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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.4

                                                Part F O U R 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: guys, im soooooo sorry that i posted this late! i was sleeping over at a family’s house and i forgot my laptop and couldn’t write part 4! but here it is so i really hope you guys like it! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seveneight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]

                                                  I M A G I N E

Helsinki, 20:34 P.M. (same night as their landing night)

“Man, I am pooped!” Michael announced, belly flopping on one of the fluffy beds as everyone piled in one of the hotel rooms. 

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One thing is for sure Tumblr, the Once Upon A Time musical is EVERYTHING.

Snow and Charming At Their Most Disney

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas absolutely kill it in their opening song, especially when they’re not quite sure why they’re singing, but they know they sound damn good. “I think it’s huge for us,” Dallas told reporters about having a duet with Goodwin that will now live in the Disney universe forever, following an early screening of the episode. “And what we particularly loved about our number, that it felt, out of all the numbers in the show, that it was the most Disney-esque feeling.”  "In our humble opinion,“ Goodwin added.

A Most Badass Lana Parrilla
Showrunner Eddy Kitsis described the Evil Queen’s song as "Rocky Horror meets David Bowie,” and that’s really all you need to know. It’s incredible.

The Perfect Wedding
Or at least as close to it as a drama series can get. ­­There’s danger lurking in the very near future, but when is there not? Emma and Hook get their moment, and it does not disappoint.“And they’re registered at Pottery Barn,” Kitsis joked. “They need towels.”

Music That Makes Sense, Story-Wise
“We wanted it to move the story forward,” showrunner Adam Horowitz said. “ We wanted to have an episode that was important to the series and was narratively moving forward, and each song was about the narrative. It was about telling the story so it wasn’t just kind of a lark episode or a very special episode. We wanted it to be part of the show.”

A Musical Enchanted Forest
Could you imagine David and Mary Margaret singing? Goodwin couldn’t either. “I felt that being in fairytale land meant that because we could be a bit more stylized, yeah, we could really dig our elbows in… I don’t know how we would have done that in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret would have been like, "Don't—listen, don't…"But then again, there are a couple of Storybrooke surprises in store, and everything ties neatly together.

A Cliffhanger!
OK, it’s hard to love a cliffhanger, but the end of the musical episode is quite the set up for the season (series?) finale, so hold onto your hats for the final battle! Once Upon a Time airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

Episode 1: The King’s Weakness

“Is that blood?”


“That’s not a question you are supposed to answer with another question.”

“Then, what do you expect me to say? That there’s a red liquid coming out of your bloody head?” You replied sarcastically. 

But little did you know, Pan was genuinely asking.

Fear that what you said was true, he placed his hand on his head. As he pulled it back to the front of his face, his eyes widened at the sight of red goo that now covered his palm. 

Not long after, you saw Pan’s face turned white-wash and his lips turning blue. A sense of worry started to kick in. “Pan, are you alright?”

No reply.

Instinctively, you walked over to his side and tapped on his shoulder. “Pan, can you hear me? Are you alright?”

Pan started to sway for a moment. Knowing well what would happen next, you swiftly stood behind him and caught him just in time before his body could slam the ground. Unable to hold his weight, you slowly sat down and placed his head on your lap. You shook his body, trying to pull him out of his fainting spell.

“Pan! Pan! Wake up!” You heaved a sigh of relief as Pan gradually opened his eyes.

“Why the bloody hell did you push me out of the way?” From your tone of voice, Pan could not determine whether you were scolding him or just merely your way of showing concern.

“Seriously?” Pan spoke faintly. “You are… blaming me… after… I saved you…?”

Watching Pan in terrible pain, a sense of guilt seeped in your heart. If it were not for his actions, you would be the one lying on the ground with an arrow in your heart, literally. Who fire that arrow anyway? You pushed away that thought for a moment as you turned your attention back to the major problem in your hand, literally.

“Can you use your magic to heal yourself?” You suggested after recalling seeing him treating the boys’ injuries time and time again.

Pan tried to reach out for his head, trying to heal himself with his magic as you suggested. However, the pain was draining his energy away. Feeling obligated to help the guy who had saved you from a terrible fate, you quickly came up with an alternative plan to heal Pan.

