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stay the night  -  jaehyun

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summary; your parents are out of town for the weekend and your friend–wait….maybe jaehyun is something…..more than just a friend to you…?

genre; fluff, next door neighbour jaehyun aaaAAA

a/n;  this is ½ requests for @oohsehun​ !! i hope you like the NCT and wanna one scenarios!!! 
jaehyun is actually one of my nct (127) biases (the other is winwin lmao)

You really didn’t think your parents trusted you. Well of course they trusted you. But….with the house? By yourself? For the entire weekend, Friday to Monday? It was crazy. Last time you were left alone you got stuck on the roof and you had to get Mrs Jung to help you down. But that was when you were younger. There are now locks to the attic. And the window that gets you onto the roof. But you always find yourself up there. With who? Jaehyun. Close friend for most of your life. Always there when you needed to rant to anyone, always there to tell you it’s gonna be ok, and always there to make your heart go that special kind of boom-boom. He was also there to talk about weir things he had seen in the sky. But. That’s not the important part. The important part is, yes, over the years, you fell for Jaehyun.  Fuck. But like every fairy-tale trope, you couldn’t exactly tell him. If you did, and he didn’t like you back in that way? Friendship = probably made awkward then ruined.

“A whole weekend?! Are they serious?!”

“Yeah…they just left a couple hours ago…5pm I think…I never thought they would let me do it again after last time…”

“That was a disaster.”

“I’m sorry! I didn’t know you can’t put soup in a microwave.”

“You see? This is exactly the reason why your parents told me to move in with you guys one time.”

“Jaehyun that was a joke and the only reason why they wanted you to “move in” was because you cook spicy pork really well. You couldn’t tell but I was doing air quotation marks.”

“Of course you were…are you going to be alright by yourself?”

“I’ll be fine! Trust me…”

It only took 5 minutes. 5 minutes. And then you weren’t ok. You weren’t fine. You were tearing up, crouching on a chair in the kitchen, phone in hand, equipped with an electric fly swatter. Yep….only one explanation to that…and that is? 


[9:10 PM] from JaeYuk🍖: y/n wtf….it’s not even been 5 minutes…

[9:10 PM] from Y/n 😇🤗: jAEEEEEEEEE HELP

[9:10 PM] from JaeYuk🍖: …………….i’ll be over in a minute….

You could tell that Jaehyun was sighing. You could definitely tell that he let out one of those long, un-interrupted sighs that he normally does when you do something stupid or weird. And the weird thing about this was that he actually took a minute. Running from his house to yours in his adidas joggers, a random jumper and his vans, he was at your door when the time hit 9:11 PM. Well…was he planning to go over to yours already? It doesn’t take him that quick to get to yours. Anyways, running round the back to the garden door, the lock clicked, and he quickly closed it after him so none of the cold air gets in. Then, he just sees you, aiming to throw the electric fly swatter at the bug.

“Oh, no, easy tiger…don’t throw the swatter. That’s not the brightest of things to do…”

“Jae what else do I do?! I’ve done everything!!”

“Throwing the god damn fly swatter wouldn’t help anyone or anything, Y/n.”

“Then get it!!”

“Alright….hold on….”

Jaehyun said, picking up a spare glass and piece of paper, placing the glass over the bug, then sliding the paper underneath, so that he could place it outside. Closing the door, you still….had the damn fly swatter in your hand.

“Are you going to put the fly swatter down now?”


“It’s gone. It was only a beetle.”

“Only a beetle?! You say it like it was nothing…”

“Because it was only nothing!”

“Oh come on Jae…you know I don’t like bugs. Or beetles.”

It was…actually true. You didn’t like beetles, or bugs, or both. The only exceptions would probably be ladybugs, butterflies and bumblebees and that’s mainly it. Anything else can go fuck itself. With something sharp and sand paper-y. You sighed, putting the fly swatter down, looking to your phone. 9:14PM. Only just 9:14PM. God…this was going to be a long weekend. 

“Have you eaten?”

“Hm? Yeah…I ate with my parents before they left.”



You sighed, standing up to walk into the front room. Your arms were raised over your head, stretching yourself out. Man, you kind of sat on that chair for a while…it’s not that comfortable. Jaehyun followed in, kicking his shoes off and then proceeding to sit on the sofa. 

“Jae I just realised something…you came here quickly. Like…you took exactly one minute, like you said…you couldn’t have gotten out of bed that quickly…”

“Yeah…well…I was actually planning on coming over anyways.”

“Really? Why?”

“It’s friday…I got nothing to do.”

Ha, Jung Jaehyun, you god damn liar. Yeah, he was kind of telling the truth with the boredom bit, he was pretty bored at home in bed. But…he was also coming over just to be with you, to be in your company. Just to at least have his arm over your shoulder, and you asleep. Those moments are nice. But the moments where you two just lie awake talking nonsense about the world, laughing to each other. Those are nice too. The best moment, are those two moment scenarios combined. You’re just lying in his arms while he’s just talking nonsense about anything and everything, with nothing making sense. A lot of people, including your parents ask you if you and Jaehyun are a thing, in which you reply with a short and brazen no. But with those little scenarios, of course people are going to ask. Sometimes people associate those things with couples and stuff, not friends. Of course, you two have been doing that ever since you were little, so nothing was weird or anything, you two thought it was normal to hug each other and stuff for long periods of time while being so close to each other without having the need to say ‘fuck it do you wanna make out or something idk it kind of feels like you want to’. Staring off into space as normal, Jaehyun’s head was in the stars while you tried to get his attention. The main word here is tried. So what do you do when you can’t get his attention? 


