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Angel (Cafe Ver.) // Haechan


Here’s my take on Dante and Ari, when they first met, and then, as they slowly grew into young men.

watching how well Krennic’s lines and screen time were used in Rogue One let me see just how much potential Hux can have as a character if they just USE IT PLS, like oh my god pls DO THAT, LET HUX SHINE


Replica Challenge #2: Spear’s Bungalow

Late to the party as usual -_- anyways I spent the entire last week gradually furnishing this thing and there was no way I wouldn’t be showing it off. And yeah I know I forgot the chimneys but I forgot those about halfway through the interior and a third of the way through landscaping and could not, for the life of me, find a way to shoehorn in some chimneys. So no chimneys, oh well. 

On to the more important stuff, this home has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, an attic space, and includes a lot of CC that I don’t have enough time to list right now but I will get around to doing that soon. Also, I have all expansion packs, game packs, and stuff packs and I didn’t really pay attention to limiting the content I used from any one pack so I apologize in advance! But for the exterior I believe you only need the basegame and Get Together, some windows by peacemaker-ic (I’m too tired to link them rn seriously this post left me drained,) Outdoor Retreat, and one table bench thingy from City Living. It’s up on my gallery right now and my gallery ID is aloher2004. It costs $78,484.

I hope ya’ll like it cause I really poured a lot of work into this thing and I’m really proud of how it turned out in the end. Happy simming guys!

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im late to the party but..... thor...... is in life in reverse now...... (pets screen) it's been 84 years so pumped for that shakespearean family drama angst

hey not as late to the party as this next chapter heyo

(yeah yeah I know)

honestly I’ve been waiting literal years to get to this point, and this is actually not my first thought of how I was going to bring Thor into things (my first thought would’ve had him come a lot later and even more dramatically, but I think this is better). 

I think the important thing for me was that Thor couldn’t arrive until Loki asked him to, so to speak. getting Thor involved in things had to wait for Loki to make the first move - how or why wasn’t important, but it had to be on his end. I think anything else would’ve exploded a lot of what I’ve been doing with Loki in this fic. 

which, like. doesn’t mean Loki is happy to see him. 

here, want another excerpt since I’m still wrestling this thing into submission?

Again, Thor ignored him. “I have apologized for the…abrupt manner of my arrival,” he said to Tony. “I will see that any necessary repairs are paid for. But you must understand-”

“We must understand nothing,” Natasha said, still coldly, “until we know if you’re a threat.”

“A threat!” Thor sounded profoundly insulted now, and Loki wanted to put his head down on the table and groan. He ought to be doing this himself. Should speak up now, except it seemed Thor was going to ignore every word he spoke. That should not be surprising. “I am sworn to defend Midgard, an oath I would never break.”

“Not a threat to Earth,” Natasha said. “To Loki.”

Perfect silence. There was a rumble of thunder outside.

Im five minutes late due to office dnd… Suffice to say were short a party member… Ill just leave the qoute from me as dm…

“ y-y-your p-p-prey r-r-rolls f-f-for d-d-damage… A-a-and m-m-misses….. E-e-every t-t-time…. H-h-he i-i-is t-t-the o-o-only h-h-healer t-t-tho….”
The response

“Yeah and they are healing me… Just like the dm if he dont stop making the prey -uuuuurrrrrppppp- roll for damage…”

Sometimes You Just Gotta Murder a Guy

(Scout gets drunk at an impromptu party and gives Piper an interview on what their very first stupid thought was upon meeting some of the companions. Hancock braces himself for something about his face, but they get really sweet on him instead and everyone has to leave the room because they’re such mushy, sappy babies. 3,723 words, some T language)


Scout was pleasantly drunk, the kind of drunk where they wanted to get cuddly with whoever was nearby and their voice volume was permanently on max. Luckily, all their other friends were various stages of drunk—or just a little bit high, in Hancock’s case—so their own snuggly intoxication wasn’t too embarrassing.

“So you’d just come out of the Vault, yeah?” Piper said, smiling with flushed cheeks.

“You already did this interview, Pipes,” Scout replied with a giggle.