You reached out for your walkie-talkie that was strapped to your belt and pressed a small button. After allowing the static sound to clear, you spoke into the black rectangular box which has an antenna protruding out of it. “Felix. Felix. Do you copy?”

Moments later, which felt like centuries in emergency like this, a roughed voice was heard from the other end. “Yes, y/n. What’s wrong?”

“There’s been an emergency. Pan is…” Before you could continue, Pan shook his head and looked at you with furrowed eyebrows. Understood his facial expression, you nodded.

“Y/n. Y/n. What happened to Pan?”

“Err… Pan and I are backing out from the game.”

“Why? What’s wrong? Where’s Pan? Should I call the boys in?”

“No!” You blurted out. “Don’t. Just continue with the game and act as per normal.”

You looked into Pan’s eyes, telepathically asking him if Felix should be told. Despite no words being exchanged, it was as if you knew what you were going to say to one another. Knowing that Pan has given his consent, you continued. “Once you are done, come to Pan’s treehouse. I’ll tell you more then. Just don’t say anything to boys, aites?”

Felix took a moment to think. “Alright, I trust you. If you need me, please call me out immediately and I’ll come right over. Got it?”

“Yes, Felix.”

With that, you switched off the device and turned your attention back to Pan who was starting to drift away. “Pan.” You gently shook his body. “I need you to stay with me, alright? I’ll fly us back to your treehouse. I think I know how fix that head of yours.” Pan slowly nodded, agreeing with your plan.

“Great. Now, I need you to stand up. Can you do that?”

He nodded again. You placed your hand behind his neck and the other in his hand.

“Good. On the count of three. 1… 2… 3.” On three, you pulled him up, helping him back on his feet.

Pan leaned on you for support, placing almost all his weight on you. You struggled to get a stable position to hold up his weight. In these moments, you could only be grateful for the creation of pixie dust. If there is no way for you to fly, it would be almost impossible for you to bring Pan back to camp alone.

You grabbed a handful of green, sparkling dust from the bottom pocket of your shirt. I believe, you closed your eyes as you affirmed that believe in your heart. With that, you threw the dust over yourself and Pan. The next moment, you found yourself flying towards Pan’s treehouse.

Throughout the journey, there were not much exchange of words between yourself and Pan; just once in a while to make sure that he stays awake; perhaps mostly because of the anxiety that was consuming you by the minute. What’s worse, you were not certain whether your plan is going to succeed. All these while, it was Pan who healed the injured using his magic. Now, it was him who were badly wounded and none of us have the powers to heal him. You could only pray hard that you will succeed.

Halfway through the fly, a sudden realization hits you. 

No… It can’t be… 

But how’s that possible…?

Urgh! Why so many questions today? Oh… I’m so going to kill the person who fired that arrow?

With Pan’s treehouse coming to view, you ignored your worry for a moment and checked on Pan once again who seemed to be awake, but only just. You landed in his balcony and walked Pan over to his bed. Carefully, you laid him down on his bed. You hurriedly walked over to a shelf that stood by the wall across his bed.

“Now… where did you put it?” You rummaged through his stuffs in the shelf, looking for a small glass bottle. You could have sworn you saw it somewhere on the shelf the last time you were there.

“What are you looking for, honey?” He spoke with his little energy left.

“The water from Neverland’s spring. Where did you put it?”

“Wait… How did you kn-?”

“Never mind that. I’ll explain it to you once you are well. Quick. Tell me.”

“It’s in the white box, top row.” He said as he pointed at the top shelf.

Instantaneously, you reached out for a white box with a red cross on it right at the place where Pan mentioned. “Why would you even keep it in a first-aid box? Ah nevermind that.”

You opened the lid and found the glass bottle that you were looking for. Yes! The waters from Neverland’s spring! This should help him. With no time to lose, you placed the box back on the shelf and ran back to Pan.

You lifted Pan’s head anxiously and placed it over your lap, raising his head a tad higher. “Drink up.” You whispered while unscrewing the lid with one hand. You poured the glistening clear liquid into Pan’s mouth. Drinking it all in one gulp, you placed his head back down on the fluffy pillow.