Slip yourself under his arm and just wrap your arm around him. And…cue the pout. You pouted at him whenever he wasn’t paying attention, even when it was just the two of you. Gazing down, a smile came across his face, with maybe a chuckle coming out too. 


“You didn’t answer my question…”

“What was it again? Sorry I must’ve been daydreaming…”

“I asked if you wanted to stay the night…”

“Mhm…I can’t be asked to go back home…”

“Even if you ran?”

“I’m too tired…”

“So are you gonna stay?”

“Sure, it’ll be warmer than my house.”

“The heater’s still broken?!”

“Yep…it’s not fun…”

“And this is why I tell you not to play basketball in the garage.”

“You initiated it first!!”

“You’re right…”

The TV played on in the background, but you and Jaehyun didn’t pay any attention at all. None was on the tv, all was on each other. You kind of wondered though…why did he want to come see you? Yeah he could of been bored, but if he was bored he could of just texted you…why did he have to come see you in person? You kind of knew something was up, but you didn’t exactly want to assume what he was feeling. Who knows? It could be fully red, undeniable love for you. It could be the fact that you can’t really be trusted by yourself and that you needed protecting from the smallest of bugs, even beetles. Or it could be that he just wanted to be in your company, like always. That was always the case. You couldn’t help though…that your head was definitely telling you that…yeah, he came over for a completely different reason than the ones you just named off the top of your head.

“Is it me or is this sofa kind of uncomfortable…?”

“It’s probably you…I’m pretty comfortable where I am…”

Yeah you’re pretty comfortable- because you’re lying on him. Your whole being was just lying on him. He was pretty comfortable, to tell you the truth. The whole time that Jaehyun was getting comfortable on the sofa, your body shifted. So in the end, while Jaehyun was lying down, you  became a little koala bear- your arms were wrapped around him, and one leg over his. 

“Yeah that’s because you’re lying on me and not the sofa.”

That’s what…I just said. You sighed, playing with the sleeve of his jumper, your finger tracing each and every curve on the arm. Things like that make you sleepier, it just calms you down a lot. 

“Oh yeah…you got a point there…do you want to move?”

“Nah, I’m fine, you’re probably wanting me to stay like this so that you could fall asleep and that I would have to carry you to your room like last time.”

“…Do you read minds or something…?”

“So you do want me to carry you to your room?”

“…You know you can get a lot of money for mind reading…like those mystic people in the paper…”

“You’re changing the subject.”

“You could buy a lot of pork with that money….and americanos…and peaches too. You can get ones that have like the panty looking casing on them…I’ll show you!!”

And so you just take out your phone…and look up peaches with panties. Just to distract him from his own questions. But wait…who knows if he was actually was ok with carrying you up to your room? Like a princess too, just to add that. All bridal style, you know. Sweet, like you, basically. And those peaches with the panties lead you to both talk about….somehow….aliens. 

“The russians say that we’ll have contact with aliens in 2031.”

“Really? What is the first sentence that we’ll ask them if we come into contact with them?”



Tony or Steve?”

“Oh they’re definitely Steve. There’s no denying it.”

“But then again….they did kind of attack us in the first film…”

“Yes but there’s no way in telling they’re the Chitauri aliens. The would only get offended by the avengers if they were the Chitauri aliens and if they watched the avengers.”

”We’ll get them to watch the second one.”


“Yeah, who knows, they might end up on your doorstep or mine.”

“If they come to my doorstep I’ll point them in the direction of your house. My mum will only think that me and the alien are dating anyways…”

“Wait…would she really say that?”

“These days, unfortunately…yes.”

“Why’s that?”

“Uh…she’s getting to that point where she thinks I need someone and it’s actually putting a lot of stress on my side because of school and stuff…so anyone who she sees me with…she thinks I like them and stuff…”

“Well you have me….”


Wait what indeed, dear Y/n. He did in fact say that you had him. What’s with all these cryptic messages that he’s given you today? First it was the checking to see if you’re ok, coming to save you from that beetle, holding you a little tighter than normal, the whole scenario about wanting to carry you and stuff, and now the ‘you have me’ sentence. Jung Jaehyun would you care to share your feeling about Y/n right here right now? Yes, he did in fact like you back. A whole lot. A whole…lotta love for you. Maybe even more than you liked him. He always felt a certain tendency to look after you, protect you- hold you. He wanted to do nothing more than that, just hold you every single day. Honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t know that you liked him back and the fact that he thought that you liked someone else, he would be doing a lot more than just holding you…if you get my drift. Like….holding hands. And kissing and stuff. Just simple, lovely things like that. He never really had a feeling like this for you before, but it started to come around the same time as you; during high school. This wasn’t to say that this was a hormone induced love interest on both sides, but it only played a small part. Instead, it was just a…love-love interest. No fancy gadgets or apps to say that ‘hey you two look like a cute couple swipe up to fuck and swipe down to say fuck off’. No, this was just pure, unadulterated love interests. Simple. You could say that this was skinny love, but it was more like skinny-for-the-love-of-god-just-tell-each-other-that-you-like-each-other. 

“Hey Y/n, do you ever think about someone who you want to really love…but for some reason you can’t?”