“No, no, no, not this interview,” Piper protested. “I wanna—I wanna know what you first thought about us. Prezzy’s the first you met, right?”

The Minuteman in question tipped up his cowboy hat with the neck of the beer he held so he could see what was going on when he heard his name. He’d been leaning back against the wall of the big shack Scout had insisted on building and then never done anything with. To be fair, things had been busy lately, and this large empty space turned out to be a perfect gathering spot for the impromptu party. Scout scooted away from their spot against the wall to get closer to Preston and nearly ended up falling in his lap.

“Yeah, this guy,” they said, patting his face with their hand and almost knocking off his hat. “I met ‘im, and then I met a deathclaw. He was a lot nicer.”

“Ooh, I can see the headline now,” Piper said, spreading her hands out in the air in front of her. “Preston Garvey, nicer than a deathclaw.”

Nick and Hancock snickered at that, while Danse kept quiet and nursed his beer. He didn’t know how to proceed at a civilian party, and his body felt all out of proportion without his power armor on.

“What’d you think of that, kid?” Nick asked.

Scout turned and blinked at him. “The deathclaw?”

“No, no,” Piper cut in. “I’m asking the questions here. What’d you think of Preston? C'mon, give me your first thought, the very first thing that went through your head.”

Scout didn’t even have to think about it. “OK, so cowboys still exist.”

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New Year's Eve

-HAPPy nEW YeaR??!!?!


-Are you drunk?


-Maybe you should slow down the alcohol consumption.’


-‘* yOU dont tell ME whatta whatta uuhhDO im gonna keep drinking and ur gonna keep your pie hole shut


-‘I do not have a “pie hole” Dean. If you are referring to my mouth, I do not intend to keep it shut, as you are obviously overly intoxicated.


-Ehh maybe your jus under intoxeeccaattteddd And now i drink


-Okay Dean. Continue making poor decisions.


-Where are you anyway?


-Damn right i will and what’s with this 20 questions? how the hell im supposed to know where I’m at


-Dean, this is serious. Where are you?


-Your incessant intoxication has been getting you into trouble as of late, and I am getting concerned.


-Ah ya know……arrrrrooouuunnddd HANGING OUT drinking a lil bit what’s the big problem ‘ere


-Are you with a woman?


Why?… are you…jealous.



-No, I , I am merely concerned by your whereabouts and- making sure you are not getting yourself into trouble.


-You did not answer my question Dean, are you in the presence of a female?


-Oh yeah Cas partying it up over 'ere its a friggin’ playboy party


-NO cas i am drinking alone in the middle ah know where

Heh care to join in all the fun?


-I not nor read well into sarcasm Dean, but I will take the ladder text as the serious one. You know I do not drink alcohol. However, being with you would not be displeasing.


-Again, I ask where you are?



-South on fout 55

-In my baby outside some depressing ass bar. Try not to get losss buddy


-Well, I shall certainly try not to. I’ll be there shortly.


- ill be waiting


-Okay Dean, but try not to become too intoxicated before my arrival. I need to out a few things away.


-Yea yeah sure fine


-Dean I have arrived at the establishment.

-It is dark however, and I am having difficulty locating your vehicle.


-Can ya see it now?


-I see you, get back in before you hurt yourself.

Cas walked over to Dean’s Car. He isn’t entirely sure why he went there tonight. Usually he just lets Dean do his own thing when he goes out drinking. This time however, Cas is concerned.


“Join me man pick up a beer and jam out to a few of em songs.”

“Dean, I already told you I do not consume alcohol. As an Angel they can cause very adverse effe-“

“Ah pah-lease cas live alil'” *hic*

“You jus hang and let me have the fun.”

As Dean spoak, he had a hard time focusing on Cas and he slurred his words together.

“Okay, thank you.  But would you open the door. I have been standing here for quite some time, and you have not returned to the vehicle as I previously requested. “

“Suuuurree for you cas anything”

“Thank you.”

“SSsssoOOoo ya came here to what? Take care ah me i mean clearly you didn’t come for the booze,” Dean shook his bottle in Cas’s direction as he spoke, spilling its contents onto the floor.