Soon after, you could see Pan’s lips lifted upwards and his dimples faintly showing through his cheek, telling you that the waters did its magic. For the first time in years, never had you felt contented to see the sweet, charming smile on his face. Without realising it, he infected you with his smile as you grinned.

“I never knew you cared so much about me.”

“Huh?” You stared down at Pan, who was looking at you with a gaze you could not quite comprehend. But yet, this look invited a warm fuzzy feeling in your stomach.

“I thought you hate me.” Pan repeated.

“Who said I hate you?”

“Well, let’s see. First, you don’t like to follow whatever I’ve instructed you to do. Always love to do the opposite of everything that I said. Second, you could tell all the grandmother stories to the boys that they had to stop you from talking more. But when it comes to me, you only gave me a one-word answer. Also, you were so kind to the boys. But when I asked for your help, you treated me like I’m a tosser.”

“You are actually.”

Pan stared at you with widened eyes, surprised by your bluntness. Throughout the hundreds of years that he became the king of Neverland, never had any of his lost boys talked back at him. But instead of anger, he was intrigued to know you even better.

“Alright, fine. I’m a tosser.”

“You are! Only a tosser like you save others instead of himself.” You paused. “Why did you even push me out of the way? If I was the one injured, you could have healed me with your magic. Instead, you got hurt and no one here have even the slightest power to heal you. Imagine if I hadn’t spot your stash of Neverland’s spring. How am I going to save you then?”

“Sorry, honey.” Yes, you felt outraged at him for caring about you more than himself. But his guilty eyes charmed you, making it hard for you to stay mad.

“It’s alright.” You responded while brushing through his hair, looking for any open wound. You let out a short breath, glad there wasn’t any. “Try and get some rest. We’ll talk more once you are well.”

“Can I put you and Felix in charge of the boys for now?”

“Don’t worry about them. They’ll be in good hands.” Assured by your words, he closed his eyes and soon fell into a deep slumber.

Watching Pan recovering fast, you heaved a sigh of relief, glad that the worst was over. Quietly, you walked away from Pan and head for the door, trying your best to avoid even the slightest creak of the wooden floor that you were standing on.

As you stepped outside, you could see Felix running towards you.

“What… was… the… emergency…? Are… you… guys… okay?” Felix queried, breathing heavily in between his words.

“Yeah. We’re both fine.” You replied briefly, still in deep thoughts. Despite the worst being over, there’s another worry that you can’t seem to stop thinking about. 

After mustering up enough courage, you finally spoke to Felix with regards to your concern. “Felix. I need to talk to you. It’s about Pan.”

After inhaling a final deep breath, his breathing finally stabilized. “Yeah? What about him?”

“Pan almost died today.”

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Can you do a sam drake imagine with prompts 33,27,37,40, and 51 (sorry that's a lot lol) where the reader is walking home at night and slowly begins to realize someone is following her so she calls/texts for help?

Title: The Forgotten Past

Pairing: Sam Drake x reader

Warnings: slight angst, having a stalker (?), major cliff-hanger

A/N: So basically, I’m now doing the requests that I have the most inspo over and I really felt like writing this one for this past week (it takes me a while just because I want it to be the best it can for you guys.) So yeah, I might make this into a series if anyone would be interested in that, but I’m not sure yet so if you guys want me to continue this as like a mini series instead please let me know in dm or my inbox :)

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Secret of These Hands Ch. 3 (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Hello babes! I hope your day is going wonderfully and that you have some good luck on whatever your goals are! I’ve had a long day, but I’m going to continuously update the fics. I love you all, thank you for sticking around. xoxo

Description: You were born enhanced. Ever since you were a child, you had the capability to reach into people’s memories by the mere touch of your hand. Even the slightest brush of fingers, or a polite handshake could send you years back into their life without your control. To prevent any sort of incident, you always wore gloves on your hands, no matter what the weather would be. 

One day, you wander into a French farmer’s market, bumping into a man at a fruit stand who, oddly enough, fashions a glove like yourself in the summer heat. You step into his life, hiding secrets, and finding that he has some of his own. Will you ever come clean? And even then, will he?