Asleep. Fast asleep. You were going through with your initial plan and you didn’t even realise it. You just got really, really tired after talking, and hearing his voice, talking about something that he was truly interested in and loved, sent you to sleep, along with his soft heart beat, drumming against your ears. Like a little kid, who falls asleep to the sound of their mother’s heart beat and voice. Obviously your relationship with Jaehyun wasn’t like that, some aspects definitely were though.


“It’s pretty late…”

“How late…?”


Did you guys really stay up that long talking about peaches that have panties and what avengers film aliens should see in 2031? Wow, you two certainly have good imaginations.

“You’re falling asleep, maybe we should go to sleep…”

“Nooooo…..I’m ok………”

“Y/n you’re falling asleep again.”

“Leave me be….let me sleep.”

“Alright, I’ll let you sleep here, and I’ll just go sleep in your bed. Without you.”

“Jung Jaehyun don’t you dare–”

“Then come on…or….”

“Or what…?”

“Is this your way of telling me to carry you like last time?”



“…I have no feeling in my legs.”

“…I’m still not carrying you.”

“Oh come on!!”

You said, standing up with a sigh vanishing from your lips. One more sigh came from Jaehyun, a small chuckle coming out before a pat on the back, and a small rub too. With Jaehyun turning off every appliance downstairs, you watched him as he moved around quite quickly, just to be next to you again. Some things were adding up Making your way up the stairs, you did feel the sensation that was your legs coming back to you, along with walking down the hallway to your room. Turn on the light, let Jaehyun in, close the door. You started to take your jumper off, and to Jaehyun’s surprise too.

“D-Do you want me to turn around or something?”

“Huh? Oh, it’s ok, I have a shirt on underneath, chill.”

You manner was now kind of….laidback, very different to the one that you displayed downstairs. Just whipping that jumper off, making Jaehyun have a heart attack, by any chance do you have a…plan? No? Wow….that’s a first. Jaehyun strided along your bed, sitting down on it, watching you get ready to sleep. He didn’t realise that girls do quite a bit before they sleep. Wipe off their makeup, brush their hair, the lot. Everything to do before having a good nights sleep. You turned around after getting ready, doing the same as Jaehyun did- sit on the bed. You got under the covers first, then Jaehyun followed. And like always, one arm was always in the little crevice of your neck, just pulling you closer. And the other arm was keeping you close too, while your arms were snaked around him. It was how it always was. Just you two, lying in each other’s arms.

“Night Jae…”

You mumbled, your eyes closing. Your face was fully submerged into his neck, your head supporting his. You were surprised by one thing though, one more night time surprise to add up to his cryptic messages- a small kiss, planted on your forehead. Just a small, but slightly messy one. Of course, it was quite late, the dude was tired as hell, and so were you. But nonetheless, it was a kiss to show affection. The only thing though? He never kissed you on the forehead before. In fact, he’s never kissed you before full stop. At all. This was the first kiss he gave to you. Ever. His tired ass must of been like ‘fuck it’ and just did it anyways, thinking that you wouldn’t notice- but you did. So you two, slowly, but surely, drifted off to your dreams, in each other’s arms. Honestly, that was the best way to fall asleep with each other. Just you, surrounded by his arms, projecting his care to you without him knowing. And Jaehyun, taking the heat and love from you, and going to town with it. He really did like having you in his arms. But that peaceful sleep was disrupted. By a freak thunderstorm– that wasn’t supposed to happen until later on in the morning. Oh well. One crack of thunder woke you up, making you rub your eyes. But…guess who else was woken up? Jaehyun.

“What….what time is it?”


“In the morning?”

“No we slept through lunch and breakfast…yes in the morning…”

“Maybe we should try to get back to sleep…”

“I can’t…even if I tried.”

“Why? Is there something on your mind?”

He asked, turning over to face you. You kind of just,,,sigh, before glancing over to Jaehyun. Come on, you want to tell him you like him right? When it’s just you two, and your parents aren’t there to tell you jackshit? Well, now’s the time. Maybe. Ok yeah, it’s definitely time to tell him you like him. Now, come on, just tell him. You want to…but your hand won’t move. Or your body, You can’t move. You’re so still, but so shaken up on the inside. It’s crazy to think that Jaehyun could do this to you, even after all this time. A small gulp, and geronimo.

“Yeah…there is…”

You asked, a smile being graced across your face. A genuine smile. A cute, genuine smile. You also….braced yourself for utter heart break and despair. Just getting those tears ready. And then, everything went white. Black and white. and grey too. You let the words fall out of your mouth. Just let them fall, no picking them up.

“I…like you.”

“Y/n are you really confessing to me at…4:53 in the morning?”

“Sooner rather than later, right?”

“Yeah…that’s true…”

“Alright…I’m going to get back to sleep–”

“Not so fast…you forgot something.”


He stopped, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. He didn’t know that he would get this far. But…uh…he did. Now, he had to do it. He wasn’t going to sleep if he didn’t. ‘Fuck it’. Cupping your cheeks, holding them gently, Jaehyun held you close, until he leaned in. Leaning in a little more, until you two were nose to nose, and then, surely, lips to lips. Your eyes widened a little at this sudden action, but you then warmly welcomed the kiss, melting away like your worries about being rejected. Your eyes closed, feeling the warmth from his heart. He pulled away slowly, a genuine smile like yours resting on his face. Your…face was confused. But…it did tell you that he liked you back. Resting back into the usual position, your smile came back, hiding your face into his jumper again.