“I came to ensure you stayed out of trouble. I presume you were not with a woman tonight by the looks of it.”

Dean snorted before saying, “Nope only girl i need right here,” He said, patting the dashboard.

“An by the looks of it, idsay ur still jealous.”

“I do not understand how humans give inanimate objects genders. And what would cause me to be jealous,” Cas snapped.

“Ah I dunno guess I must have been wrong then.”

“Yes- yes you were, I see no logical reason for me to be jealous of a female holding your attention.”

Cas turned up the volume for the radio before saying, “Uh-huh cas if thats how ya feel. Ah man this song!”


“I realize you have an affinity foe Led Zepplin, but could you turn it down?”



            Dean turned up the volume even more.

“Why did I even come here?”

“Beats me.”

“The lyrics are quite pleasing, I must admit…”

“…Maybe you jus cant stay away from this face,” Dean said, not paying attention to Cas’s previous comment.

Cas shifted uncomfortably saying,  “If you are asking if I find your face aesthetically pleasing, we have had this conversation before. The symmetry of your features is impressive, in addition to your jawline, lips, and your eyes, the color of which I find ver-“

“Alright, alright Cas I get it, you think I’m hot.”

“I- I did not say 'that’…”

Finishing off another bottle Cas said, “ Uhuhh sure Cas that’s not whtchya said but its what ya meant. C'mon you know what i mean”

“It would not be appropriate for me to think, much less say those kinds of things about you Dean.”

“And haven’t you had enough to drink tonight?”

“DOnt touch my drinks unless ur gona join.”

“And maybe your horizons just need to be widened,” Dean said, gesturing with his arms.

“Ok, fine, I will take one”

“Thank you. But Dean, ‘my horizons?’ I can see the horizon line just fine thank you.”

“Well ya know when you said you cant think things like people being hot I mean come on appropriate? who cares man ,” Dean said nudging Cas’s shoulder, “Drop that heavenly crap and jus let your thoughts go man.”

“I- I can’t,” Cas said, before he took a sip of his beer and turned to look away.

“Ah cas c’mon what is *hic* it… some'n clearly on ur mind .”

Dean scooted closer and pointed his empty beer bottle at Cas saying, “Out with it.”

Taking a few more drinks Cas said, “I-well, it’s complicated. I mean- Dean I can’t just-“

“Uuuggh damnit stop looking away,” Dean said as he reached over, grabbed Dean’s face moving it to face him, “there now if you don wanna talk fine bu it seems ta me you got something big on your mind so spit it out or shut it and spend the res of the night in alcohol and rock.”

Cas finished his beer and grabbed another before saying, :Dean, I don’t think you understand, I can’t just tell you-“

He paused for a moment taking another sip saying, “I- it’s not that simple, it’s not good. I- I’m not good… I- I can’t ruin e-everything.”


“Aright fine, this is why booze is here, drink an forget your troubles… whatever cryptic shit your talkin about.”

“God Dean, could you jus stop, seriously, I- I can’t just- shit!”

Cas left the car quickly and obviously upset about something. He left Dean in the Car confused about what had just happened.

“Ahhh crap,” Dean said as he got out of the Car.

Stumbling towards Cas Dean said, “C-cas hey what the hell is goin on man- hey! will you juss stop walking away or at leas slow down a bit…i…may have had too much ta drink over 'ere”

At this point, the effects of the beer were taking their toll on Cas, “Dean just stop ok, please- just- get ou- away. You don want something  you’ll regret to happen, I’m- jus goin'gg to ruin.”

“Ruin what?”

“N-nothing, I saaid go away,” Cas pushed Dean feebly before giving up on pushing him away.

Before Cas could pull back his arm, Dean grabbed it saying,  “NO now stop messing around and damnit Cas…jus- jus tell me…is…is there something wrong or are ya mad at someone or wha-“

“I, jus- no I’m not mad I just- I just- you, it’s you. I can’t- could you please just go,” Cas said, clearly distraught and sad.

“Whaddya mean me? and no you wanna go then you gotta tell me.”

“Please jus let me go,” Cas said as tears began running down his face.


