can’t see the ground; they meet in the middle
    • “Yuuri, what did you say?” Victor looks shocked. He looks straight into his eyes, and Yuuri’s still not used to seeing blue, will never get used to seeing blue, and he blinks several times.
      “I–uh, I know it’s not an ideal situation,” Yuuri admits. “It’s kind of the most tragic thing, but I think I’m close to finding my soulmate.”
      “Oh?” Victor breathes out. “How is that?”

    • soulmate au for the 1k milestone :) 

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Hi, um sorry, but can you tag the asks where you talk about self harm as a trigger or something? I would really appreciate it, and thanks!!! 😙

(yeah, of course, I was actually just wondering if I should do that so yeah!! we’ll have it tagged as ‘tw self harm’, and don’t apologize for that tho its cool *thumbs up*

if you guys want anything else tagged let me know and we can do it!!

- mod p)

Evak Drabble: More Groceries

Prompt from @anotherush​: jill if you ever write a drabble of isak and even grocery shopping i will kiss the ground you stand upon (as if i dont already) i dont have any specific ideas just!! grocery shopping!! so cute so domestic.

Hi bae!! To the queen of sweet tags on all of my fics <3 I gotchu.

 Also- you should definitely read my other grocery fic! It doesn’t have anything to do with this one, but its till super cute and a quick read. Find it—> HERE!


“Why are we getting three kinds of cereal again?”

Even shoots him one of those ‘you’re-so-lucky-you’re-cute’ looks, “Because Noora doesn’t eat sugary cereal, Eskild doesn’t eat non-sugary cereal and Linn only eats-”

Isak groans, “Yeah yeah, gluten free shit or whatever. But I still don’t get why we are getting them cereal.”

Even reaches past Isak to throw in some of the plain crackers that Noora favors as snacks. Isak would know- he finds the crumbs everywhere. “Because it’s our turn.”

“What? I have never gotten the apartment groceries in my life.”

“Yeah- I know. Eskild made that clear. Hence it being our turn.”

“You don’t even live with us?”

Which was a point of contention. His roommates were all “Isak, why doesn’t Even just here full time oh my god" and “Isak, I made keys for Even to have”.

Like it was that fucking simple.

Like, he doesn’t know, maybe Even wouldn’t even want to live with them. Maybe he likes having his own space; fuck maybe he’d get tired of Isak if they lived together all of the time.

Even shrugs, “Not yet.”

Isak stops in the middle of the aisle. Or maybe fucking not.

“I’m sorry?” Isak rushes to catch up to his boyfriend who rudely refused to stop for him in his bid to gather all of the items marked on the frilly, loopy grocery list that could have been written by either Noora or Eskild. “Do you want to move in with me? Us? I feel like this is one of those moments that we talked about in which communication is important.”

Even has an awful awful grin on his face. It’s gross and nasty the way it tilts up because that grin shouts that Even knows how much he’s currently mind-fucking Isak.

He gestures to the shelf just above Isak. “Will you grab the rice for me, baby? I’m making some tonight for dinner.”

Isak does, but only because he likes when Even makes rice and chicken for dinner.

But it does not distract him from the moment.

Are you,” Isak splutters, “Are you getting groceries as a passive aggressive way to hint that you want to move in with me? Fuck us?”

The cat that ate the fucking canary, Even is. “Would I do that?”

Yes!” Isak narrowly avoids hitting an orange stand as Even moves them along to the produce section, “Yes, you absolutely would!”

Isak pauses and doubles back a moment because strawberries are in season and Even makes the best strawberry pancakes on the weekends. He puts them in the cart, ignoring Even’s knowing grin.

“Relax, baby,” Even leans down to brush his lips across the top of Isak’s head. “It was a joke.”

“Oh.” Isak doesn’t know whether to be relieved or upset.

To distract himself, he grabs a bushel full of grapes (bushel? Handful? Fuck, Isak is not a connoisseur of produce, okay?) 

Even intercepts the produce and puts it back in the bin, “You hate grapes.”