“So…are we a thing now?”

Your immediate response was a small nod, leading Jaehyun to chuckle a little, before leaving small kisses on your forehead, just like he did before you two fell asleep the first time. The morning was peaceful, like you two in bed. Just resting with each other, it was such a nice feeling. And now that you two are actually a couple now, there was a secret comfort and peace that was now found- in both your hearts. Just from Jaehyun staying the night.


[12:10 PM] from JaeYuk🍖💓: cup. paper. cup over bug. slip paper under cup. cup outside. job done.

[12:10 PM] from Y/n 😇💘: JAE IT’S GOT MORE THAN 4 LEGS HELP 


[12:11 PM] from Y/n 😇💘: if you come over and get it you can stay the night again

[12:11 PM] from JaeYuk🍖💓: im on my way 

[12:11 PM] from Y/n 😇💘: sucker

[12:11 PM] from JaeYuk🍖💓: what 

[12:11 PM] from Y/n 😇💘: what 

Close to You // Jung Jaehyun


the prompt: can you do a Jaehyun scenario song based with The Carpenters-Close to You.

words: 832

category: song fic + father!au

author note: my mom used to put this song on for us to fall asleep to when me and my sisters were childhood memories :’). It’s one of my favorite memories. because of that, I thought maybe father!jaehyun. also im not gonna apologize for his being short bc it’s rlly cute

- destinee

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pls bring back dark haired jae i’m begging

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yeah can i get a uuuuuuuuh psa

so after months of wrestling with myself and being generally unhappy, and now that it’s pride month and I’ve made some wonderful new friends who make me feel confident and strong…

I’m gonna pull my foot out of the closet and identify as male once more. these past 6 or so months of IDing as female have been nothing but awful for me, as most of u know, it’s been killin me

so here is the official post just to let all of u know im IDing as male again and will be using he/him pronouns from here on out!

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Oh please please PLEASE do some CEO aus???

i tried to do a few CEO aus but i also put some general office workplace aus in there as well :^)

  • we’re rival CEO’s and jeez is it hard to ram your business into the ground when you’re so attractive
  • how on earth did they get promoted to CEO and not me??? they haven’t even shown up to work this morning!!!
    • turns out the company’s going under so they put you as the CEO to put all the blame on you, ah shit i gotta help them haven’t i
  • you’re always at the photocopier when i am and we haven’t done anything except nod at each other in passing but my brain is determined that something else is happening
  • “i hate my job.”
    “but you’re the CEO of one of the must successful businesses in the world, how could you hate your job?”
    “exactly. that’s the reason! no one sees me as anything other than this successful CEO, sometimes i think i’d be happier working in a coffee shop.”
  • “secretary?”
    “well i could call you ‘glorified personal assistant’ if you’d like?”
    “okay fine. secretary it is then.”
  • you’re the CEO yet you act like a child, honestly i don’t get paid enough for this
    • “…you bought a bean bag… for your office”
      “i thought it made me look more approachable”
      “it makes you look like an idiot.”
      “close enough.”
  • it’s hard trying to keep your relationship a secret, especially when your significant other is the CEO at your company
    • “what are you two doing in the supply closet?!” (Person C)
      “i needed some…advice on office supplies..yeah, see i don’t know if i want to use a stapler. but how durable are paperclips when it comes to keeping stacks of very important papers together— okay they’re gone.” (Person A)
      “you know, this could go two ways. they could either be so freaked out they tell everyone in the office or they could be so traumatised that they don’t say anything and let it haunt them for the rest of their days.” (Person B)
      “i’m hoping for the later option.” (Person A)
  • so, let me get this straight: you’re telling me that my superior, the CEO might i add, the one who constantly sets me ridiculously huge projects with the shortest deadlines in history, the one who enjoys ridiculing me in front of my coworkers, the person who has trapped me in this terrible job for years and refuses to give me a promotion despite all my hard-work…is in love with me?!?
  • my new job is so weird, i barely do any work at all! my boss constantly insists that i sit back and relax, and then when i do do ‘work’ it normally just includes me running errands with them. it’s really strange, one time they even bought me lunch! man, i wonder if they treat all their employees like this?
    • “honey…they’re obviously in love with you.”
      “what makes you think tha—ah shit.”
  • “we’re both overly competitive to get the top job, i’ll admit, constantly trying to sabotage each other’s work and ruin each other’s reputation. i hate them!”
    “are you sure it’s not something else?”
  • “no offence, but i liked our last boss a lot more than you”
    “don’t worry, i do too.”
  • “yeah, hi, i randomly got promoted to CEO and i have no idea what i’m doing. i need some help but i don’t want anyone to know that i suck at my job??”
    • “you’re lucky i like you, otherwise you’d be screwed.”
  • okay, i’ve had enough of their bull. they treat their employees like shit, we barely get enough money to get by, they set us ridiculous deadlines while they sit on their ass all day! im gonna charge into their office and give them a piece of my mind!!
    • “yes, what is it?”
      “i - uh - we wanted to - um … say thanks! for being such a great boss, of course and uh - yeah! that’s all i had to say. bye!”
      • “so, did you give them a piece of your mind?”
        “what? oh.. yeah! i did! totally!”
        “…you got distracted again didn’t you.”
        “yeah. listen, i’d totally give them a piece of my mind if i didn’t find them attractive.”
  • “they’re totally dating their secretary.”
    “you think so?”
    “obviously they are! i mean, just look at them together! it’s fucking adorable!”
  • “do you even need a secretary”
    “i need the company and you’re about the only person in this building you can stand me”
    • “where’d you hear that from”
      “i’M KIDDING”

hope these helped!!