I cannt do dis now. Just stopp.“

“I real-you don understand- you wont feel the same I know you don- you cant, don make tis harder for m-me than ii already is!”

“Aright arit calm down i can barely understand you come on youdon even know where ya goin jus stay here with me in the car. K,” Dean asked, leading Cas back to the car.

“I wish I nevr came tonigh’t.”

Cas looked at Dean moving closer, “An why dont YOU star talking, *pokes chest* YOU keep making ME talk, I don know people too well but earlier,” Cas poked Dean in the chest saying, “YOU were acting kinda strange like when you arr with come girl you wan to hook up with and all. An why do YOU,” He said poking him again, “Care so much about how I’ feel, an apparently I think your ‘hot’ well-how do YOUUU feel”

“Well hell now your talkin at least…,” Dean sighed before continuing, :Cas, alright, ya know you’re right and I’m just gonna say some stuff an see where it goes but… i-i… well ok you… mean a lot ta me an i fine that i like being aroun ya an stuff and- wow, that sounds pretty  lame, ok, sorry, is just YOU and well i… and i know you probly don even understand bu-z”

“I, Dean- I don’t think I understand what you are tryin'g to say, I- I feel like you. I mean with you I- just feel different, b-ut I, don’t know why.” Cas paused for a moment before saying, “Just- never mind, I didn’t say anything Dean, I’m sorr'y. Just-“

“NO please no, don jus look, what I’m tryin say is tha i care bout you so much and i feel different aroun you too and i never know how to describe it and- and- i’ve'ad way too muchta drink an you probly don know what I’m saying-“

“See an nowe-re both drunk- an you probably don even know what your ssayin here. I know you dont really feel like that cus- wev been friends so I know you- an you- no. Juss stop.”

“I think I should leave now before I say something that’ll screw us up.”

“No! …i mean please don leave…i…i do mean what I’m saying and-and  you-if im understanding right… you might feel the same.”

“Well den justell me wat your thinking then! I cant deal withis- is jus beating around the tree.”


            “I like you Cas. I mean uh…” Dean said before looking the other way.

            Suddenly Dean felt hands wrap around his face and full him over towards the other side, suddenly we lips were on his. He looked at Cas’s whose eyes were closed, and began kissing him back. Dean was in a drunken have and began toying at Cas’s lips with his tongue. Cas let him as their kiss deepened.

            Cas pulled away taking a few deep breaths, “Cas- I… Um,” Dean tried to say, feeling his face flush, “are you su-ure abbou-” he felt Cas’s lips go back over his and he felt fingers run through his hair. Cas once again pulled away, hands still laced through Dean’s hair. Cas looked down and said, “I lo-ave you D-ean.”

            This time, it was Dean who kissed Cas. Dean was overwhelmed with emotion and passion, and he may have been way drunk to top it off.

            Dean slid his tongue past Cas’s lips trying to explore his mouth. Cas let out a moan at the touch as he felt Dean’s tongue on his. Moving his hands onto Dean’s jacket, Cas gripped hard pulling him in closer. After a few minutes Cas made his way onto Dean’s lap and continued kissing him.

            Dean gasped as Cas let his fingers slide through his hair. After a bit, Dean pulled away before continuing his kisses along Cas’s jaw and onto his neck. Sucking on Cas’s neck Dean heard Cas let out a moan as he ground his hips down.

            Dean jerked a bit at the contact and realizing Cas was hard against him. Pulling away he pushed his hips back up to Cas and watched Cas squirm and blush above him.

            “You like that,” Dean asked smirking.

            “Nhgg,” Cas replied as Dean continued grinding his hips up.

Smiling, Dean pulled Cas back in and began kissing him again. This time he nipped at Cas’s lip and sucked on it a few times, causing Cas to whimper in response. Eventually, Cas felt Dean’s hands tugging at the hem of his shirt, lifting it free from his waistline. He felt Dean continuing and unbuttoning his shirt. Once Dean pulled off the shirt, tie, and jacket, he let his hands run lightly up and down Cas’s torso.