Warnings: None

Chapter 2 


He gave you a soft smile and his eyes seemed to glimmer in the the light, despite his black cap. 

“And you are…?” He cocked his eyebrow, biting his bottom lip, trying to force away the smirk that was inevitably stretching across his face. 

“Oh, I’m, uh, F/N.” You chuckled softly, feeling the heat rise to your cheeks. He gave you a big smile, sticking out his hand. You took it, his callused hand wrapping around your soft one. “It’s nice to meet you, Bucky.” You bit your lip as you smiled, and suddenly remembered that the man at the stand was still holding your plums. He was giving you a blank look, holding out the bags. “Oh! Thank you.” You smiled awkwardly, dropping the money into his palm, turning back to Bucky. “There you go.” He took the bag from you, his gloved hand brushing up against yours. You inhaled sharply at the contact, but tried to brush it off as you let go. 

“Thank you, really. You didn’t have to do that.” He rubbed the back of his neck again, giving you a charming smile that made your heart melt just a little bit. 

“It’s no biggie. I thought I might as well do something nice for someone to defuse the irritability that goes along with this heat.” You shrugged your shoulders, looking up at him. “Do you wanna find a table and enjoy these delicious plums with me? That’s if you’re not headed somewhere, let alone actually want to.” You chuckled softly, giving him a cheesy smile. 

“I have no plans, and I like you. So, sure. I’d love to.” He tilted his head to the side and you sighed, feeling the tension release from your body. You nodded and the two of you walked out into the middle of the street, finding a small table. You both sat down, taking a seat from across each other. He initiated the conversation. “So, where are you from?” 

“Oh, I just moved here from Los Angeles. You?” You took a bite of a plum, listening to him intently. 

“I’m from Brooklyn. What brings you to New Orleans?” He was obviously trying to steer the conversation away from himself, and you couldn’t tell why. 

“Oh, um, well, my family couldn’t care less about me, so I dropped everything and hopped on a plane. Evidently, I’m glad I picked the one to come here because I quite like this new life.” You were very nonchalant which took him by surprise. 

“So, you just ran away?” He lifted his eyebrow at you, taking a bite of him plum, and letting you speak. 

“Pretty much.” You gave him a gentle smile. “Well, what brings you here?” 

He took a moment to find the right words. “I guess the same as you; to find a new life. At this point, I’m just running.” He puckered his lips off to the side, bringing his gaze to the floor. Even though you couldn’t detect the reason for his discomfort, you could tell that you were touching a more sensitive topic, so you decided to switch it up. 

“Tell me if you don’t want to talk about it, but I couldn’t help but notice that I’m not the only one wearing gloves in the middle of a heat wave.” You twiddled your hands together, boring holes into them with your eyes, but flickered up your gaze towards him, a friendly smile on your face. 

“Oh, yeah. I kind of wear it because, well, my hand isn’t… normal, per say. You could say it’s deformed in a way.” He held his gloved hand in his exposed one, turning it over before tilting his head up to look at you. “And you?” 

“I guess you could say that I can’t exactly touch people.” You looked off the the side, trying to find the most truthful, yet not completely true thing to say.

He squinted his eyes in curiosity. “Like a germaphobe?”

“Something like that.” You let your head fall to the side as you met his steel blue eyes. The two of you sat there in silence, just taking each other in. The corner of his mouth pulled up into a slight smirk, causing some heat to rise to your cheeks. Damn, was he good looking. He had the most sculpted jawline, the nicest eyes, and build, and the slight stubble on his face just made him that much more good looking. Your little staring contest was cut short when your phone began to buzz against the table. Your boss was calling and you were late to the beginning of your shift. “Shit. Oh my god, I’m late. I’m so sorry to have to leave, but I hope I see you around soon.” You quickly scribbled something on his paper bag, before turning to jog off down the street. Before you disappeared around the corner, you flashed him a smile and a wink. 

“Bye, F/N.” He whispered to himself, a goofy grin on his face. “Wow, was she beautiful.” He kept staring at the spot on the end of the street where you were. Bucky snapped out of it when he remembered that you wrote something down on his bag. 

Call me, yeah?

(555) 555-5555

He smiled softly to himself as he held the paper gently in between his fingers. 