- jess 

send in requests!!
submit an au!!

ok listen the fuck up. i’m mad. i feel cheated. you know how teens in too much eyeliner are always told they’ll ‘grow out of it’? you know all those people who go ‘oh yeah i know mcr! i used to be so into them man’…….yea when is that gonna happen???? y’all swore this death and tragedy shit would end eventually but GUESS WHAT?? IM 18 AND IM STILL AN EMO PIECE OF SHIT!!!! I WANT A REFUND GODDAMN

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nicky: "name a difference between wii sports and real sports" kevin: "running??" nicky: "shut the fuck up i dont have to listen to this", none of the fox boys have any skincare (except for matt) routine and allison is stressed™, renee and andrew have achieved the perfect optimist-pessimist equilibrium; "it'll be fun" "or we could get stabbed", nicky, before entering his room: "DAN MATT STOP HAVING SEX IM COMING IN", neil: "so ur telling me a group of misfits and none of you can hotwire a car"

nicky: “matts mum is amazing. she got us these hangers with pegs on it” neil: “…” nicky: “this is the reality of adulthood neil, get use to it”, neil: “i hate authority figures” matt: “you’re an authority figure” neil: “shit”, nicky: “i was just a small misunderstanding” kevin, secret shakespearian nerd: “thats how people die”, (something happens) nicky: “hashtag yikes” aaron: “how about never saying hashtag out loud again” nicky: “hashtag salty much”

nicky: “whos gonna lead the foxes when dan is gone?” neil: “haha yeah about that”, neil: “whos bill nye?” foxes: (collectively gasp), allison: “hi allison reynolds, human form of the 100 emoji”, kevin: (pours a vodka into his morning coffee), matt: i feel so used am i just a piece of meat to you?“ wymack: "yes, now smile pork chop”, allison: “my thumbdrive looks like a watermelon bc i adore the summertime”, neil: “do you carry a hair dryer in your purse?” allison: “of course im not an animal”

neil: “with all due respect coach but i just completely ignored everything you just said”, nicky: “so coach if you HAD to choose your favorite fox, dont worry about hurting anyones feelings-” wymack: “its dan”, jeremy and renee are in a ‘niceness war’ it started with renee sending jeremy a gift basket to say thanks for taking care of jean so jeremy send her a bouquet of hydrangea so renee-, neil is like a wind up toy car, pull him back, and watch him go

aaron: “where did you learn to drive?” nicky: “grand theft auto”, wymack, completely stoic: “ive never been happier”, renee, mumbling: “how dare he try to out nice me this time i shall be the nicest no mercy preemptive strike”, everyone looks at kevin and sees the queen of exy but what andrew sees is a child sitting on the floor chugging a bottle of vodka at 3am yelling every time he forgot a source in his bibliography, matt: “nicky can you get off ur own dick for one second”


also kevin drinking vodka crying about forgetting sources in his bibliography what a big university mood

You Found Me - Part Two

A/N: This parts more of a filler, i had to make the part leading up to when the reader and Dean met, so it would be more dramatic because that is who i am, draaaamaaaaa queen. Next part will either be really fluffy or angsty af I’m not sure yet, give me your input!

Parings: Sam x reader, Dean x reader

Warnings: None, boring?

Word count: 1,803


Part One

P.S this is not edited so beware

Making your way down the stairs with Sam trailing behind you, you took the time to take in your surroundings “Wow” you breathed out

Sam let out a chuckle “Yeah, its nice”

You spun around facing him “Nice is an understatement, How did you guys get this place!?”

“You heard of the men of letters?”

“Of course”

Sam raised both hands gesturing to the building

Your mouth fell “No way!”


“Well, i guess you guys deserve it after all the work you guys do” You made it to the kitchen Sam offering you a beer, you gladly took it.

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Do you remember that Arthur special/movie that was in like, cgi, and it was about pal getting lost? I think it may have been based on another episode but was expanded into a made for TV movie? I remember watching this but I don't think I've ever seen it mentioned (or even seen it again after that first time).

YEAH i remember it, vaguely. it was….. mmmbad. 


Request by Anon. Hope you like it.
WARNING- Talk of Child abuse.