            Cas’s back arched at the touch as he pushed his chest closer to Dean. His skin felt on fire under Dean’s touch. Cas gasped as he felt Dean’s fingers glide over his nipples. Taking notice, Dean began kissing down Cas’s chest and slowly licked one of his nipples and began rubbing the other with his hand.

            Dean continued by sucking on Cas nipple causing the other man to rock his hips onto Dean’s.

            “Dean,” Cas breathed out.

            Removing his mouth Dean asked, “What, you ok?”

He slowly rubbed Cas’s nipped before Cas continued, “I need-“

            Cas stopped talking suddenly and groaned before kissing Dean hard. After a few moments, Cas pulled back and Dean asked, “What do you need?”

            “I need –ou to touch me.”

            Dean immediately had his hands back on Cas’s torso exploring his body. He continued working on Cas’s nipples with his mouth as he rubbed a hand up and down Cas’s spine. Above him, Cas was rocking into him as he let out soft moans and grunts.

            After a few minutes, Dean slid a hand down Cas’s stomach and he palmed Cas’s erection.

            “D-ean,” Cas moaned out, as he bucked his hips forward grinding against Dean’s hand.

            “I think, ‘ere gonna need to find some’ere else to do this,” Dean breathed, noticing how hard his erection was beginning to strain against his pants.

            Before he could let out another word, Cas had moved them, back to their motel room and had pushed him over on the bed.

            Cas began kissing Dean hard as he began pulling Dean’s shirt off. Sitting up after removing his shirt, Dean grabbed onto Cas’s back letting his fingers trace over his muscles as he kissed Cas’s chest.

            Cas stood up quickly pulling Dean up with him. “I bel’eve we need to remove the ‘est of our clothing,” Cas slurred.

            Cas felt Dean’s hands quickly begin undoing his belt before pulling his pants and underwear off. After Cas stepped out of his clothes and removed his socks he watched as Dean looked him up and down.

            Dean smiled as he began removing the rest of his clothes. Once he was fully naked, he led Cas back to the bed climbing on top of the Angel.

            Dean began kissing Cas’s chest as his hands ran down his sides. Dean began licking one of Cas’s nipples and playing with the other. Cas began gasping as he felt Dean’s lips playing with him. He felt Dean suck and kiss his nipple causing him to unwind beneath him.

            After a few minutes Dean began kissing Cas lover and lover before he kissed the hear od Cas’s dick causing Cas to moan. Dean looked up at Cas for permission before he took him in his mouth and began slowly sucking. He let his tongue lick the underside of Cas’s cock as he moved back and forth, in and out. Dean felt Cas’s hand in his hair rather quickly and felt Cas squirming beneath him.

            “D-ean,” Cas breathed, “Just hurry up- if you d-on’t s-stop I’m gonna-“

            Dean quickly pulled up letting Cas regain composure.

            After a bit Dean said, “Are you ready to keep going?”

            Cass nodded and Dean continued, “Im going to put a finger in you, ok?”

            After Cas nodded again, Dean placed his finger at Cas’s entrance and moved it around a bit, getting used to it being there. He slowly began pushing his finger, causing Cas to let out a gasp.

            “You ok?”

            “Yea, just keep going.”

            Dean worked his finger all the way, letting it rest there for a bit. He then began moving it in and out. He looked up and saw cas trying to control himself as he let out small ghasps.

            “I’m putting in another finger.”

            Dean slid in a second finger causing Cas to gasp out in pain.

            “I’m sorry, should I-“

            “No, just keep going, please.”

            Dean began working both fingers in and out, twisting his fingers as he went. Soon, Cas was getting used to his fingers and Dean began scissoring them. He began pushing his fingers faster and harder and quickly he found Cas’s prostate. He heard Cas let out a loud moan. Dean smiled and began focusing on that spot.

            “D-ean,” Cas groaned, “If you sont s-top-“

            Dean removed his fingers and grabbed Cas’s hips, pulling the Angel closer to him.

            “Are you sure you want this?”

            “Dean, I’ve wanted this for years, yes.”