“For sure, F/N. For. Sure.”

Ahhhh, I hoped you liked it! I’m so happy I’m finally back to writing. A weekend without it felt like an eternity!! Anyways, I hope you all have a good day, and don’t forget about the writing challenge! I love you all, xoxo



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I loved Rex Salazar! It felt like the series ended sooner than it was supposed to. Do you have and head cannons for him? I love imagining him getting stuffed, buffed, or adding some height (and he's already pretty fit and tall!).

Yeah I think the series ended sooner than it should have, especially since I really wanted to see more interaction post Heroes United since it opened up so many possibilities but then kind of ignored it. I am at least happy that there was some kind of conclusion instead of just getting canceled. I really blame CN for a lot of the problems that happen with stuff like that because they don’t know scheduling or how to program or what to greenlight. But since this isn’t even the first request I’ve had for Rex, I’ll just give it my usual rundown. 

First with muscle there are a few different options. 

As you already said, Rex is already pretty fit, though he’s definitely on the lanky side (depending on shots, it’s kind of hard to get a real sense and I can’t find anything official as far as stats.). 

I really think that Rex would probably have some fairly hard training that would help him gain muscle. First off, because of his nanites and having to carry such HUGE weapons as part of his body. I realize that the nanites do help with his strength, but they have to be sufficiently heavy to still do damage since you wouldn’t do much at all with aluminum. No one wants Rex to be crushed like a can. So there’s a two issues working for Rex to be training and gaining muscle; the weight of his weapons and leverage. 

The weight of the weapons is going to be extreme. Even with the help of nanites, he still has to be carrying hundreds of pounds (I’m excluding the problem of conservation of mass since the series ignores it too) and that’s per limb. Then he’d have the problem of leverage. Rex would have to not only lift the weight but also counterbalance it. I don’t know about you, but when you’re lifting weights, there’s always the problem of mass on the other end. The body only weighs so much and the further away a weight is, the more weight is needed. (think of the whole see-saw principal). So if you’re lifting 90 pounds, it’s harder to get into position where you’d be able to do much and it’s VERY hard to do something like a kettlebell swing where you need to get it above your head and still have it be controlled because you have to swing it away from your body and above your head with proper form. To do so requires, not only counteracting that mass but being able to control it. 

(For the record, I cannot do this though I wish I could)

Every single muscle big and small is required to keep yourself steady and even be able to hold the position. Every muscle is contracting just to keep you steady. And that’s just to stay still with no extra weight other than your body. It’s only going to get exponentially  So imagine having to carry a HUGE sword or GIANT legs and counter balancing that weight? It takes a lot of control just to hold it still, let alone swing it around in a fight or kick. Because of those two things, I think that it would be easy for Rex to be ripped as hell and for him to be training all the time. 

So Rex might have to have training weights, doing crunches, do leg lifts and all sorts of stuff to be able to balance and keep things steady. Part of this I’m sure is due to Agent 6 and his training and making sure that Rex is ready for a fight. He’d make sure that is a constant. Rex not really being in school certainly helps this and I think it would be fun to see some alternative schooling where he has to workout and answer questions at the same time or having to exercise if he gets something wrong like a punishment game. 

Because of the nanites and the control of his body, he may directly or indirectly be able to control his muscle growth and size. The nanites might respond to his intense workouts and help his muscle grow and compensate for his massive machines. They are adaptable creatures. If Rex isn’t training regularly already, then it’s very possible that if he did that the nanites would respond and make changes to his body very quickly. So it could be that once he starts seriously lifting weights, his body adjusts and adds muscle to his body as a response (this would happen normally but I’m talking at an accelerated rate thanks to the nano tech). Because of this, I think it’s also very likely that once he starts to put on muscle that it would attract the attention of Dr. Holiday and his brother very quickly, and they both would want to study him. He’d get measured and weighed to see how much he was growing and possibly has to work out in a private gym shirtless just so they can see the changes that may be happening. (Props if this is maybe behind a two way mirror. Because then you could get Rex posing in the mirror and not realizing that he was putting on a show.) 