Pulling up to your uncles work you got out of the cab and paid. You saw a guy with tattoos on his head.
“Hey can you help me, I’m looking for a man named Alex Trager”.
“Oh you mean Tig, yeah hes in the club house I’ll walk you in”.
“I’m Juan but you can call me Juice”.
“Y/N” You looked down at your shoes.
Walking in the clubhouse the smell of booze, sex and smoke hit you. There was a bunch of guys sitting around talking to one another.
“Hey Tig you have a visitor” Juice called out
“Who the hell is….Y/N your here Doll”. He bear hugged you swirling you around.
“Hey Uncle Tig, please put me down I can’t breath. You laughed
"Its great to see you girl”. “Been along time”. He smiled raking a piece of hair from your eyes.
“Yeah it has, couldn’t really go anywhere for awhile’. You frowned
"Sorry about your stepdad, he was a big asshole anyway”.
“Yeah he was, mom moved so thats why I’m here”. “I hope thats alright”.
“YES, your my favorite niece in the whole world”. He hugged you again.
“I’m your only niece Tig”. You said smiling for the first time in a long time.
“Umm, Tig you going to introduce us brother” A blond guy asked
“Shit my bad, Y/N this is Jax our Pres and over there is Chibs the scots man with Bobby he’s our brain of the club”. He laughed. You met Juice and theres Happy with Kozik over there in the corner. Hap’s our tattoo guy and you know dumbass". “Opies not here so you’ll have to meet him later.
"Nice to meet all of you”. You said quietly. You were nervous with all these men looking at you.
“Hey its ok, all these men are my brothers”. Theres no need to be nervous". He scenced you were scared.
“Is there a place were I can change and use the bathroom”?
“Oh yea, you can use my room”. He wrapped his arm around you and lead you to his dormroom.
“You need anything or want anything”? He asked before he walked out.
“No thanks I’m good”.
He closed the door as you let out a breath you didnt know you were holding. You changed and gave your self a pep talk.

Tig walked back in the main room. All the guys looked at him with faces of confusion .
“Dude, you have a niece”? Jax questioned
“Yeah, she’s my brothers kid”. He took a sip of his drink.
“What’s her story brother”? Happy spoke up
“Umm, it complicated”.
“You need to tell them”. Kozik piped out.
“Alright, my brother was married to her mom and they had Y/N. She was 2 when they divorced. A year later her mom got remarried to a fucking psycho, not like us psycho”. “When Y/N was 5 they moved and I never got to see her much”. My brother told me everytime he saw her she had bruises, scratches and even a bit mark on her". “Her mom would make up some shit story that she fell”. Then when she was 15 Y/N told her dad that he was hurting her in different ways, she wouldnt go in to detail but you can get the picture". So we both went insane at the idea and we beat the holy hell out of him and her mother was suppose to leave him but she lied. At 16 they moved again not tell us were she went to, next thing we knew she was in foster care because the dick brains mom and stepdad were making meth “. Then something happened in there and now she trust no man or women. I’m the only one left now that she trust”. He sighed.
“Holy shit brother thats alot”. Jax said
“How old is she now”? asked Bobby
“She’s 23 now”. Tig rubbed hes forehead
“Where she been for 7 years”? Juices asked
“Um I think with her mom after she got out of foster care her mom got out too and went to find Y/N.  So Y/N went back to her, then about two years later her stepdad got out and he lived with them but recently he passaway from unknown causes”. Tig smirked
“You have something to do with the cause Tig”. Jax asked
“Maybe, just dont tell Y/N that I told you all”. He pleaded
“We wont have too”. Chibs pointed to you standing in the hall way.
“Shit doll I’m sorry”.
You ran over to him and hugged him tightly. “Thank you Uncle Tiggy”.
Tig was in shock “ I’m sorry I couldnt keep you safe for all those years”. He teared up
“I’m ok Tig I promise, it made me who I am today”. you cried out
He pulled back wiping the tears from his eyes. “We need to throw you a party”.
“No no party”. You said shaking you head.
“Ahh come on, you will like this one”.
“ If anyone gets handys I’m cutting them out”.
“You wont need too”. Happy stood up and walked over to you. “I’ll stay with you the whole night just to make sure”.
Umm I dont know". you bit your lip
“Doll, you will be in great hands I promise”. Tig reasured you.
“Alright lets get this party started”. you laughed
Before you knew it, there were women everywhere getting stuff done. You tried to help but they shood you away.
You saw Happy sitting in a chair watching you. It was kinda creepy but you did feel safe.
“Hey Happy, you know you dont have to watch me every moment you know”. You sat down beside him
“I told you and Tig that I would”. He threw back his shot. “You want one”?
“Um.. sure, never drank before so here goes nothing”. You sipped it and nearly died from the stronge fire in your throat. You coughed and gagged. Happy laughed
“Maybe I’ll just stick to soda”. You croaked out
“You probably  should”. He smiled
He smiled, he had a great smile. You were starting to like him even trust him.
“I’m sorry that you had to go through all that as a child”. He shot another one down
“Thanks, but everyone has a missed up part in their life mine just happened when my life was just beginning”.
“I know I do but its not like yous”.“If I had know you back then I would have taken care of you stepdad myself”. He said angryly
“Happy can we just stop talking about the past and get on to the present”. You put your hand on his shoulder laying your head down on your arm smiling up at him.
“I think that shot was a bad idea” Happy laughed
“Yea me too, I’ll be right back”. You said rushing to the bathroom
You pushed the door open and went straight for the toliet. Throw up was everywhere, you missed to bowl.
“Shit”. You found paper towels and cleaned up. You washed out your mouth thinking that will never happen again.
On your way out there was a guy starring at you with a creepy grin. You walked past him and he grabbed your arm
“Hey there little missy, how about we go back to the bathroom and have some fun”.
“Fuck off”. You spit out
“Listen hear, you little biker whore. I came here to have a good time so your going to do as I say”.
You slapped his arm away, started to walk away as he came up behind you grabbing your hair. You elbowed him in the gut and turned around to punch him in the face with a foot to the groin.
He laid on the floor holding his crouch. As the guys came running up.
“What the hell happened”? Tig asked
“Your little friend here grabbed me and told me I had to do everything he wanted, so I kicked his balls in”. You smiled proudly
“Way to go Dollface”. Tig kissed the side of your head.
“Come on you rat bastard”. Chibs picked up the guy with help from Juice
“Take him to the garage and make him comfortable” Happy snarled “I’ll be there soon”.
“You did good Little Girl, I’m proud” Happy hugged you
“Im gonna go see to our little friend” Tig walked off
“Save some for me” Happy yelled
“Where were you”? you asked Happy
“I was right there, I didnt see you come out and then there was commotion but I didnt think it was you”
“ I want to trust you Happy, but I cant”.
“I’m going to earn it back I promise, no one will every hurt you again with me around”.
“So I should get use to having you around huh”? You looked up at his dark eyes
“Yeah, I aint going no where”. “Don’t even think of running to Tig hes cool with it”.
“Good, I thought I would have to smack some since in that Uncle of mine” you laughed
He pulled you close kissing your lips. Happy proved himself that you could trust him.
In the beinnging life was a messed up fuck show but the future was a blessing with dark eyes and a tattooed soul