            Dean slowly pushed in, pausing to allow Cas to adjust. Then Dean pulled back before quickly pushing back in. He continued rolling his hips in and out as he felt his body becoming closer and closer. Underneath him Cas was gasping every time Dean moved.

            Dean loved watching Cas’s face as he fucked him.He bent over and began kissing Cas, sucking on his jaw as they moved together.

            Eventually Dean found Cas’s prostate once again as Cas loudly gasped. Dean degan moving faster and harder at that angle. He felt himself coming closer and closer and he could tell the same thing was happening to Cas.

            “Dean- I’m gonna-“

            Cas moaned as Dean hit his prostate again Causing Cas’s body to tense up as he came across their chests. Dean kept moving and he felt Cas’s body tightening around his dick. Pushing in once more, Dean felt himself release as he shot his hear back moaning.

            After a few minutes settling down, Dean pulled out and rolled over next to Cas. He kissed Cas lightly on his lips before pushing back some of the hair on Cas’s forehead.

            “You know I love you Cas,” Dean said out of breath.

            Cas smiled before kissing Dean back passionately.

            “I love you too, I always had.”

            Dean smiled, intertwine Cas’s hand with his before he quickly kissed him once again. Wrapping his arm over Cas’s chest he closed his eyes. He knew tomorrow he was going to have one hell of a hangover, but it would be the best hangover he would ever had. And it was definitely worth it.            

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Can you give me some birthday headcanons? It's my birthday in an hour, august thirtyfirst

aw man im a few days late but yeah!!! i got you.

  • Nico’s birthday is an EVENT. always. every year it is ridiculous and amazing, despite his best efforts to keep things ‘low key’
  •  for his 16th Hades threw a huuuge party in the palace and even let Nico invite all of his friends. He invited everyone he knows, which is like 10 people max. He of course invited Reyna, and Reyna brought with her about half the roman legion. not to be out down, almost the entirety oof camp half blood showed up as well. They all brought gifts of course, Nico recieved about 62 My Chemical Romance shirts. All the underworld gods were there as well, because there isnt frequently an excuse to party in the land of the dead so it was LIT. Hecate brought a “fog machine” and “strobe lights”, both of which tried to eat one or two of the guests but it was fine. it was waaaay crazy and got kinda out of hand but he had a blast, but it was a lot more than he’d wanted for his birthday
  • the next year he tried to keep things more quiet. Sally was kind enough to let him have the small party at the Jackson’s apartment. there was snacks, a few balloons. everyone he cared about was there. everythnig was going perfectly and exactly as he’d hoped! and then a large was wheeled out into the living room, and Percy jumped out of it in a bikini.
  • after that its a long list of exploding presents, monsters interrupting the party (an occasionally turning out to be lovely guests), and that one time they flooded a bar on his 21st. Nico’s birthday becomes notorious as the craziest, and usually the best, day of the year 

I kind of miss my brother rn so I wrote this kinda late apologies for errors or anything else, im running on pure determination.

ok i took these two requests into account and chose the prompts I liked from both so yeah compromises i guess

part 1


The Christmas party went off without a hitch – well, as far as hitches go. Jellal had significantly depleted the cookie supply minutes before the party had even begun, and Juvia may or may not have dropped some window cleaner into the punch bowl. No one would die. Probably.

“Where did Gray head off to?” Jellal asked casually as the familiar faces of guests began to pour in.

“I think he went to go get more supplies.” Juvia covered before pressing her lips into a hard, thin line. She still wasn’t quite sure what to make of the whole mistletoe-fiasco that had occurred a little over an hour ago.

Still, Gray was a vital part of the party – he knew all of the guests, everybody would be expecting him. Jellal would get suspicious if he didn’t show up at all.

“Oh. Gross, it’s Natsu. Distract him.” Jellal pleaded before escaping out the back porch. Jellal didn’t actually hate Natsu, but ever since he and Lucy had started dating, Jellal found it impossible to speak with him. Both Jellal and Juvia had known Lucy since she was in diapers, and even Juvia had to admit it was weird hearing somebody talk about her in a sexual way.

“Heya Juvia, wow, you sure got pretty over the year.” He complimented. Normal people might’ve taken offense, but since it was Natsu, a boy that told her she was fat in first grade, she took it with a grain of salt.