I think the fun result though would be if Rex unexpectedly starts to grow out of his clothes. Depending on how quickly nanites respond to the stimulus, it could mean that Rex may wake up one morning not being able to fight into his clothes or has trouble with his jacket and it pinching his armpits because his chest and arms grew bigger. My personal preference would be that there’s just enough to cause problems but not all at once. So wardrobe malfunction and Rex doesn’t notice all the problems and thinks everything shrunk but actually he just got swole overnight. Not until Dr. Holiday puts up a comparison picture and then Rex realizes he’s muscular would he realize “OH! That’s why I couldn’t fit into my pants anymore!” 

Originally posted by drewsaturdays

(I just realized this could be taken very differently.) 

Rex’s nanites give the same type of possibilites when it comes to belly related things. But first, one of the biggest things, goes along with how active Rex is. Because of all his fighting already and if you add on all the additional training and muscle gain that means that Rex’ appetite would be IMMENSE (basically he’d be hungry already and add on the other factors and it would just multiply). We’re talking thousands of calories per day just to maintain. If he’s actually wanting to bulk up (plus the nanites may demand it), then you’re talking even more to have excess calories to even be able to put on muscle. I hate to bring it up again, but this is basically textbook hard gainer. Those 10K calorie eating challenge videos? That could basically Rex every single day and potentially more. It’s likely that he’d have to eat even more after battling an EVO and may come back just to binge. 

Really this gives some really exciting possibilities. Rex could try to just binge and stuff himself as much as he could. Imagine Rex on Thanksgiving and handling a whole family sized meal on his own (personal weak point of mine). It’s very possible that Dr. Holiday would want to have some kind of testing to know how much Rex could eat as would Caesar. And even that has two very different approaches. Dr. Holiday if convinced that there was scientific merit to how much he could eat or how that would affect his nanites would have countless controlled experiments on Rex by having him eat varying amounts of calories, measuring distention and weight, pushing to know what his limits were. The progress would be slow and methodical, slowly pushing and increasing every time to see how much he could do and know what other effects were on his body. THEN you have Caesar who is much more irresponsible and ADD. He’d want results now and push ethical behavior very quickly. So he’d go for Rex’s max capacity all at once, perhaps even feeding him and then keep pushing and seeing just how much he could eat. He’d want to go quickly and see if by pushing Rex to eat more (potentially force feeding or worse) to see if the nanites reacted and producted any kind of change to Rex. Expect Rex and his stomach to be HUGE with Caesar under control. 

Originally posted by shadowofthelamp

I’m not sure exactly what Rex’s digestion would be like but I’m sure it would be fairly fast thanks to his metabolism, which I’m sure is something they would want to measure as well. But think of some of the things you could have with Rex and his binge eating. First you have him in the controlled environment, leaving the lab more and more bloated each day as he pushed himself to eat more. Him being given a feast to eat as his only meal of the day until he’s routinely clearing a whole feast on his own and thanks to the nanites he’s able to stomach it all. He’d walk out of the lab with his pants unbuttoned, his shirt up, and jacket framing his belly. It might even get to the point that he has to change into something more comfortable to keep up with how much he’s able to put away. 

With Caesar in charge and really pushing his limits, you might have Rex in a hospital gown being stretched by his immense belly, with people supporting him in each side to take him back to his quarters. (But that’s because Caesar is a douche).

I can easily see Rex using his eating to show off to Noah. He would take bets from Noah on what to eat and always win, be it tacos, pizza, and other junk food. There’s fun ideas of Noah taking Rex to a buffet and cleaning it out, but I also see a more casual setting where Rex is lounging back as they are hanging out and Noah is having to go back for more and more food and Rex is just slowly swelling out. But Noah would be too impressed to say no or stop and just wants to see if Rex is telling the truth when he tells him how much he can eat. Plus I can also see them filming a calorie challenge video where Noah challenges Rex to eat like triple his usual calorie amount and it’s just a day of Rex suffering and eating all day with Noah chiding him the whole time. 

Now on to vore stuff. First going back to Caesar, I think this would be some of the experiments that Caesar might have Rex try once his capacity got big enough. (not going to lie I think I could see Caesar wanting a trip to the gut on his own at some point or that Rex would snap at him and eat him). Most of the time I think that Rex would be opposed to eating others, especially in this kind of setting unless there was some kind of blackmail involved. 