flyingfishflops  asked:

ok so im writing a fight scene and i wrote the words "Anti again" and it marked "again as being mispellt cause it thought i mean "anti-aging" and im dying over here imagining an old anti

Anti: I’ll fuckin kill you all!
Us: Yeah yeah we know grandpa you’re scary now please sit down and stop scaring the kids with your story
And stop with your knife!!
Anti: WHAT?

Credits to the rightful owners Professionals?Marfia!btswords - 2100genre - humour A/N - READ THIS FIRST. But I hope you enjoy this as ive never even tried to write like this before~~Thank you! You remember how you felt when you first got the call, the first answer was ‘fuck no’ because, I mean, who would want to look after some captives from some gang for another gang for 24 hours straight? No one. No matter how many “your our only hope left”, “just this once until we’re back” and “we can’t call anyone else” - s you still give this one a no. But money talks, especially big money. And money said ‘hell yeah’ this time. 

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twins? no tripplets ? no uh oh god


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wr3h  asked:

Hey Fools im gonna gush about your art again. i really love your style, the colours you use and how timeless and pleasing it is!! your style could fit any genre tbh! im just such a big fan i remember reading Tempus like 4/5 years ago?? And then I went on your DA and saw all your paintings and i was like WOW. So yeah you're amazing.

hahaha, thanks so much i really appreciate it and im glad you think all those things. God, Tempus; that comic and story still holds a special place in my hear and i would really love to revisit it again in some other form! It’s been ages.


anon asked: you confessing to 10k

there werent any specifics with this so i just went with a confession of love because theyre angsty and fun.

im slowly making my way through requests but they will get done i promise

He’s blood spattered, and the bags under his eyes are like half-moons, but he’s alive he’s alive he’s alive. He’d left on a quick supply run 2 days ago, and got trapped inside the store. You tried to get him out, but you were overrun. You left him. You had to leave him.

But he’s alive.

Your mouth falls open, and it’s like you can finally breathe, the knot that’s been twisted in your stomach for two days unravels. Addy runs forward, tackling him in a hug.

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My thoughts on 7x11(WARNING FOR SPOILERS): 

Okay it’s been a really fucking emotional night to say the least and my eyes are getting watery every 3 seconds but i kinda wanna get this off my chest.

During the whole episode i was just waiting for the sad part to hit me and kill my heart, it was way too ‘’happy’’ and playful and i was just like well where is the sad part?? Doesn’t mean i didn’t enjoy every single scene they had. I love watching them and even though this storyline killed me i loved every second they got on screen, Noel’s acting is always amazing and i feel blessed whenever he’s in any kind of scene or show. 

Now, i did notice they made Mickey a little bit more tough and rude than usual and maybe that’s just because different writers wrote the episodes, i mean the Mickey in episode 10 was the sweetest little baby ever and the Mickey in episode 11 was strong and not as sentimental (not until the star gazing scene and of course the end) but i enjoyed every single second of it. 

When the ending came and Mickey was about to cross the border i was terrified, my stomach was tied up into a knot and i was really nervous and anxious and i felt like that was going to be it, i thought that was the end of Mikhailo Aleksandr Milkovich, i thought he was going to die. I saw many people saying that they wished Mickey had died in this episode and i can’t understand how they would want something like that, i get that Mickey dying would mean never waiting for another season or episode of shameless and expecting to see his face but wouldn’t that hurt a million times more? knowing that he had a terrible death and that was the end of the character we all root for? i think that would’ve been devastating, a lot more devastating than this ending. 

When he finally made it through the border i was crying my eyes out and the only thing that i felt was relief, i was happy, i was happy that he wasn’t dead, i was happy that he didn’t get shot, i was happy that he was on the other side and he would have a new life. Yeah not the life he wanted, not the life he had imagined with the love of his life but he wasn’t behind bars anymore, he was free and he had money and he was going to be okay because he’s Mickey fucking Milkovich and he’s the strongest character in that stupid show. 

I felt nothing but happiness for a few minutes thinking about all of that, i felt nothing but happiness seeing Ian’s face, the way he was breaking when Mickey was crossing the border and how he smiled when he finally made it. Ian wasn’t thinking about not ever seeing him again, he was thinking that he made it, he was probably thinking that Mickey was finally free. 