“Thank you Natsu. How’s Lucy, is she here yet?” And that my friends is how you successfully take care of an annoyance. Distract them with something shiny.

“She went to go grab some marshmallows, she felt bad for not bringing anything. We’re still going strong! I just wanted to tell you that because for some reason everybody doubted that we’d make it past a month. But not you Juvia, I knew you had faith in the Na-Lu since the very beginning.” Natsu babbled with a dazzling smile. Despite his shortcomings, he really was dedicated to Lucy.

“Oh, definitely. You haven’t heard from Gray either, have you?” Juvia casually slipped in.

Natsu shook his head. “Not yet. Bastard probably decided to skip out, cuz he’s too cool for parties.”

“That sounds like Gray.” Juvia lied. He would never skip out on a party, even if he did believe he was too cool. He never missed out on a chance for free food, years of him coming over coincidentally when dinner was starting was enough to vouch for that.

Juvia excused herself and went to fill up on some punch. It was an old family recipe that she and Jellal had accidentally invented one thanksgiving, a mix of ginger ale, rainbow sherbet, and tropical punch all swirled up into a cooler to make the perfect non-alcoholic solution to a Christmas bash.

Juvia spotted a flash of red hair and immediately abandoned the punch.

“Erza!” She called urgently, flagging her down by jumping and waving.

“Mm, Juvia! You look so good, holy shit,” she mumbled as Juvia hugged her. Erza became a close friend of Jellal and Gray by senior year, Juvia looked up to her in a big-sisterly sort of way. Of course, this had everything to do with the fact that Jellal had a massive crush on her.

“Have you seen Gray?” Juvia asked abruptly, mentally cursing herself seconds after for not starting with ‘how’s college?’ or ‘how have you been doing?’.

Erza raised a single finely plucked eyebrow before responding.

“I actually did, he was going out back just a minute ago.” She answered. “Why? What’s up?”

“I uh…he asked me to grab him a pop, but I don’t know what kind he likes.” Juvia lied. His favorite was cherry Pepsi.

“Make the lazy asshole get it himself.” Erza answered simply. She always had a much easier solution to everything, one of the things Juvia like most about her.

“Maybe I will, I better go tell him. Catch up with you later?” Juvia asked, not waiting to hear her response. She was already halfway out the door to the deck by the time Erza said anything.

“Sure, don’t get too distracted, crazy kid.”

The backyard was somewhat covered in people, most of which she recognized (duh, these were the kids she grew up with, after all). The grass could also use a mowing. Hm.

Juvia spotted Jellal and Gray leaning against the fence in the back portion of the yard, where the fence separated her yard from the road. No cars were driving by at this hour, though she did live in a fairly suburban area where few cars drove by even during rush hour.

She walked up closer to them, training her ears on their words carefully. They were talking about hockey, something Juvia really didn’t want to get into, but whatever. She had unfinished business with that boy.

“Hey guys,” she said, hopping up next to them and swinging her arm over the top of the fence. She silently envied their height advantage and the way they could effortlessly drape their arms all over the fence, meanwhile she struggled just to keep a single arm up.

Jellal smiled and Gray found something else to look at.

“Hey, Juvee, nobody’s lit the house on fire, right?” Jellal asked jokingly.

“You’d see the smoke,” she reminded, but even in conversation felt her eyes drift back to Gray. He refused to look back at her, studying the growth of dandelions towards the bottom of the fence.

She just had to get rid of Jellal, but that’d be easy enough.

“Hey, Erza was looking for you.” Juvia offered smartly. Jellal jerked his head up like a puppy at the mere mention of a walk.

“Really? Is she inside?” He asked, taking a few awkwardly placed sideways steps towards the back door.

“Yup. You could probably lure her to the mistletoe…” Juvia mused, and Jellal was gone in a flash.

Gray made a grumbling sound in the back of his throat, something that might’ve been considered a laugh if he wasn’t so desperately trying to ignore her.

“Hey,” Juvia pressed, not allowing herself to back down.  “Are you gonna talk to me, or not?”