Other less drastic ideas would be my favorite again of using eating someone as a way to protect them or evacuation. So if someone was going EVO, he could eat someone to protect them or get them away from the battlefield. The other idea is that Rex could eat EVOs as a way to contain them until they could get them back to their headquarters. If the EVOs were really that bad, it’s possible that Rex could eat them to make sure that they would be taken care of. It’s entirely possible with that kind of path, that he has to eat all the EVOs or other things as a way of integrating and absorbing dangerous nanites (this could be what he has to do with the controller nanites too) He’d probably not want to do this and would hate the indigestion but if it’s the only way he might have to. It’s also possible thanks to the nanites that he’d actually be able to bring back anyone that he did eat if you wanted to go that route. The extreme vore route would be that he eventually has to eat everyone in order to purify everyone of their nanites and make sure that others don’t get infected again. 

I’m sure there are more ideas that I haven’t even thought of but here is a good amount of stuff!

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"I would be petty and have Stefan die so Elena stays in her coma forever and Damon has to live with knowing he can’t wake up his girlfriend because her true love is dead 🙃" LOVE this! Since Plec wouldn't allow Damon to die a painful death where the MF gang could care less than this is the next best thing- his miserable self living in misery. Also agree w/you about 6x08, that scene felt more SE. Steroline wasn't shoved in Elena's face like D/E was for Stefan which I find very interesting.

The interesting thing about 6x08 is that the two of them use each other as a point of reference for their respective current relationships. Like that phone call is Elena asking Stefan how he knew he could trust her with his secret, it’s not like she said, I’m thinking of telling Liam the truth, what do you think or how do I go about doing that or do you think I’m ready? It’s not like she asks about how she felt with Damon, she centres their relationship 

and then they both pause to remember it

and then act accordingly based on what they felt as they remembered this moment and pausing and thinking about their relationship and what it means to them and what it still means to them is something that actually happens a lot in season 6

even when it seems like the show is tearing them down

which is why I just went “I disagree” to that other anon because it’s so clear they both carry their relationship with them in a way that isn’t this far-off distant happy memory. 

And yeah, I would be totally petty and have Damon live with it, I was also thinking of having a series finale like a POTC: Dead Man’s Chest ending? Where you see a montage of Damon living with the knowledge that Elena won’t wake up because she needs true love’s kiss with Stefan and see him drinking and sad and cursing Stefan at his grave and cursing Elena in her casket and then Bonnie bangnig on his door iin the middle of the night after five years and going, “We’re going to bring Stefan back so he can wake up Elena!” and then him going, “How? He’s at peace, he can’t return, Bonnie, there are no loopholes, you said so” and then her going, “I think I found one.” “What is it?” and Bonnie opens her mouth and then it ends :) 

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My favorite part about camp camp is the style. It seems so simple but when applied it stops being 2d and turns 3d, like in ep 12 and its freaking amazing?? And the subtle shading?? AHHHHH I wish I could do that! And it displays emotion so well and honestly suits the characters.

ME TOO! I love the simplicity of the character designs, every character has their own unique shapes that says something about their personality, I think that’s a really important element to any story, also we gotta remember this is a web series but it honestly looks like something you’d see on TV 

Just finished Jack’s final walking dead season three episode.

And I’m glad Jack takes time at the end of series to explain his thoughts, so I wanted to give mine haha. 

Parts of this ep were super good, but David’s death felt so hollow. Like he was a MAJOR character and then Gabe and Clem come back and are like: “Oh David? Yeah he’s dead.” Like, that is such an anticlimactic ending for such an interesting and complex character. And it feels like they did that just do resolve the conflict of Kate and Javi being a couple?? Idk it made me really frustrated. Character development and pacing is SO important and I’d rather have another whole episode rather than rush everything at the end just for conflict resolution. 