Ian did give them a chance, he did go with him even if it lasted a couple days, he gave Mickey those moments, he told him that he loved him yeah it was rushed and not the way i would’ve wanted it but he said it, those words came out of his mouth. He gave him all the money he had to make sure he could start a new life, to make sure he was safe. He didn’t go with him but he helped him get there, they got to kiss again, they got to make love again, they got to spend more nights together, they gave each other that.

Now, i hate Ian’s decision as much as all of you do, i hate this storyline because the whole breaking out of prison thing was unnecessary and painful and things could’ve been so much better for everyone but they decided the worst and i’m really heartbroken about it. 

It started to sink in after a few minutes and i started crying again because of a few tweets about how Mickey was completely lonely now, how the only thing that he wanted was to go to the beach with his boyfriend, how he never fucking gets a happy ending, i started thinking about so many things and i was a mess. Right now i’m still a mess and im torn between the happy thought that Mickey is safe and he will go to the beach for the first time and the sad thought that he will probably look at the fucking ocean and think about the love of his life. 

I’ve been reading the interviews and what Noel said is giving me hope, this time he wants to come back, he said he’d be back in a heartbeat, he has hope for Mickey, he has hope for Mickey and Ian, he thinks they can be together, he thinks Mickey can do anything, he thinks the writers could somehow sneak him back in the country and make things work. Now, i know it’s hard to think about the writers ever doing something nice for him even more after this whole storyline but he has hope and he’s the only one who makes the ratings blow up and he’s the only one people want so i have a stupid hopeful feeling that maybe they will negotiate season 8 and will write something unrealistic and will bring him back because we all know Mickey will never love anyone the way he loves Ian and we also know Ian won’t either. They have to be endgame, that’s what we want, that’s what the actors want, that’s what even some of the writers want. So yeah i’ll be really stupid and i’ll be hopeful to see Mickey in season 8 hoping once again that they don’t fuck him up even more even though we all know they probably would do the same thing all over again. 

Anyway i don’t even know if someone’s gonna read this but if you do thank u and maybe i made typos or messed up while writing this but im really emotional right now and i just wanted to talk about it 

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riC H I SWEAR TO GOD YOURE NOT ALLOWEF TO GET THE PLAUGE. Nnope I'm gonna use all the magic in the world if i have to but you're not dyin. I'll bring you back from the afterlife rich. I will do whatever the hell because dude you're super chill and?? Yeah?? You're so nice and nice cool people shouldn't die!! I'll idk,, do a no plauge ritual or something, just be careful my dude. Don't die pls, dude.

im gonna die!!! im gonna get the plague and it’s gonna be like 1349 all over again!!!!!! D:

so on a totally other random note, classes start for me tomorrow. I’m in a good place mentally (which is rare 4 me) but im hella worried that shit is gonna go haywire again. I don’t want to be where I was over the summer and idk what to rlly do - I’m trying to be more organized and maybe blog a bit more about my day and what happens and whatnot.

so yeah. it’s weird bc i don’t particularly feel awful…which is something I’m not used to. I’m more anxious but that’s mainly bc of classes (the feeling will pass)

Im Sorry - Part Sixteen (Final)

A/N: SO! This is the finale part, I’m kinda meh with it but tell me what you guys think, i love your guy’s feed back, I have a whole sequel planned out IF you guys want it, so if you do let me know, if you don’t well don’t say thing LOL Anyway enjoy loves xx

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Castiel

Pairings: Dean x reader

Warnings: Character Death

Word Count: 1500


Im Sorry Masterlist 

Tagging: @badgalwinchester @daydreamingintheimpala @melanie451 @madamebroadway @mysteriousgirl173 @vougebandit @supernatural-fan-123 @deanlover7712

I’ve read that right before you die all the memories that make you, well you flash before your eyes, that all the memories that made you happy play like your very own movie, And with the amount of times i’ve had moments like this where i’m on the verge of death i’ve never actually experienced them, i’ve always wanted to ask Sam or Dean if they have, but we never talk about what was or what might have been. But right now, at this moment, i see everything flickering like an old projector running on a chipped white painted wall, maybe the reasons i’ve never seen it before because i was ready to die so i didn’t need those memories to comfort me while my life was ending or maybe it was because i didn’t have any memories that truly made me happy, but i knew that was a lie because even though the life i, we lived wasn’t always the greatest i could think of so many, but as i laid here with everything moving in slow motion i could see those memories like an old time movie and all i could see was Dean, and now i knew why they were playing because i wasn’t ready to die.

Those blissful few minutes, possibly even seconds of zero pain and despair were cut short when the man who was playing in all of those memories was now kneeled down in front of you, and all the pain came rushing back. You averted your heavy, red eyes to admire him.

The wrinkles by his eyes now visible all the time not just when he smiled. You could swear he looked a lot older than he did last time you seen him even though that wasn’t that long ago, you could see a few grey hairs poking their way through adding a little bit of discoloration to his hair. You could see the pain and worry in his eyes, even though he always tried his best not to show when he was weak, it was started to demeanour as the walls he built up all those years ago slowly started to crack and fall down.

Everything happened so fast, Dean lightly tapping your face, to try and keep you conscious “Hey, hey y/n, sweetheart look at me” little did he know that’s all you planned on doing “Everything’s going to be okay, i promise” he spoke after lightly moving the hair out of your face.

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