yeah it has my old url on it

i was tagged by the awesome dantesbooty (seriously they rock :D)

1) Write your name in song titles:

S: Sad Machine by Porter Robinson

T: This is the best day ever by MCR

E: Empire by Delta Heavy

P: Phantoms cant hang by Deadmau5

H: Honey this mirror isnt big enough for the two of us by MCR

2) Why did you choose your URL?

I really like Persona 4 and teddie is pretty awesome and i wanted a better url than my old cringey one so im like yeah this is cool beeaarsona is sweet.

3) Whats your middle name?

haha dont have one :P

4) If you could be a fictional being what would you be?

I would so be a crystal gem from su like hell fucking yeah gay space rocks.

5) Favourite colour?

uhh like all of them im not good with picking favourites sometimes.

6) Favourite song?

anything off the mcr bullets album like that album will stay my fave for ages. or theres my holy trinity from year 6 which is Bonkers, Riverside and Day n Nite (i dont remember the artists rip)

7) Top 3 fandoms:

i dont even feel like im a part of a fandom like hell dmc is always gonna be my favourite game but im not heavily invested in the fandom i guess im not really in any (maybe a little for steven universe since i have a fangem)

8) Why do you enjoy tumblr?

Ive met so many cool people who ive become good friends with through here and like idk the coding for themes and stuff is fun. also just that one tf2 video thing with the vengabus song at the start and then thomas the tank engine just comes in and wrecks everything everytime i see that video my faith in the humanity of this site is restored a little (sometimes this site pisses me off because theyre all like person x did problematic thing as a 3 year old now theyre damned to hell like that annoys the shit out of me so much)

9) Tag 9 people

ikasroniix, bailey1rox, gayestcheese, immortalhdeuce, universalpapakoneko-sprout, lake-is-ha, asiancomplications and sprout-king (you guys dont have to do it if you dont want to i thought i should just tag people in a thing for once and youre all really rad :3)

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Write your name in song titles 

S-ugar song to bitter step by unison square garden

Y-olo (the motto) by drake lmao close enough

2. Why did you pick your URL?

uhm tbqh one of my friends has the url okaer-i so I thought it’d be funny if I would respond with tada-ima

3. What’s your middle name?

it starts with an “E” 

4. If you could be a fictional/fairy tale being, what would you be?

hmm…a vampire?

5. Favourite colour?

any shade of red, white, grey, black, blue

6. Favourite song?

atm? uhm, this I suppose? My favorites change like the weather but yeah they’re awesome to listen to

7. Top 4 Fandoms?

gangsta, hq!!, DnA, and gsnk never get old

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

it’s where I can run away to and mindlessly waste time and yet have good vibes

9. Tag nine:

uozuumi | fayrenheit | midorei | sugarwaraaa | sugawere | mikorim 

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anonymous asked:

I'm the 17 yr old trans guy, and yeah, my url has Dean in it. And no worries haha, if following 400 people makes you trash then I must be king trash because I follow close to 1000

oMG BLESS U LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS LIKE ‘oh I only follow 58 blogs to keep my dash clean’ and I’m like most the ppl I follow don’t even post tbh but I still follow them cuz yolo Idek. bUt now I’m gonna go search for a bit whoo. Anywho do u know any pick up lines idk this is important okay

ok so this is my thing that i made bc i was bored

it has:

+ customizable colors

+ a cute af tiny mouse

+ sick transition on the title

+ headline for you to put your old & new urls

please like or reblog if you use this!! don’t be afraid to ask me about it and if something messes up pls tell me!!  also don’t remove the credit because this was kinda hard to write and yeah,,,

click the image for a preview / i haven’t found anywhere to post this yet but if you message me i can figure out how to get the code to you!!

oblivionkeyblade replied to your post “oblivionkeyblade replied to your post: ‘Has an…”

I just read through that whole thing and wow… Btw what was your old url?? O-o And if you wanna see what I’m talking about just google “yuna ffx” and then google “yuna ffx-2″ on google images an just…compare the outfits XD

Yeah…. I talk too much sorry XDD My old url was signofwish i’ve mostly seen you responding to my things after my url change but yeah. And wow, shit I see that now. Final Fantasy needs to quit doing that…

stereksloft asked:

1, 11, 16

1.) the meaning behind my URL
Of course the infamous Charles Dalton has taken over my life once again. In the movie “dead poets society”, there’s a scene where the rebellious fuckboy (Charlie) has taken it upon himself to write a poem. At a meeting of this society, Charlie announces that the poem is called “Poetrusic” as he horribly plays his saxophone and recites his poem. Which you can watch right here

11.) how old are you
14 going on 15, yeah yeah I’m a baby I know

16: favorite movie
Absolutely no doubt in my mind about it is “Dead Poets Society”.

anonymous asked:

Who is Kaitlin? Who is Jack? Who is Taylor? Enlighten me.

KAITLIN is my soulmate we met on here like forever ago and I just went to visit them where they live for a week and yeah also I have no idea what their URL is but I think it’s fuckbuoy but I literally love them so much oh my god U don’t even know. it’s so weird bc like I got so used to sleeping next to them and now im like “I guess this pillow feels the same as you did” but yeah soulmate (???)

jack is one of my dearest lil babes. so sweet such a larrie. he was brought to this earth by lady Gaga she is his mutha. im pretty sure his URL is mothajaneholland I met him on New Year’s Eve and got drunk as fuck and kissed him at midnight (along with everyone at the party)

Taylor is my ride or die main hoe since we were 7 FUCKIB years old this hoe has been with me through more shit than ANYONE and I love her so much im fucking pissed that hurricane Katrina separated us from each other. I love my Taylor so fuckin much. her URL is magass which is hilarious lmao

thank u for askin bout my baes

handinart asked:

I got my cat when he was a kitten and i named him Waffles (after cat scratch) he is chubby n likes to be picked up (sometimes!!!!) so that he can see stuff at a higher perspective. Yesterday he was laying down & i gave him a belly rub & it was first time he has every liked it??? But yeah, he is now 10 years old (-:

ugh i love chubby cats so much omg

URL: 9/10
Theme: 9/10
Posts: 7/10
Overall: 8.5/10

dxssus asked:

u should do my url omg


kIRY- I MEAN DORITO PRINCE LOL okay we’ve known eachother for awhile now and I know you back with your old url?? I don’t even know when you started following me tbh you sorta just did and i don’t think you started on this blog either so  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ but yEAH we don’t talk a lot anymore but all i know is kiryu / nathan likes it up UP THE BUTT WITH FUCKING DORITOS AND HAS A DADDY KINK

stardroidjupiter asked:

this si a out of the blue question i know but i aimgine uve probably already thought of the whole magical girl tali idea already

Lmao, well my old URL this time last year was quarianmagicalgirl so yeah it has.