yeah it felt like a series finale

Loneliest Babies

Pairings: Nozoeli, Kotoumi, Nicomaki

Summary: This is the story of how six adults tried to find a lost baby inside a huge villa. There’s no party like a search party. 

Tags: #Family AU Series     #Family AU

Note: Finally got a perfect name for Nozoeli’s kid

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Okay so yeah as I was saying in this post, I don’t think the emblem on his zipper is something we’ve seen before, but instead a new emblem entirely. It’s similar to existing symbols in the KH series, but they’re all pretty similar to each other as it is. I just never felt like it was close enough to anything we’ve seen before to be considered the same, so I made this to showcase my interpretation of it.

On a side note, it was very difficult for me to try and determine what was supposed to be the symbol and what was just a part of the zipper, but I think I did an okay job of separating what was and wasn’t important. Let me know what your thoughts are!!!!

Mine (Jimin) pt.2

halloween series

warnings: werewolf!bts, maybe some language along the way

in which you find your mate~ but things aren’t always as easy as they sound.

includes lots of possessive jimin and werewolf bts  

as you all know by now i suck at titles lmao but yeah

=“mine” (jimin) pt.2

click here for pt.1

Waking up felt like a pain in the ass to you. It was around four p.m that you finally woke up, because your sister was yelling for you (in your defence, you fell asleep around 4am). You wanted to go to her and tell her to get lost, but you knew she’d just become angry with you and if there was something you hated, it was when people were mad at you. “Yes, yes, goddamnit, what’s wrong?” you grumbled as you yawned before squinting your eyes, trying to get used to that bright light shining through your curtains. “Mom said you have to go get groceries for dinner tonight.” she stuck her head around the corner and you wanted to cringe at the sight her, she was in full on make-up and that meant that her friends were probably staying over tonight~ yuck. All the people that despised you in one house.

“So, get going, loser.” she snarled at you before closing the door to your bedroom again. “So, get going, loser” you imitated her with a high pitched voice as you grumpily stood up to grab the nearest clothes and hurry up to the store, you knew your mom would kill you if you were late. You then remembered that you were invited to dinner with Emmy and Jin and you couldn’t help but feel relieved. Sure, it’d be terrible. But everything was better than a house full of people that hated you- also, your sister’s mate would probably be here too so that meant that you’d have to endure their endless make-out sessions.

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akabaneyuki  asked:

Mmmh 21, 26 and 27 ! (Nice chapter on MGR btw ^^)

I forgot to say thank you for the MGR part, thank you!

21. Favourite thing you’ve ever created for a ship?

My fanfics for each of my pairs. Eternally Never Yours made me feel like I contributed to Bowser/Mario in a huge way. Sneakpast, or Greninja/Chesnaught, has a story to go with fan arts. And Alakazam/Machamp exists as a thing because of my fanfics, because it was maybe existent before that, but now is definitely. So, those.

26. Name a ship that ended like you wanted it to.

Uh…Kataang? I liked Katara and Aang getting together for the series finale. I would say Korrasami, but I wanted more from them before the end. They’ve got comics coming up, though, so that’s good.

27. Name a ship that deserved better in the end.

Ryoma/Scarlet in Fire Emblem: Fates. Yeah, it wasn’t canon, but it sure felt like it should’ve been. Scarlet in general deserved better, lol.

Eye To Eye

Fic Request: You should totally do a Drabble about the stydia scene we got tonight or in 5x04

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Romance, Comfort

Author: The General

Authors note: Not overly satisfied with how this came out. The tense is weird because I wanted it to be in the moment but yeah. Enjoy

[Part 2/? of the California King Series]

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Who is your favorite Furuba character?

So I was just browsing the Fruits Basket area of tumblr (yeah, that’s kinda what I do) when I was thinking about all the different characters that are so well characterized. I realized that I never really asked you guys “who was/is your favorite character?” So I’ll ask now.

As for me, I really liked and emphasized with Kyo for a while, if not half of the series, when I first read it. (still do) I think I finally admitted to myself that Akito was my favorite toward the end of the series (for some reason, at the time, I felt ashamed that I emphasized with her) As I grew older, I understood that liking Akito wasn’t a bad thing at all.

Tell me your story. Who is your favorite? Why do you love them above all the others? <3