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I know the Ace Attorney series is aweseome, but were there ever any cases you didn't like? I'm pretty curious. o3o

i hated a lot of aai1 (mostly the final case) and a lot of dual destinies just felt so empty (plotwise it was fine, pretty soulless dialogue though, the phantom’s reveal was Super Disappointing), i didnt enjoy a lot of the khu'rain cases in soj either (mostly the first one goddd), the tres bien case in t&t and the max galactica case in jfa were also pretty annoying but uh, thats it

yeah if i were to boil it down to pure hate it’d just be soj’s first case and aai1’s last one

My next two reads- I’ve been delaying reading the final book in The Winner’s Trilogy, yeah I think the last time I read a book from that trilogy was in May (yep, I probably won’t remember much), anyway it just felt like time for me to find out what happens and to reach a conclusion for that series. Also, I didn’t entirely love the first book in The Merciless, but I still want to see how it plays out.  

… and why not have more than one read haha 

@soymilkheaven: Good to see someone else having that same reaction. Because that’s how I felt about the game vs the anime ending too.

I’ve been yelling about it with 8bits and I am legit angry over how much the finale shafted Mikleo, but god. Talk about having almost no emotional stakes in absolutely anything.

I sincerely appreciate the anime pretty much going ‘so yeah Rose and Alisha are a thing’, which I do think was at least a little bit earned (for all of the many, many issues I have with the anime, I did like the focus on their bond), and the extended Sorey/Mikleo reunion….but that’s about it. Most of it felt so fucking flat, and I am glad to be finally done with the anime.

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Abridged is a fan series on youtubed, the Alice arc is called Alicization. I thoroughly enjoined SAO, even the ALO and GGO arcs. The movie was pretty fullfilling with Asuna finally getting some deserved exposition of her strength and skills, and the overall romance was fine imo. I liked the ongoing joke about everyone wanting to ride with Kirito on his bike, it felt more friendly than a fight for his love/harem route and really felt like a nice way for everyone to interact as friends

Ohhh right right Alicization. And yeah the series definitely had as many good aspects and as much fun as it had flaws, I agree~ I didn’t like GGO because of the while Sinnoh-also-has-a-crush-on-Kirito thing but I did appreciate the scene of Asuna holding his hand and constant reminders that they are the True Couple. 

My top 10 Favorite Fairy Tail charecters:

#6 Juvia

Well finally I’m offically half way done with this list. Yesterday I put Gray on this list and now I put his love intrest or other half (or however you look at it) on this list. Yeah Juvia is one of the cutest and funniest things in the series (felt like I said that a lot lol) I’m mean at fist she just sorta there and as the series went on she grew on me and became one of my favorites. Also on a side note a friend of mine says says she’s the prettiest girl on Fairy Tail….I don’t know if agree with that or not but I love her nonetheless


You know what really bugs me about TFS? The ending (also Zara, but that’ll be a different post). Why? The whole series the characters (especially Taylor and Michael) talk a lot about hoe if they ever win the water and get back to Meridian, everything will be different because they’ve been through so much. And then they made it back to Meridian. And nothing changed. Yeah, some things changed. Michael’s dad was around. They had money, and a high paying job. Taylor quit cheerleading. But I felt like the end had the same feel to it as the beginning.

Steven MomSwapVerse S1E36 “The Warp Caper”

Hey, guys,

So it’s been a long time, and (like Steven Momswapverse itself), I know that there are more than a few of you who have probably been mad due to the hiatus. However, I’ve had some time to reassess where I went wrong with this review blog, and I’d like to address a few things before I get started. 

- First of all, all of my theories about Peridot actually being an android turned out to be WAAAAY wrong… don’t I look like an idiot, smarmily talking about how obvious that was and seeing foreshadowing where none existed! Mea Culpa.

- Secondly, I’ve given up on trying to review every single episode of this show. It’s just not going to happen, because there are so many episodes where there aren’t that much to say. That having been said, I’m going to skip ahead to the episode where Things Got Real… namely, the one where we started to find out a bit more about the backstory behind our characters.

Get ready for S1E36: “The Warp Caper.”

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Eye To Eye

Fic Request: You should totally do a Drabble about the stydia scene we got tonight or in 5x04

Rating: T

Genre: Angst, Romance, Comfort

Author: The General

Authors note: Not overly satisfied with how this came out. The tense is weird because I wanted it to be in the moment but yeah. Enjoy

[Part 2/? of the California King Series]

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