“C’mere.” He said, turning towards the road and folding his arms over the fence so he could lean towards the road. “Remember when we were kids, and we used to throw grapes at cars that drove by?”

Juvia smiled thinly. The wild grapevine was still clinging to the fence, even today. She remembered the grape-throwing quite well, especially the time a car actually stopped and Gray, Juvia, and Jellal all hid under the fence while the driver angrily searched for the brat kids that got grape guts on his side window.

“Yeah.” She answered, unsure of his reminiscence had any sort of point to it.

“It was a lot easier when we were kids.” He mumbled, yanking his hands off the fence so hard the metal shook. He then twisted around and started stalking back inside the house.

“Gray, wait…” Juvia called after him, confused by his sudden outburst and worried that she was missing a piece of the puzzle.

He said nothing until they were safely inside, surrounded by a throng of familiar faces. It was there Gray seemed to be more in his comfort zone, oddly enough.

“I don’t know what to do with you, Juvia.” He admitted, swirling his hand in the ice box and fishing out a cherry Pepsi (which she had picked out especially for him, but she didn’t need to tell him that).

“What do you mean?” She asked out of concern for herself.

“A lot has changed since we were kids. I can’t sleep in the same room as you anymore, I can’t hold your hand one the way to the bus stop,” he groaned, almost like he was frustrated with the passage of time.

“What the hell are you talking about? Gray, are you dying?’ Juvia asked, waving a hand over his eyes to make sure he was fully conscious. He grabbed it and sighed.

God, dammit.” He whispered, and he looked at her so hard she thought they both might explode. He was staring at her like she was a diamond ring locked in a box, and he could only get the key by dipping his hand into a vat of acid. Like Saw, or something like that. It was successfully creeping her out.

“Gray, tell me what you’re thinking!” She demanded, frustrated by his lack of response. He studied the look on her face for a second, before moving again, deeper into her house.

After a few seconds of almost angrily pushing through people, they were standing in the entryway once again, the scene almost identical to the one after making cookies earlier that day, save the dozens of people around them.

“I’m thinking a lot of things, Juvia.” He said, and there was something about the way he said it that made her think that he was just getting started. “Like the fact that you got really beautiful – you always were, I mean, but you look so gorgeous right now and I fucking hate it. And this cherry pesi is really good. And you’re brothers gonna kill me – oh, fuck it-“ he wailed, and then he grabbed Juvia’s face with both his hands and kissed her as hard as he could.

She barely even registered the surprised gasps of the people around them, including ‘they’re doing this here?’ and ‘how indecent’ because she practically melted into his arms the second he grabbed her and she was hanging onto his shoulders for dear life. Hell, the room could be spinning upside-down and she wouldn’t even notice, she was drowning in the softness of his touch and the taste of his lips against hers.

“Hey-ey Juvia, have you seen the…what the fuck?!?”

And…that was quite possibly the worst time for Jellal to walk in on her…ever.

“Jellal-“ Juvia gasped, having disatached herself from Gray when she heard her brother’s telltale pterodactyl shriek.

“Ah, shit.” Gray distressed, unwrapping his arms from Juvia’s waist and holding them up in defense, slowly, in the air, a if Jellal were wielding a double-barelled shotgun.

“…Gray?” Jellal asked, dangerously calm as his fists balled up at his sides.

“…y-yes?” Gray answered, paling at the sight of his best friend’s wrath.

“…As a friend, I’m gonna go ahead and advise you to run.” Jellal seethed, his arm blindly reaching for something blunt.

“Run, Gray.” Juvia repeated, giving his hard back a firm shove in the opposite direction.

“Uh…I’ll call you.” Gray said to Juvia, and in a flash, both boys were off in an epic chase of life and death.

Juvia sighed. There certainly were worse ways to end a night, after all, she had gotten herself a kiss, and Jellal could only chase him for so long before he got dehydrated.

“I knew there was something going on between you two,” Erza chastised, nudging Juvia’s shoulder in a congratulatory way.

“Really?” Juvia asked watching her brother swing at Gray with an oversized aluminum bat. “I didn’t.”