Isak narrows his eyes and picks them right back up, “You love them.”

“Yeah, but I don’t live there.”

“You could though.” And there it fucking is. Isak snakes a hand up the back of his head to brush his hair back and readjust his snapback, “You know, if you want. Like- for real. No joke.”

Even’s gaze is calm, steady from where it meets Isak’s shifting eyes. “Would you want that?”

“It’s not only about me. Like- it’s also about you.”

Another curl of Even’s lips, “Isak. When was the last time we didn’t sleep together?”

Isak furrows his eyebrows. “What? I uh-” he thinks back and comes up with nothing, “Oh. I don’t know.”

“You ran out of shampoo this morning. Who’s did you use?”

He was heating up, flush crawling from his neck and staining his cheeks, “Yours. It was in the shower. Already. I get it- you’ve kind of been living with us for awhile now.”

“Mmmhmm.” Even pushed the cart on, nicking the bushel of grapes and slinging them into the cart, “Noora gave me keys two weeks ago.”

Fucking Noora.

“I feel like I should have been informed of this.” Isak grabs a bar of chocolate as the pair rounded the sweets section, “Maybe a ‘hey Isak, I know you’re room is pretty small and you’re dating a fucking giraffe, but hey- he’s moving in, cool?’”

Even tosses the candy bar out of the cart and stops short to kiss Isak once quick on the lips, “Hey Isak, I know your room is pretty small and you’re dating a handsome giraffe, but he’s moved in. Cool?”

Isak ducks his head, once again readjusting his snapback, “Yeah. That’s pretty cool.”

Bust: $10 Waist-up: $14 Fullbody: $18 (+ $7 per extra character)

Bust: $15 Waist-up: $20 Fullbody: $26 (+ $10 per extra character)

Bust: $20 Waist-up: $25 Fullbody: $33 (+ $15 per extra character)

Howdy! This is Chicken!

Apparently people were unaware? I was taking commissions? So here’s a nice updated sheet with more recent art!


  • I’m willing to draw any characters, ships, fandoms or OCs as long as I’m given a picture reference.
  • I will accept payment via paypal in USD. I will send an invoice once we reach an agreement.
  • You will need to pay in full before I start the commission. WIPs and progress reports can be provided upon request.
  • Be specific!! The more detailed you are with the request, the closer I can hopefully match your expectations. If you want me to match a style of a previous drawing I’ve done, please let me know!
  • I will try to finish your commission within one week.

I won’t draw:
NS/FW + Nu/dity
Excessive g/ore

Commission slots: Check here to see if I have slots open!

Feel free to message me with any questions you may have!
You can contact me by asks/messages to this blog!

Thank you very much for your time and consideration!
Have a wonderful day!


she’s thunderstorms / waterfall

  • me: *walks down the street*
  • me: *suddenly stops walking*
  • me: oh shit i'm gay
  • girlfriend: sophie , we started dating 3 years ago. you proposed to me yesterday.
  • me: ... oh.right *continues walking*
  • gilfriend: unbelievable.
Dialogue Prompts For When You’re Sick

1. “So help me god if you don’t stay in bed I will tie you to it!” “Kinky.” 

2. “I know you are worried about me, but if you try to feed me soup, or give me any more blankets I am going to slap you.” 

3. “Just be careful around them. They’re hopped up on cough medicine.”  

4. “So the meds have made them super horny?” “Yep.” “Well that’s nothing new.”  

5. “Take the damn medicine!” “No, its gross!” “Stop acting like you’re two and take it!” 

6. “Yeah no kisses till you’re better.” 

7. “I’m not dying I can walk around you don’t need to carry me.” 

8. “I think you should see a doctor.” “I’m fine, I’m just…really…really…” 

9. “It’s fine, we can still go out.” “Babe you just passed out, we are not going on a date.” 

10. “Do I need to show you the symptoms again?!” “That was a Yahoo answer, I don’t think I threw up because I have a concussion, or a brain tumor.” 

Appreciation for Archery

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam (mentioned), Ellen and Jo (mentioned)

Word Count: 855

Warnings: None

Request:  Can you do a little fluff preference of if Sam, Dean, and Castiel were dating a short goth girl?

Here is the one for Castiel

Here is the one for Sam

Author’s Note: Please, send in requests because I love reading them and I love writing them! If you would like to be tagged in my future fics and my Series Rewrite that is coming soon, let me know and I’ll add you!

Feedback is always appreciated

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Meeting Dean Winchester was probably one of the best things to ever happen to you. You were a bartender when it happened at Harvelle’s Roadhouse since Ellen and Jo had taken you in. A demon completely destroyed your home, trying to find what back then was, an important item.

Dean was all over you when he entered the bar the first time and he had not stop trying to get with you ever since. You loved the attention you were getting but you thought of yourself not his type since you were a bit on the gothic side of things. You had black hair and a pale complexion and was very short.

You always wore black and you always wore a choker but Dean didn’t seem to mind. You loved the appreciation he had for all kinds of women. But Dean was dead set on dating you and one day, you gave in.

That was the best decision you ever made.

Dean was a sweetheart and always thought of you. Even after the date, you wanted more and more and more. He would always come back to the Roadhouse whenever he passed through town and it was like when you first met him. You were entranced by his appearance and by his personality.

He seemed to like you too even after what you told him you did. Instead of hunting, you were the “supply person” for them. You got what they needed. Dean has always compared you to Bela Talbot even though you had no idea who she was.

Over the years, you’ve gotten pretty cool shit from people all over the world. Your most prized possession was the arrow and bow you bought from someone. You were originally supposed to give it to another hunter since it was a supernatural item. The arrow and its bows weren’t cursed but whenever you used them, you seemed to hold the magic to it.

It’s weird, you know, but archery was one of your favorite sports. You arched whenever you got the chance but as the years grew on, you got to do the one thing you loved less and less. After Dean said he wouldn’t be back to the bar for a while, you asked to go with him. Of course, he was worried about you but you had to remind him that you weren’t an ordinary girl.

He was reluctant but let you join him and his brother. That was 10 years ago and you’ve been stronger than ever. You learned to fight and hunt like them but you opted to do the research. When you found the Bunker, you were glad of all the space behind it. So, when Sam and Dean were out on hunts, you set up a little course to practice.

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Pet Store Blues Ep. 6 or something

*walks over to a couple crouching over by the goldfish section which you know will always lead to a thrilling ride*

Customer: Hi, so we have a small tank… err… I’m not sure how large, maybe… *points to a 20L tank on display* We set it up maybe… err… 2 days ago? So it’s been running a long time. So we just want 4 goldfish.

Does anyone know the feeling where you’re smiling and nodding through their speech but inside, you’re wondering how you’re gonna seamlessly transition from being polite and sweet to wrecking their plans (hopefully still politely as possible)? 

Me: *inserts goldfish info* 

Okay, so here’s where I always feel guilty because my boss is a nice, responsible and knowledgeable guy but he’s also running a small business so it is expected of us to still sell a single goldfish to customers with inadequate set ups after doing our best to educate them and asking they return it as soon as it becomes too large. 

Me: So unfortunately guys, buying 4 goldfish today will most likely only end in a lot of water changes for you and a lot of suffering for the four little fish, it’d be best if you bought one small goldfish in a few weeks and I ran you through cycl – 

Customer: – -Yeah, okay, whatever. We still just want 4 goldfish. 

They actually said that? 

Me: *gets that spider sense feeling where you become sure they don’t actually own de-chlorinator* Hang on, have you used a water conditioner yet?

Customer: What is that, is that the …err…. the carbon filter thing? My brother said I didn’t need the carbon filter.

Me: *tries to sell them water conditioner, stability, aquarium salt, decent food and the idea on researching a bit more before buying a live animal*

Customer: Yeah, I don’t know. I think I’ll ask my brother if I actually need the de-chlorinator, he has goldfish. I’m not gonna get scammed into buying useless junk, sorry. 

*smiles at me and leaves*